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Its out soon. Any other HOI4 etc. grand strategy enthusiasts here?


The Second World War’s hardest fighting was on the Eastern Front of Europe.

No Step Back is the newest expansion for Hearts of Iron IV, Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy wargame about the world crisis of the 1930s and World War II. This expansion adds greater detail for many nations in Eastern Europe, unique game systems to reflect Soviet politics, and many improvements to the military aspect of the game.

>New Soviet National Focuses.

>New Polish National Focuses.

>New Baltic National Focuses: Shared alternate history paths for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as unique paths for each.

>Army Officer Corps: Build a general staff, drawing on the talents and expertise of available officers to take advantage of changes in technology and tactics.

>Army Spirits: Emphasize certain characteristics of your military arms, adding general bonuses to certain units types or even aiding division design.

>Supply System Updates: Scorched Earth tactics, floating harbors and special supply units added to the logistics system.

>Tank Designer: Design your own armored force using modules prioritizing speed, gun power, armor or even production cost.

>Railway Guns: Commission the grandest, most prestigious of artillery pieces, uniquely designed to deal with entrenched foes, and fortified positions.


Going full Trotsky when its out.


You and me both brother. I already did the Trotsky Mexico path and conquered the USSR but that was stupid.


fuck nah trotsky is shit Bukharin is based.

its time to develop the productive forces of the soviet union :^)


Havent played HoI4 in quite a while. Gonna go back 2 it with the dlc.


Based Bukharin actually understood Marx.


bukharin was a capitalist roader that conspired with western intelligence agencies. Whatever the truth is about trotsky he was not half as sus as bukharin who basically openly called for a capitalist deviation from the beginning. Both of you are contrarian meme ideologists.


Get mods too brother.


All of you are revisionists, opportunists, and anti-marxists to the core. It is obvious that to achieve true communism we must put supreme soviet in charge


enjoy your starving peasant revolution


File: 1635085253945.png (222.32 KB, 352x327, ClipboardImage.png)

>nuh uh bukharin!
>nuh uh stalin!
seems kinda weak though probably just gonna go stalin lol


I've had HOI IV for a couple years but my battles always end up pretty shit


Just put bog standard infantry on the front and encircle with your big boys at a spearhead and eventually you thin them out enough to roll them


That compliance gain is insane, anon.


File: 1635110429271-0.png (322.87 KB, 1030x704, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1635110429271-1.png (282.31 KB, 826x888, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1635110429271-2.png (353.58 KB, 958x988, ClipboardImage.png)

Okay but have you seen Final Boss Stalin?

(Alternative buffs in attached pictures)


Of course, pretty overpowered stuff which i'm excited to try on myself. Just saying that the Supreme Soviet is more viable than people might think. Alongside the possibility to larp with democratic centralism (or is it organic centralism? Council Communism?).


>organic centralism
Bordigist USSR where all the communist parties of the world are in charge when?


holy shit thats insane i thought this was going to be an anti-stalinist expansion


It's funny too because Stalin is very paranoid… but everyone is actually out to get him kek


File: 1635118272989.png (599.54 KB, 840x491, ClipboardImage.png)

In case you haven't see it, he has a paranoia mechanic and if it gets too high it can result in minor purges, and if it goes way too high the great purge begins


Did they literally just rip off Lysenko's sanity from TNO?


File: 1635121777652-0.png (281.57 KB, 830x1016, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1635121777652-1.png (184.68 KB, 392x351, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1635121777652-2.png (120.12 KB, 382x267, ClipboardImage.png)

Not sure, never played Lysenko. Maybe someone else can answer. Here is an extract:
>This system will be introduced to you at some point in early 1936 and, as you can see, you will be able to keep track of it in the decisions window.
>Once the system is “activated”, certain focuses, decisions and traits will increase/decrease Paranoia. There are flat increases that you will get mostly via focuses, events and decisions, and there are weekly modifiers that will slowly impact your Paranoia over time, these ones come from leader and advisor traits that will be applied to Stalin and the NKVD advisors the moment this system is activated.


File: 1635122167698.jpg (81.09 KB, 1000x563, 1000x563_305345.jpg)

HOI4 steam group, lets see if we can get some games going


There should be a 'ply with alcohol/opium' option if you ally the Reich(Bukharin) or early Chinese Communists(Trotsky). This would lead to Stalin's premature death and a second political leadership crisis; de-buffs that have to be earned back as the new order asserts itself etc. Stop Mao, gain China but war on two fronts feels like an interesting challenge as OTL USSR only declared war on Japan in the final month or so of the War. Extended Ribbentrop Pact may lose you the British and Americans as allies while having to feed the untrustworthy beast of Germany for more years. How hard are you willing to gamble on your Econ outpacing the Reich's hunger?

Also, why no Democratic Kerenskist/Duma loyalist path? I know it's HO 'Iron' not Hearts of Strongly Worded Letters but come on; really no strategic political path even in a (seemingly unavoidable) civil war scenario? Become US puppet, sell Russia but gain American guarantee early. Hoover did send tons of aid to Russia OTL and a second Alaskan purchase 3 times the size of America doesn't look bad on a Presidential resume (free land to solve the recession), is consistent with the Japanese blockade strategy pre-war, and American 'innocence' is still the prevailing mood among the global populace; South America notwithstanding.


Wouldn't creating a matrix group be better


i dont know how to use any social media that isnt an imageboard, can you set it up?


File: 1635145745028.png (4.06 MB, 3082x2358, 01quzdcc7fv71.png)

>Almost everyone gigabased is in the right most side
>Its called Homosovieticus
>The subgroups are apparatchiks and the nomenklatura
Why do I have a feeling this will be another cringe liberal mod where the only good path is Gorbachevites in the Bureaucrat side?


>>13282 (me)
Shit I meant left-side


Honestly I was kind of surprised how redpilled many hoi4 mod devs are. Darkest hour had a lot of commie devs that still believed anticommunist shit and were like "yeah they are still based though" but it seems like hoi4 reds seem to have a more accurate political consciousness, coinciding eith the increase in the number of self identified communists online over the past decade.


>that khruschev.
what is he doing under lazar.


>what is he doing under lazar.
Because Vanilla TNOers did it
On that note: TNO Devs are actually hoping to remove Khrushchev Path for Tyumen, but also fleshing out Kaganovich more


are there any actually based mods for hoi4 or what


equestria at war :^)


Love how people always moan nobody plays EAW because of the ponies when they could simply not make the mod with ponies


what are you talking about a decent amount of people play eaw

and the ponies are what makes it unique :^)


(Reposting from the /gsg/ thread.)

I've never played a grand strategy game before and I wanted to ask, what's the appeal behind these games, they look like spreadsheet simulators at a cursory glance.

What are some good entry points into the genre? How does it compare to the RTS genre for example?


File: 1635224582357.png (Spoiler Image, 584.05 KB, 531x727, zapatista ai.png)

Old World Blues if you're into fallout. It's pretty badass, welds together separate canons from a bunch of games, includes a moderate amount of memery, and has a ton of original factions.
For example [spoiler]much of central/eastern Mexico is under the thumb of an insane ZAX AI and its robot army, which started off as a supercomputer given to the Mexican government by the US in exchange for being allowed to plunder its resources. It's slowly starting to fragment and come apart at the seams, and its subintelligences, based on ancient Mexican leaders, begin to assert themselves. Eventually the over-intelligence dies and the other personalities succeed it as independent leaders of their own factions.[/spoiler]


the appeal of these games is that it feels like your leading a nation. You might ask isnt that civ or any other rts but the thing tho is in rts it feels like you are leading a micro level town sized nation. In these "spreadsheet" simulators you feel like you are leading a actual nation sized empire.
Its hard to explain but you will know what i mean once you play hoi4


for me the appeal is to be able to guide a nation as i see fit and outsmarting other nations, as well as designing things such as say a ship in stellaris or a tank in HOI4
id say try out crusader kings first, as there's less numbers numbers numbers and more story
its very different from RTS as you can pause and think for as long as you like, yet despite this you can still find yourself making many silly mistakes


For series that are heavily focused on war like Hearts of Iron (although mods of HOI4 have made excellent use of its focus tree system to create story-rich playthroughs) it basically involves large-scale operations and strategy involving production, planning and supply lines across the world.
Then there's Paradox's other series that have less of a pure focus on war and are more focused on other aspects. Politics, economies, trade, colonization. Victoria II has in-depth production simulation as well as political reforms during the age of transition from monarchies to republics, as well as population simulation and all sorts of stuff that arise from it such as poverty, classism, socialist revolution, colonialism/racism, the slavery debate in America, westernization of less advanced countries, etc.
Games like Crusader Kings are very much more character-focused and involve a lot of personal life decisions for your rulers as well as planning a dynasty in addition to expansion and wealth. You can pick a comfortable starting ruler and just do stuff while ignoring the map painting. Especially with the DLC. And many of the games have total conversion mods to either fictional settings (Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Star Trek) or to alternate histories.
I forgot about Stellaris. I enjoy creating an empire based on just whatever inspiration I get from browsing through the creation options, then creating an entire backstory for it in notepad. Then I write the history of the nation as I play it, with a focus on the leaders and their decisions. It gets boring during the mid-game but there are still plenty of things to write about.


Don't play it if you don't want to, you're the one missing out.

Sorry that some people want something a bit more varied than 'early-mid 20th century alternate history, again! see all your favourite historical figures do silly shit!'


>TNO Devs are actually hoping to remove Khrushchev Path for Tyumen, but also fleshing out Kaganovich more
Kek, what?


File: 1635285371668.png (Spoiler Image, 65.28 KB, 1138x320, stalinist_leak.png)

Eh, i wasn't able to dig up a comment about removing Khrushchev directly, but i was there when it happened life, and i def saw her say about cutting off the Cornman.
But as you can see, tyumen rework is coming, with possibly more actual stalin-stans coming to power.
(nicknames are in russian bc it happened on ru tno server, a historic event if you ask me)



he's there to coup le evil stalinist of course


Nah. Khruschev is based. The only problem with Tyumen is that Lazar is cringe for no reason. All of his events are like "grrr, I am a workoholic and I am cringe unwholesome grrr". Then Cornman coups him and juat does regular Stalinism minus random "grr".


I wanna play HOI again but Sons of Mobius still isn't out, the new mechanics for EaW still aren't out, toolbox theory still isn't out, and the new DLC still isn't out



>Lott (PT/PTB ally route)


i would ask for a Brizola and Prestes Path, but considering TNO with leftism, i'm not so sure if it would be good.


File: 1635559366053.png (146.16 KB, 285x400, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh god, what does TNO say them?



File: 1635589449495-0.png (Spoiler Image, 611.42 KB, 798x709, maoism_but_brazil.png)

File: 1635589449495-1.png (Spoiler Image, 551.57 KB, 549x879, you_are_all_revisionist.png)

It seems that only far left path we will get sometime in future (full brazil update, or tno2) is Protracted-People's-War led by João Amazonas, with special subideology


We already have a matrix group for /games/ #leftypolgaming:matrix.org
Should we make one for hoi4 specifically?


>Should we make one for hoi4 specifically?
Sounds good to me.


TBH that's stupid on who is making the mod, an Brisola path/Prestes path that they had to fight everyone else feels better,but if they want to make a PPW quota, it's their mod in the end.


He can either win a snap election if Lott and Quadros are both overthrown or is placed in power by the golpists. He also trys to coup Jango with the golpists if he wins the election (obviously) Listed as a 'conservative-democrat'
Coups Lott if your too friendly towards the PT/PTB in his initial tree. 'conservative-democrat'
Can be appointed as president during the snap election. He's 'Auth-Dem' and is basically written as a somehow even more corrupt bozo.
Is implied that he's allowed to return to brazil by the CDU/Lacerda/Quadros/Golpists + Barros. May try to coup them at a separate date.
Is listed as a 'Liberal-Democrat'. He has the most content out of any possible leader. If he collaborates with the PT/PTB he can pass a land reform that makes oligarchs seeth.
He can also purge the army of golpists to make sure Jango never gets couped if he wins the election.
Pretty obvious. Post-Vargas Vargism.
Also pretty obvious SocDem.

Im not Brazilian, so i've got no idea if the devs butchered how any of these people were irl


>Im not Brazilian, so i've got no idea if the devs butchered how any of these people were irl
Not to worry, HUEfag here.


Sounds like the scheming rat that faggot was. Calling him a democrat is fucking insulting though, as he was one of the main architects of the 1964 coup (which, ironically enough, would go on to persecute his ass).


Quite possibly one of the most batshit insane presidents we ever had. He tried some doing sort of self coup irl, but that blew off in his face spectacularly, so i doubt he would've had the political capital to actually go through with it (but maybe the TNO universe makes it more plausible somehow idk).


I sincerely have no clue who this guy is; sounds like a piece of shit.


Yet another one of the worst figures to have been born in this cursed land. His in-game character sounds adequate enough.


Lott, despite not being a red himself, is still bae and one of the rare based military around here (alongside people like Prestes, Lamarca, Sodré etc.). Can't speak too much on whether or not he had land reform as goal of his campaign, but the purging of the army sounds exactly like something he would've done, given how much he was ceaselessly trying to keep shit together in the 50's/60's and seeking to maintain the armed forces in line. Fun fact, when the coup came about, he refused to be arrested by anyone below his rank, so the coupists had to get a fucking marshal for it lel.


>Post-Vargas Vargism.
Eh, a title more fit for Goulart tbh. But close enough, i guess.


>Also pretty obvious SocDem.
I guess he would've fully realized it been had him gotten his way. What a missed opportunity.

Also, PT didn't exist before 1980 lol.


Maybe they changed something, but isn't Quadros low-key based? He seemed like a socially conservative / economically eclectic populist who also might be a little insane and alcoholic. There was no problem doing the Lott side foci without pissing him off. I think there even is an event where its Quadros who convinces Lott to negotiate with striking workers. In my playthrough, by the end of it, Lott had somewhat more power and the relationship was perfect, so when Lacerda suggests Quadros to start the presidential crisis to coup Lott, Quadros writes a Cossack-tier fuck-you letter back instead.


Gus Hall and Paul Robeson Sneed ass'ing two /pol/jaks with FBI and CIA logos on their shirts.





I played the most recent version and tbh I liked the first two focus trees for Kaganovich. While there is room for improvement, honestly I found him to be fairly realistic and even a pretty rational and honorable guy as depicted.

Most of the decisions make sense in context and I think match those of an intelligent statesman.


File: 1636585118565.png (2.33 MB, 2444x2236, BritainRightoidsTree.png)

>"Take a seat gentlemen, There is much to be done."
<There is much to be done.
<Ultranationalism has a unique leader.
<'Esoteric Nazism' has a unique leader.
Oh No




I take it you ain't a fan of Stirling either lmao

Honestly, the biggest thing about him that bugs me is that he opposes a "legalised coup" yet, can choose to obtain power in a coup


>Honestly, the biggest thing about him that bugs me is that he opposes a "legalised coup" yet, can choose to obtain power in a coup

It's almost like he's an opportunist?


Infantry is useless for anything but defence even with artillery spam; use tanks to fuck shit up. Encircle your enemy constantly. PDX AI is retarded, so once you get the hang of it, they crumble to shit immedietly.


i thought 40W infantry were good for attack and 20W for defense?


If you're a really poor country then they're okay, but you should try to upgrade to at least have 7inf 2arty even for defence. Tanks are definitely nice to have but I wouldn't call them essential.

The most important part as anon points out is encirclement, that should be the number 1 goal of any battles. Of course you can win a war by attrition alone (by smashing your units into theirs repeatedly) but not in any efficient way, and this will not work if the enemy has higher industry/manpower than you.


Also, even if you can't afford tanks, motorised infantry can wreck the AI, you can move 5x as fast as their infantry and just totally encircle them with one unit (as long as you are holding the enemy troops down with your infantry), or just capture the enemy's victory points and win the war.


Chesterton gives me Supervillain vibes both from his description and the poncy angloid verboseness of his events and national-foci, Kinda like the Nazi guy in Amur.
It feels like his route is going to be exceptionally F'ed up even if England dosen't end up going 'REMAIN CALM.' tier in his route.


anyone here waiting for park chung hee to make an apperance in tno

or is it only me


File: 1637432819712.webm (6.45 MB, 320x240, eg.webm)

I'm really bad at making division templates or even the basics of running a navy or airforce. I really cannot be bothered to learn the supply rework myself for the upcoming NSB DLC, can someone fill me in here? I feel like I'm behind everyone by like 5 years in game sense


File: 1637460089122.png (72.14 KB, 300x673, Gigachad4.png)

>New TNOmod update comes out.
>Opens game.
Witness the return of the lamb.


File: 1637461132988.png (34.17 KB, 156x210, ClipboardImage.png)

but that vvould destroy china tho, youve gotta develop the productive forces first bro

-Gao Zongwu


>Playing Japan so i can support the Cameroon Africa State and independence for the West-Indies from the crown.

Also what fucking ideology is this bullshit with Japan lmao?
Like they support Pan-African rebels and Jamaican independence?




So its not that suprising they might support pan african rebels out of opprtunism


They also support the Madacascar natives. Not that I care though. I am using all the new proxywars to get more RD popularity so I can hopefully do a perfect Radical LBJ into Successful 100 days McGovern. The one and only true good ending long-term for TNO




Its going to be released today. Going with Bukharin and right opposition.


>not going with big chungus stalin


Wondering what the new Soviet meta will be, I imagine it will be speedrunning Agitprop and then the gigastalin focuses. Maybe converting all mils to civs on 80/90%+ infrastructure areas at game start to offset the negative effects of focusing solely on internal politics.
If someone wants to try a Stalin run and you try this let me know how it works out.


