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I just bought Morrowind so i can finally finish it since last time i installed it i just made a thief character, stole a bunch of cuttlery and soul gems, a silver tanto, savescummed my ass into killing a bandit with an enchanted shiv and then got captured, having lost all of my loot i proceeded to swim to Solstheim for some reason and somehow managing to get there. just to get killed by a wolf as soon as i got there.
then i played it again a couple of years later when MorroBlivion came out
and i pretty much just role-played as a thief prostitute in Balmora until i got slightly tired of my game crashing every 15 minutes and also i needed those 19GB of storage to store more mods for another game.

Which mods should i install for the game to be less broken to the point that i don't need to rely on glitches?
but also make the game harder?

particularly i'm looking for a mod like this other Skyrim mod "REQUIEM" but only because i want a harder magic mod that makes it so playing magic focused characters is harder but more rewarding as in magic takes a lot of dedication to learn and master.
i'll probably make a mod that disables or nerfs paying for training to the ground as i never liked that feature.


<no i'm not installing the russia mod


installer + goodies: https://mega.nz/file/gMoGnLSY#mqwNwRPbBfy70fE1d7HLB3FYaES8CDTZWqDTQslVa8M
for linux, just run it with wine and the game files will be installed in the wine directory
anyways, after you have the game files ready, install OpenMW cuz the B*thesda engine is shit: https://openmw.readthedocs.io/en/latest/manuals/installation/index.html



i'm not gonna get doxed as soon as i open that right?


MEGA is secure, all of those numbers and letters in the link are literally an encryption key



i know but idk where that link got out of from


i found a mod that reduces characters Magicka depending on their class and race i guess


i want to nerf the amount of magicka more tho
and i still need to make a mod to nerf training


is there a leftypol mod that stops you from roleplaying as an epic lumpen? 😹😹



i'd tell you to make your own but i don't think there's a leftypol construction set


Morrowind is a garbage game


You're a garbage game


Hist sap is NOT DEADLY TO HUMANS. This is a LIE by the empire to prevent humans from sucking argonian tits! Argonian titties contain hist sap, and drinking from them brainwashes non-argonians into worshipping the hist. Any human who sucks argonian boobs becomes a slave to the hist, and they become slaves to their argonian mistresses and masters as well, being forced to lick their feet clean and cook and wear maid outfits, all while being totally brainwashed every day from regularly ingesting hist sap.


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i just fucked argonians because i tought reptile cock is the biggest humanoid cock in TES world
and there are no deathclaws.
only dragons who are not nearly as cool as giant mutant lizards with thumbs.
i'm basically a khajiit bosmer hybrid whose parents met during the bosmer khajiit war
so i just steal shit and have a big ass bounty on my ass.
so most of the time i'm doing slave runs anyway.

I'm living by the laws of a gun and a knife
My soul cannot be tamed, I'm living just to die
I'm living by myself on the outskirts of life



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Yooral Septim. Yooral Septim. Yooral Septim. This message from Mohammad gro-Khanakin, full face of Orsinium, to you Yooral Septim.
You go check up on a healer, you have 2 yil. Your life is 2 yil. 2 yil from now, from today, 1 yil 6 months, your life. After this one you will pass away. You do good job for Empire, for Tamriel, you wanna Orsinium new country, no more Daggerfall, no more Skyrim, no more Hammerfell, full face of Orsinium.

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