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Thoughts on Automata?
I'm going to replay it soon in order to write an effortpost on it relating the philosophical themes and dialogue together.
I grew up playing Drakengard and never really got it until I replayed it as an adult, and realized the disconnect between the story and gameplay was the whole point. I got bored of hacking and slashing through hordes of enemies which had no connection to the story, but I realized that the mass murder I comitted was the whole point of the game. To make the player question who is really the good guy in the context of the game. Nier, the original, plays on this more.
Automata presents this idea at the beginning with Pascal and the robot village, instead of hiding a plot twist later into the game.



I like the part where you see her butt


That something we can definetly agree on


File: 1637984415894.jpg (840.33 KB, 1200x1985, STL126349.jpg)

I just love this series so much.
Everyone should play it.
Or watch a let's play (best friends play is good) over it.


File: 1637984540012.jpg (65.56 KB, 640x657, Hussy.jpg)

This is a no hussy zone


>anime waifu swings enormous sword while her ass cheeks hang out
how much of a degenerate do you have to not be instantly, completely, and permanently turned off by this? be honest


Not a prude or a /pol/tard.


If you beat the first ending, you get to play as the twink


I don't care about sexuality in art or games, but there's a point where it's just gratuitous. When this game came out all I saw people posting from it was this character flipping around constantly doing panty shots. Why would anybody play something like that?


Played through it, but wasn’t that impressed. I
Feel like I’m missing something because it was kind of boring.


The nier series can be summed up as: subversive for the sake of subversive.
In the original Nier, not automata, there was a character who wore lingerie and cursed like a damn sailor. The idea is that subversive femininity masculinity hermaphrodite.

In automata, they are robots. They do have sex, and they enjoy it. Every robot decides their physicsl form, so 2B decided to have a big ass. 9S chose to be a cute twink.

Platinum may have made the gameplay fun, but the story is intricate and directly references Jean-Paul Sartre, Karl Marx, Engels, and other philosophers.


I liked the ps3 Nier more than Nier Automata
It's really a sequel to Drakengard ending E.


Because they like asses, are you gay or a woman?


>I'm not a prude, but let me tell you about how these slutty robots ruin the game for me


I beat it a few years ago (all routes) but didn't really see much in it gameplay and story wise.


Yeah, I despise people who say "oh you can play automata without knowing the story of the previous games"
It just makes it shallow and obscure. The reason for the androids was perfectly stated in ps3 Nier.
I can only imagine someone coming across Emil's shop and wondering where he came from.


>I beat it a few years ago (all routes) but didn't really see much in it gameplay
also git gud


Still gathering my thoughts. Just finished all the endings for Nier replicant.
Making connections between musical motifs, character archetypes, themes. Need to watch a drakengard 1 and 3 cutscene compilation then I think I'll be good to start.


Drak3 runs pretty good on emulator, you should try actually playing it before resorting to just watching cutscenes. Some parts of it will definitely never land if you watch it on youtube.


>ps3 emu
lmao, if you really think I should play it, I'll order the game soon and play it on original hardware. I don't got the computing power to emulate a fucking ps3, not even close.


It runs on emu better than on actual PS3 lel
I beat it myself on PS3 though, it's fucked up but playable and pretty enjoyable.


Sorry for bumping but Nier replicant 3.1415 ending e still has me in tears tbh. I don't get emotional at all when playing games or watching movies, but the songs ost just pushes me over the edge.
I'll download it tonight and see how it runs then, no sense in not trying

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