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File: 1635943020409.png (1.42 MB, 800x1214, z1m5qln5tci21.png)


Why do the dev for the hoi4 mod kaiserreich get anarcho-syndicalism wrong.


>>Number 1 there is no such thing as state syndicalism
>>Number 2 why is strasserism being used as a replacement for Marxist leninism.
>> why do syndicalist Nations use marxist-leninist symbolism they should be using a Anrcho syndicalist symbolism


>> also why is there so many marxist-leninist Styles if it's anarcho-syndicalism


File: 1635943411325.jpg (46.33 KB, 600x400, Anarcho-syndicalism.jpg)

This is a real anarcho-syndicalist symbolism


File: 1635943612578-0.png (112.51 KB, 360x450, CoF_Kaiserreich.png)

File: 1635943612578-1.png (105.69 KB, 1200x800, Communist_Hungary (1).png)

And this is Hungarian peoples Republic rip of


Kaiserreich, in general, is wrong in its base assumption that soviet defeat would equal in rise of syndicalism. The likely outcome is that in fact it would be the more radical Kautskyite social democrats and other revisionist (not necessarily in a bad way) Marxists who would gain from this, while syndicalism would remain a miniscule element like OTL.


You are very correct but it's actually less likely that the bolsheviks would have lost the Russian Civil War
Due to the stupidity of the White Army me and imperialist Nations


Would you think the black amry would have replaced the
Bolsheviks :) or maybe the LEFT SR


mostly for 3 reasons:

<Hoi4 fanbase is mostly wannabe larper nazis and MLs

<Hoi4 modding is a fucking pain because of Paradox constantly releasing fucking DLC and mod-breaking updates
<I think "Rory" doesn't actually make mods but she should


>>13498 Makhnovshchina is based
I am half anarchist


What's the other half


Marxist leninist


Marxist leninism is my other half


you're either autistic or a Maoist (autistic)




Ye pretty true


remind me again why communists are dumped together in the same ideology as chauvinistic "socialists"


>Le authoritarianism


Old World Blues
has better Anarchist factions

you can literally make a Tijuana raider gang fueled by chems on homemade motorbikes, establish gender equality and abolish class by shooting the current leader in the knee
make deals with Aztec tribes and i think you can set up an arms deal with the cartel but i didn't got that far because i fucked up my research tree, forgot to make boats and i had to help my friends fight the NCR with only motorbikes and that fucked us up


It's the totalitarianism meme


File: 1636298380165.png (584.05 KB, 531x727, zapatista ai.png)

As a Chinafag I am curious what's going to happen with those two Chinese ghoul remnants in the ass end of Colorado when they get around to fleshing it out.


(By chinafag I mean I'd love to see an active remnant faction because Fallout China is cool as fuck, not that I'm Chinese)


I think we could deduce that but thank you for clarification, lol


I really wish the actual Fallout games had mods like this with ideologically varied factions and more fleshed out societies, not this "troubled but noble techno-knights vs. literally wasteland Nazis' shit that was done three games in a row already. Maybe turn the Railroad into a proper anarchist faction with a coherent ideology and a goal beyond freeing the synths and adding some new characters and quests that would reflect this change. Also, the Institute is boring as fuck and not in a good-for-storytelling way, despite being the fourth game's primary antagonists and being a great opportunity to take the piss out of Silicon Valley techbros and social alienation.


File: 1636332773433.png (340.54 KB, 360x450, ClipboardImage.png)


i need to get around playing more of that when i have space again because new vegas takes nearly my entire HDD


and raiders, the whole railroad/followers of the apocalypse being literal libs who try to stay neutral to be allowed to help "everywhere" is boring at best

i like HOI4 OWB because it has more Raider variety and factions than your usual 3 raider gangs that just want to rape you, steal your shit or set everyone up for forced labour
and refuses to ellaborate further on those issues

Fallout New California had a better "understanding" of this allowing you to literally become the leader of the raider alliance and possibly abolishing slavery to set up a focus based around "wealth redistribution"
within the allied tribes and the NCR mob


New California is so good I forgot it was a mod.


File: 1636341038588.png (464.62 KB, 771x1213, 1636340523454.png)

Jordan Peterson is cat food



ironically the raider path was almost entirely scratched and put up as a quick patch
still the best ending



junk food


Yes and is pure ideology


Ironically alunya would have died from all the stupidity that was inside of Jordan Peterson,s head and the olny cure is the best medicine of course is slavoj zizek.