So? Is it another broken overpriced DLC or what


iirc the paid DLC is the tank designer, Baltic focus trees and the Russian reactionaries, the trains and main Soviet tree are free.
You could say it's overpriced because they included so much in the free part of it, but the whole package has gone down well with people it seems.


>US Army Recruitment ad by a porky controlled military-industrial complex: pansy liberal idpol
>Soviet Recruitment ad from a biased pro-porky game: ЗА РОДИНУ! ЗА СТАЛИНА! ЗА СОЮЗ СОВЕТСКИХ СОЦИАЛИСТИЧИСКИХ РЕСПУБЛИК!


File: 1637719867336.png (128.07 KB, 463x196, ClipboardImage.png)

Boycott paradox for not having this hero picture 😡😡


I just creamapi every dlc that's not stellaris lmao
cs.rin.ru got you covered


This must be a bug I saw Woodstock playing and there was a picture of him


File: 1637728119906.png (409.42 KB, 820x876, GusHallBrolyass.png)

No regrets. No remorse.


They updated the AI and it uses now more tanks.



the nep train will return and the nep train wont stop

dengism with burkharin characteristics is the soviet unions future

embrace the planned markets comrade

(its literally in burkharins focus, you can iterally go free markets with planning lol)


the supply system completely changes the game plus i havent seen a mod that does the train system so from my opinion its not overpriced


i thought the new supply system was free stuff


oh fuck i forgot that

well theres the tank esigner and officer core but eh

nvm its not worth it


File: 1637796375771.png (607.24 KB, 650x366, ClipboardImage.png)

>trying to figure out the new supply system

After the buggy, unpolished mess that was Bftb, i only get hoi4 DLC's at reasonable sale price.


i download it for free.


fair enough also

>trying to figure out the new supply system

tbh my strat is just to build train tracks front line

focus mainly on researching industry tech while kinda being minium regarding military tech

mainly build fucking anti tank and planes

and when the war happens just mass build semi mediocore troops and launch it against the enemy


Here is my initial review of the new supply system, derived from gameplay experience and information in defines.lua.
Supply is an abstract representation of the daily consumption and maintenance requirements of land, air, and sea units. Unit supply use is determined by the supply use of battalions, which can be reduced with land doctrine techs, logistics support companies, and the Logistics Wizard field marshal trait. If units receive less than 35% supply, they will begin taking attrition, an effect which slowly consumes equipment and reduces maximum organization to 30%. Air units consume supply, and a lack of supply penalizes air mission efficiency. It is not clear how sea units are affected by supply.
>Supply hubs
The amount of supply available in each province is determined by a combination of state modifiers (state population in M * 0.18, +0.30 per level of infrastructure, +0.2 per victory point) and supply flow from supply hubs. The base output (supply flow) of a supply hub is 2.8, which decreases by a base of 0.5 for adjacent provinces and an additional 0.7 for provinces that are more than one province removed from the supply hub. Infrastructure improves the range of supply hubs by reducing the supply flow drop-off rate down to a third of its base value. Province modifiers can apply a stacking supply efficiency penalty to hub output.
Supply hubs produce supply constantly and distribute it across provinces immediately. Units consume supply from provinces; trucks, trains, and convoys do not actually deliver supplies from a hub to units. Supply is never transported between hubs, including the capital hub. Supply distribution from hubs to provinces is static and will not dynamically adjust to supply concentrations of units in the range of a hub. This makes large concentrations of units on short frontlines (>=10 20 width infantry/province) difficult unless supplied by stacking hubs and/or naval bases (or simply using transport planes). Supply hubs in overseas provinces can be connected to the supply network with naval bases, but this costs 1 convoy for every 4 points of supply transferred.
>Railways and trains
The bottleneck in the railway chain connecting a supply hub to the capital determines the level of railway bonuses applied to a supply hub. Each railway level increases the hub supply output by 0.34 and the hub supply cap by 5, in addition to a base of 10. The number of trains required by a supply hub is 1 train for each supply point above 2, in addition to 0.03 multiplied by the railway distance between hub and capital. For faraway supply hubs, train use for distance can outstrip train use for supply transport (Moscow to Vladivostok distance costs 7 trains ).
>Motorization & trucks
The highest motorization level of a hub gives a bonus of +2.20 to hub supply output and requires a stockpile of 50 trucks to maintain. Attrition reduces the stockpiled trucks at a rate of about 1 every 10 days; at the base attrition rate, 1 mil factory produces enough trucks to maintain 8 supply hubs. Supply truck attrition is affected by terrain modifiers, up to +400% on marsh terrain. Bombers and CAS can destroy trucks and trains with the logistics strike mission.
>Air supply
Each transport plane on supply mission produces 1.2 supply at maximum efficiency, applied to the state supply of each state in an entire region (note, only the produced value of 1.2 can be consumed). At 50% production efficiency and base factory output, 1 mil factory will produce a transport plane in 80 days, while upgrading an existing railway with a length of 8 provinces (conservative amount) from level 1 to level 2 will cost ((170+130+130) * 8) 3440 IC or 688 days with 1 civ factory. Upgrading the same railway from level 2 to level 5 will cost ((170+130+130+130+130)*8) 22,080 IC. Each level of railway only provides +0.34 to hub supply, which has diminishing returns across provinces while each transport plane provides +1.2 state supply across the entire region. The wide range of air supply is an additional bonus since hub supply decay across provinces is no longer a factor and the hub supply limit is ignored.
If air superiority can be maintained, it is generally most efficient to use transport planes for supplying units, especially units in remote areas outside the range of supply hubs. Transport planes are also useful for rapid extensions into enemy territory, providing supply while captured supply hubs are still on conversion cooldown.


So basically the best thing to do supply wise is to build lots of supply hubs and railways?


No, because of the high IC cost supply hubs are a late game building and railways are too expensive to upgrade across long distances such as within the USSR. Transport planes are the cheapest and most versatile option for supplying units, but they require air superiority. If you lack air superiority but have access to hubs, build railways and motorize hubs to the maximum. If you lack both air superiority and hubs, focus on reducing logistics in your army (log companies, field marshal trait, doctrine techs).


If transport planes are the cheapest and best way to resupply troops, then Paradox has fucked up BADLY.


File: 1637911773028-0.png (2.98 MB, 1355x1053, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1637911773028-1.png (1.83 MB, 949x868, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1637911773028-2.png (2.78 MB, 1557x1116, ClipboardImage.png)

>If transport planes are the cheapest and best way to resupply troops
Units receive supply from two sources: supply hubs and state supply. Hubs distribute supply equally to provinces regardless of unit supply consumption, and hub output can be modified by terrain modifiers. An army must be spread out across all the provinces in a hub's range in order to take full advantage of a hub's output and supply capacity.

State supply can be consumed by a unit on any province within a state. Supply hubs, supply capacity, supply efficiency modifiers are all irrelevant for the consumption of state supply. Supply from transport planes is treated as state supply spread out over an entire region of states, and the supply will be automatically consumed by the units that need to consume it. In this way transport planes remove a lot of the unit supply micromanagement introduced by the new logistics system.


Just Paradox overlooking obvious issues as usual

You also can't adjust your convoy routes even with workarounds anymore, meaning USSR in Japan will have to ship supplies from Leningrad.


File: 1637920601500.png (12.37 MB, 4165x5410, AftermathoftheGAR.png)

The aftermath of the 'African Reich'


>You also can't adjust your convoy routes even with workarounds anymore, meaning USSR in Japan will have to ship supplies from Leningrad.


can any anon here respond this question, what are some effective templates in NSB ?, because i was playing the USSR and fought in the Spanish civil war and somehow can't advance half a year in combat.


The spanish civil war gets special weather debuff that reduces division attack by 90% among other effects, so you have to be careful where you place your troops. Concentrate tank divisions and tactical bombers on states that don't have the 'unplanned offensive' modifier and only attack plains provinces (there are a couple plains provinces west of Madrid that are a good choice). Try splitting the nationalist army in half and focus on eliminating and encircling as many troops as possible.


I assassinated Stalin but fucking Beria took control and I still have to fight civil war against him.


Socialism by 1950 brother.


belt and road with soviet characteristics


We need a tankie to mod every reference of "Paranoia" with "Trotskyite infiltration"


Hell, even a liberal could do it and call the mod:
>POV: you're Stalin in 1936.


One of the things people have always complained about elsewhere is that the USSR purge stuff justifies the purge itself. The DLC actually justifies it even more by giving multiple internal enemies trying to topple the country rather than just some Trotskyites.


even funnier that the other communist paths in multiple times tries to murder Stalin or sabotage his plains.


The DLC has also czars taking over Soviet Union but its not realistic in any way.


I played as Novosibirsk so I could spawn a worker's revolution which splinters into like 3 different warlords
I then reunified russia as the Maoist faction of the Siberian Worker's Revolt



Can the Siberian Workers now reunify?


File: 1638036882650.png (320.47 KB, 360x450, RA2_Romanov_Speech.png)

>The DLC has also czars taking over Soviet Union but its not realistic in any way.
Is there a Mladorossi/MonBol/Soviet Empire path in the game, or just a boring restoration path?


It's Paradox so of course
1) There has to be a monarchy path
2) It has to be boring to everyone but Kaisertards


The alt paths always end up OP cus you cripple your country for years to switch


File: 1638037422839.png (511.25 KB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)

Holy shit my sides.


They still don't have any content because the TNO jannies put more effort into adding the new economic system, which could have taken like a week to shoehorn in babby's first Keynesian econ lesson into a dying map game.
A bunch of potential was missed for what was basically nothing but more ideology icons and Keynesian economics


So, no MonBol path? Fuck.


>no italian leftcom path
>whining about muh made up ideologies which are le epic bacon
Seriously why can't I get the bordigists in Italy


Do you guys reckon pdx might add a democratic Russia path in the future (much like how they reworked Yugo and Romania in bftb)?


At this point I am pretty sure that alt history jannies are more historically literate than PDX devs. I think there is one retard in the team making monarchist paths, and then like two other dudes just coding in whatever bullshit they saw on some mainstreamish left/right wing subreddit.


HOI4 is a dead game because the development of new content both in and outside of PDX development has decomposed into the same shit 1000 times over, which is literally just nazbol brain rot


File: 1638080743280.jpg (127.46 KB, 960x622, NaziToBabushkaPipeline.jpg)

>Railway Guns: Commission the grandest, most prestigious of artillery pieces, uniquely designed to deal with entrenched foes, and fortified positions.

<when in reality your Nazi AT weaponry is so shit you have to make huge fucking artillery pieces with 45 minute reload times to snipe T34s and IS, but you report murdering them in the millions anyway for propaganda purposes, which constitutes the "historical basis" for modern historical games


>Early version of the game
Fuck me it's been a long time since those days


Holy fuck I remember watching this video lmao


I wonder, was he actually supposed to be one of the Romanov's lmao


File: 1638130663804.png (26.76 KB, 809x274, NSBTanks.png)

Super-heavy tanks are the best choice now.
A Mladorossi advisor becomes available if you do monarchist route, but that's it.


So far the supply system doesn't seem too broken/unbalanced, granted I've been playing as Latvia (Ostland path) so there's hardly huge distances in my wars. I think anyone trying to play USSR as their first game when there's a new supply system is fucking up, start small, the USSR is hard to manage at the best of times.


File: 1638200158592.png (4.37 MB, 1600x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

Longtime eu4 player with a crappy computer, so I'm gonna try to get into hoi3
is hoi3 comparable in anyway with hoi4? I mean, which one is better?
any necessary mods to check out?


hoi4/eu4 use the same engines btw


mkay, I'm pirating both just in case


My boyfriend plays HOI4 on his shitty laptop, he just has to turn off unit models/terrain mapping, granted it's slow as fuck, but he plays TNO and that's slow anyways.


Pirate HoI4, then pirate TNO. Reject map-painter sims. Embrace stategic visual novels.


You should understand how to play HOI4 before you play TNO or else you will lose every proxy war/actual war.


True. Also arguably TNO is not properly playable without knowladge on how console commands work to unfuck your playthrough if RNGeesus throws a hissy fit. However a ton of paths don't really need that much war knowladge. Iberia literally has none of it unless you go gamer in Algeria, same with Ireland and Brazil. Also Germany if you discount the GCW.


even with the console sometimes you're fucked
no matter what i did germany ended up with schorner and i didnt even realise until i had already reunited the soviet union


I don't think Göring AI is capable of surviving Switzerland, let alone Norway. Hence I always just tag switch and delete all of his units during the GAW.


Sharing Literaturnaya font mod. Unzip in HOI4 mod directory and check in launcher to install.


they fixed it, planes are 80% less effective now


File: 1638402958493.png (1.09 MB, 920x613, ClipboardImage.png)


So now having given TT/tnomod a fair few playthroughs i just have to say.
>What a letdown.
- A shitty 'economy system' and this 'production unit' bullshit no-one wanted.
- No 'new' focus tree's Bretonny had its focus tree removed, And they added scotland and Norway to the interesting countries screen to give the illusion of them adding more nations. (oth already had trees) + Yunnan and Lu-Han/Long-Yun were given some minor interesting tweaks.
- Special snowflake ideology icons.

Very boring.


The AI usually never does absolutely demented as shit bruh moments and in the case of Germany, Italy and USSR its more about tuning your war economy perfectly so you can spill out enough infantry and tanks (Which you just assign to army groups with the order to 'auto-assign' turned 'on') to win

I usually just play it as either USSR/Germoney or as Italy if i want a discount 'war in the east' experience


What's not to like about the economy system? TNO isn't really a wargame so it makes a lot of sense to have an economy no?


NTA but it's "okay". Not better or worse. I didn't have to micro anything which is nice. It made run the game a lot slower. Just seems like a big waste of time to me. The strength of the game imo is in the narrative events not the gameplay mechanics of "click decision, number go up".


File: 1638436372868.jpg (10.37 KB, 214x317, soy-vigilante.jpg)

Didn't click.


everything after don't surf was a mistake


The rare PinkPanzer enjoyer


Wacky Burgundy was fun and it's retarded to not want to competencywash the Nazis after giving them half the planet. Burgundy is just the meme taken to absurd degrees which makes it funi.


Seems you missed the point Panzer was trying to make. Nothing in his super serious donnut steel mod is "wacky" or "meme", but thought provoking and deep political work of art. Bruhgundy is the scariest shit I've seen. Upon playing the nation I was shaking and shidding myself what a scary country it portrayed and it serves as a fine example why we must never move away from liberal western democracy, or else this is what awaits us. And UPO? My god, I have never seen something so artistic in a video game before. What if holocaust but its reversed? Damn, such a powerful and unique idea which says a lot about revange, and, of course, society. And then just when you say that the mod is too serious, or too dreary, then you get the wonderful cheeky paths of the Urals, inspired by such wonderful works of art as "Raiders of the Mojave, a Panzers fan story". And the quote "Isn't voting fascist?", hah, my god, I was rolling on the floor from that one so hard! In other words, Panzer = god, you = illiterate barbarian.


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand PinkPanzer Lore. The themes are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical liberalism most of the topics will go over a typical player's head.
There's also Panzer's Agent Kochinskiist outlook, which is deftly woven into his tno development- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Twitter Threads, for instance.
The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these topics, and allegories, to realise that they're not just smart- they say something deep about SOCIETY. As a consequence people who dislike PinkPanzer Lore truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the dark topic in Panzer's existential Point "Nazis Won, All People Bad Now," which itself is a cryptic reference to Jean-Pierre Faye's French epic The Century of Ideology. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Chairman Panzer's genius mind unfolds itself on their Computer screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Pink Panzer tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid


>>14102 i know this is a jest but the mod protrays nazis in such a really fucking dumb way that it isnt an effective critic.

like holy shit they butchered goerings character into funny eating man, and heydrich into lol im a himmler supporter

like wtf


these are both so good


Yeah they totally dropped the ball on Heydrich. Himmler was scared of him but they just sort of handwave it away and turn him into his gimp, but if they really wanted to rework Burgundy into being more sensible then they'd put Heydrich in charge of it and remove him from Germany, which they're basically halfway through doing as it is but they've kept the inconsistency because reasons.
Also the reason Goebbels was killed in the lore was because they forgot about him.
Voring Goering is very funny though.


>but if they really wanted to rework Burgundy into being more sensible then they'd put Heydrich in charge of it and remove him from Germany,
What about Himmler though?


Himmler would have been couped by Heydrich before game start, which was pretty much what he feared happening in the SS.
Like he was originally in Germany to be a distraction for annexing bits of France and maybe grab some nukes, but Himmler doesn't want to nuke the world anymore, which sort of blows the kneecaps out of why Burgundy even is the way it is. There was a lot of suspension of disbelief allowed for the country being a major plot point but as they try and make it more realistic I think it just starts being a bit sillier because I'm no longer suspending my disbelief for the big boss, I've just got a wacky pointless country on my screen.
Like if you're going to have a Bond villain have them do something Bond villainesque not be an eccentric bank robber.


tho this would require completely changing burgundy

since heydrich wasnt the whole lol lets be super evil to the point of being dumb and more like. Im going to carrot and stick this native population while at the same time pointing a really fucking gun at the back of their heads. And eventually these people are going to be replaced tho i dont know if heydrich would do that to french or belgium people.


