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>be minecraft player
>spend your time hollowing out the planet and mining thousands to millions of blocks to mass manufacture weapons, armour, tools, construction materials and supplies
>destroy massive amounts of land for your agragarian revolution
>ruthlessly slaughter through hordes of native inhabitants and forcefully take their resources and exploit villagers for their labour to produce even more material wealth
Was this game always imperialist in nature?


>new update
>need to explore farther than you have before to discover the new features and random terrain
literally expansionist mindset build into the game


You forgot the human breeding farms
>Was this game always imperialist in nature?
No, it only started getting fucked up when they added villagers


File: 1637436620790.png (135.86 KB, 854x480, ClipboardImage.png)

The red stone revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the indigenous beings of minecraft



i keep thinking someone should make a mod that makes it harder for me to go into a village steal all the beds and bread and go away to look for a mountain in a matter of minutes

like a faction mod that adds different villages and pillagers and you can become hostile/friendly to them depending on your actions and stuff


It's even worse when you play on a tech-focused modpack like GTCE or Manufactio. In the latter you can even shit up your home chunk's air with pollutants and make it completely inhabitable until you craft a respirator and even then you'll have to manually refill it with spare filters or you'll die once the current one runs out.


Is say the real revolution starts at the first cobblestone generator
>mass produced picksxes
>mass produced tools
>massive surplus of building ingredients to build even bigger farms even outside of cobblestone


kek time to post this one again


also reminder that we have a few active minecraft servers


Also there's a related thread on the main board about this kind of settler/imperial ideology more broadly >>>/leftypol/608142




please it's a fucking video game it has no economics how can you seriously say it's imperialist holy shit. For fucks sake most of the game's economy is self refillable it's fucking communist if anything


relax it's just a thread talking about a kids game
if you are so passionate then please do explain how it's actually communist because that could be good for propagandizing the kids


I'm sorry it's just lately everything seems so surreal and all these opinions become something people hold unironically. internet ideology i suppose.

So minecraft's production has a ceiling, right? Unless after updates people find more efficient ways to produce something, like iron, gold, etc. it has a cap, and many players hit that cap some time in their playthrough. All products lose their value, iron becomes dirt cheap, gold too with pigman farms. Diamonds maybe, but they'll find ways to dupe them too. In any case, most of the game's resources are easy to get. Production in most serious playthroughs is as automated as it can get, so the game is in "the highest stage of communism" as some people would say. But regardless, for the highest stage of communism we have to ask about separation of labor? Nowhere. Class society history? Nowhere. It's a solitary game. Development of productive forces? Well there is progress in that but it's isolated from other characteristics of human society. Minecraft is a solitary game, you're a little master doing your little master stuff. There is nothing that matches human economics in it, if we tried simulating that most of minecraft would *poof* go away.


>Minecraft is a solitary game
We're just going to pretend the multiplayer doesn't exist?


or mods


survival is garbage
multiplayer servers with good minigames/RP and player base were where it was at, when i played it a lot in elementary school


To make ironfarm you need to enslave people


>has no economics

You're wrong


File: 1638228595248-1.png (2.85 MB, 1200x899, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638228595248-2.png (794.52 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638228595248-3.png (539.58 KB, 760x430, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638228595249-4.png (696.01 KB, 640x512, ClipboardImage.png)

>be minecraft player
<since 2011
>spend your time hollowing out the planet and mining thousands to millions of blocks to mass manufacture weapons, armour, tools, construction materials and supplies
<i don't think we can say "hollowing" as if we were using modern mining techniques
there are mods for it but i only use them to make train tracks which is the most based land transportation method ever
>destroy massive amounts of land for your agragarian revolution
<implying there are no better agricultural methods
i just make small crop greenhouses here and there like for some bread and stuff

i can probably make a better farm in large bodies of water and such, plains are not bad either, no need to fuck up like big places if you can just pick a suitable place for agriculture and just put a train to take you there every harvest moon and just sleep in a cabin nearby
Then the same train can transport the produce way faster than any other vehicle would


File: 1638230023368.png (313.62 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png)

>ruthlessly slaughter through hordes of native inhabitants and forcefully take their resources and exploit villagers for their labour to produce even more material wealth

I- I don't know about that because tbh Minecraft lore regarding villagers and pillagers is kinda vague
you can tell they're the same "race" or whatever
then again i used to play with this mod which was better called "Minecraft Comes Alive" which hasn't been updated in 3 years, so there's that
i remember Notch saying something related to Villagers being Jews or something like that (though i think that was just a rumor)
(though, tough they have big noses and golems, so… yeah)
part of me doesn't care but another part of me thinks Villagers could use a rework like zombie pigs did, just so they can be more consistent i guess, i'm not saying i hate villagers because they look like jews or because i hate their "race"
i just hate them because they're the least friendly mob in the fucking game, their whole mechanics are being xenophobes to the only other humanoid entity in the whole overworld
piglins are way more friendly and charismatic

either way i usually just steal their beds and shit
no regrets, they're pieces of shit anyway
their only purpose is for speedrunoids to get endgame shit faster

i personally just wanna lure them into a compound and do cult shit with them
Was this game always imperialist in nature?



Illagers did nothing wrong tho


>Was this game always imperialist in nature?

No. If you don't deal with villagers then everything is fine because labor is entitled to all it creates


Minecraft is a chore simulator for people that can only draw stickfigures.


