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Why the hell are Nintendo Switch games so expensive and often hard to find? I had to pay 15% over retail for a used copy of a four year old game, and I was one of the fortunate ones who even found a copy. Are they trying to push people towards digital sales for the higher profit margins, or is this just a natural consequence of fewer games being in print? Paying for the equivalent of a second console just for five games is insanity. The PS4 has been way easier and cheaper to collect for and those games, at least the exclusives, have way higher development costs.


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>BUYING video games!


Crack your Switch uygha.


>tfw tropical freeze, a port from the wii u, is still full price


Speculation always rises in times of economic crisis.



>physical Switch games cost more to produce since they're cartridges
>developers have to pay more for physical releases
>less physical copies end up being produced as a result
That's what I've heard.


Just pirate & emulate the games, almost all the switch games are shit anyway.
If you really really want to play on switch but a hackable model on ebay, it may be a bit more expensive but downloading all games for free later will save you money long term.



File: 1637792927347.png (224.29 KB, 1828x983, ClipboardImage.png)


Emulate them
Yuzu works on a 6GB RAM PC with AMD Radeon graphics card btw
Also, every time a game is released, it's usually up in a couple of days
I'm playing New Pokémon Snap (although it does get slow and there are graphical glitches at times) and having so much fun


lmao that's great


Nintendo was always greedy but it seems like the company got noticeably worse after Iwata died. He started out as a code monkey and tinkerer and pretty obviously loved video games. Kimishimi and Furukawa were always businessmen. One started as an accountant and the other a banker. It's really a product of the times and the development of the industry. Once you get big enough you don't see the workers who built the company ending up in leadership positions. It's just money men these days.

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