True. I think they've been replacing the French there for a while though which is how the situation has developed. I went to look up wtf they're doing and while looking I found one of the original Burgundy writers' exposition on how it ended up that way but it was all dropped when pre-1962 was largely left to players to fill in the blanks. Here it is:
>Essentially the key concept was that the eventual peace treaty between Germany and the French state in the late forties ceded only relatively minor strips of land in Alsace and near the border of RK Belgien-Nordfrankreich, but in a sort of Rhineland situation the industrial and mining regions of northeastern France remain occupied to seize their industrial output as war reparations. Now, the Reichskommissar for Belgium is an SS man, and in the early fifties he pulls strings to have Heydrich moved from Bohemia to Belgium and the French occupied zone to help fight partisans. This results in an eventual soft coup against the military administration where the Wehrmacht commander is replaced with his second, a Waffen SS man. Heydrich and Himmler have thus effectively puppeted the area of 1962 Burgundy by the mid fifties, but it remains de jure French territory, to Himmler’s dismay. As such the SS initiate mass colonization campaigns of German settlers in an attempt to have an excuse for Germany to annex eastern France. This outrages the French government when they discover it, and because at this point the West Russian War is going on, Bormann and Speer have enough leverage with the threat of the French leaving the Pakt that to finally remove Hitler’s golden boy Heydrich from France. However, despite the cessation of the settlement programs and the removal of Heydrich, the area still remains firmly under SS control, and shortly before his coup attempt Himmler is able to sneak a meeting with Hitler after feeding Bormann laxatives, getting a signature formalizing a joint SS administration for the Belgian and French areas. Along with RK Norwegen and Ostland these are the key regions he wield going into the coup. When the failed attempt goes off, Hitler’s compromise solution sees Himmler and most of his core staff exiled to the special administrative region in the west, though Heydrich is permitted to remain as head of the Germanic SS. The formal "German" annexation of Burgundy is never truly recognized by Germania, but with it no longer formally recognizing French suzerainty (most importantly cutting the French off from the areas tax revenue) and turning a blind eye to the reorganization of the area into the Ordenstaat Burgund in 1960, it is clear to everyone that it is de facto annexed, especially as colonization resumes. Himmler introduces the Burgundian system very gradually in 1960-61, and is still putting the finishing touches on it in 1962. He does however sense the civil war coming and gradually shuts down commerce and contact with the Heimat, so his new state will be economically and politically insulated should the conflict not end in the SS’ favor.
The devs are like "woah we're not doing it out of fears of competency washing… but we're doing it because we don't want to make them look good!" lol. Here it is:
<I think this post has generated a lot of conversation which ultimately stemmed from the claim that we were reworking Burgundy because we were "competence-washing" nazis, more specifically the SS, by removing the Globalpläne that made them seem like incredibly competent puppetmasters, and that this was the driving factor behind a "realism-driven" rework.
<This is a patently false claim, for one because the primary reason for their removal was that they suffered from janky implementation, were tedious to deal with as Burgundy itself, and were simultaneously too irrelevant (influencing the US, for example) or too influential (breaking Vyatka election mechanics) on global matters, while also not even giving any feedback to those targetted by them. You wouldn't even know that the nefarious nazi shadow state is doing evil puppetmastering, so what else do you have to fear outside of knowing that Eastern France is probably not the best place to live in?
<While worries about wrong perceptions of Burgundy were a factor for its rework, they were certainly not the driving one behind it, nor were considerations of "realism". If we had insisted on that, we would have removed Burgundy outright. Instead, and this is admittedly not communicated well enough at times, what the dev teams mean by giving a path more "realistic" content is to make it more grounded in the history that we know before the divergence point, to play out the path's chain of events in a more plausible manner, and to give it actual narrative depth instead of a quickly cobbled together set of tropes that might have seemed cool at a glance when the mod was still young.
All the globalplans are currently gutted out but they say it's because it's janky but won't say if they're adding them back in.
Honestly they need to kick the redditors out, while checking wtf they're doing half the tards are just reaching for Nazi historical analogs in the Stasi, NKVD, North Korea and China in between bawwwing about how Himmler was too competent but Speer's a pretty cool guy :DDD


>All the globalplans are currently gutted out but they say it's because it's janky but won't say if they're adding them back in.
Honestly they need to kick the redditors out, while checking wtf they're doing half the tards are just reaching for Nazi historical analogs in the Stasi, NKVD, North Korea and China in between bawwwing about how Himmler was too competent but Speer's a pretty cool guy :DDD

yeah the problem with this mod is that it tries to send the message of nazis being bad but by doing some really ridiclous things while at the same time treating it seriously

and now bbecause of this its creating an utter mess like you said of himmler being too much competent, based dengist speer, muh realism, muh etc

its become an utter fucking mess, where the more realistic they make it just points out the silliness of it and if they maintain it as it is its still stupid

its like a bloody mess


File: 1638536063781.png (1.16 MB, 565x900, ClipboardImage.png)

You're in 1936 and this guy slaps your singleplayer historical game's ass, what do you do?


Might as well just restart, he's fucked up your shit assuming you plan to side with the Axis


I also don't like how all the silly shit is being kicked out of the mod, like removing Brittany's Focus tree while not replacing it with anything, what's with that? Why are they even removing content at all? Like okay if you come up with something better then you can replace it sure, but just removing the old stuff seems spiteful and pointless.



>katyusha as a pre-order bonus

irony is dead


Brittany got cut because the black market mechanics caused like 30% of all resource usage for TNO while adding fuck all to the game. Without black market it is basically a broken nation so it got cut out.


Sadge. Shame they couldn't just optimise it.


I think the thing TNO Germany is missing the most is an actual Goering path. Right now we got:
>Borman, the Joe Biden of Hitlerism
>Speer, the 12yo werhaboo smart nazi wet dream
>Heydrich, the wacky nazi
>"Goering" aka Schroner, the schizo fantasyland militarist
What is missing here is a proper selfishly pragmatic, ideologically dead centrist path. A path where all the pretences of Nazism are dropped and only half-assedly kept up by waning propaganda machine, the country instead becoming a despotist oligarchy of a bunch of bureaucrats, porkies and wermacht top brass who just want to keep the ship stable for their own good. It would include some half-assed reforms and tone down nazi schizo shit so long as it benefits the state. All of this would obviously be lead by a fuhrer who is both smart enough to know how to unite all the previously mentioned groups around their selfish class interest, and also be able to play up the role of a loved strong man for the public, aka Goering. In short, I want Goering to be reimagined as German Putin. The main benefit, in my opinion, to this is that it would actually give Nazi Germany a probable path that isn't straight up collapse after 10 years. Because Borman's Germany shits the bed completely by the end, and Fascist Speer is a fluke event.


What kinda kills the mod for me is that by the way that they are portrayed, you realize that both Japan and the Nazies are paper fucking tigers that are almost certain to fall over with no external help. Hence for one I find all the pearlclutching about Hall / McGovern (the based and the blessed US outcomes) how they "will destroy le free world by submiting to da nadziez if they weaken muh OFN/CIA !!1!" to be ridiculous, as come 2nd decade, Germany and Japan are a fucking joke ready to tumble over. Also, thus the only interesting parts for me are the ones that aren't really related to Japan or Germany, unless its some sort of epic struggle for liberation like Long Yun or whatever Europas Narben Eastern Europe will be. Instead its the OFN, as well as the unaligned nations + developing world which are really interesting to me, like an economically prosperous Iberian superstate, red Italy that wins against all odds and basically changes all history as we know it, South America developing to first world standarts due to US being busy and so on.


>as come 2nd decade, Germany and Japan are a fucking joke ready to tumble over

Well that depends what path they take, most Speer routes seem primed for economic success (more or less), and assuming Japan doesn't go nightmare mode, their economic fundamentals are also pretty good (though they would likely have to relinquish direct control of most of their colonies)


honestly out of all the powers japan has the most chance of succes

because one idk if its realistic that speer would take over in the power struggle and go FULL ON DENGIST

meanwhile imperial japan which historically had stable colonies also has the whole shit where in our timeline miti(which was a forme rfascist organization)causing japans "economic miracle",

and well if we consider this factor in regarding if japan wil be succesful or not well


For me its the same but with US. For Germany I can't really see anything other than Goering or Borman causing an economic collapse, or Speer fucking with Kiessingers plans and accidentally destroying the Zollverein.

For Japan, well, Japan is just so undeveloped at this point compared to others, and the main thing is just that they will, no matter what, have the GAW happen. And the GAW seems like something that will most likely result in Japan getting its shit kicked in and the entire CPS collapsing.

Meanwhile realistically for US the only way it can fuck up is if Nixon vetoes the CRA, and I really doubt he would do that. Because US needs to really fuck up its geopolitics before 1964 for Wallace to ever possobly be elected, and after that either a moderate Bennet or moderate LBJ into McNamara / McGovern seem most likely. Combined with a strong US economy and an increasingly influential OFN, it would, in my view, by 1975 create an OFN dominated world with US standing where it stood after WW2 in OTL.

However, what to my mind makes this scenario absolutely amazing is that the rest of the world isnway different, primarilly centered around 5 REALLY solid secondary powers - Iberia, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, India - and the up and comming superpowers of Russia/USSR and China.

So basically you get a really curious situation where the two out of three top dogs fucking implode and one is left the victor, HOWEVER, their hagemony is instantly denied by a multipolar new world order. This could result in a sort of new cold war errupting, with all the new powers trying to come out on top.


don't really know how to use matrix, but heres a thingy i tried to make
lets see if we can get some games going


It's better to post the direct link like this



Latest Victoria 3 Dev Diary has a lot of gaymers upset. Seems like they've completely overhauled the combat system, removing all micromanaging of individual units and instead opting for something much more abstract.
I havent been following the development so far so Im hoping this is a once-off and the game isn't being completely dumbed down across the board.


This was a month ago, but it seems to be the only thing they've dumbed down. There's some dev diaries after it expanding on it too.


This looks like hot garbage to me, they couldn't figure out a way to make the AI play smart, or to stop the player deathstacking, so they just removed combat?


This could either be really interesting or the dumbest shit possible
The best part of Vic2 was the economy and political simulation, combat wasn't exactly its strong point, so we'll see how this goes


File: 1638921741754.png (254.95 KB, 885x767, ClipboardImage.png)

This is huge, massive even.


File: 1639092083140.jpg (258.91 KB, 1377x914, IMG_20211201_003406.jpg)

Imagine if this was a hearts of Iron 4 mod
But sadly its not


I suggest all of you guys play red-flood as much as you can while you still can.
Soon it's going to be turned into a fucking reading sim like TNO with 1000 events and locked ability to manually declare war.


Based I always thought TNO was too well researched, now I can fix that by playing Red Flood instead


Isn't there any way to rollback updates? Or perhaps someone might be working on a 'Red Flood Redux'?




Enjoyable discussion frens. How can one get started with the game? I've tried Europa universalis and the rome one but didn't go too far. I enjoy the topic of this one more so maybe I've chosed the wrong titles before?


Keep playing Germany until you get the hang of it. It starts warring early and it's all attacking countries it borders with, so when you fuck up it's not too big a deal just starting again.
There's all sorts of specific and niche things you should do depending on country, such as for Axis you want to
>Help the nationalists in Spain with volunteers, guns and attaches (most obvious tip)
>Use full cavalry with MP support for your garrison troops (least obvious)
You should always do the cavalry garrison thing but it's particularly important for Germany because you'll be occupying a lot of places that will have resistance



My biggest issue with Red-Flood right now is that unlike all the other countries like say America or france where they only have about a 25% and <5% chance to failstate naturally, Russia due to the fact that the 'Black bloc starts counter-reform' and then 'collapse of the coalition' foci aren't locked behind an event but are instead taken randomly by the AI. + There's basically also a 50/50 chance of Russia collapsing into either Mladrossi or Black-Hundred control in the post civil war tree

So regardless of whether Kolchak or Drozdovsky wins they often ALWAYS end up taking 'black bloc starts counter-reforms' and then often by pure bad luck in AI picking Foci slip their stability below 15% triggering the collapse of the coalition.


so what are some good mods, bonus points if the communists don't have the tipical liberal schizo hyperborean writing against them.



File: 1640282339101.png (834.45 KB, 1120x696, a0498fb.png)

This game has so much meme potential.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, we could really do with a /leftypol/ mod lmao


yeah, but what setting thou ?, fiction, cold war, alt-history or historical ?.


Eh, way I was thinking of it, was more like replace vanilla USSR focus tree with a /leftypol/ one lmao


Alt history, German revolution in 1917 succeeds. Fascist rising in the US/Japan, only win condition is world revolution.


like putting a political cat girl as the head of the USSR ?.
tbh it's just my want of making that weeb mecha cold war mod that someone on the previous thread imagined
sounds like a cool mod tbh.


I would love to make a Darkest Hour mod that would be /leftypol/ approved, I just can't into graphic design
There's a mod called Spartakus that is at least about the first half


File: 1640329340197.png (3.71 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Here's a new mod from a Chinese dev depicting the American Civil War.
DL: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2689678339
Gameplay: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1e34y1R7Cx


That's not how the ACW was fought at all though, it was fought by big armies all grouped up roaming around the countryside trying to intercept each other


>like putting a political cat girl as the head of the USSR ?.
I suppose so lmao



File: 1640358746173.jpg (141.93 KB, 1200x669, IMG_20211224_150953.jpg)

custom TNO Russian reunification
>Catgirl alunya the unites Russia and establishes a libertarian socialist Soviet Union and abolishes all traces of leninism



that's it ?, just EaW ?.


Well you didn't say what you have and haven't played so I can't really give you that exact a recommendation.


okay, i just played EaW and road to 56 really, 56 is kinda out there but EaW is pretty great in the portrail heck there is even kulaks doing kulak shit in staliongrand.


Okay well in that case I would play Kaiserreich, play commie CSA, Britain and France, then play TNO if you can put up with the reading/slowness, and play some of the socialist Russian warlords that appeal to you - also Komi can go socialist as well.


Also I would personally say that Stalliongrad is one of the less good socialist countries to play in EaW, the ones on Griffonia are more interesting, most countries over there have a socialist path you can get to through play, with varying degrees of blessed/cursedness. If you want to just know what the good ones are then say a country in here and I'll just tell you if it's good or bad without spoilers.


thanks, i guess it's not surprising that there is just a few mods that communism getting shafted and TNO, which from the posts above, it's a mixed bag full of problems, depending of the warlord, because of the devs, i guess this would only change if people here started modding.
thanks, that would be great.


*don't get shafted


Cold war mod released their road map, what you guys think ?.


>Reworked Stalin focus tree


Hello, anons. A couple of months ago I made you guys aware of a show created by the Kaiserreich Dev Team. They released a new trailer a few days. It's filled with just as much shitlibbery as one might expect. The show will debut on New Years day.


Khrushchev historically accurate cybernetic path when?


hopefully after lazar cuz i want train boy to have his focus tree.


File: 1640928998802.jpg (107.88 KB, 613x626, Black Ice Players.jpg)

Play Hoi3 BI you fucking cowards


What's the difference between Black Ice and vanilla?


Imagine if someone thought Hoi3 wasn't autistic enough.

