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The link to the half life page is in spanish, my bad: https://half-life.com/en/alyx/


I'm glad Valve is still trying to explore VR. The game definitely won't sell well given how expensive VR is, but I look forward to hearing peoples' thoughts on it.


>Valve finally releases new Half-Life>in fucking VRLotta Steam fanboys tonguing GabeN's butthole over this, but it's a pretty good opportunity to say "see? you thought they were a 'good company' but look at how capitalism makes them pull this bullshit."




>>1377>almost everybody who worked on the original half life series no longer at valve>not even using the same voice actors for the charactersThis shit looks like one of those games that came packaged with the fucking Wii.


>>1378Yeah that pissed me off - to be fair Eli's VO is dead but I don't see why they couldn't have found VOs that sound more like the originals.But yes, the fact that the original devs no longer work there is the real issue. That's what happens when you try to make creative game developers with big ideals just work on Steam maintenance.


>>1379IMO it's a completely cynical move slapping this old and much-respected IP onto some tech demo hoping people will buy the shit and post-purchase rationalization will get them to buy more games for the platform. It's honestly pretty sick that Valve used to have a good dev team and now it's just a software store.


>>1380I would say it's a tech demo, but apparently it's slated to be a 20 hour experience. Besides, VR is far beyond the tech demo stage, there's been VR FPSes doing similar to this for years, the difference is there's never been a real AAA full FPS in VR. Perhaps this will be amazing, I'm a bit sceptical of it, but I guess we'll have to see.


>>1380Half-Life is a tech demo series, though. Half-Life 2 was built around innovative physics and animation software, so it was inevitable that the next entry would be based around something Valve would be innovate in, VR being the only real avenue for that.


Welp, Steam also simultaneously announced that there won't be anymore TF2 updates so TF2 died for this game. As much shit as TF2 is this is definitely a bad send off.


>>1383They prolly saw Overwatch 2 is coming out and want a slice of the action lel


>>1383>Final comic never ever.Well, fuck.>As much shit as TF2 isTF2 gameplay was and is still great, but the community and artstyle have been fucked up beyond redemption.


>>1373Don't join a revolutionary party and change your material conditions, come play in the virtual world. Leave all your troubles behind.


>>1386sounds better than being blasted by drone strikes


>>1386>recreation distracts from class struggle so no fun allowed


>>1382I see it like this one quote from the Plinkett Star Wars reviews. The originals used effects to tell a story. The new one uses a story to tell effects. Replace story with gameplay and effects with technology. Yes the technological achievements were always a factor, but this feels like they're the focal point and the effort on the game is going to be shitty.


>>1389go back and try to replay half life 2. its shit. half life was a masterpiece, but half life 2 has unskippable 5 minute cutscenes of models walking and talking. the episodes are a little better, and this one will probably be better still but lets not pretend half life is a series with artistic integrity.


>>1390I agree they're not very good (definitely overrated), but this looks like a completely cynical cash grab to me, which is a lot worse.


Being as this is a half-life thread, anyone recommend any good mods for HL2, bonus points if they're communist themed


>>1391How is it a cash grab? Making a VR half-life is guaranteed to make less money than a normal fps half-life. They made it because it happens to be what some valve devs wanted to make. Their company is run where the individual devs can choose which project they want to work on.


>>1393I should clarify I don't mean to defend Valve. They are very greedy with their business practices, but outside of the storefront itself they just make whatever they fancy. I guess they are afforded that luxury when Steam practically prints money.


>>1393>>1394>How is it a cash grab?>Their company is run where the individual devs can choose which project they want to work on.>They are very greedy with their business practicesyeah I'm thinking they want to do things that make moneyThe VR aspect isn't why I think it's a cashgrab. I think they want to have a killer app for VR, and they revived the Half Life IP as a cash grab to make people actually buy the shit. It's Valve. People would buy whatever game they made. They figured they could make more money by pretending they didn't just let Half Life turn into vaporware.


hope this turned out to be a turd
didn't hear much about it


>and they revived the Half Life IP
Gabe has said that HL is a vehicle for tech demos more than anything else.


I don't see why people have a problem with it being exclusive to VR, other than that they might be able to play it themselves. I think it's a good move on Valve's part. They know Half Life is an extremely iconic franchise and to make VR become more popular you definitely something big to lure more people in, given how expensive VR gear is.

Look, we tried making VR mainstream before but it was primitive and also expensive. This is another iteration of the same attempt, but better. If enough people hop on the VR train more companies will work harder to provide more advanced & immersive VR products. Just like gaming in general pushed the advancement of GPU technology.

But anyway, watching a walkthrough of the game and it honestly looks stunning, the writing has some charming humour and the world is immersive than ever.


the game is playable without vr, just pirate it and mod it



shit man, I can't afford the thing. this is bunch of bourgie crap


File: 1608527683499.png (262.08 KB, 385x446, 1527821666422.png)

>1000 dollar paywall


Alright as someone who was a fucking idiot 3 years ago when I had payed all my bills and was just sitting around with money from my summer job and ended up buying a Vive just to stop myself from buying crack(I should have gone with the crack tbh) I got Alyx and here's what I have to say about it:

It's meh. Like if this wasn't a VR game it would be burned at the fucking stake for being so horribly average: There's only 4 guns(Decided to take a note from Bethesda and that gun customization made cutting the arsenal in half was OK), combat is meh at best since enemies are all bullet sponges and you can't keep a track of where your body is because you know VR. Graphics are nice but it has the same loading system as Half-Life 1 in that you go 20 feet of some tunnel before changing levels.

That being said it's probably the best damn VR game I've ever played due to the fact that it's a decent game, most VR games are either $20 tech demos that have one gimmick and then lose their charm after 30 minutes or are a regular game that has VR support, so having an actual full length game being built around VR and has really good controls as well is amazing. That's not praise for the game btw, it's just the utter state of the VR industry right now. [i]No, Skyrim/Fallout 4 don't count[/i]


The problem with VR is it's expensive bullshit and there's 40 different versions of it. It's also usually a closed system. IDK if Valve's version is open or not. They have a history of supporting DIY and tinkering with their products, but they've moved away from that sort of mentality toward grasping at every nickel and dime they can get, being a monopoly on digital game sales now.


Is Half-Life Alyx good enough that I should try and avoid spoilers for potentially multiple years before I play it? I keep hearing the ending is mind blowing, which makes me want to see it and avoid it at the same time.

I'm necroposting here, but one must-have mod for HL2 is MMod. Basically, it takes vanilla HL2 and makes the combat actually good with revamped AI and new weapon models and ballistics. Worth it just for the MMod shotgun, it's fucking amazing, hard to describe why but it's my favorite shotgun in an FPS.


um sorry sweaty but half alyx life is the best VR game of all time and deserves all the GOTY awards and should be enshrined in a hall of fame

you're just mad because alyx is half black so it makes you want to say the gaymer word

have sex incel


/v/ is now the roulette board, please go there for your video game related discussions.

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