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What's up with Nintendo fanboys? Being an unpaid shill for corporations is sadly pretty normal in gaming culture but the levels of dick-sucking that fans of Nintendo reach are incredible, to the point of celebrating every time a website is DMCA'd or even when pirates go to jail. It's pretty cultish behavior.


ask your average nintendo fanboy about emulators the cope is amazing
> muh nintendo switch pixels are better non-emulated


File: 1644729154176.jpg (53.53 KB, 750x841, nintendoshills.jpg)


File: 1644730025860.png (496.97 KB, 786x693, FLVnJ3GVEAAxx5w.png)

Because IP laws in Japan are more hellish than in AmeriKKKa


File: 1644733980457.png (118.77 KB, 800x533, ClipboardImage.png)

i like nintendo consoles
just the consoles, Mario games are fun too.
that's pretty much it.
either way i can't afford it so who cares?
imma just emulate on my PC.


File: 1644775337975.jpg (51.77 KB, 516x444, yakuza.jpg)

Nintendo is a mafia, that happens to sell video games. They really do behave like a mafia, they have an entire division of people that stalk and intimidate people they don't like they are remarkably evil shitheads, but you wouldn't expect it because the toys they are making look so innocent and they wear corporate suits, but not all mafia has to look like Yakuza gang-fighters. Nintendo hires a lot of marketing click-farms and bot accounts to make it appear as if they have a lot more support than they actually do. The people that celebrate the persecution of techies who unlock the personal property of Nintendo customers are mostly fake, or bullied by Nintendo's abuse of the legal system.

Remember piracy is something that involves stealing ships on the ocean, and DRM is something that tries to interfere with your ownership of the things you bought. It doesn't stop behavior that extremist ideologues consider illegal, and it's not meant to, the purpose is fucking over the customer. "Intellectual property" doesn't really exist, legally it's a monopoly on the reproduction of information. Ideologically it's somewhere between feudalism and cartel capitalism and even a lot of the bourgeoisie opposes intellectual cartel monopolies because it is against free market competition principles.

There is a lot of moral confusion, it's morally bad to restrict users in the way they use their computers, it's morally wrong to include malicious features into software and hardware that spy on people or break functionality, it's not morally wrong to share culture with your friends, that's literally a survival necessity for social species.

It seems as if Valve is trying to do a portable games console that is slightly less locked down, and as a result it will have a lot more success, and nintendo will look like a dinosaur. Here is how that goes: Games are fun for a few years and then the game mechanics become repetitive, and feel like work, even the addictive properties of games can only delay people turning away from it. But after game mechanics become stale the most fun thing you can do with games is play around with mods, and for many people that never gets old, if you grow out of modding you can level up to programming games. Valve still does crap drm and monopoly licensing, but they welcome mods and their portable games console will allow users to install their own software.

If somebody is clever enough to make money with libre open source games, they will get an even bigger more dedicated community than what exists now with modding and games journalism, it is going to be even more powerful. It is possible to do this under capitalism, but it will definitely happen under socialism. It's basically that the material conditions have changed, we now have very cheap and fast networks and that benefits a very open model, and we will see what system can adapt the best to these conditions. If China moves up to a higher stage of socialism they might be first, valve may also be in the race after-all they embraced using Linux as their operating system.

The nintendo fan Stockholm syndrome is a loosing bet against open platform stuff. Nintendo is just a hold over from the past, today new companies could not operate like that. The reason they have to be so aggressive and utterly shit is because they are going against reality.


Decades of propaganda do that to you. Yesterday I opened the newspaper my parents tend to read. Every other article was globohomo, climate change, controversy related to gossip etc. Do you feel special for being more than average? They live in YOUR head OP. People need religion in their lives. They need to believe Science, or God, or a corporation's good will. You're special. You can look behind the curtain. Good on you OP.


>and nintendo will look like a dinosaur.
Even more of a dinosaur. They still use Netscape and they only started using AWS for their MMO games like a year or two ago for Monster Hunter. They were using a notoriously outdated multiplayer server system before that.



Nintendo had lawsuits in the 90s against Blockbuster Video and other rental places to try and make renting video games illegal. They are shitheads. Their games are fun fr tho


>They are shitheads. Their games are fun fr tho
It's like Disney. They have the corporate machine that protects their interests, and that includes the other side, which is the high-quality teams of artisans they recruit to make a product that keeps people coming back despite the bullshit.


I like to assume it's just people trolling and actual children. Nintendo is a really shitty and shady company.
They have talented developers working for them, but you can acknowledge that without defending the shitty corporate side of the company.


I don't see X company fanboys as any worse than Y company fanboys.


They want to fuck the creatures.
It's literally weeaboo syndrome with a higher framerate.



they want to fuck the creatures


How is this “brand loyalty” behavior exclusive to nintendo?


what creatures


THE creatures


The Pokemen?


Guys I really really want to fuck the creatures, what to do?


You'll have to catch them first




I remember this artist from /co/.


That reminds me…
I actually remember reading that Nintendo had ties to the Yakuza in the early days but I can’t remember where.


they sold hanafuda card sets to yakuza to use in gambling.
they had a near monopoly on it too since praticaly nobody wanted to manufacture them to not end up in bed with the yakuza.


File: 1645074847611.png (71.55 KB, 726x414, nintoddlers.png)

Nintendo shut down the WiiU/3DS e-shop and wrote this spiteful FAQ only to remove it a few hours later after getting made fun of by everyone.


Nintendo has that weird consumer cult shit like apple and tesla.


>or even when pirates go to jail
A hacker is going to lose 3 years of his life for pirating and gaymers could only cheer and joke about it.


Oh cmon the irony of his name is too good to pass up.


Capitalists sending people to jail over made-up theft isn't cute.


Never said it was but Nintendo sending Bowser to jail… cmon… you aren't a real journo if you don't take advantage of that


Ok gay bowser




Fuck Nintendo, those japs not only are picking up on nvidia's hardware but also their fascism.


> Gary Bowser owes Nintendo $4.5 million, which the DOJ says will make him an “example” and leave him “socially isolated and financially destitute.

The only logical conclusion is that capitalism is trying to get him to commit suicide.


>rich person faces prison
>noooo he has a good life you can't do that!
>poor person faces fine
>we must destroy this man to make an example of him


>Ajay Singh, Nintendo of America’s representative, lamented the idea that parents will “be forced to explain to their children why people cheat and why sometimes games are not fair just because one person wants an unfair advantage.”


We have to give the children false consciousness so they'll be woefully unprepared for the reality of the world


Lol is everyone an Indian in this story.

>"It's difficult and, therefore, rare that we have a foreign actor, a foreign cybercriminal, that we have identified, extradited, and brought to justice before a U.S. court, and because of that, this case gives the court an opportunity to provide a strong message to people following Mr. Bowser's footsteps," Annand Patel, a U.S. attorney, told the judge at the sentencing hearing.


lol this is so nintendo


Brand loyalty is not exclusive to any brand, but by its very nature it is a bit different for each brand, because different brands make different things (this is the whole point) and ask you to consume different things and/or in different ways.


I dont know, but man Super Mario Galaxy 2 on PC is awesome.


it's a brain disease caused by too much marketing and branding at a young age. Sadly, it is incurable.


>Do you feel special for being more than average?
Not particularly.


Read Dumbing Us Down. It's short and answers your question.

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