That's BI

More accurately here's the latest change notes from 10.3->10.4 alone

Major Changes
New Science minister role providing tech boost in specific fields
New Training law system with permanent effect on units trained with selected law(until retrained via manual upgrade). Experience now properly represents Combat Experience
Reworked Annual National Focuses and ministers related to them
Reworked factories (+added some new ones) and their bonuses
Laws reworked considerably, don’t trust the green icon on the top
Improved Stability, Performance and reduced late game save size
Reworked Pacific Theater with reworked terrain, reworked infra, new islands and resource provinces
New roster of unit default models and many new country specific models
Improved AI building construction, production ratios and technology priorities
Control Puppet building focus (which type of resource to build up)
Airbase expansion Techs - Designate air bases for expansion using covert missions
Event spawned units will spawn on the map again, calculated IC penalties will be given based on Base IC
Air bases give 4 capacity per level now, lvl 10 is the max giving 40 capacity
Disabled the AI invasion choice at game start to where it is on by default.
Improved many of the existing USA and JAP invasion OOBs. Streamlined DDay, and made Dragoon happen at the same time Overlord does.
Max division size limited to 7 brigades
Surprise chance for NAV and submarines now works so combat for those was rebalanced (once again)
New System for event spawned Ships
Naval Treaties are more logical now, allowing to bring ships up to date (technology) but not further develop (class). 1st Treaty now also limits subs(except for GER). 2nd Treaty adds aircraft carriers to limits.
New JAP starting OOB (more garrisons, less divisions, historical accuracy)
Hundreds of new JAP leaders divided into 2 branches (Army - IJA; Navy - IJN)
New JAP leaders trait (Kempeitai - military police)
New historical OOB events for JAP involving most of historical divisions
Some more events for JAP (Battle of Shanghai, Yellow River Flooding, Yamamoto’s Assassination…)
Italians keep border region gains during fall of france
Reworked Italian surrender, whoever controls a province will keep it, no more RSI
Added HQs to barbarossa expeditionary units
Persia War reduce ENG-SOV threat
Swedish Iron reduce SWE-GER threat
Australian event to deploy obsolete field guns for coastal defense
Viet Minh revolts in Indochina (event and effect)
United Kingdom event to damage oil facilities in East Indies within 14 days of war with JAP
Add HOL East Indies Airforce to ENG inherited
Yellow River Flood (destroy infrastructure in region and temporary weather fort)
Strategic Resource purchases made into decisions
Genrikh Lyushkov defection event
Swedish Iron Ore use Narvik or Baltic Sea depending on situation (Baltic route freezes between November and April)
Events for Japan investment in Manchukuo
Reworked London Naval Treaties into events
Japan Interservice Rivalry (yearly event trade between IJA, IJN or both air forces)
Japan handle Zaibatsus event
Japan's sphere only works if puppet owns relevant province (avoids exploits)
Remove Japan’s massive fuel gain from events (kept rationing after end of 1911 US commercial treaty but just 1000 anyway)
Spawn SOV help to CHI in Chengdu (more geographically logical and less likely to spawn in occupied territory)
Tojo's proclamation and Greater East Asia Conference events trigger based on Sphere size (4 and 5)
Added Korea/Indochina/Burma to potential Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
Flavour text for EVTDESC9300208 and explain valid puppets
Event for USA to join allies if JAP attacks Allies
Poland War Goal (should guarantee Poland becomes government in exile)
GER can convert liners without war with NOR (better preparation)
GER/SOV volunteer units to CHI/CHC use correct builder tag
SOV/USA limit trade with GER (sell resources worth up to 250IC)
NJG creation OOB (Some formed militias)
JAP capture CHI ships (some auxiliaries)
JAP keep HK/Hanjiang/Macau, dont give to NJG
Strait Strategic Effects take into consideration puppets
Add unused trait chc_tag
Revised Panzergruppe events to add them more historically
Revised Finnish continuation war
Reworked the ‘Bitter Peace’ options and wargoals
Reduced amount of buildings spawned by Military Bases decisions
Nerfed Hospitals
Nerfed Sourcing Rares building
Buffed Manufacturing Plant
Training Center now gives officers bonus instead xp bonus
Reduced practical gain
Maximum practicals reduced to 20 (from 24)
Puppets starts with master industrial techs
Resource rationing events proportional to manpower (4 levels)
Capital ship (BB, CBB, etc) conversions to Carrier
Removed Brandenburgers killing Stalin event
LUA system for Building counting
Simple buff to AI China vs player Japan
Build Cost Increase for all Land Units
Way less soviet conscript spam
Reworked Barbarossa SOV modifers
Puppet military focus (land, air, navy) decisions
most Factories now only spawn on the mainland for USA,ENG,FRA,ITA,POR,BEL,HOL
add treaty of craiova
Mixed Support choices tech folder(to check effect of each choice)
Lower starting JAP ship AA tech (historically behind)
HOL start with some sub techs and theory (historical)
Coal -> Oil disabled at the start (Autarky event or Goering 4year plan activates it)
SWE some starting tank tech (historical)
Fix AST/HOL starting over tech CL and CA
Tech description indication for values filtered by UI
Remove Seaplane Tender Shore Bombardment from Scout Focus
Removed build time penalties from techs
Buffed Fighter to Interceptor Conversion tech
Reworked ship armour techs (Vickers, STS, Cemented)
Starting technology packs to nations based on history (ie. ww1 participation)
JAP now properly starts with HART unlocked
Buildings tech for information only now (can't make them accurate due to engine)
Changed drop tank tech
Tweak Fleet Carrier research speed bonuses (middle between light and super carrier)
Units and combat Balance
Mixed Supports rebalanced (especially Mot. and Arm.)
Boost SPT and CVE stats to better match similarities with transport ship
Tweaked transport costs (much cheaper transport and more time for LC)
Allow coastal/long submarine upgrade
Rebalanced GER railway art supply costs
Colonial brigades are now buildable for colonial powers (ENG, FRA, ITA, SPA, POR, HOL)
Some traits are now mutually exclusive
Traits now have reversed bonuses - lvl 3 gives the highest, lvl1 the lowest
Tweaked Softness for all units
Nerfed HAA
Reduced INF TK armour value
Rebalance Mix.Supp brigades a bit (added AP and AV values, added some org, weight, some extra tech combinations with normal techs)
Tweak terrain modifiers for AG and ENG units
Nerfed AG and Inf.TK Soft and Hard attack
Rebalanced most of CA bonuses
Opposing leader traits no longer block progression of already acquired traits
Tweak JAP Mangyo investment cost (more similar IC and money cost)
Fixed 0 IC upgrades
JAP destroyer model paintings
Fix destroyer models not using _actual
JAP models for BC/BB/CL
Generic unit names for all countries (language based)
Improved some flags
Few new SFX
Bunch of unique BUL aircraft models
Generic models sp_anti_air sp_artillery
Generic Models for all prop aircraft
Generic models for mot/mech/semi-mot
Generic sp_rct_artillery models
Bunch of paintings for JAP models (carriers)
Few unique transport ship models
Add missing specific railway artillery models
Generic Submarine models
Generic Carrier models
Generic models BC/BB/DD/CA/CL
Generic rocket related models
Generic Assault Ship models
Generic transport model variant (lvl 4)
Generic Engineer Models (along with air_cav and airlanding)
Model distinction infantry light/regular (also gas mask for tier 0 due to WW1)
Generic light_infantry_brigade models
Removed generic soldier from infantry_bat/brigade, added supplies
New JAP light_armor model (So-Ki), rearranged infantry_tank
Few generic motorcycle_recon models
Correct builders of many nations aircraft, some new aircraft models
More generic armor_bat/brigade models
Generic Infantry Tank Models
More generic light_armor_bat/brigade models
More generic armored_car models
More generic medium_artillery_brigade models
More generic artillery_brigade models
More generic heavy_anti_air_brigade models
More generic anti_air_brigade models
More generic anti_tank_brigade models
Basic TUR models for inf/linf/mil/rcon/berg/police/gar/gardet/cav
Basic CHC models for inf/linf/mil/cmil/rcon/berg/police
Default Garrison/Garrison Detach/Military Police models
Japan names for missing aircraft (flying_bomb, gliders, rocket_interceptor, jet_bomber)
Japan SS/CSS/LSS Names
New counter for heavy_anti_tank_brigade(to distinguish from TD)
Canada Destroyer names
ENG seaplane_tender names
JAP names for artillery_brigade, pack_artillery_brigade, anti_tank_brigade and armored_car_brigade
ENG Long Range Subs names
JAP SPT names
Correct POR oob names
Copy light/armor brigade models to bat localisation
New models for ENG battleships
Allies embargo Japan due to SJW (historically the relevant aspect was Australian steel)
USA actually embargo Japan instead of modifier
AI won't form Croatia or Serbia anymore, it only created problems for AI, instead Yugoslavia will be split between the Axis nations
Italy is guaranteed to defeat Ethiopia (AI only)
AI JAP Pacific invasions spawn on ships now, unless they are Paras
AI vs AI Sino-Japanese war rebalanced, slows down with time/takes longer
AI dont request Lend-Lease from Player
AI SOV build most IC safely (Urals/Far East)
Majors AI prioritize steel casting and welding
Fix European Axis minors not always helping against SOV
VIC AI can't liberate countries
Bump up AI garrison production to move more useful units to frontlines
IC based AI supply production
JAP AI doesnt start with ship queue(helps with producing land units for China)
PER AI handle oil trade from ENG perspective (Anglo-Persian Oil Company) (ie. ENG wont allow PER to sell oil to GER)
AI JAP Early war with ENG in 1940 if done with CHI and have Indochina (low chance)
Generalize AI GER embargo to all Americas
AI Countries in Americas follow US embargo on Japan (due to US influence)
ITA AI only build Coastal Fort after 1940
AI IC requirements for buildings
AI tech focus Medicine and related
AI limit to 7 regiment divisions
OMG AI ignore all diplomacy
Puppet AI that have no more resources to improve can build normally
NJG specific AI (like JAP puppet AI, develop for master)
AI major nations don't buy license production
AI pick license based on class tech level (aircraft and ships)
Puppets only build resource buildings, ignore rest of buildings unless specified
CAN AI Lend Lease AST/NZL (CAN AI simply too far away to use their units)
POL AI more land and less development if against GER player
AI Fuel Refinery Construction Criteria (1 Refinery per 75IC and per 40 oil production)
AI no serial building construction (better choices)
Reviewed Commonwealth(AST, CAN, NZL, SAF) production weights and ratios
AI use Colonial Mountain Infantry if available
IC based Air Ratio for Default AIs
IC based Naval Ratio for Default AIs
Tweaks to ITA AI build up and ratios
Serbia basic units to protect from revolt (and stop axis from bordering it and not delaing with it)
AI prefer Piercing Attack techs
AI ignore strength_increase after level 2
AI ignore capital layout reverse techs
AI prefer radio/radar techs
IC tiers for AI LandRatio
Turkey AI more mountain divisions;
AI shift resource improvement to industry construction if have good resource balance
AI dont build oil refinery if not oil producer and low ic
Review Major AI Tech weights
Increase ENG/USA screen ratio
Increase ENG naval production
AI may use mixed support with Militia and Garrison
Reworked Default AI tech priority and ignore
AI use colonial variants if available
Fix Japan Death Decision ai checks
AI CAG counting fixed (not tech based yet)
AI now building transports/assault ships
Add missing tech folders to research AI
AI use communist/fascist militia if available
SWE/NOR/FIN use special forces ski division
AI build fuel refineries (in provinces with oil rig)
AI improves resource buildings
Support number variation for Militia and Garrison
MP possible support of Garrison and Militia
Artillery possible support of Garrison
AI dont produce air units if it already has more than it has airfields
Tweaked AI research sliders
HOL only join allies if at war
AI elite_light_infantry_brigade divisions
Percentage reduce IC AI uses for each unit type (better distribute needs)
AI Special Forces in regular LandRatio
Dynamic LUA OverrideProvinces
Remove old Call_ForeignMinister_Tick
Fix some AI countries using old DiploScore_InviteToFaction
Fix AI using old OfferTrade functions
Valid Puppet Count GEACPS (using LUA variables)
Remove undefined laSupportUnit, can cause problems
Attempt based Production (should now better match desired ratios)
Ai province loop remade with new options and better logic
Fixed autoexec AI loading crashing on unknown require (caused some countries to lose unique AI)
Early return on 0 escort ratio minor performance tweak
SOV conscript spam disabled (for now)
Nerfed AI SOV during barbarossa a bit
SPR will not join factions
Removed Istanbul strait crossing
Removed Infra blocker between China and Vietnam
French VPs and terrain
VP Rebalance for ENG
VP Rebalance for USA
VP Rebalance for GER
VP Rebalance for ITA
Removed resource building from provinces with no resources
Fix white texture in some terrain tiles
Add visual pillbox submod
Dagupan Coastal Fort (Fort Mills)
Token industry in Hatay(more meaning to CessionOfHatay)
Fix Port Harcourt naval_base
Added VPs to most coastal provinces in Pacific(Seems to help AI a bit)
Saudi Arabia oil only spawn in 1940
Heavily reduce Iran oil production to ~25 (9336) to match historical relative values
Added Sightseeing submod
Czechoslovak province localisation
Smoother ocean without waves and smoother coast transition
Tweaked Fog of War darkness
Add cryolite mine in Greenland (rare materials)
Add 1 VP to Adana
Add missing Portuguese forest
Major Air Bases removed
Industrial zones removed
Weather Fort icon and localisation
Added event chain explaining how certain mechanics and features work
Some better country UI themes
Military Police priority under Colonial
Fix Naval/Air Base transparency (now easier to select)
Every leader loss with red name
Fas/Com militia more priority than MP and militia
Inf battalion higher priority than mixed support
Militia higher priority than MP
Type indication for unique ships
New Very Hard AI variant without no Military bonuses
Combat report colored casualties
nuremberg_rally_1937 spawns industry in provinces with 8 ic, no longer fully random
Scalable Overlord Grofaz difficulty
All starting decisions will be available only after picking difficulty setting first
SS units now activate right after taking starting decisions
More battleplan tools (line drawing; more colors; division icons)
Fix Strategic Resource placement overlap and added info on province requirements
Tweak aircraft unit priority (ie. better identification for bombers with escort)
SS Leaders become available by 1941
Larger OOB HQ attach window
Decision activate transport units (no longer have to wait for event at end of month)
Colored bombing mission messages
Some QoL to training and factory techs organization
Bug fixes
Fix ITA AI not taking Albania annexation decision
Fix misreferences to Paris
Fix Koumac appearing occupied instead of properly given to USA
Dont show OperazioneC3 decisions for non ITA nations
Fix Addis Ababa massacre revolt no supply
Localisation for strategic_doctrine_pick_final_title
Fix Military_Merit_Order_air localisation
Hungarian leaders use HUN_tag instead of generic general tag
Add missing unique light_transport battalions for ITA and GER
Add missing upgradeable color for "1a Divisione Motorizzata 'Trento'"
Fix Australia Zinc trade
Correct monumentaldecisions allow values to match actual decision costs
Remove duplicate potential for ammo_production_lack_of_resources
Fix event 14653 wrong trigger flag
Fix event 14712 supply cost/need
Remove redundant tag = this inside potential and trigger (not inside limit)
Comment out id = 90127 event, probably TRE related stuff, useless and misleading
Fixed bugs regarding division upgrade events leaving loose brigades
Fixed missing Arm Supp techs
Fix FIN getting Finnish_combat from the start
Fixed SS LARM org
Corrected GER starting DD production
Fixed Abn.Mix. Supp. not working properly
Removed Armored HQ giving CA bonus
Naval tech fixes/alignments
Fix military academy
Fix Trade AI (should properly buy/sell Supplies now)
Fix Officer recruitment program
Fix Argentina joining axis event
Fix player backstory events
Fix 227. ID Mot. spArt. upgrade
Fix FIN Barbarossa expeditionary
Fix light transport organisation bug
Fix mixed support ORG/Morale progression
Fix Province gui tooltip
Fix SS/Guards license building
Fix USS Hornet
Fix ENG Armoured Brigades in Africa
Fix ENG eleventh and fourteenth indian division
Fix Woleai naval base
Fix AI offering trade to JAP after embargo
Fix Allied Objectives display in province GUI
Fix AI to AI Lend Lease
Fix Allied Objectives display in province GUI


File: 1640931745729.png (91.72 KB, 188x269, ClipboardImage.png)

u sir are but a child


tho to be fair this game doesnt have the political economic production sides of hoi 3 it still is way more complicated in the war department than hoi3


File: 1640936900502.jpg (1.53 MB, 3840x2160, downloadfile.jpg)

Anyone tried this overhaul mod for Imperator Rome?
Besides that, remember Imperator Rome? What happened?


sounds like an autism fest, gonna try it to see how deep it goes.


WitE is good but it lacks the logistical side of things for me


>supposed to be an in depth war simulation

oh no no no


>remember Imperator Rome? What happened?
They tried to just keep it on the backburner for a long time and slowly improve the game. It was ALMOST getting to a state that would have been acceptable at launch but then Leviathan dropped for EU4, the masssive shitstorm followed and Paradox decided to take Imperator out back and shoot it for EU4's failure and moved the entire team to damage control for EU4 indefinitely.

Also I've tried Invictus, it's alright, it basically makes Imperator a decent game. Not great but decent. More flavour for certain historical nations, more custom events etc.


so does any comrade have any Hoi 4 modding guide around ?, i want to mess around with it, and (hopefully) make a mod in the future.


I remember when it was being shilled on /v/ and I was like, it's just gonna be a glossier clone of EU Rome, and now they've all forgotten about it because it's just a shallow clone of EU Rome.


>it's just a shallow clone of EU Rome
Bold of you to assume it deserves such praise. Imperator is just EU4/CK2 with as much as possible stripped away so they could ship the actual proper game as DLC. Imperator was an EU4 DLC sold a separate game. No no, Imperator was a DLC investment platform. No no wait I can do better.: Imperator is Johan's fat filthy cock slipping down the Paradox fanboy's throat and then they thank him for it.


File: 1641084019811-0.png (3.53 MB, 2561x1440, KMTredflood.png)

File: 1641084019811-1.jpg (91.23 KB, 408x580, MaoPoster.jpg)

File: 1641084019811-2.jpg (4.47 MB, 2255x3007, WangJingwei.jpg)

All of the planned paths for the KMT warlords in Chyna in RedFlood.

Obviously we've got /ourguy/ in Hunan, And the Left-KMT and some more utopsocs/agrarians in Fujian and also SocDem Jingwei and Long-Yun lol


boy, that cold war mod has alot to say about le stalinism, must be nice being this brainless like a lib when it comes to history.


Isn't that mod currently in the progress of making a new Stalin focus tree?


as the roadmap posted by >>14493 shows that the will change Stalin's focus tree.


>the new TNO update has renamed auth socialism to Bukharinism
They somehow made it even worse. You can just absolutely tell whoever made the politics for TNO is a liberal arts student, this is Kaisserreich totalism levels of liberal politics. Because "haha communism is called stalinism and its called that because of stalin so if it was bukharin communism would be bukharinism". That's not how it works you fucking twats, have some fucking nuance.


I genuinely prefer Authoritarian Socialism over that shit what the hell lmao
Does "Bukharinism" in TNO even incorporate any of Bukharin's actual theoretical contributions?


Nah, it's one of the subtypes, the general ideology is still called Communism (sablin has it at the start), And Tyumen has Stalinism. Socialism still exist as general ideology for all non-marxist and not strictly leninist forms of leftwing political governments and economics.
( will agree that it's dumb that after Bukharin fucking up so badly, anyone follows his principles, but i guess this is nullified by these warlords usually revisioning him at some capacity (except Bessonov, Yagoda does Mega-Bukharinism i.e Dengism)


>will agree that it's dumb that after Bukharin fucking up so badly, anyone follows his principles

Well it doesn't stop fascists

But seriously, the 'socialism/communism' ideology thing is the worst and they only did it because liberals/rightists were butthurt about libsocs being too blessed


As the other anon said, AuthSoc wasn't renamed to Bukharinism lmao, Bukharinism is just a subideology

>they only did it because liberals/rightists were butthurt about libsocs being too blessed
That's true lmao


File: 1642009091861.png (31.07 KB, 208x253, 36toi3vrbob71.png)

>But seriously, the 'socialism/communism' ideology thing is the worst
Agreed, but i do think it's funny how sablin went from wholesome, to controversial after they just replaced his ideology, since communism is still seen as authsocs. For good, or bad, it will be awhile until we see Sablin actually getting reworked, apparently.
Also, have you checked TWR left ideology pool? It's nuts, thats what being admin for r/neoliberal does to you


it's shit like this that makes me want to learn how to mod to not have just shit like this, holy shit.


