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This Elden Ring ad looks like fucking satire but it isn't.


The game looks kinda good but at the same time garbage. Why would you want to play an open world dark souls game? It's like playing an open world MGS game wtf.


Buy an ad like everyone else.


Are these paid critics? Because Cyberjunk received similar grades


File: 1645903427499.gif (1.76 MB, 219x186, clapping kimjungun.gif)



Screen Rant AND Game Rant gave it 10s?


I'm waiting to see what The Cinema Anus has to say about it.


And yet people love phantom pain for some reason.


They really shouldn't


It was a solid 8/10


Is it any good? It just looks like a Dark Souls clone from the gameplay I've seen of it.


It's from the same people who made Dark Souls…


Phantom Pain's gameplay has incredible replayablility despite the rushed, unfinished story having virtually none at all. People don't remember Zelda: Breath of the Wild for its story either; they remember the sheer amount of freedom and tools players can have at their disposal when accomplishing objectives. Now combine that freedom with FROMSOFTWARE's staple, meticulous level design from their dark fantasy titles, and you arguably have a recipe for another (no pun intended) game changer in the open world genre.


Most complaints seem to revolve around performance issues on PC. The minimum specs that were leaked were ludicrous to many who haven't had the chance to upgrade due to pandemic and cyrpto related supply shortages but they unfortunately ended up being true. It's not an unfinished game like Cyberpunk 2077, but it is unoptimized to all hell at the moment.


File: 1645971958592.png (111.17 KB, 202x259, 1423985325218-0.png)

why did this read like a shillpost


That wasn't my attention; I shouldn't have to state obvious things.


Its actually pretty good
Not super duper amazing, but good
Worth the 45 gigs I had to free up on my SSD for torrent


If you don't get the lord of the stars waifu ending then you need to stop namefaggingg.


The open world parts are boring, the dark souls dungeon exploration is good. If you're playing this, don't waste your time running around trying to find shit, read a guide and go straight to the action.


The game itself looks satire yet here we are
Use a trainer with speedhack. Most modern games waste your time in one way or the other, play the good parts and then move on. Luckily for ER a good trainer exists. Crafting and open-world are such timesinks. I still need to beat FF7R. I wish I was having fun.


Argh stop yelling at me


Game is good but I prefer Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The big open world, while impressive in scope, just isn't as fun to explore as the more dense and intricately designed worlds in their previous games.


>not using ublock


They don't even have to be paid. They know the fans will crucify them if they give it anything less.


File: 1646269862677.png (118.28 KB, 270x305, ClipboardImage.png)

>on mobile



I thought I'd get more hate from 'charge your phoneee' fags than that


I litterally haven't crafted anything,I just picked the meteorite staff and going full sorcerer,you litterally can't upgrade it and it's the best staff until you upgrade to the near max the other ones (you need to be in the end zones for that too lol),beyond retarded.


I swear the hitboxes on slams/aoe attacks feel like they're straight from DS2 with how deceptively large they are. You roll out of the way and still get brushed by them for max damage.


heh just get good kid, it's supposed to be frustrating and unfun :^)


I think it works with bromite.


jump over them


File: 1646379718036.webm (2.87 MB, 1920x1080, Horse.webm)

Watch this, pleb.


>Dark souls takes place in a dark fantasy world
>Dark souls was heavily inspired by Berserk
>Berserk is a dark fantasy series
>Elden Ring was developed in collaboration with George R R Martin
>George R R Martin is know for his dark fantasy series A song of ice and fire
Is this a coincidence or does George R R Martin know about Berserk and that's why he helped develop the game?


He got a paycheck for writing something that isn't his own books.



he just wants to get payed to do anything but finish the books.


GRRM has been writing random scifi and fantasy for decades. Part of the reason his flagship series hasn't been finished.


Martin definitely knows about and takes inspiration from Berserk, most notably when it comes to the release schedule.


I heard people praising the character customization
But it looks like it's about the same in the previous games


ew and/or ick


It's better than it was in past games, but it's still lacking compared to even decent character creators. The hair selection is pretty shit too.