>Minecraft is a chore simulator for people that can only draw stickfigures.
Speak for yourself. In Vanilla survival mode, its pretty hard to build anything aesthetically worthwhile yes, but in creative or modded SMP it is much easier to do since you have either an unlimited amount of blocks or have easier access to them, and mods often add flight items like jetpacks or wings that make building tall structures much easier. As for chores, you can easily automate farm harvests using redstone mechanisms and most large tech/magic mods have blocks that let you extend that even further by automatically collecting and replanting seeds and fertilizing the crops.


>first example
Symmetric circles and squares. An eight year old could have (and has) drawn that.
>second example
The same circle, but from the inside.
>third example
3d printer, no distinct features which are the hardest part of a human body, as I said, stick figure-tier.
>rows of the same color
Can be done in paint in literal seconds. Copy paste a single pixel times 1300.

These are just examples proving me right. And here I am just talking about pen and paper. None of that fancy computer assisted art competent adults are capable of. There's zero reason to play minecraft when you can load up mecabricks or any sufficient paint tool, but you don't because you can't actually draw anything beyond stickfigures.


File: 1639921581110.jpg (54.31 KB, 736x849, gigachad smiling.jpg)

Not a game
>sufficient paint tool
Also not games.
>you can't actually draw anything beyond stickfigures
Imagine I cannot. Now show me your best then to prove that you can.




I don't play Minecraft.


File: 1640038892033.png (819.01 KB, 1200x692, imagen_2021-12-20_162123.png)


Ladies and gentlemen there is an epic sequel ragtag has done it again


File: 1640114681703-0.jpg (121.14 KB, 1920x618, IMG_20211221_192350.jpg)

File: 1640114681703-1.jpg (243.61 KB, 1920x896, IMG_20211221_192252.jpg)

>Comand everyone on Leftypol to support this beautiful left-wing >channel

A>This is better than any breadtube content






File: 1640649706019.jpg (113.75 KB, 1280x1280, end of necogelion.jpg)

>mfw no building ships mod for 1.18


It's ok mate I feel your pain


Have you morphed into a cat?


Actually he was always a neco


>theres no imperialism in minecr- ACK!


it has a very industrial capitalist vibe where you have to optimize natural exploitation for mass production


it can be cool as an RPG though


The agricultural revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the Minecraft world, you say?


File: 1641953857834.jpg (16.59 KB, 462x462, mimelody sad.jpg)

still no 1.18 ships mod


File: 1642156125216.jpg (50.4 KB, 720x459, nemu sader.jpg)


update log:

still no ships mod for 1.18


Yup, it takes a lot of time for modders to update their mods to new versions. Mekanism for example is still 1.16.5, and some large classic mods like Gregtech, ThaumCraft and Railcraft are forever stuck in 1.12.2 because migrating them would be a giant pain in the ass for the devs, as well as the fact that it will cause new bugs and exploits to crop up and they will have to spend another couple of years hunting them down to make the mod stable again.



according to a lot of those modders they just don't like the new minecrafts
is ok tho, Create already allows you to make way better trains.

but people tend to forget about ships


i really need my pirate ships :(


but do you really NEED to do all that shit to survive or even beat the game? I've beaten the game without villager buiding farms, destroying land and generally being an asshole. nomadic playstyle is fun, you should try it.


File: 1642222326658.jfif (29.51 KB, 480x360, download.jfif)

>nomadic playstyle is fun, you should try it


bous points if you use mods that help you with that, satchels, chests that keep their content upon breaking or even things that allow you to quickly set bases up if you need them.


File: 1642370188335.png (550.07 KB, 720x685, ClipboardImage.png)



This was a video that was somewhat inaccurate and wasted my time


Brazil is not latin america


Yes we are?


youre confusing it with hispanoamerica


No we're not


If Brazil is Latin America then so is Canada


>Latin America is the portion of the Americas comprising countries and regions where Romance languages—languages that derived from Latin—such as Spanish, Portuguese, and French are predominantly spoken.
It was that easy.


they speak French in Canada, therefore Canada is in Latin America


Yeah a mind-boggling 20% of the population, lmfao.


Como não?


File: 1644647331748.jpg (18.77 KB, 300x287, fishmalk pc.jpg)

still no ships mod


Não temos relação cultural e linguística alguma com os países chamados "latinos", o Brasil é mais próximo culturalmente dos EUA que do México por exemplo


non un argument


how is it not an argument you fucking retard
most french in canada are in a single city too
youre literally putting muh feelings over facts


>the US isn't Anglo because Anglos only make up 7% of the population


what the FUCK are you even trying to say at this point


>Não temos relação linguística alguma com os países chamados "latinos"


come on, keep up with the conversation


muh feelz muh culture
shut the fuck up, youre part of latin america whether you like it or not


We're fucking not, cope


Brazil is closer culturally to America than any Latino country


literally everyone disagrees except brazilians who want to feel special


If Brazil is Latin America so is Canada


okay buddy


what's the threshold necessary for a country to be considered Latin because the us is full of latin sprakers


Canada is an American country, though not necessarily Latin except for the French-speaking areas


File: 1644797650136.png (46.78 KB, 279x270, af51f45d.png)

>except for the French-speaking areas
There's only one (1) region where French is a primary language.


english is just bastardized French


Your map includes New Brunswick.


there's also wide swathes of Francophone communities in Ontario


>what's the threshold necessary for a country to be considered Latin
The majority of said country's culture being centered around latin culture. Which is clearly not the case in the US.
>the us is full of latin sprakers
This is the equivalent of saying that Brazil is a Nippon country just because it has the largest population of Japanese descends outside of Japan. Yes their population might be of considerable size, but their culture does not prevail over others.


Brazil has nothing in common culturally with the Spanish and French speaking America, culturally Brazil is closer to the US


t. lives in a white bread Brasília suburb


Latino insecurity in action.

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