>Also, have you checked TWR left ideology pool? It's nuts, thats what being admin for r/neoliberal does to you
Kek, what?


>it's a subtype
No, they actually changed the general Auth Socialism to Bukharinism, old Auth Soc Sablin is now Bukharinism Suslov is now Bukharinism etc. Despite none of them actually doing anything related to bukharin's stuff. The icing on the cake is that Bukharina is lib soc still. Khrushchev is one of the outliers with stalinism and Tukhachevsky's version. They also changed Batov from it to despot for some reason. But I think around 50% of the old Auth soc leaders are now bukharinism.


The TWR update ruined the politics, although they weren't that much better before. But Zhukov before just barged in after Beria's death and his answer to all the policy and economic questions was "KILL THE GERMAN".
>Drought in the fields?
>Poor harvest?
>Glue shortage?
>Industry isn't up to snuff?
He was full sacred war mode, but in the new version he's just an outlying revisionist warlord with generic jingoist tendencies.


>Zhukov's answer to all the policy and economic questions was "KILL THE GERMAN".
Wtf, Sigma Zhukov ?.


I swear there was a teaser for a mod where Inejiro Asanuma was leader of Japan


File: 1642048529765.png (178.04 KB, 297x234, Rip_and_tear.png)

Yeah Zhukov was Marshal of the people to the extreme in old TWR. Like his central vision of the Soviet Union was as nothing more than an infinite war industry with which to absolutely destroy fascism. Kinda like Tukhachevsky in TNO in the Red Army being the state but more personal and more RIP AND TEAR and it all being a means to an end. And that end is dead germans and fascists.


File: 1642065199440.png (1.85 MB, 2300x2036, unknown (1).png)

Here it is i think, it's from The Red Order (TNO-Double Alt History Mod, Where USSR wins World War)
>The TWR update ruined the politics
Not only that, but its also poorly optimized, Norilsk existing for literally no reason, only to have le funni nazbol Path. Suslov debacle (it's show how little devs understand in left politics). Turkenich is literally would-be Sablin of TWR, but bc devs are libs they still made him look bad, etc.
You are kind of right, it is very weird and lazy, to make all non-sablin commies Bukharinist (especially my boy suslov, he like explicitly states that he hates bukharin and his weak policies), but i think it comes from last minute changes to ideology system, before update came out Bukharinism, was named Bolshevism, and def carried different connotation, still don't know why they changed it tho, it looked like Bloshevism could've been much more wide ranged
>old Auth Soc Sablin is now Bukharinism
Makes sense from Dev perspective, AuthSoc Sablin, narratively falls into Bukharinist "Temptation of Power", dus why ideologies switch, this was the point, at least.
>The icing on the cake is that Bukharina is lib soc still
Well she is more liberal, and leftcom (apparently?), In any way, devs are reworking her too, less wholesome, World Revolutionist, so probs libsoc won't be here for long


God forbid we have any socialists in the game that aren't just repainted Stalinists


File: 1642088283922.mp4 (3.96 MB, 1920x1080, Batov.mp4)

>still don't know why they changed it tho, it looked like Bloshevism could've been much more wide ranged
Like I said I think it's some weak ass logic of Stalinism=authoritarianism and Bukharin is TNO's version of Stalin. They probably think it's clever in some weird way, like they read the trivia on the wikipedia page and thought "oh that's deep".
>Well she is more liberal, and leftcom
Yeah I think she's left communism(???) but all her events and focuses keep mentioning that she's following in her father's footsteps so if anyone should be Bukharinism it should be her since she's ideologically the most like him, but she's not called that because Bukharinism=Authoritarian, not actually anything to do with Bukharin. There's several fucking layers of "What the fuck" going on here.

I don't expect much from the devs who got all preachy about how the DSR tree when it finally comes out will make them worse than Hitler because TNO is a 'realistic history simulation' where Germany somehow won despite all historians agreeing the only way that's possible is if the USSR was hit by an asteroid or something, and that TNO isn't about 'your politics' winning, when Russia is LITERALLY A FUCKING BATTLE ROYAL FOR IDEOLOGIES! Mods are fun, but when you start thinking you're hot shit and your mod is hot shit too, then you've ruined it.

Also why the fuck is Batov despot now, his policies don't involve empowering himself at all, his whole shtick is that the Red Army serves the people.


Technically despotism just means 'absolute rule by one individual', it's not inherently negative (though it has other negative meanings)


considering "Stalinists" is always just the wikipedia article about stalin and the stalin era i would like if Stalinists were also not repainted "Stalinists".


>Here it is i think, it's from The Red Order (TNO-Double Alt History Mod, Where USSR wins World War)
Yeah, that's the one


>Also why the fuck is Batov despot now, his policies don't involve empowering himself at all, his whole shtick is that the Red Army serves the people.
Isn't his (sub-)ideology "Military Junta"? (Although I think that certain sub-ideology might be in "AuthDem")

Mhmm, who could make a decent "Stalinist" in TNO?


In TNO Despotism just means kleptocratic or Pseud-fascist in regards to Russian Warlords I think.
>Isn't his (sub-)ideology "Military Junta"
I think so yeah, but it's part of the despotism/Authdem group even though his whole thing is the red army being the state similar to Tukhachevsky and his focuses and events reinforce that it actually is a form of socialism at least as far at Batov is concerned, he's kind of on the same level as 1950s PRC of eternal war.


Bukharina is underdeveloped, better wait for that komi rework.
>TNO is a 'realistic history simulation' where Germany somehow won despite all historians agreeing the only way that's possible is if the USSR was hit by an asteroid or something
As they say " History does not tolerate 'What ifs' ", every AH is unrealistic, and there no shame in accepting that your one is too, you can only be hypocrite and deny the obvious.
As Russian, ab yes, many Russian Players do see TNO Russia as some sort of wish fulfillment, even when your unifier is not shown in good light, or they are fucked up otl (e.g Rodz Simps)
Last time i checked he was Stratocracy Enjoyer, don't know if that changed. (like TWR Suslov lol)
>Mhmm, who could make a decent "Stalinist" in TNO
Another rework was set to be done in Tyumen, they already removing Malenkov from Orenburg to put him somewhere else, and knowing his otl stances it would be easy to deduced where, so they started to re-collect actual "anti-party group" (the best one is if Molotov can take charge, good pragmatic politician, and diplomat, even Stalin Critized him for "making everything look too Official, and law clean")


>I think so yeah, but it's part of the despotism/Authdem group even though his whole thing is the red army being the state similar to Tukhachevsky and his focuses and events reinforce that it actually is a form of socialism at least as far at Batov is concerned
Mhmm, so Batov is basically a softer version of Tukh?

>(like TWR Suslov lol)
lel, I rememeber in the old version of TWR where Suslov was the man in charge of the NKVD garrison at that island where the Tsar Bomb nuclear test happened lmao

>(the best one is if Molotov can take charge, good pragmatic politician, and diplomat, even Stalin Critized him for "making everything look too Official, and law clean")



>Mhmm, so Batov is basically a softer version of Tukh?
Kinda, his ideology is borne out of the time fighting the Germans and defying Yazov. He realized that what kept the tyrants away was the Red Army, and that it needed to be the shield of the people. Overall it's very flawed but in a good kind of way. It's flawed not in a "this makes no sense" way but instead in a very human way borne out of very specific circumstances, it's one of the few cases of good writing about the human condition towards ideology that isn't "Yo this acid ain't shit" and is more a case study of how a soviet general's ideology would evolve when surrounded by genocidal maniacs


>yfw someone is making a Rhodesia submod for TNO


>This mod isnt just for Rhodesiaboos



Which Russian empire (Not Russia in general, Particularly the Russian empire statelet) path in red-flood is the 'less bad' considering that socialists are not an option for them?




<Literally status quo semifeudal shithole that doesn't change
<Mass industrialization with proles still under Bourgeois thumb (with locomotive characteristics)
>Black Hundreds
<Literal Theocracy established upon Kolchak shithole
<Same as Black Hundreds situation
<Monarcho-socialist Accelerationism under a benevolent aristocrat
Honestly, you're best off with the Mladrossi path if you want the most /lefty/ outcome out of what you have.


I guarantee the paths will either be

1) Mugabe Kill-whiteyism
2) Wholesome Ian Smith
3) Wholesomer Zimbabwe-Rhodesia
4) Hitler


>1) Mugabe Kill-whiteyism
now this is an opportunity to troll them.


>tfw it took over 90 minutes just to load up HoI IV
I know my computer ain't that great, but goddamn…


>tfw 2go of RAM
no idea how it can even take that long,is your HDD litterally dying,97% fragmented or something ?


Just play Hoi2 DH or Hoi3 at that point man, played that shit on old thinkpads.



mugabeism done right sounds actually pretty based
can i just recruit warlords and pirates?



it could be


To be fair the original website for TWR was already ultralib, it’s unavoidable that the fuckers who make the mod are just as jingoistic and egotistical in their liberalism.


I'm starting to think that fiction mods are far more interesting than alt-his ones, and this applies to narratives in general.


Funny thing, I don't know how, but changing from borderless fullscreen to just simply, fullscreen and changing the renderer from Directx11 to OpenGL reduced it from 90 to 40, still fucking terrible, but that's besides the point

That said, the game does run fine, just for some reason it really likes to take its time to load up


File: 1643052009755.png (447.83 KB, 500x556, v4pur53tlod81.png)


File: 1643054532758-0.png (677.7 KB, 759x462, unknown.png)

File: 1643054532758-1.png (51.82 KB, 157x156, biden_itsover.png)


Kek, what mod?


if you aren't playing with any mods,you either fucked the installation,or your HDD is basically about to die.
maybe you could unpack the data files at least to speed it up,but 40 minutes is not just bad,it's not supposed to even happen.
are you still on an intel pentium chip with integrated graphics or something,I'm genuinely curious how this can even happen,the game loads for me in less than 2 minutes on a SATA SSD.


File: 1643083588827.png (3.28 MB, 1680x1050, SWEET VICTORY.png)


File: 1643104933484-0.png (340.87 KB, 795x388, unknown.png)

File: 1643104933484-1.png (1.87 MB, 1606x1500, NE_Rework.png)

File: 1643104933484-2.png (3.88 MB, 2304x2241, Slava_Rossiya.png)

The Fire Rises
Alt-Scenario Mod where 2020 US Elections lead to American Civil War with shitton of Factions. The rest of world is in free fall now.


Nah, I'm playing with mods lmao

>unpack the data files

How do you do that?

>are you still on an intel pentium chip with integrated graphics or something

As in processor?, in that case, it's an intel chip
<Intel(R) Celeron(R) J4025 CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz
Even though my grandmother thinks otherwise, I know jack shit about computers lmao so I have no idea if this is a dogshit processor, most likely it is if I wanna run HoI IV

Only thing preventing me from getting a PC that's any good to run it at a decent pace is cash


honestly sounds dumb and like it has the same issue many mods have where it's "what if x person that was famous in history/present day did something different" and a million ideology flavours


holy mother of based


>2 core cpu
yeah that's not good,it should be fine if you're doing regular computer stuff, but even 200 bucks PCs you buy right now would be like 4x as strong lmao,if you use the integrated graphics as well,yeah that explains it.
It's kinda impressive it runs honestly. (I'm gonna assume you don't even have a graphics card)
Damn,I actually feel privileged right now with my mid-level PC when I read that.


Isn't this just the same as 'make America again'.


Somebody did Trotsky? How is he? What is his mechanic exactly?

So, Stalin: OP, but lategame. Weak-ish earlygame like normal USSR does, but now you can game the system
Buharin: quite OP but differently (and with 6 research slots), also, you can easily dispose of earlygame USSR debuffs and ramp up earlier. Probably stronger than Stalin.
Trotsky: you waste a shitton PP to fight a Civil War which kills off a half+ of your power to do what? Get some descision-based mechanics to launch communist uprisings and get a CB, get -50% subversive activity cost? At face value, it doesn't look so good. After all, you can spread Communism with vanilla espionage, and CB is worthless entirely.


I think so, but rather than just a map of America, it's the whole fucking world lmao


>the rest of the world is in freefall
the virgin american civil war player vs. the chad third worlder taking advantage of the loss in US hegemony to annihilate pissrael and taiwan player


I want to fuck around with HOI mods so bad, but the piece of shit launcher completely fucking broke, again.

It's very frustrating, anons.


Is this mod out?


Pirating or Steaming?


I want to keep playing them but the mods and the game itself both keep fucking updating and rendering my saves obsolete
I used the beta option to stick to an older version of hoi4, then every mod I was playing updated itself for the fucking train update
and now the maps are just choo choo and I can't remove the annoying railroads without disabling all 3d models


Not yet



It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to finally begin to pirate shit.

Basically this.


You tried clearing cache, removing any pirate installs or old launchers, and finally reinstalling if that doesn't work?


By clearing cache I mean verifying the files on Steam


>he doesn't like the choochoos


Also it definitely sucks when your saves get fucked by an update but now that the major mods are updated to NSB it shouldn't happen again hopefully. I was lucky cause I finished my TNO Black Army run on the last day before the TNO update.


Don't Forget Based Korea Destroying US-Puppet fake State


>That moment when you can restore the USSR and go to war with NATO in The Fire Rises


How many of these mods are remotely close to being finished? TNO is huge and the roadmap is set to take years, and most of these seem to just be TNO clones with smaller teams.


Only CPRF, very sad! Hope maybe either devs or somebody in community makes additional options after release


Not a fucking clue lmao

That said, the CWIC mod, does appear to be getting updated within the next few days, of which, is gonna be the new Stalin tree for it,


TFR Hopes to release this Year. IT sad that a lot of cool mods are in Hibernation especially FTW Team's mods.
It will also add Communists Trees for different countries around the world, which is based


I hate that TNO is now the standard of Hoi4 mods when it's effectively dead in the water and is only popular because of the wave of hype after its release. For those who don't know, after TNO released its entire dev team just left and handed it to an entirely new dev team. So yeah dead.

Could be worse. Could be Kaiserreich kind of dead.

R-Remember when they released the naval tech tree rework a week before the naval DLC and then said they would never do another tech tree again? MAYBE THAT'S CAUSE YOU RELEASED THE NAVAL TECH TREE A WEEK BEFORE IT WAS COMPLETELY REWORKED YOU UTTER KNOBS!


File: 1643499591535.png (109.89 KB, 472x501, Grace1.png)

TNO Russia's
>Kingdom of Rus.
greater then…
>Russian Empire (irkutsk)
greater then…
>Russian Empire (Chita)
Greater then…
>Russian Empire (Vyatka)
Greater then…
>R*Publicans of most strips.
Greater then…
Tsar forgive me…Even WORSE then r*Publicans and K*Dets…
>HoLy RuSsIaN eMpIrE (see: Retardo-Nazism)


>R-Remember when they released the naval tech tree rework a week before the naval DLC and then said they would never do another tech tree again? MAYBE THAT'S CAUSE YOU RELEASED THE NAVAL TECH TREE A WEEK BEFORE IT WAS COMPLETELY REWORKED YOU UTTER KNOBS!
Kek, what?


Kaiserreich I mean, back in the day they promised an overhauled tech tree along with focuses in order to reflect the fact WW1's lessons ended up being different since it ended differently. What was hinted at was essentially WW1+ tactics and tech with landships style tanks, big slow planes and a huge emphasis and heavy artillery. The naval tech tree gave us a glimpse of by having armoured cruisers, battlecruisers, and fast battleships; all being extensions of WW1 era naval doctrine. But like I said they released it a week before Man the Guns came out, and the devs said the experience was so bad they were dropping the tech trees all together. I mean they literally set themselves up to fail by doing the only tech tree that was about to become redundant, it would be like releasing a new tank tech tree or logistics overhaul a week before No Step Back, they have no one to blame but themselves.


Fucking hell lmao, pretty sure they could've adapted their plans for Man the Guns easily lmao rather than release it one week BEFORE it came out lmao


These are the kaiserreich devs we're talking about; the people who used to have the biggest and most updated mod for Hoi4 that is now effectively dead in the water and been in limbo for the past 2 years and has been outshone by its own submod. Mismanagement appears to be their modus operandi.


Tried and didn't work. Game is still fucky wucky, and tells me to remove some "launcher-v2.sqlite"… even if i already did that a couple of times.
On top of that, it takes an insane amount of time for the game to load, way greater than it did before. Though it's not entirely bad. Takes a while to load some 20%-30% of the bar, after that, it flows more steadily.


CWIC has now updated so the new Stalin tree should be out (I haven't had a look to see if it's any good yet)

Also, there's a teaser for what's to come for the PRC




>that neo-Maoist takeover against the cybersyn guy
what does that imply ?, because the neo-maoist guy does not have cybernetic economics.


File: 1643698827505.png (604.72 KB, 1255x702, Screenshot (81).png)

>CWIC has now updated so the new Stalin tree should be out
Its 50% purging 40% ethnic deportations and 10% Increasing Caspian Sea Fishing


Stalin's Sigma Grindset


Might be worth looking on the Steam forums for HOI4 or asking on there for help. Sorry you're still having trouble.