I bought it kinda cheap but I don't really know why, these games are for the turbo hardcore gamer out there and I always walk away from those confused, irritated and not really entertained, the problem is not only the high difficulty, but also the high barrier of entry, they explain fucking nothing and expect you to figure out things yourself, it happened with Bloodborne, the Demon Souls remake and this one, I wish they made a "retard mode" for people like me that have to be spoonfeed every single little thing.

Also it actually looks like a mod for Bloodborne/Demon Souls,the controls are the same and the "souls" thing you have to recover are the same too, these games are all the same really and they just reskin things a little bit.


Ever souls game starts with a tutorial and tons of messages on how to play the game lol
What are you confused about? Get behind the fucker and press R1, have a low equip load so you don't fat roll, press square when low on health


Did you not go down into the cave of knowledge or something?

Though I agree there's a lot that isn't really explained, the basics at least are


if it's the menus,open it,then press select.
the poise system,jumping attacks being instant charged R2,what the scaling of a weapon actually is without having to waste ressources making it a +20,at what point should I stop putting points in a stat (it's 60 btw,or 80 if you want to really max it) those are not explained,sure,what do you need spoonfed ?


I can’t figure put why people like Dark Souls let a lone something that is that but a grindy mmo


it gives the dopamine hit but slowly like edging


This game isn't anywhere near as hard/annoying as Dark Souls, which is why I'm actually playing it


I like the story. It's basically just Berserk


Oh yeah for some reason I missed the cave of knowledge during my first playthrough and had no idea what to do, I did it again with the tutorial and I'm having fun now.


That's fair, I mean to be honest it's a random really deep looking hole some guy asks you to jump into, I can see how people would miss it. 'Cave of Knowledge' I kinda thought was just some random plato's cave reference at first. They should really make you go through the cave by default but have an optional way to skip it. But explaining things clearly would be against the 'durk suls mentality' I guess.


Are all the souls games about how the current Order needs to be overthrown because they are secretly exploiting humans or some thing?


Nah, it's more about ending or continuing an endless cycle of reincarnation.


There's definitely some of that.
There are many themes in dark souls lore that aren't really explained in any kind of detail outside of item descriptions.
One of the main points throughout the series is that time is not linear, and that lends to what >>16141 is talking about.


Lost 20k souls, reee. Wish this shit mechanic could just be turned off, it adds nothing


Why didn't you level up, soul kulak?


He was hoarding souls so he could buy luxury goods from the traveling merchants.


My level up is over 20k now, it still sucks though


git gud m8


No, Dark Souls is about the inevitable heat death of the universe, the cycles shit was introduced in DS2 and Miyazaki promptly threw it away upon getting the reins of the franchise back.


Welp, I got the Star Waifu ending just now. All in all, I am rather disappointed with the story over all. The boss design is questionable as well, although the gameplay loop is rather fun. I would still rate DS2 higher. Hell, with the DLC stories included DS3 is better as well. There isn't really that big of a story, just "shit that happened", and then a few interest groups that are bickering over what to do now. There are characters, but they don't show any character. It just doesn't feel that well developed, and it also fails on personal investment side that DS2 shone in, with your story of fighting against all odds to find that one true golden path beyond the touch of light, beyond the reach of dark. Ranni has some character on display, but even then, at least for me she failed to be really endearing, and to an extent I was just tempted to go Age of Dusk instead. The only real lore hooks are just to discover what backstory does place X has.

All of that is not to say the game is bad. As I said, its bretty good, but not amazing. It shines most as an adventure simulator of you going through a fantastical landscape, and to some extent I am sad they didn't decide to just say fuck the lore and make it a pure spectacle metal album cover open world.


>to some extent I am sad they didn't decide to just say fuck the lore and make it a pure spectacle metal album cover open world.

I mean didn't they pretty much do that? It barely has any story.


Wonder if the retard uyghrer Muravyov jannie make a global ban?
Well it certainly seems like they put a lot of effort into the story. I guarantee in-development they had an entire DnD rulebook style thing made to keep track of all the events, places and characters. There clearly are a lot of places that were designed to have a lot of story to them, like the Haligtree, but offer little actual substance to it. The story basically feels like a fake gold sheet.


Well yeah sure, it's all 'environmental storytelling' for people to obsess over, what does it all mean, and so on, but as someone who isn't really into fantasy, I barely paid attention to any of it, my understanding so far is 'they broke the ring and it messed up the country and made it go shitty, you gotta get the ring back and fix it'. And for me that has been fine.


