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When will they return to some semblance of sanity? Even at MSRP in 2019 I thought the prices were extortionate (twice as much for the same chip skews compared to 2014) but what we have now is outrageous. There is a non-zero chance that my current graphics card will celebrate its 10th birthday before I finally get the chance to upgrade it.


Ah well, maybe devs can refocus away from graphics a bit at least.

This won't end until the crypto boom does. Nerds eating nerds.


graphic cards are becoming a speculative commodity,so maybe never ?
If crypto were to die,it could flood the market enough so nobody can really afford buying them all,hoarding them and reselling them at outrageous prices.


File: 1634052976441.jpg (29.17 KB, 394x368, kampuchea yoba.jpg)

When gamers rise up and dekulakize the scalpers and the cryptotards (in Minecraft).


File: 1634053246714.jpg (21.2 KB, 500x517, graphics.jpg)

Probably never, gpus are now a speculative commodity but integrated graphics don't suck anymore, so there is that.
If you have to buy a new computer that plays video games and you can wait until next year, i would go with the upcoming AMD APU Rembrand Ryzen 6000 series Zen3+ that have integrated RDNA2 graphics and combine it with DDR5 system memory. That's more or less the same graphics that is also going into consoles and the steam-handheld, so video game engines and video drivers will be really well optimized. It's likely that you will get a decent value computer with a budget of around 500. These chips have a thermal dissipation power of about 65 watts, so you can expect to use about 100 watts (assuming a 19 inch desktop monitor) to tickle your brain, which is reasonably energy efficient all things considered.


For VR integrated graphics still suck, maybe when AMD stops relying on Vega for its 6000 APU it will possible to game without a graphics card. Though I'm more hopping Intel's cards will drop the price of cards.


I am seriously considering going back to exclusively consoles if this keeps up. Hopefully, the Steam Deck does well and a new industry is made for similar devices.


the steam deck will sell like hotcakes,but if you reserve it now,you're not getting it until 2023 at least,because of the shortage.
Reminder that finding ps5 is still nearly impossible too.
This isn't a pc market only problem.


I feel like anyone buying a Steam Deck is a rube, I mean does nobody remember Steam's last abandonware foray into PC console building?


The Steam Machine failed because it couldn't compete with off the shelf PCs, there is no off the shelf handheld. The Steam Deck is only competing with Nintendo Switch that can't run PC games (while the Steam Deck should be able to run Switch games through emulation).,


Is there really that many people that want to play PC on a handheld though? I mean, perhaps there is, but, I don't know, it seems weird to me.


the japanese market for one,and it still cost less than a normal PC for the average person,making it a "console" PC for those that can't afford better,or can't afford to waste their time on fbi.govs group to watch prices of components.


File: 1634237549074.png (5.14 KB, 1200x800, vr.png)

Can you use VR goggles instead of a monitor in a reasonable way for normal computer tasks ?
Does it fulfill the promise that you can simulate a big screen without having to put a big rectangle on your desk ?

>Though I'm more hopping Intel's cards will drop the price of cards.

Intel has a new factory that is partially operational, if arc cards add chip supply, then that might lower prices, if this is just a different design that competes for existing chip production, it will do nothing thing to reduce prices.

As long as there is a supply shortage of a commodity it is possible to make money just by buying up supply, to intentionally make the shortage worse, to make the prices go up and then resell at a higher price. Money and markets do suck at rationing goods especially when there is an inelastic supply shortage. There is basically infinite amounts of financial capital available to buy up cards and store them in a warehouse somewhere and sit on it until they "appreciate" sarcastic cough . Intel graphics cards are not immune to this unless Intel makes a lottery where people have to sign up with their real name and address to get a chance at buying them.

Open questions are if their drivers are good, and if intel cards are economical for mining. If the video drivers are buggy and the mining performance is good it might not make much of a difference for people that play video games.


File: 1634241723973.jpg (296 KB, 1920x1080, coraline mom is me.jpg)

>RTX this
>300 FPS that
>ray tracing that

i just want to pay the debt i got into for buying a GT 1030 to try and make my own game


>i love Mulch
what does that mean ?
on the mug on in your image


She writes for a gardening magazine. Mulch is shit you put in your garden.

I'm struggling to understand what you would find weird about it, unless by 'PC gaming' you're thinking of traditionally PC exclusive genres such as RTS or MMO's. Those will not translate well to a handheld, but just about every game in existence now is on PC, and I don't see why people wouldn't want to take platformers and adventure games and puzzle games and whatever out on the go with them. It's the same as a switch, and it has all the same non-nintendo exclusive games a switch would have, plus a thousand times more games besides.


The japanese market wants switch, nintendo soy shit and jarpigs, not handheld PC's that are costly, hot and not really that portable.


I guess I just don't go out enough lol.


File: 1634251793958.jpg (81.52 KB, 1422x797, tilt-brush.jpg)

You can use VR for stuff like art but it really is not practical as a replacement to the desktop. It takes significant GPU power to run two 1440p screens and have them rendered for stereoscopy. Thus in VR you are trading in detail to keep the frame rate high with the pay off being able to trick your brain to thinking you the 3D space regardless of its low fidelity.

As for the price of cards we are in a situation where used GTX 10 series are selling above their launch MSRP back in 2016.

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