What about the bit where you purge Beria lmao


Should've kept my expectations low.


what do you expect from a mod that equates nazis to stalinism at their reddit.


it seems to be an antivirus problem ?
inb4 no reddit.


>>15232 (me)
Also use irony mod manager,not the paradox launcher.


the mod is made to be as balanced as possible in order to be as fun as possible for multiplayer, the update is more pro-communist overall when you look at all the stuff they added, the Malaysia communist tree is pretty cool


cwic is the lowest lib shit when it comes to communism compared to every mod except Equestria at war, but please just look at how the Mao tree then the Stalin tree are handled, this mod clearly hates Stalin, and last version had literal doctors plot being central for his tree.
now i wanna see if this will mantain itself when Lazar and the cybersyn gang be released.


Isn't it a rule norm of every normie le centrist fbi.govs/subreddits? Like "Radicals of both spectrums are not welcomed!!!"
If Mod is actually alright with other communists leaders, but stalin gets this shit, it truly makes you think what thought processes are behind this
Also hey they removed anti-semitism it seems, so there is positive note


The doctors plot is still central, Stalin lives longer because he doesn't do it and instead purges Beria. That said CWIC gets a lot of shit for overestimating and underestimating stuff's importance, but at least for the historical stuff they don't make stuff up, the debuffs that various countries have represent real problems that they had irl. You don't have events about non-existent breadlines or non-existent problems that was made up in a think tank but is now "mainstream history." Yeah the doctor's plot wasn't really important in the grand scheme of things, it was pretty minor but it was real so their isn't a problem with it being in the game but an event about the USSR having a famine in the 60s is. which they don't have but other mods do have


File: 1643745943829.png (219.97 KB, 572x786, unknown (1).png)

The Fire Rises Toozer. Based or Nah?


including an anime catgirl in such an event in cringe


including a catgirl is based.


Duality of Human


>a hardkoba drawing of alunya in the sra has made its way into a hoi4 mod
the fuck


I think the implication is that Cybersoc guy isn't actually Cybersoc, but some sort of mix of Cybersoc with Dengism, aka its Dengism but the remaining state enterprises are run cybernetically and also some amount of Cybernetics is used for market control, so basically its the same China as OTL but more technocratic in the techno sense. I'd imagine the Neo-Maoist path is smashie smashie return to Gosplan (also note that its lead by Bo Xilai, which depending on how the devs depict him might also mean a beurocratic coup against Cybernetics to preserve their roles, which justifies itself as a return to Mao).


Neo-Maoism probably refers to a new cultural revolution, not change to the economic policy


Lads, is there a decent HOI4 mod either released or in development that has either actual Communists or not make Communism muh autoritaridad 1984 bullshit?


Equestria at War - Skynavia path


The Asian liberation war won’t fire. CWIC mods had one job.


I'm immensely grateful for the help, lads, but the only luck i had running the game so far has been without any mods at all. Even disabling the whole of avast didn't quite fix the issue with mods.

Will report back in if i manage to solve this mess.



That's analoguous to what happened in otl ussr with combination of the adoption of the kosygin-libermann reform and the development of the АСПР.

For the good that the аспр did, k-l still fuck shit up way too hard making planning more difficult, creating more space for corruption and grey market, and of course setting the stage for wealth to be gotten by petit bouj. middle strata.


haven't played hoi 4 in years. Got back to it with all the latest expansions installed. Man the USSR is a stressful experience now. And fun. When before I beat the Germans easily and stopped playing now the Germans (I strengthened them a bit) actually put up a fight lol. They managed to attack and take everything up to Leningrad to Smolensk (my tanks held most of Ukraine) it's now March 1942 and im gradually recovering. Just like in real history I launched a winter counter offensive and pushed them back a bit even encircled a few here and there. I still don't get how plans work I do the frontline and let the AI handle it and intervene with a few manual armies here and there where I feel it's fucking up.


They went fully Volkssturm which gives them infinite manpower in 1941. By summer of 1942 I killed 3 and a half million of them and they are still attacking. The AI is using meme like human wave tactics.



manpower go brrrrrr


File: 1644230284736.mp4 (783.36 KB, 834x720, stalinism-bordigism.mp4)

Been playing this game from time to time for a year now and I'm still shit, how do you actually git gud


What in particular do you want to improve?


This is a Hitler simulator.


File: 1644260746316.png (57.54 KB, 300x196, ClipboardImage.png)

No, it's an owning Hitler simulator


I think Germany is the most played country.
t's funny how all the Soviet purges are made into gameplay mechanics but nothing like that for the Nazis. There's no holocaust focus tree. It's not even called Nazi Germany the word Nazi is never used I believe. It's ''The German Reich". The game invites you to be Hitler. What would you do if you were Hitler? The same thing only without the holocaust according to the game. Because it's fun. Being Hitler and crushing the allies with submarines and shutting down the British empire is fun. Blitzkreigs and paratroopers are fun. I cheat them in to reflect Germany's technological edge over the allies and cheat in tanks and half truck panzer grenadier divisions. Within reason ofcourse I want the allies to have a chance so I strengthen them too. The soviet AI managed to stop me at the gates of Moscow, the British AI wouldn't let my Africa Corps go past El Alamein. While listening to Rammstein and not doing the holocaust in the game because there is no holocaust focus tree. The Anglo has ran out of oil and convoys I imagine the feeling of Englishmen huddled together burning wood for fuel celebrating new years of 1942 with rationed meals Charles Dickens style while being interrupted by emergency sirens as the Luftwaffe shows up to strategic bomb them into the stone age. Being Hitler is fun.


the political party is called the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei,so it's hard to miss being nazi germany,but it's true that there is NOTHING about murdering people,except killing Mussolinni (pretty funny)
It's also one of the few nations that cannot become communist via the focus tree,even while opposing hitler,you can only become a monarchy,or a constitutional monarchy to become le epic crusader larp.
it's surprising that there isn't even the need to purge the strasserists.


File: 1644278348642.jpg (102.08 KB, 512x512, downloadfile(1).jpg)

I just installed the OWB mod, it seems really cool


File: 1644304808127.png (9.56 MB, 6272x4736, 1.png)

New CWIC teaser for PRC


Why does it have the TNO aesthetic, just cause it's different from the vanilla UI doesn't make it better, I prefer to not have my eyes bleed from looking at conflicting neon colours thank you very much.
Probably the one mod that has consistently stayed updated, overall fun with good design and devs that don't act like hot shit cause their mod is popular. Something bad is gonna happen to it, nothing this good lasts forever.


Honestly I don't think OWB is really up there with EAW/KR etc, it's alright but tastes a bit bland and the narrative aspect is pretty weak in most countries


File: 1644350592884.jpg (13.26 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

It's just a teaser dick, sit down



lol no chen yun path


I would like it better if I didn't constantly crash every 2-3 hours while using it tbh.


Is there a Russian civil war in The Great War Redux or did I somehow miss it?


It usually triggers for me, but it's kinda wacko.


Yeah but it's an RNG scripted event, so unless you play a historical Russia(read: fucking useless) then it might bork the scripting.


If you play ParaDOG games you're racist


File: 1644550054548.jpg (420.26 KB, 3520x2017, SoMLoadingScreen.jpg)

Anyone else both simultaneously a fan of map games and also non-canon Archie comics from the late 90s to the 2000s?



Unfortunately SOM has been in development hell for the last 6+ months, they missed two planned release dates and now are just saying 'it'll be ready when it's ready'.


But seriously Bukharin and assasination of st*lin is the logical choice for RSFSR not only from the point of war but dialectically.


You have to go back pleb.


Playing nazi germany is the newbest thing since playing america from 1936.


I have experience from HOI2 so i cant really relate. Try joining newb friendly multiplayer servers.


More like the noobest thing since it's the easiest country early in the game.


I'm new from eu4 and the amount of time I spent sitting around doing nothing was mind numbing




Nothing better than destroying 20 divs only to see:
>German Reich: 257-300 divisions
Like, fag just die already.


Playing as the Soviet Union I don't know shit about the Spanish civil war. So I just sent in volunteers tanks and shit. I'm winning and then all of a sudden these fucking anarchists ruin everything and make me lose the war. Like I know that the communists and anarchists opposed one another in that war and that the communists were shilling for the bourgeois republic and the republicans attacked the anarchists in the end. Couldn't these Anarchoids wait while the fascists were defeated first? Is this reflective of actual history? I'm so triggered I sent the entire volunteer corps to crush them which I did I crushed them at the expense of the entire frontline. Fucking hell.


The anarchists didn't really rise up as some seperate force as is portrayed in HOI but they did often not work with the Soviets/Republicans, and they were purged for it (right or wrong).


I played Spain and went monarchist, and when the carlist rebellion proced, my game crashed. I guess my computer can't handle all of Europe sending volunteers to a 4way civil war.


btw, since there's no way to recall volunteers, the only way to get them back without winning the war is to declare your own war. your volunteers will be recalled automatically.
I suggest Turkey.


I'm trying to get them into the mountains to hold out while the Republican's get fucked. I read that way they will be transferred back once it's over.

Also the purges in this fucking game. Oh god the purges.


yeah the Spanish ai is atrocious.
Another tip to try and tip the scales is to send trucks in your lend lease. Your volunteers will use the Republican's supply system, so the trucks will keep your more supplied.
Basically you're fighting a losing battle against the historical ai, so you might want to send a ton of guns and artillery in your lend lease also.
Finally, try to cut off the naval base in the south. They act as supply hubs, so capturing it will deprive the nationalists of supply and resupply your own tanks.


Ok I'm gonna replay this entire civil war now with the trucks in mind. I also just learned that you need to motorize your own troops.


The best way I find to win as Republicans is to link up your pockets in the Northwest and East-Southeast, that way you can cut off a decent chunk of the Nationalists and won't have to worry about either of your pockets getting killed.


Is there still anyone struggling with HOI4? I'm considering running a 'game clinic' where you watch me play and I can teach you the basics of everything (or I can watch you play). Let me know if you think that would be helpful.


fuck it set_var sov_paranoia 0 every 10 minutes until that retarded focus tree is done


Where is that faggot who posted here saying he is on the mod team? Show yourself retard.


communist malaysia is sorta weird with the atheist thing and gets weirder in the 60s, i dunno where they got the idea chin peng wanted to sinicize malaysia and suppress local languages
some of the other trees are pretty cool at least, like kemalist nigeria


This guy gives a good explanation of how to do the tree if you want to be OP


click the buttons to forge reports and kill an admiral whenever the paranoia gets close to 25, rush through the tree as fast as you can, take all the paranoia reducing focuses, etc. never do the army or administration options, only navy and, if you need to airforce.


How the fuck do I beat the nazis as the USSR? (as historical as possible)


>historical as possible
Wew lad it's already balanced to the meme realm to account for hindsight to stop Germany just being put down like the rarted Teutons they are.

I think the meta nowadays is 21 width infantry with line artillery, support artillery and AA, with stuff like signal companies, engineers and logistics. So essentially keep as up to date on your infantry equipment and artillery weapons as possible and don't waste any focus bonuses you get off it so you can always be teching ahead. I think Superior Firepower (Right, Left) is the meta doctrine, also get a shitload of CAS and fighters with upgraded engines.
Superior artillery is such a must have if the focus tree lets you grab a couple of -50% offs or whatever, try to save the focus for when you're on the last two. It's important enough that it's good to try and always have a dedicated research for it if you've got lots of them.
If you don't have the resources/research for fighters and CAS, stick to CAS with 5 engine upgrades
Make sure to build your factories where the roads are built up the most, maybe even upgrade the roads before building as it effects construction speed
Remember to build trucks and trains for your supply and put your generals/field marshals onto using trucks, and make sure the front is well supplied. If you don't want to meet Germany head on them find a nice riverline and difficult terrain and get some supply depots and tracks down there and dig in. Remember you can also use scorched earth for when Germany invades to totally fuck them up on their way to your meat grinder.
Yes all of this means the tank update has made tanks irrelevant economy wise lol. If you have extra research and resources after all this though mediums are the favourite iirc

You can do memey stuff like release nations to bottleneck Germany into a small front so they can be confronted by a load of heavy tanks, but that's not even really playing the game at that point and is just gaming Paradox's total disregard for keeping HOI4's underlying systems working properly.


Germany is underpowered and technologically backward. By 1941 they should have a massive fleet of submarines. A huge airforce. And several panzer/mechanized infantry corps. Instead they just throw infantry divisions at you that you can counter easily.


There's a mod that does allow you to recall volunteers

Pretty sure that's because of HoI IV's production mechanics


>Germany is underpowered and technologically backward.

lol you really believe this (in HOI4)?


how did mao do this?


File: 1644803280270.png (1.77 MB, 800x2725, ClipboardImage.png)

Stop playing HOI4
>On June 7, 2021, law enforcement officials undertaking a regular inspection discovered that an information technology company in Shanghai "Computer House" uploaded the game "Hearts of Iron 4" to the website operated by it for users to download and use. "Hearts of Iron 4" is an unapproved imported online publication that contains content that endangers the physical and mental health of minors. The "Computer House" website does not require users to register and log into the game with real identity information, so underage people can also browse and use "Hearts of Iron 4". The company violated the Law of the People's Republic of China Article 50 of the Law on the Protection of Minors.
>In accordance with the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minors" the provisions of Article 120, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism ordered the parties concerned to correct the illegal act immediately and hold them accountable, to suspend the online publication download in 10 business days, and fined those responsible an administrative penalty of RMB 500,000.
>The wrong content in the online game may cause serious harm to the mental health, cognition, and physical health of minors.


>>The wrong content in the online game may cause serious harm to the mental health, cognition, and physical health of minors.
Well they're not wrong


Sorta cringe.
But i can sorta understand why the PRC wouldn't like people playing a game where you play as imperial Japan (and if you download TNO an imperial Japan that can be led by fucking Kishi and lords over a totally buckbroken china) lol


Is anyone else also finding it hard to do anything alt-history like in CWIC? Seems to me that the mod shits itself if you try to do anything that isn't just watching time progress along a mostly historical path. Like, I tried to do the commie Italy path but the Golpe Borghese event just shat itself, locked me out of the remaining focuses and I had to use commands to switch ideology which meant I was still in the European Coal and Steel community and so couldn't join the Warsaw Pact, even though the focus tree was open to me.


>as historical as possible
Industry system is awful, and instead of a concept of mobilization, you just "build" divisions and they stand around. Which, in turn, simply fails to emulate historical conundrum. Essentially, "to make it look historical" when the war starts Germany gets +50% to attack for half a year and USSR has -50% to effectiveness on army. When frontline close to Moscow, USSR gets +50% to everything for good measure, while other allies have 90% factories and 90% manpower locked.


Yes. On regular difficulty with the AI not being strengthened I just park all the motorized/mechanized divisions in the Suwalki gap and encircle the nazis around Konigsberg/Memel then create a frontline on the Danzig/Warsaw bank of the Vistula. They attak with like one division per province across the frontline versus my 3 or four. If they are strengthened they manage to pull through to Kiev-Minsk and the Baltics with massive casualties and still get btfo by winter


File: 1644833564411-0.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (3).png)

File: 1644833564411-1.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (6).png)

File: 1644833564411-2.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (4).png)

File: 1644833564411-3.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (5).png)


Just singing in the rain…
Just singing in the rain…
What a glorious feeling!
Im happy again!
Im laughing at clouds.
So dark up above!
the suns in my heart.
And im ready for love!


>no socialism but worse bureaucratic handwringing than soviet boomers or america before they figured out just to lie about everything


>multiplayer servers.
uygha I pirated the game, I ain't paying for this shit lmao


Can't you do allowdiplo and join them manually?


Well yes, the AI is retarded, and you can easily beat it, but that doesn't mean Germany is underpowered, in a vanilla game with only AI, they beat the Soviets 90% of the time


but i thought that socialism is when the government does stuff


how do I make divisions good post NSB's release? I used to make really good 40 widths that absolutely tore the fuck out of german bussy but now they're shit and can't even beat finland without losing all my equipment. What templates should I use


i think 21-23 is optimal now.


Don't stuff your divisions with all infantry. They redid combat width so every kind of tile has a different width now, so it's best to just have a reasonable mix of inf/arty for your main divisions. To break through enemy lines you need tanks and mechanised, and to exploit you need moto divisions. For Finland in particular you will want mountaineers and other special forces because they work better in extreme conditions.

tldr: don't spam 40 widths but actually make decent attacking divisions with tanks and shit.


No ethical consumption


Does anyone play the Cold War Iron Curtain mod? Should I help Greek communists as Stalin? I want to help Greek communists but going down that focus tree involves invading Turkey and Yugoslavia which seems very problematic to me. Should I invade and partition Turkey? Is that really the best thing for the Turkish proletariat?


i don't know about you, but i did that, maybe it's my pragmatism speaking, if it's not in my liberal breaking squad you gotta go.


Yeah, I'm leaning towards invading as well despite all the prior considerations.


File: 1645151575363.png (373.57 KB, 960x735, ClipboardImage.png)



>tfw weeb marxists


Debating upgrading from HOI 2:DH to HOI 3 or 4
Based Chinese secret police


Why does the Canadian fascist leader look like a super villain.
I mean, I guess he is, but damn


File: 1645184789077.png (461.02 KB, 602x672, xi.png)

>weeb police


why this retardation over a mod ?.