Read the item descriptions?


Basically all the lore is stored within item descriptions that you can check out in the inventory. There is a rather in-depth narative going on, but you only get glimpses of it. And the weakness compared to Dark Souls is that the narative isn't that unique. It has cosmological and existentialist themes that already were done better by other Souls games, and the only new thing it offers is that it has a more of a political intrigue story where you learn who backstabbed who over what and the like. Also it has many seemingly dead-end lore tidbits that don't go anywhere, like there are a bunch of different types of magic, for instance grafting, but it never gets any proper explanation outside "its a thing that exists".

I did. However they fail to give any emotional investment to the plot on their own. Their only purpose is to show us the proverbial DnD rulebook that the game was made from. They don't, however, make me invested in beating the game to fuck over the Higher Power and the fingers, because at the end of the day its just the Age of Fire with a twist that it isn't cyclical this time. Ranni "romance" also fails because she just has way too little screen time, and at the end of the day she's just Aldia from DS2. And unlike with Aldia, you don't get the foreknowladge of previous Dark Souls lore of what exactly it means which he is offering. Hell, Ranni only explains what she actually wants at the end of the chain, and before that you only get hints.


I would argue that the inclusion of a bunch of weapons that were present in the DS series, as well as Patches indicates that elden ring is apart of the main DS story


I think it can't really be summed up in a sentance. For one, there is a strong subtheme of battling and overcomming the evil human nature. Through all the Souls games, the pure form of Humanity is shown to be an evil and destructive force that corrupts everyone and must be kept down. Also the victory for humanity is implied to be little more than just turning the wheel around without changing anything. The best ending in both 2 and 3 is about breaking the wheel. In 2, Scholar of the First Sin edition, you strive above and beyond what you would need to do in order to finish the game normaly so you could break your character out from both Humanity and the Flame - you become technically immortal, while not becoming a hollow like the Humanity would like you to be. And in 3 its a double deal with you first deciding that it would be better to just let the flame die while also creating an entire new universe made specifically to be a safe heaven for humans to escape the setting entirelly through the DLC quest. So my reading would mostly be that Dark Souls is about breaking the cycle and not just the current order as is made by creatures of the setting, but the order of the setting it self. Also this is pure headcannon teritory, but I like to believe that Uncle Gael is actually the player character from DS2.

Tbh it more fits into being part of the Bloodborne universe. Dark Souls didn't deal with cosmic shit, or rather the world of Dark Souls was the entire universe as far as the setting is concerned. I guess you could really stretch it and say the Elden Ring is akin to the throne and becoming king in DS2, where it isn't 1 to 1 with linking the flame, but you'd still have to deal with the big space cows in the room.


I honestly was feeling that if I was to RP my character,I wouldn't actually bother with the elden ring bullshit,why should you even care about that,it feels like I'm forced to do it more than anything,if the world outside the lands between was literally the apocalypse there would be some stakes I guess,but here it's another rotten world from the get go where you're rejected by everybody,the NPCs are barely there (and since they spawn at random places close to bonfire,you probably don't even see half of them in a normal playthrough unless you read a guide telling you where they are,I would have 100% failed to see Ranni if I didn't know where to look) so you basically feel alone,having to do something weird that results in the death of pretty much everybody you encounter,really doesn't feel like you're a hero,and half of the endings is you fucking the world over even more,for shit and giggles I guess.


I think the endings are mostly ok. The Dungeater one is well… well its shit, and I don't really see why would you ever go along with his bullcrap in-character, but the others make sense.
The Death/Dusk one is pretty good as it basically knocks the gods and the lesser lords off their pedestal, while also returning normal death to the setting, meaning you'll no longer get eaten by the Greater Power after you die.
Frenzyflame is understandable if you do it to save the finger maiden and fail to realize that you just fucked up big time. Also it could be argued that a nihilistic "burn it all down" is preferable to keeping status quo.
Perfect Order is interesting, as it basically does a trade where you permanently submit the world to the Higher Power, while also getting a permanent golden age, instead of a jebait one that fizzles out like the Golden Order originally did.
And of course Ranni tears it all down to create something completely new and bold, which would overthrow the Higer Power.