To be honest the trashcan of ideology doesn't taste bad


File: 1636359611867.jpg (59.26 KB, 640x640, catgirl teeth.jpg)


unironically i guess it would be more like cats eating bread
they like the smell and taste of the yeast and flour in it (like we do)
but ultimately it doesn't provide any nutritional value and eating a lot of it will make cats obese
(which is why i only allow my cats to eat as much bread as they can steal, which isn't much and if it was they would go on a diet)

so it would probably make Alunya overweight like, not good weight, it's all just fat, like those chicken nuggets that taste like flour and fat

it would definitely make her sick tho
i mean cats shouldn't be obese, let alone female cats who are the kittens providers

also, please don't draw alunya voring Jordan Peterson like is a inflation fetish
biting heads and throats is way cooler


Heard that they're rewamping France & Britain to make it more accurate(?) or something. Not sure how "accurate" will it be. I don't think there is a proper Socialist or a Communist in their dev team to begin with. It's either those imbecile Eurosocialist or "Libertarian Left" types


if i recall correctly, foster was an anarchist who became a communist because of the success of the russian revolution. so shouldn't he be a regular syndicalist instead of a totalist in kaiserreich?


kaiserreich was a somewhat realistic and pretty decent mod for hoi4 that was fun when you got into the groove of it
kaiserredux was the shittiest excuse for a hoi4 submod ive ever seen, 90% of the content is just unnecessary nazbol paths on minor nations nobody cares about to make them really fucking overpowered


Kaiserredux (and reduxes in general) is pretty dumb but Kaiserreich really has not kept up well with the 'pace' of mod development IMO, TNO and EaW and OWB are really forging ahead of where KR is right now.


Kaiserredux also has one of the dumbest memes from Red Flood in, Goebbels as the communist faction leader which is just "Bolshevik" translated from Russian to German. Funny how Red Flood devs wank themselves dry over how much research they do (they don't because this isn't the only obvious dumb mistake they make) but end up with shit like this.
I don't know if the Red Flood lore for it is just as shitty as KRs but KRs is basically "and den gobbels sed y not all da classes unite??! and everyone agried"


Isn't the Great War Redux mod supposed to be pretty good?

Also, does the Red World 'Fan fork' count as a Redux?


I think reduxes are just a naming convention for unofficial forks with typically less strict content control, so they tend to be silly. Red World was already plenty silly though.
Not played Great War or the Redux.


>Isn't the Great War Redux mod supposed to be pretty good?
I really enjoy it, but my biggest gripe with it is how you do fuck all for 4 years, and when the war comes, you barely have any industry at all and your equipment disappears out of thin ar.

I saw somewhere that this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2484333832 supposedly fixes these issues, but i haven't played myself.


the kaiserredux devs seem to have choosen quantity over quality and style over substance in order to appease their cancerous meme spouting fanbase


i think the red flood devs are at least trying to move away from excessive memeshit. they have a lot of reworks planned and the new content we've been getting recently is much more down to earth than what we used to get in the past


I haven't played it in a long time but I remember RF having bigger problems than memey paths. France nearly always gets steamrolled by Germany, and the internationale is always tiny because there's like 5 socialist tendencies that can't ally. Germany just ends up soloing the accelerationists, but Germany takes too long to get interesting.
Like what's the point of being able to send shitloads of volunteers years into the game when all the civil wars have been lost? Goebbels is meant to be the meme path but he's the best path by far for actually being allowed to play the game, all the other paths and you're letting the French AI play the game for you, before it inevitably starts a war it will lose against a player.
I think there's too much free choice in what ideology you can be which makes the game a pain when you have all these preset factions and iirc restrictions on making factions, the ability to expand faction ideologies or create new factions should be allowed, even if they're also presets. Everything about the factions should be totally changed even if it requires a bunch of modding to pull off because I think it's the less obvious sticking point of the way the mod plays. Like why are ideologies that are in the KPD banned from the internationale? And when the internationale is only like Germany, Hungary and fucking Brazil lmao.


Eh, the Goebbels stuff in Kaiserredux is only because the dude that was making the Roter Morgen submod decided to retire from mod making for whatever reason so its content was integrated into Kaiserredux proper

But yeah, the Goebbels stuff I find way too fucking memey and "Hurr durr, what if Nazis but actually soacialist"


It's also in Red Flood (the most powerful path for the most powerful country no less), I was just pointing out that in Kaiser Redux the writing is atrocious, but I'm not sure if that's also lifted from Red Flood. Both of them have him as a commie-nazi from the exact same poorly translated fictional party which is why I'm not sure. National Majoritarian Deutsche Socialist Party I think, which is just Bolshevik shoved into a word translator because the majoritarian translation of Bolshevik is a reference to their majority position in the first congress of the RSDLP, it's not a declaration of representation of the majority.
Also another point on the RF devs wanking themselves off about how much research they do is whenever someone points out how retarded the alt-history is they'll interject with akshually didn't you know Goebbels was part of le socialist wing of the Nazis? But the Strasserite wing of the Nazis was just guild socialism… which is also corporatist… in a fascist party. The best argument you can make for them is that they're just fairly anti-semitic social fascists rather than Hitler's genocidal militarists who believe in actual fucking magic.
Probably wouldn't annoy me so much if they didn't pigheadedly defend how stupid it is with half baked wikipedia research and insist everyone else was wrong.