Chinese government are boomers and think if someone is doing alt history they must be a Nazi (there is a correlation to be fair but still)


File: 1645203907280.jpg (211.3 KB, 805x945, 1444212452888.jpg)

>they found that they had caught a bunch of weebs, who weren't pro Japan or America but were Marxist. The officers felt quite embarrassed


>implying they didn't keep them in jail for being marxists


This is the country westerners are scared of because they're supposedly the perfect surveillance state lol


China is very successful at cracking down on proletarian and communist movements to my knowledge


lol. Pretty funny
But let's be real, paranoid west country like US or israel prolly made similar mistakes too.


28 days at the station for translating some shitty tabletop game simulator, what a fucking disgrace


if there was a "mod" that they think is giving people incorrect ideas they just knock your mod out then get the cops in to talk (intimidate) you, like they did with that ML youtuber, second tought.
The US is the most effective censoring and oppresive of dissidents machine in the world, they don't do hard bans that make you look bad, they put a book in the asscrack of the country so it's not tecnically banned and shit like that.


the problem with surveillance is that it is never "perfect"


whats the best country for naval warfare?


Probably England


Or USA if you're willing to wait. Japan, if you'd prefer an uphill battle (but winnable unlike in real life)


Why won't Paradox just implement a unit limit for vanilla so I can actually get achievements without the game shitting itself by 1942?


old world blues has that with the wages system and the reserves population,making it a soft cap of units,but even then the legion gets like -50% cost of divisions so it's still bullshit.
Also the supply system should have in theory taken care of that,but supply planes existing makes it irrelevant.


I mean all the AI's divisions are fucking attritioned useless trash but it makes the game unplayablely slow, that's the problem



I wonder why attrition doesn't simply kill the units if it reaches zero,but it's probably to save the IA from killing itself constantly,like multi province retreating in other of their games.


God damn it, they killed DSRFunny. Literally the only good subreddit that ever existed on that dogshit site.


File: 1645360256538.jpg (177.45 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_0494.JPG)

>Meinhoff has been found dead in Miami. DSRFunny has been shut down. So long, and thanks for all the fish.
>No, post, comment, or join request will be approved, don't bother.


Non-jannies from DSRFunny created NPPFunny. Hopefully its going to catch on.


File: 1645398487188.jpg (779.2 KB, 1825x989, hoi4 ukraine.jpg)

Meanwhile in bizarro world:


>but supply planes existing makes it irrelevant
supply planes use command power, you can only employ so many of them
what mod is that


Kaiserrich/Kaiserredux I'm assuming


>play hoi4 mods that start before 1950
I'm pretty sure that the game is supposed to be a WW3 sim


HOI can't really model WW3 properly, even if we discount nukes, because modern warfare is all about airland battle, squads being helicoptered to strategic locations, et cetera, not encirlement/manouver warfare like WW2


File: 1645576315535.png (1.37 MB, 2190x607, libyan_factions.png)

new MD teaser


it's already back lol.


CWIC needs to add techs for nuclear fracking and other economic uses of nuclear explosions. It would give the player an economic incentive to build warheads and it would work well with the planned environmental mechanic; nuclear fracking could increase the output of existing petrochemical sources at the cost of reducing population growth (radioactivity), reducing food production (from groundwater contamination) and penalities related to the previously mentioned environmental mechanic. It could even be focus tree specific reflecting the different priorities of light/heavy industry and extractivist/export-oriented economic paths.

Overview of historical example to draw from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_Explosions_for_the_National_Economy


"Join us in writing articles for Ukraine Culture month"

wow, very neutral and unbiased wikipedia


File: 1645698104846.jpg (46.96 KB, 607x794, AlexeiFunkoPop.jpg)

The Russian Federation arrives from the future, It begins recreating itself all the way back in 62' in the poorly lit workshops of a place once known as Novosibirsk.
The new state melts all pseudo-political warlord borders around it trashing republics of Bougie Left-Liberal civility, and the last stands of territorialised socialist and absolutist rule. A pure blast core of self-propelling production, No Christian-Democratic or Marxist eschatology allowed.
Silovik-Zaibatsu cooperation have newly developed AK's and tanks in the hands of Sphere, Electronics, television sets and eventually Walkmans and CD players in the hands of some Russian teenager in Barnaul.
Oil pipelines cross the width of Eurasia, feeding KMT-Sino industrial boom and takeoff.
It approaches.
Here it comes!
It arrives.
Cyberian invasion of the German east.
German british empire carbon copy 'Just let the damn indians starve' economy trashed within both the Cyberian liberated territories and the german core itself.
Reich seeks to adopt 'NoviSib style reforms.
By the 90s, the German Trusts, the Siloviks and the Zaibatsu's arms race themselves into cyberspace, out-of-space and soft-engineering as the future security of the platonic ideal of the 'human race' falls into question.


Can't wait to hang that faggot Haftar.


New subideology leak for TNO



File: 1647103746964-0.png (1.96 MB, 1329x803, Screenshot (3).png)

File: 1647103746964-1.png (1.6 MB, 1335x792, Screenshot (4).png)


File: 1647222130561.png (1.62 MB, 1328x765, Screenshot (6).png)



Isn't that just 'heredity reactionary' guy?


which mod


Looks like Millennium Dawn


millennium dawn, they just had an update


I just clocked in 86 hours in the game and I seem to have a barley an understanding of it. Is that normal?


I have over 4000 hours clocked and I still don't understand it fully lmao


File: 1647357902588.png (85.98 KB, 533x458, ClipboardImage.png)



yep, theres just too many interactions, you have to develop an organic "gut feel" for the whole picture

btw, i did some ai spectating because i found ussr/commies a bit weak. its absolute BS, on historical, japanese wreck china without china making united front, and dragged ussr into the war and wrecked them, and then germans basically took all poland, then attacked russia like a walk in the park
wtf is that shit, is there any mod that rebalance russia/commies a bit (workshop mostly give outdated shit or nostar russian descritption) ?
i checked ai only cause i tried a japan communist run, but ussr completely collapsing fucked my plans hard, i sent 75% of my army there, but i can only hold my part of the frontline, everywhere else get pushed in too easily and i have to back or loose army to encirclement




Holy shit is this real?


Yes, though it's probably not fair to attribute it all to Kaiserreich as it was also an era of increased union militancy in general


File: 1648144261991.jpg (Spoiler Image, 422.53 KB, 1280x720, covid.jpg)

That and this


Perfectly normal. Took me 200 hours to start understanding what the fuck i was doing.


wait till you try too understand wtf to do in vicky 2.
when should I swap my soldier and cleric focus,what to pick,etc etc.
I also don't understand jack shit and just copy templates and spam CAS.


also for volunteer based mods I just use motorised and hope the IA fuck up so I can encircle it with my two div,because destroying like 4 division is enough for your AI friend to win the entire frontline if they're equal.
But then I have no clue what to do to save the CSA from getting gangbanged in KS.


For the ACW the best thing to do is try to capture some of your opponents key cities, like Washington and so on, and hope that the AI is able to take advantage of that. Try to encircle enemy divisions if you can also but there's so many that land ownership is more important.


>Go to CWIC Github
>sees update
>Soviet Tree Reorganization + Start of Kaganovich work
seems like Judeo-Bolshevism is on the future boys.


Pics of the tree and Kaganovich stuff?


Need to download that first and i did not, was just reading the code while at it, it still very primary, the focuses don't even have text, and there is just the name of the focuses currently.


I am gonna try and play this game again but pirated this time since I refuse to use steam anymore. I played every single country in Kaiserreich for Darkest hour so Kaiserredux looks like it'll be fun.


File: 1648337426939.png (37.31 KB, 984x624, nazbol omsk.png)

when will TNO ad this


File: 1648702812012.png (3.36 MB, 1583x886, Screenshot (11).png)


Not sure if anyone else has played bruhgundy.
I've been playing through them because i heard they added an actual proper 'collapse' (Burgundian spring) at the end instead of just the generic legion and poppy uprisings.

So i got to like 1971, The power grid failed, Himmlers portrait changed, I got a super-event, Half of the county turned to DMZ's and i got a small focus tree where i replaced my entire cabinet with Eichmann and the Langemark guy, But its suggested their going to try and kill Himmler.

Now its like 1972 and i haven't gotten a single event in months, the entire half of the country is still DMZ, I can't use Rodomo workers to buy shit anymore either.
Is it bugged? or does whatever event chain fully collapses you just take a long ass time to fire?


I think it only full on 'Collapses' (Which i think is just whoever has the Germany tag and the France tag resetting the place to 62' borders) if its A.I controlled.

If you play all the way through as them, i think it just ends with the stuff you mentioned and Himmler's portrait talking about how Burgundy is now a Democratic Kampuchea tier mass grave


File: 1649452074918.png (785.29 KB, 799x595, Poland_cannot_country.png)

I love CWIC


New leak


the rework isn't finished,so yeah,you finished your pol pot run for now.
you need to wait until the devs finish france basically.


tbh the warfare changes seem weird to me too. I have an open mind for new warfare systems, but the way they presented it as literally a line on the border with the option to attack/defend and ability to assign generals seems… really limited.


Does anyone here do multiplayer?


I tried once with some people from here but it was kind of laggy and we had desync issues. But I think that was on pirate copies, I'd be up for trying it on the official release with whoever wants to.


nah,desync are very common,you just have to remove the guy with the worst ping and retry if it's unplayable.
Victoria 2 multiplayer is an OOS fest where you have to rehost every hour for exemple.


That sucks.


File: 1649954774180-0.png (1.68 MB, 1360x768, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1649954774180-1.png (2.53 MB, 1360x768, ClipboardImage.png)

Vic3 has been fully leaked lol, I'm not going to bother playing it but I've heard it's on a torrent somewhere.

Also here's a stream someone uploaded to youtube of them playing it, in much better quality than Spudgun's video:


I love playing Victoria 2. Victoria is the only Paradox series capable of simulating the social-political economy on the individual level. A countries ideology is based on factors such as the needs of the population, industrialization, and social class instead of RNG. Watching the country develop organically based on my governing style is fun to watch.

I am looking forward to see what new gameplay features Paradox has implemented in this iteration of the game. Hopefully it starts with a solid base game instead of outsourcing its essential features to DLC. The leaked version of the game is probably really buggy at the moment but it's something more development time can't fix.


The stream was privated when I was like half an hour into it but the UI seems pretty crappy and not just "muh mobile game" but it's more contrived than V2 which is impressive, also it uses up a fucking load of room to communicate even less.
Not sure if the economy is as good either as apparently things don't actually exist and instead it's extrapolated into nothing but buy orders and sell orders? So you can buy something that doesn't exist, but its lack of existing just keeps the number of sell orders low, so all that happens is the price is very high.
Kinda wish they would give one last patch to vic2 tbh lol


Hava a happy Victoria 3 beta everyone: https://files.catbox.moe/c5hqv8.torrent


*typo: meant to write 'can fix' instead of 'can't fix'

Thanks for the link!


Okay, this is all kind of overwhelming jumping into the game straight out. Let's see how my attempt to create Whig USA and avoid the civil war will turn out.


Grillpilled Schizo USA AAR when


Ya know, I might actually do it. But not today, I'll try to go over the tutorial to see how shit works, and then I might do it over the next few days.


Oh and btw, if you have trouble finding how to launch the game once you unzip the files, the .exe is inside binaries folder.


File: 1649967439876.jpg (25.18 KB, 594x600, blue.jpg)

Cheers. Hope no malware.


From the leaks I've seen, it runs like actual shit (like 1 second between frames) and crashes all the time, I wouldn't say it's really worth playing at this point


Running rather smooth for me, however the gameplay feels rather rough, and I am not sure if its just me not getting a ton of basic shit, or if its just not as finished as it should be. For instance I swapped over to do a smaller nation first, because USA just imploded to unrest and I am not too sure why, but thats probably a me-problem.


Ran really well on the youtube video I posted before, but it's not optimized so it probably runs like shit on some machines.


Welp, it just decided to randomly crash on me. I'll give it a few goes tomorrow, but I think I'll wait on the final version


Oh I meant the performance, I didn't get to watch long enough to see if it crashed much


File: 1649971162545.png (137.83 KB, 498x319, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1649980470424.png (226.7 KB, 583x316, PROLES.png)

No crashes here but it runs like shit on my mediocre computer.
Also found this, maybe we have an /ourguy/ who works at Paradox.


File: 1649984167434.png (276.8 KB, 680x763, ClipboardImage.png)

Engels works at paradox apparently, lmao.


Okay, I think as it stands the game is fucked to the core. Yesterday I thought that maybe US being on fire after just a year was my mistake. Now I decided to play a little as Venezuela and just see what happens. One of my states also randomly decided to be under unrest. Then I looked at the world: the AI US was faring just as poorly as I did, with now all US states at like 30% discontent. Europe was worse, UK managed to have a successful Republican revolution, and Austria, Turkey and Norway were in a civil war. Also France caputred all of Spain, took a large chunk of its territory and vassalized THE ENTIRE REST OF SPAIN. Also the game is absolutely unreadable as to what is happening to the economy, unlike Vic2. I wonder if it will get fixed and this is just a very rough early version, but at this point even TNO is a hundred times the Vic2 successor compared to this.


lol now you mention it in an AAR from Paradox a couple of months ago they said they turned the chaos way up for testing purposes. Maybe in the leaker fbi.gov they are modding it to be more sane?
From what I saw I agree it looks totally labyrinthine, and not in a good autismo way but in a "why would you design it like this" way.
Also the UI scaling to stop everything being fucking huge shrinks the map text size, not sure why you would simplify the whole settings down to a single % setting rather than just throwing settings at the user.


The whole turmoil thing seems fucked. Austria fell to rebellion a couple years in, and due to the turmoil in the UK, Malta was hemmoraging pops in emigration, and was set to take -269% of its population yearly.


I don't know why you guys are surprised that a half finished game isn't working properly


There's a patch out there somewhere if someone wants to play so badly they'll bother digging it up


This is an excellent gommi germany mod. Play it, fags.


File: 1650172189347.png (324.35 KB, 612x2577, 1650170841584.png)

Y'all know that guy who makes TNO loading screen art? Well I don't either, but this is him now


>at this point even TNO is a hundred times the Vic2 successor compared to this
well, meiou and taxes for eu4 still exists…


wow im outraged (yawn)


New woodcuck just dropped


Played this a bit, looks alright, not that many narrative events tho, playing as Labour Britain is okay but it kind of has the same problem as that one mod that's set in like the 50s, decolonising is boring


the dev said they wanted it to be more diplomacy game then a war game


Pretty gud overall but having only Japan and Hungary as communist really sucks. They also should update the vehicle and naval trees.


>dx12 only


do you know how to fix this problem after installing a mof


Anon it's fine, air/naval trees are pointless anyways.

But seriously, I don't know, probably need to make sure you only have one mod running/only compatible mods.


So the other day while playing TYVMEN Nazi MittleAfrika collapsed as always, But instead of…
<'The African Devastation' - *Smoldering fire* *Door swings open* "HEIL HORTLER" *BANG!*
I got.
<'The end of the Reichstatt' - Guns firing, Orchestra music playing, Joseph conrad quote

Some countries were also more 'Put together' and weren't in 5 side civil wars.

What triggers this?, And what does it mean story wise?.
Seems like a unicorn


it's when the devastation level didn't move past 1,and the more high it gets,the more fucked up africa becomes.


Seems promising but current playable content doesn't have any communist paths alas. The leftmost path for france is some oriflamme larping feminist national syndicalism, for germany just cucked bismarckian socdems, and same in britain with the exception of a trap communist path for labour that causes an instant military coup.


I like the song for the African Devastation


Bros what should I play if I feel like playing HOI but at the same time I'm incredibly tired of it (especially the lategame slowdown)?

Alternate suggestions: how can I make my HOI faster (not including a better PC obviously)?


>and same in britain with the exception of a trap communist path for labour that causes an instant military coup.
Oh for the love of fuck….

One can only hope that as development of the mod goes on, that shit will get changed


Why are we rating alt history mods by how many "our side" paths they have? There's nothing wrong with a well-written scenario where Bernsteinians wrote out the far left out of existance and then proceed to do another WWI fuckup, or perhaps actually succeed and create Marxist-revisionist transition to socialism in a rare case where conditions allow it.


The problem here is that the instant coup scenario is fucking contrived as shit. That’s not good writing if you just create a troll path. Plus the British empire being able to keep the US inline is already an almost impossible scenario.


I didn't even try to do the coup path because the focus descriptions make clear that it's literally 1984, with Oswald Mosley being the instigator, I mean cmon how much more evidence do you need that it's an evil path


I'm absolutely not crticising the setting or the quality of the mod, as i said its a very promising start, i love the aesthetic/mood of the the mod and am looking forward to more content. All i brought up was that currently there are no playable communists which is a shame as i would like to play the jacobin-inspired revolutionary leftists of this setting and can't wait till they get content.


Why are alt hisfags so scared of creating original characters?


Because OCs usually end up being boring stereotypes and obvious stand-ins for real life politicians. Think what would happen if TNO, or at least Panzers TNO had OCs. US presidents would all be all like Phil Nwordsayer, Judy Wholesome, James Competant and Robert Nazicus.

Although I am pretty sure that that "What if Arabs took over Europe?" and "What if a lot of smaller changes and also WW1 caused an Ice Age?" mods do go for OC.


File: 1651659199930.png (11.47 MB, 2651x6413, mr5ohnq87yw81.png)

New Red Flood Germany looking kind of cool, now if only they just released it


Yeah it absolutely BTFOs the old Germany which had Goebbels in charge of a party with a poorly machine translated name who walks into the conference and makes all the socialists have a big think about race before making him leader


very nice. Can't wait for the update to roll around


OC's are hard to make, using real people makes it easer even when you destroy what they where.


