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How come this franchise is utter shit?




For me it's two features that don't mesh well with one another: 1) the heavy emphasis on the individuality of each unit and 2) permanent death with no unit replacement. These two dissonant mechanics work together to make it feel like one needs to play every single map perfectly with no losses. Consequentially, unit sacrifice tactics are removed from consideration and the overall tactical depth of the games is shallower because of it. I honestly don't know how the series is so popular compared to other tactical RPGs.


We already have a thread for complaining about FE.


The female character designs need to be sluttier, like korean MMOs.


Stop watching porn you coomer.


fe really shit the bed since awakening
1 and 2 are antiquated, 3 is an alright fix for 1 and 2, 4 and 5 are goat, 6 and 7 are alright, 8 is a guilty pleasure, 8 and 10 are classic warnings of the holocaust, 11 and 12 are surprisingly good



File: 1641126548416.png (538.89 KB, 680x628, b73.png)

>I honestly don't know how the series is so popular compared to other tactical RPGs.
I imagine a lot of that (still) traces back to the publicity the series got from Marth and Roy being in Smash.


I really liked the GBA instalments. It eventually just became a waifu simulator thou.


well it was fun the first games
then it just kinda somehow came to replace Final Fantasy Tactics while being worst in every aspect.
i miss FFT


tbh advance wars is superior to both


File: 1641192368408.jpg (102.91 KB, 800x938, ufo_defense.jpg)

Advance Wars is a different genre though. FFT and FE are RPGs with tactical combat. Advance Wars is more of a traditional strategy game. Plus, if we're opening the discussion to any and all tactics games, pic related smokes everything that's been brought up so far.


It's trash for not also being a dating sim.


>randumb misses
>smokes everything
Anything with that bullshit can't contend for the top of the tactical game tiers.


that's the modern ones which focuses on squads taking on bigger amount of mobs that you instantly kill so you balance it with funny misses,the old one is more about using action points to focus fire,meaning you're pratically guaranteed to kill if everyone has the alium in view,the problem is mostly getting shot back by an alien and instantly dying for the first missions (but that's why you have 16 dudes and they're like 5 at the start) and the hit chance are based on your stats,that you can influence and basically have 100% accurate snipers,whereas you can never go above 95% in the new ones.


File: 1641282035380.png (15.46 KB, 640x400, chryssalid.png)

But it is! There's even a mechanic where your soldiers can have children if the Chryssalid route pursues you.
>Not taking away your rookies' guns and instead loading them up entirely with high explosive
Imagine playing like this.


I hate how RNG has become so embedded into game design for non-rpg gamse.
Is it an FPS? Congratz the bullet patterns have RNG algorithims enjoy missing what you thought were kill shots. Or maybe there's random critical hits. Or maybe it's a battle royale and you'll land near a building without any good equipment so you can get insta killed by the guy who lucked out on a sniper near his drop zone.
Is it an RTS or Turn-Based-Strategy? Congratz the dmg of the unit abilities are also randomized and confined to an RNG range.
Is it a MOBA? Congratz the item that you bought to protect you may or may not actually work in the middle of a fight.

Fuck RNG. It's everywhere now. Even the Microtransactions are RNG now (lootboxes).


RNGesus loves you



Because the genre plays better with real-time, multiplayer and hexagon functions respectively. I can name you probably a dozen games I rather replay than ever start a FE. I as a kid aquired standards such as The Settlers. Why would I ever degrade myself? Is it that hard to make this evaluation yourself?

The franchise in question is too casual and anime oriented to allow for any deep mechanics or intricate story. Look at the most challenge the game can give you. And it's just going to be based on dicerolls. It's boring if you grew up on the genre, it offers nothing new, it's just lame. I appreciate the effort that went into some of the hard-mode rng-fest succesful campaigns you can find on Youtube but I rather play something more varied. Something that respects my time and offers more. It's a genre that literally anyone can make a game in and as such; FE offers nothing. Where you can find the genre going strong on PC for decades, if you only offer a single one on on your DRM-filled hardware. It's not going to need to achieve anything but mediocrity.


What annoyed me was how the Fire Emblem AI will always choose 100% chance to do zero damage rather than <100% chance to do non-zero damage. It's such a stupid fucking thing that persisted through all the gameboy versions. Did they ever fix that?


ooooohhhhhhh look at me, I can post whatever shit I want here anonymously and then screencap it as proof to post on /v/ or /tg/ that I'm most definitely not false flagging or making shit up ooooohhhhhhh


It do be like that.


>>14740 >>14741
Ironing aside. Questioning everything solves nothing.



what is he doing in a gas station?


File: 1641726338366.png (390.46 KB, 523x638, ClipboardImage.png)


buying weed


of course he is



how does someone live in a lake?


File: 1641859473525.png (547.6 KB, 760x910, ClipboardImage.png)


nobody tell him


File: 1642354047974.jpg (242.23 KB, 600x1043, growlanser.jpg)

Play Path of Radiance
>but what if I really want an Eastern strategy RPG series that incorporates relationship mechanics for some reason
Say no more fam


Path of Radiance is shit. Play an RTS, Play multiplayer, play hexagons. Read a book.


File: 1642489942753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.38 KB, 460x215, fallout_tactics.jpg)

>Play an RTS, Play multiplayer, play hexagons.


it's been around 22 years and nothing has come nearly as close as being the best game in the genre as Jagged Alliance 2
Xcom 2 tried too hard but it still fell short against a 17 year older game.


Fire Emblem has the same kind of appeal as Dragon Quest: no matter which game you pick up, you'll know what to expect since they all share a lot of common elements.

As for why people continue to enjoy the series, it's a mixture of the relationship mechanics in the newer games and nostalgia for the early titles that keep people hooked.


I've never played Jagged Alliance 2, but I have played Deadly Games. If the interface is as deplorably in 2 as Deadly Games, then the game is extremely overrated and you're talking out of your ass when it comes to SRPG experience.


>Dragon Quest
>they all share a lot of common elements.
They certainly don't share the elements I like because DQ3 is still my favorite in the series and almost zero other games have its comfy class system.



is not and Deadly Games is old as fuck
and that interface was a Wizardry/Might and Magic thing

it's not bad, just not meant for that kind of game.


I played one of the remakes, it wasn't that good TBH. Very repetitive. I know that's a remake but still. Jagged Alliance doesn't have the researching/upgrading/basebuilding aspect of Xcomlikes and that's most of the fun of those games IMO.


>Read a book
uygha you're on /games/, stop fronting



no, yeah the remakes are god awful.
it does have a lot of logistics, inventory, economy, militia and mercenary training.
upgrading and research are mostly things related to militias and mercenary skills.
upgrades are mostly for mercenaries and weapons IE: buying attachments and i think you can also buy weapons for the militia somehow.
given the game is a lot more tactics based so most of the time combat is one of the biggest focuses and it does come with a brand new basebuilding althought you actually have to build stuff.





File: 1642675368655.png (264.39 KB, 300x440, ClipboardImage.png)


you can always play yugioh, fucking cards are basically books by now.


Is more something I said a priori
>but the story

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