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/pol/ apparently loves it and keeps memeing about it, meanwhile most liberals seem to love these games wholeheartedly, which confuses me.

I never played these games except a Gamboy one a friend brought to play it on my SNES via Gameboy adapter when I was like 9.


File: 1636591925472.png (213.15 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

>Is the Zelda franchise toxic?
How? The brainparasites of /pol/ have little to nothing to do with the game and its ideas; projecting raceplay and racism is their bread and butter. The games are fun and fairly simple, featuring rather charismatic characters and interesting worldbuilding. I don't care for much else in regards to political shitflinging.
TL;DR: No, it isn't toxic.


>/pol/ apparently loves it and keeps memeing about it
Huh, I had no idea about this
Zelda is loved by everyone, and I wouldn't call it "toxic" if we're talking about the whole fandom and not just some obscure Twitter clique or /pol/ circlejerk


Reminder that the Japanese public are not taught WWII in school, and I doubt many Nintendo programmers have enough time to research about the forbidden war anyways.


Its fantasy, even if that infograph is true, it's still fantasy and does not necessarily reflect the views of the creators.


>Is the Zelda franchise toxic?


File: 1636665725217.gif (2.21 MB, 444x250, link peggies.gif)


i still want to peg him tho?


Ну нахера?


idpol pls go

Isn't link underage?


He's old enough to be in the Royal Guard so no (of course people joined the guards at like 15 back in the day but whatever)



which one of all the links?


It's clearly BOTW link in the gif, of course other Links may be underage (like Wind Waker)


>No, it isn't toxic.
What about it always making fun of gay people at least since the carpenters in OoT (especially the Japanese version)? And then often revealing that they aren't real gay, as in "HAHA you thought they were gay because we represented them as crazies, right? Gotcha" ?


i dunno

what about it


It's homophobic, quite blatantly


File: 1637570847810.png (562.32 KB, 614x506, 1637367870626.png)

>Yip! Yip!

What do


>What about it making fun of de geyz
If you don't understand male teasing humor is I can't help you. Still not toxic, get thicker skin.


that's a liberal nonsense word so sorry I don't really know what you mean


No, it isn't, even if your buzzword had real meaning in this [current year], go back.


what's the appeal behind the series from a gameplay perspective, like i played botw and i legit got bored as fuck, it just felt so… pointless? like an open world game that feels empty or without purpose, nothing to hold it all in place. random quests and never really aroused my curiosity to force me to keep going on. and it's loved by everyone so idk what i'm missing here..


>like an open world game that feels empty or without purpose
Do you not go to national parks because they "feel empty or without purpose?

If you want a more goal oriented zelda there's literally 25 years worth of games to choose from


Yeah, it tends to be accepted as a really dumb part of Japanese culture, and not "intentionally" homophobic, even if its origins might ultimately be homophobic. But nowadays, actual gay characters have been a bit more separated from that stereotype. Though in real life Japan there are gay men who embrace the stereotype.


What >>13863 said, BotW is supposed to be a first in Zelda as the first open world game. I haven't played that one either, but I'd imagine that its appeal partially comes from it being connected to the other games. Lore, characters, setting, etc. Maybe it appeals to people that just like to "live" inside video games instead of real life? But the appeal in previous entries from a gameplay perspective was the action and puzzles. Play OoT or MM.

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