File: 1652040716450.png (170.37 KB, 494x422, ClipboardImage.png)

>I'm intervening in The Spanish Civil War
>In 1943


File: 1652057237379.jpg (178 KB, 1542x1022, ManillaIncident.JPG)

April 24, 1964 "Manilla Incident"


File: 1652072934664-0.png (3.12 MB, 1891x1077, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652072934664-1.png (2.84 MB, 1883x1071, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652072934664-2.png (2.82 MB, 1893x1071, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652072934664-3.png (1.85 MB, 1117x1051, ClipboardImage.png)

Playing my first game. I only did the Italy tutorial level and quit before WW2. This time I playing as Turkey I went Communist before attacking Iran. Ended up in a stalemate at the border even though I got 3:1 kills because they kept coming at me but I didn't do too well. Finally after beating Hitler, The USSR decided to declare war on Iran even though I wasn't in their faction yet. I joined them right after. So Iran was included in the peace deal for WW2. Those bastards took back all the land I conquered and setup a communist Iran and let the allies setup Kurdistan. Then maybe less than a year later WW3 broke out. I kept trying to help them in other areas but neglected my own defence, now I came back 100% from capitulation, probably because Franco joined up with The Chinese United Front and took over France and most of Africa and the levant. But it looks like they were able to kick him out of West and Central Africa mostly.

RN: Me and the rest of the comintern are stuck in a WW1 trench warfare stalemate in the Balkans where the line hasn't moved in months.

This late game is pretty interesting. Early game was boring because it always plays out exactly the same way. Is it because I left on the historical AI option that things didn't start diverging from history until late in the WW2? If you turn it off does it make it so anything can happen?


This game is so fucked in a lot of ways. Every time I look some weird thing up to see if I'm not doing it right, there is a forum post from 6 years ago saying "maybe they'll fix it later."

The game has a lot of cool ideas but I don't know how much more I want to play it without some mod that's lest bugged than vanilla. Is it really too much for the devs to program it so that missiles hitting their target have nothing to do with prop planes flying around? Half of the tech tree is useless.


I guess worst is that apparently if you buy vanilla, the updates add all DLC except you can't use but the AI can and you are negatively affected by the introduced mechanics still(or so I read.) I guess I can't complain about that one since I got the complete version on five finger discout so, ehh.


Yes, 'historical AI' means that the AI countries will stick to what they did historically (unless that is impossible due to the world being completely different). So countries won't do anything wacky. If you turn it off, the game is more interesting IMO, since meme shit can happen like the UK doing direct rule from Windsor, or France restoring the bourbons, or Germany having a monarchist anti-Nazi civil war (yes Paradox really likes monarchist paths but still, it's fun). Or the USA can even have a civil war though I've never actually seen the AI do that.

I could be wrong but I don't think that is true, most of the DLC improvements are things like new focus trees, if you don't have the DLC, the AI will just have their default focus trees so they don't get to use the DLC either. I don't know if the AI can use the tank designer if you don't have the DLC but I would imagine no.


Post-Panzer devs have gone mad with power, Atlantropa to be removed entirely, expect Burgundy to be next


TNO destined to become boring 'plausible' dreck like Thousand Week Reich.

>On the specifics of this decision:

>•TNO will be fully removed in TT3.

>•All lore mentions, gfx, localization, and so on will be scrubbed from the game entirely.


File: 1652375517749-0.png (560.73 KB, 640x853, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652375517749-1.png (7.63 MB, 2448x3264, ClipboardImage.png)

>TNO destined to become boring 'plausible' dreck like Thousand Week Reich.
There's a level of irony here, right. In their drive to be good little liberals and remove any naughty parts from their game and make it more realistic (Burgundy nuking the world, Atlantropa, Sablin being heckin' wholesome, more?) they're doing great work to validating and rationalizing Nazism. No, it's not absurd that Hitler won and everyone is fascists, it's super serious and realistic. In fact it's totally sustainable. And you know what, it's not so bad. There's some good things going in Germany too. Actually, it's just like China now that I think about it some more. Nazis and communists are same thing.

And the latest economy update was not fun at all, that's the worst part. Not "realistic" or fun, what a waste of time.


File: 1652377179084.png (29.19 KB, 887x277, ClipboardImage.png)



>Atlantropa removed
Unfathomably based
>Bruhgundy reduced into a joke failsate (just how it would have turned out if you gave full power to Himmler)
Amazing, can't wait for colab France, civil war in it and kino that will be Ost-West Paris events

The strength of TNO always was that it was an alt-history cold war, instead of "le WW2 but whackier" like every other HoI4 mod (which is the reason why I believe both EaW and RF end up being a bit shit). TNO allows for far more interesting stories like developing Iberia or Brazil through the geopolitical clusterfuck of a Nazi victory. It allows you to play US and attempt to prove Marx wrong and Bernstein right in a timeline with no red scare. It will allow you eventually to experiance the geopolitically shattering event of Italian communist revolution and not have it just be a shitty "le red party won" event followed by an uninspired "do le collectivization" and "build le red army" focuses (aka how it would be in any other HoI4 mod).

Shit like Atlantropa were just causing issues for the story due to how it would absolutely fuck over Mediteranian and would be impossible to be properly written into the story. Also the same applies to "le Bruhgundy is behind everything" story.


File: 1652381197876.mp4 (783.36 KB, 834x720, stalinism-bordigism.mp4)

Didn't they make TNO a Hoi4 mod SPECIFICALLY so they could do Atlantropa, because Vic2 terrain was too fucky to mod like that? What the actual fuck is the point anymore if you remove all the fun bits and keep retconning shit lol
>'plausible' dreck like Thousand Week Reich.
Doesn't that mod have a literal 1984 path lmao, plausible my ass
You make some great points here but Nazi Cold War is already a really wacky premise, shit like Atlantropa and Burgundy kinda fits right in. Also at the rate development is going I don't think they're ever gonna finish this shit if they just keep retconning stuff lol
>the geopolitically shattering event of Italian communist revolution
Now if they manage to do this in useful time I will forgive everything, I just wanna do the based Bordigist-Lasagnist path already for gods sake


>literal 1984 path
im interested in playing this path, how do i achieve it?


Burgundy is already going to be significantly cut down,where nord-paris is a post franco-burgudian war now,and they start with a tiny enclave in wallonia (which yes,is more realistic,but also explain better why they fucking explode down the line).
Seeing as its a guaranteed fail path regardless,I don't think it's gonna be removed,it also allow Free France to have a buffer state that everybody hate to not get invaded by Germany during the reconquest of the Mainland,so that makes it more necessary for the narrative (Brittany fucking died tho)


So what are your thoughts on TNO US rework? Because while I loved Atlantropa removal, I am not so sure how to feel about this one. Adding FDR back into a mix fucks up the lore a bit in my view, and I'm kind of pissed that they are removing (at least for 1972 election) the best boy McGovern. I do like them making NPP-R run an absolute schizo, but I think it would have been better if they kept the progressive Republican lore and made RDC be McGovern-R vs Kirkpatrick-D in 1972. Wonder if they'll end up making McGovern an NPP-C candidate for 1976 or 1980.

I guess a good change seem to be that they are adding CPUSA into the mix, as now NPP is a loose coalition of fringe parties.


TWR is made by an ultralib retard. It had a bunch of huge plotholes that was handwaved away by author fiat.


To be fair, TNO was also made by mostly ultralib retards, but the difference is it is actually fun unlike TWR.

Or at least it was fun until the new devs started removing everything that made it iconic in the first place.


I DMed him

"So in February there was big drama behind the scene in development. It was mostly about personal issues and quality of work (not the lore itself, but the coding). About half the PW devs, including names you probably recognize (Einstein) were either fired, or resigned in protest/because they were burned out from the drama.
Despite how it sounds, this actually didn’t really hurt the mod, since it wasn’t that toxic. People managed to be mature and keep any hostility limited and behind closed doors. But it did shake up the mod team a lot and delayed development time somewhat. Three updates were for sure planned in 2022 (not counting TT patches, I mean big stuff like PW and EN), but now we might not get more than 1 (or if we do, it’ll be split in half. IE is considering that for Brazil)"

MFW basically everyone involved in the original TNO is now off the project


Fingers crossed that for ONE update in entire year, they choose PW, because i want to have my Bazillion Paths Red Italy, dammnit!


I'm honestly really interested on what the ultra cursed path for Red Italy will be


The fact that all these fucking mods have dozens of people working on them makes me wonder if making my own mod is an unachievable dream


that depends on how complex your mod is, a total conversion, probably no


its all about scale and feasibility. of course if you want a big total conversion with new, not-in-the-box mechanics which is what makes a lot of these mods distinct then yeah you probably can't make it solo, if anything you are probably better off making your own game over a longer time period - like Kenshi, which is the efforts of basically one dude across 14 years. but if you just want to make like, a new focus tree or a few of them even, maybe some new models you kitbash together, then that is more feasible.


also I should add the teams have to be this big to facilitate this level of development because Paradox adds fuck-all into the game with every new DLC, so its basically on mod makers to make the game actually fun through giving it varied mechanics and different paths.


Bordigist Armchair Revolution (1984)
Maybe Possible Maoists


I just want to port the Armageddon scenario from HOI2 to DH and add in some of my own content.
I think it should be feasible but I don't know.


Oh bruh, I had thought about that, it's a cool scenario. I would do it for HOI4 though.


bordiga's too old even for TNO,but the nazi-maoist retard could work.


I could, but I've played HOI4 even less than I have DH, plus it would be a lot more work.
But yeah, I agree, it's a ridiculous scenario and I want to see what I can do with it, I have a few ideas already.


it already exists for HOI4,it's not updated since one year tho.


Check out 8:42 lmao


since neocommunism is "when you vote socialism in a bourgeois democracy" in those alt history stuff I guess it's fair,but I still lost it when I saw his face holy shit


Maupin should be a secret Nazbol path like Bernie in I forget what mod


Do any of you guys have a favourite mod in development that basically became
>"Two more weeks guys. Trust the plan!"
Mine was…
<Sons of Mobius



also Zebrica for EaW


Zebrica at least is slated to release this summer, unless it gets the "two weeks" treatment again


they've been teasing it for upwards of a year though 😭


Still way better than TNO in that regard


Yeah I guess, I kinda went off TNO though


File: 1654336086548.png (2.11 MB, 2618x1198, 474or824mpt31.png)

Godspeed: A Flame for Winter. Heard it got canceled and they released a half-broken alpha version for the public, but didn't try it. It had a ton of potential all over the place. Now its spot is replaced by Hearts of Durasteel, which seems to have almost died, but then resurecred and is now silent again.


>Nazbol path like Bernie in I forget what mod
Red World


New DLC trailer just dropped


Italy and Ethiopia I can get but who gave a fuck about the Swiss


Aircraft designer sounds nice.

Eh, they always sit out the whole game which is kinda boring, it could be fun to see them join one or the other side. They could have a commie revolution and be an unassailable fortress in the heart of Europa.


Will Paradox ever implement a peace-treaty system that allow countries to end wars without total capitulation? I.E. ending a war by requesting reparations and minor territorial concessions instead having to occupy the whole country.


That would be great, however, I can see why that isn't in the game since it's supposed to be a WW2 sim.


As per r*ddit:
>New Italian Focus Tree:
>Follow the historical path of Mussolini’s Italy or rewrite history by restoring power to the monarchy, leading a Communist revolution or promoting democracy.

>New Ethiopian Focus Tree:

>Defy the odds to defeat the Italian invader or resist the conqueror from abroad using unique Government in Exile abilities.

>New Swiss Focus Tree:

>Surrounded by France, Germany and Italy, the mountain nation of Switzerland finds strength in its neutrality, balancing competing factions and overtures from the great powers.

>New Peace Conference Options:

>Demilitarize zones of the map or entire nations, bid on the capital ships of defeated powers, or claim control of enemy resources or factories as reparations.

>Aircraft Designer:

>Design and build your own planes, from nimble interceptors that prioritize speed to durable bombers crafted to unload tons of destruction from high above.

>Unit Medals:

>A log of each division’s accomplishments lets you track their performance, and even allows you to award unique medals to division commanders for their actions in the field.

>Embargo Interaction:

>Embargo your enemies with a new diplomatic interaction, preventing them from trading with you if they have generated enough world tension.

>New Unit Models:

>Over 20 new unit models for Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland

>New Plane Models:

>67 new plane models

>12 New Music Tracks


File: 1654801757547.jpg (46.02 KB, 708x404, roll.jpg)

>>Follow the historical path of Mussolini’s Italy or rewrite history by restoring power to the monarchy, leading a Communist revolution or promoting democracy.
>it's a "totally diverge from history by exploring every ideology" episode


every single time


It's HoI IV, what did you expect lmao


File: 1654816249873.jpg (186.81 KB, 1280x849, ,.jpg)

>wtf, I can't believe my alternate history routes diverge from history


It's stupid though because the more you add massively diverging routes the less the focus tree system works/makes sense. There are actual ways to have alternate history without going full retard, like Mussolini backing the Austrofascists.


What? Exploring small and sensible changes that could have plausibly happened and seeing how they butterfly-effect out into massive ones? Naah, that's boring! Let's add Byzantium recreation and an inevitable Inca cultural restoration path once the inevitable SA expac comes out!
At this point TNO, and even KR are probably more historically accurate and realistic than baseline game


Yeah it's an absolute hot mess of a game and I can't believe nobody ever points it out. It feels like there's a dozen possible formable factions with just a single socialist nation at this point that inevitably end up with a bunch of fascists and democrats in them because of all the independent socialist meme trees.


File: 1654960416583.jpg (88.98 KB, 1280x720, juan..jpg)

Yeah, and IMO making a good althistory project without any concessions to science fiction is quite an unrealistic prospect as it would require extreme suspension of disbelief to work.


I guess HOI5 will probably step down a notch from all the nonsensical althistory autismo. Sorta like they did in CK2 → CK3.


I mean,it could just be that it's still the early DLCs and they're still in the roleplay focus,but one guy could kick down the door and be like "where is the sunset invasion !!!" (of course not,this shit was terrible and shat on by the community)


Their political system isn't complex enough to allow for anything else, unless they've totally revamped everything from the last time I played it


How did they step down in CK3? Its literally the same game as CK2 except now you can create your very own cults. I guess there is no spooky scary satanism (yet), but that's sort of it.


As far as i'm aware, there's no option for you to fuck the horse pope, is there?


Calm down Agent Kochinski


Hoi4 Red-Flood new germoney paths.

>Karl popper Social-Democratic the revolution betrayed route

>SPD is like some weird middle ground between real life pre-WW1 SPD and the KPD.
>This universes KPD is 'Muh stalinism'
>Goebbels, instead of being 'MUH NAZBOL' is some sort of really weird Christian-Socialism and Romantic nationalism shit with a ton of references to the springtime of nations (1848 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN!)
>Reventlow is just explicitly a Nazi, He starts an 'Anti-Philosemitism' campaign and arrests jews, Massive stability PP and WS debuffs, basically a failstate


Tell me more about Goebbels. He sounds fascinating.


Isn't Radek the KPD guy? Is he not based? Is he a ginger bastard?


File: 1655307347342.png (790.77 KB, 1110x657, Gus-Hall-Image.png)

Didn't the tno devs ban people who support Hall or some shit?


Fuck if I know, although apparently they are getting rid of the events where Gus persecutes the gays for the fun of it


From what I just looked up it appears they made him into a lowkie wholesome path that is a mix of theoretical 19th century fascism, social democracy and bolshevism. Apparently he does a little democratization, is a German nationalist, but not in extremist way and eventually tries to make his ideology as the party line to stop revisionism, aka other left wing strains. From what I saw of the teasers, the fascist part mainly presents itself with the whole "social state/republic" idea.


Yeah, someone here got banned for it


Red Jacobin with conservative christian characteristics essentially. The end implies a darker turn but since current Germany is a teaser, we won't know for some time what will happen


The highlight of the SuccDem is definetely Dengist Hayek


How do you get Reg Birch and the communists into power in England? I won the war and elected the socialists but the entire political focus tree is just seething about how mean he is.
It's obvious which countries were written by libs, kek


He doesn't have a focus tree so it's kind of pointless, but IIRC if you go through with condemning Birch without destroying socialist support enough, it gets turned back around on you and Birch BTFOs you with facts and logic and put in power


Also apparently the British Labour focus tree was written by a Barry Goldwaterite American Republican (yes really)


the CPUSA guy is still on the subreddit I'm pretty sure,he just get shit on.


"Communitas proletarisque romanum"
Rome = red abd yellow flag = comunism?


Forgot vid


Only if you were retarded, I think. Although Panzer was far more ruthless and it generally got better for both communists and some lowkie-rightoid but in an esoteric-conservative way guys, like that "Hindustan needs rework" dipshit. I'd still be on the sub despite my clearly red-glowing posts, if not for reddit admins banning me along with everyone else who ever participated with Chapo subreddits all those years ago.


I still can't get over the fact that the Battle for the Bosporus trailer makes it seem as if the Greeks, Turks and Bulgarians will all unite together against the Nazis.

Meanwhile, the Greek focus tree:
>1. Liberty and free elections! 2. KILL TURKEY
>1. Workers of the world, unite! 2. KILL TURKEY
>1. For his majesty the king! 2. Bring back the Ottomans (KILL TURKEY)
>1. Heil Hitler 2. Friends with Turks

That Luftwaffe guy in the trailer could have probably not worried about those three uniting together if the Germans just told them they'd give the Greeks Constantinople back or some shit. They'd hop on faster than a boomer clicking on a scam. Fucking Thanksgiving country.


Taboritsky is just Q bullshit for 1960s Russia
Was this intentional

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