>TT coming out in 3 days

Big if true tbh

Hmm, thought that the 'M' stood for 'Marxist'

Another thing that I sorta don't get about some stuff involving Goebbels is that they basically do what the Nazi's wanted to do, but replace "Reichkommissariat" with "Volkskommissariat" :/

Also, was Goebbels really that much of a warmongerer, as the only thing that immediately comes to mind was his "Totalenkrieg" speech, and at that point, the Nazi's were fucking losing badly lmao


Kaiseredux is just a meme, junky (especially codding) mod.
Only interesting paths they have are part of other mods incorporated into them, like Home of the Brave(Reworked ACW and all factions +new one), and Russia Rework (Great Bolshevik Russia Content, although unnecessarily convoluted at times + Dem, RadSoc and Syndie Paths Rework soon).
HotB you can actually play standalone, which will increase performance, and you will avoid le funny mongol empire, or other joke shit forming, but sad that Russia Rework dev was forced to work with KX after the original kr devs screwed him over


>Russia Rework dev was forced to work with KX after the original kr devs screwed him over
Story time?


Well, "screwed him over" is what in his opinion they did.
But publicly it happened after KR did update to central asia (on which RR dev also worked on), changed lore a bit, and added some states, after which RR dev said "damn impossible to fix and code, this mod ruined". |
He went to kx devs(he already had relations with them) so they can help him adopt to new update, i don't why but it seems they in exchange for help made him to only publish in KX, so he just announced that there will be no more new standalone updates for mod, and all work is transfered to kx.


>(on which RR dev also worked on)
For his own submod or as part of the actual Kaiserreich team?


they just shoehorn goebbels in because he was a strassershit irl and put him in charge of a falangist faction of the KPD in a mostly Marxist socialist germany
TNO's demos were pretty kino content, the post-release mod was ok considering that Palestine, Russia, China, Britain and a bunch of other countries got content but they swapped out the detailed UI with a sloppy, reddit-tier interface that looks like a 6th grader made it
Although I'm pretty excited for TT
>buggy code
Yeay I saw that, the game ran so poorly on my computer while I tried to do a Communist Germany path I uninstalled it only 15 minutes in


horribly wrong.
i would love to hear the devs justifying their theories about what would have been.
in the Patagonia lore for some reason they decided to name real anarchists figures of argentina as totalists or moderates, dunno why


File: 1640032826356-0.png (34.65 KB, 300x300, Totalism.png)

File: 1640032826356-1.png (119.74 KB, 923x500, 5v6krpqm52x41.png)

File: 1640032826357-2.png (678.41 KB, 640x912, nvui8bkyla161.png)

File: 1640032826357-4.png (296.77 KB, 566x396, uoahq29czif01.png)

>totalism is just a Marxist Leninist + Strasserism right?


never played kaiserredux but how is Stalin in that mod ?.


Totalism ranges from some type of leninism to left nationalism, and nazbolism. Like Mosley, Benito, sorealins is def nazbols, but there are also some figures who get put into totalism, but are far these people - Thorez, Foster, Radek (who is explicitly internationalist), Browder even, all of them share more Communist points. Totalism is a weird mix of, all not wholesome, big chungus killers, ebil lefties, while syndies are more of normal (they still can be evil when doing something revolutionary) and radsoc, who are basically demsocs, and sometimes anarchists(but not anarcho-syndies)
He's nazbol, who can form great transcaucasian socialist state, his second portrait (after being attacked by bear) is badass. Also can be couped by Beria (he orchestrated the bear attack) and transforms Georgia into literally 1984 george orwell predicted this


I'm afraid you got national bolshevism wrong

>because it's not just fascism + marxism_leninsm

I have done a lot research on National bolshevism to tell you that you are wrong

>Totalism is more like strasserism than National bolshevism because totalism has way more fascist elements than National bolshevism

>bolshevism is just socialism with nationalist characteristics and >national bolsheviks are not actually racist or antisemitic national

>bolshevism is a complicated ideology that requires Thorough research I'm not a national bolshevik but I can tell you need to do a >bit more research into national bolshevism

Here are some sources for you




>Also most of the nazbol memes are just misconceptions formed by Jerg


>>14421 yep THIS IS TRUE ALSO i am a national Bolshevik


File: 1648342716987.png (368.61 KB, 752x575, ClipboardImage.png)

What is Führerreich about?

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