>Everyone is all over Elden Ring
>Nobody is paying attention to High Fleet
Do yourselves a favor


It's too finicky and hard and I can't be bothered to build my own ship


So what's the meta, bleed build, faith caster?


pvp ? moonveil/bleed,faith,quality build if you want to know about the stats,armors are worthless.
pve ? strenght/faith as always,incantations are fucking bonkers,half of them are even AOE to clean the trash mobs.


Berserk is about finding a maiden?


Bro, want me to teach you a legit farm that gives you 17k souls every 5 sec?


That's literally the entire plot, yes


works with kiwi


it's a very, very pretty game. I don't want to play it at all but damn do I enjoy when you guys post screens of its vistas.


I've always treated these games like Shadow of the Colossus or Ico, you use your imagination to fill in the lore blanks.


It's definitely not a 10/10, but it's probably better than any game released in the last 5 years.
So many AAA devs are seething because FromSoftware released a finished game with no micro transactions. How could they ever compete?


People who say "best game in 5 years" don't seem to play games that aren't big studio releases. I mean, if we do only count "major" games, then yeah, sure Elden Ring and Witcher 3 are the best games of their time. But both are equally over-rated when compared to a bunch of stuff from lesser known studios or non-mainstream genres. Like for instance, how many people whined about how 2021 was a bad year for games, and then fail to mention Pathfinder: WotR? Just this one sphere of seemingly forgotten by the mainstream games media genre of CRPGs spent the last decade pushing out a multitude of amazing games that rival and in my eyes beat the AAA darlings of Witcher 3 and now Elden Ring. Hell, Demons Souls and Dark Souls 1 to an extent also were in that same boat a decade+ ago. To be honest, the games industry media coverage in many ways remind me of the hyperonline politics media, with the same sort of hyperfocus on shit everyone knows is shit and will never change from being shit, and even your AOCs (let's compare her to CDPR) will sell out that's what they will always do you idiot. Meanwhile if you pull the view away from the circus, you start to notice more and more real shit that never gets talked about and which matters way more than who said what about trans bathrooms this week.


I mean, I've played plenty of great games recently like Hollow Knight and Into the Breach, but elden ring is just so big and lends itself to so many playstyles that I think it takes the cake.
I don't play many crpgs beside the occasional fallout 2 run through so I can't really speak on those.


What is this overhyped garbage and why are zoomoids losing their shit over it?


Wrath of the righteous was a bugged mess on the same level as when the original game was released,so it's not surprising most don't talk about it.
I'm personally waiting for at least a year after release before playing it.


It's dark souls my friend, do yourself a favor and pirate it


Its the same exact situation Witcher 3 was… shit, half a decade ago, time flies. Basically a game that in a sane world that cared about artistry would have been a bretty good 8/10 being elevated into 10/10 godhood status because every other piece of mainstreat trash is 4/10 at best (of course it's never rated so low), thus above average becomes godly, especially when all the actually good shit is only found in what I call spcialist games (aka things that don't (supposedly) have mass appeal and remain only as occult classics).


after about 50 hours, all i have to say is that this game is a mess and i don't know how the fuck it got rated so highly and why people are literally forming a cult of worship around it unless they just never played past the first zone.
The balance between weapons/builds is a complete disaster and entire archetypes feel basically unusable.
Every fucking boss feels like the same boss. All hypermobile, tons of big swooshy AOE attacks, completely random projectiles that don't even fit the thematic of the boss, every boss in the game no matter how big and heavy it looks is a ballerina dancer that twirls all around you for the entire fight. So many bosses in the game have the same "leaping jump slam" that literally just turns in midair to track you while you're trying to get away.
Every enemy in this game feels like its on crack, the slower strength based weapons feel really terrible because most of the enemies in the game leap backwards 10 feet as soon as you swing at them.
The open world is a complete waste, it's so ridiculously oversized that it defocuses the shit out of the game and makes everything take forever, it didn't need to be a full open world game any more than dark souls and the open world just dilutes the hell out of the experience.
The game never stops feeling like a grind, ever. The progression is so fucking slow in this game. (assuming you didn't just pick a blatantly broken bleed build, in which case you'll sleepwalk through most of the game most likely)
Mounted enemies look jank as hell and just look like they're riding some sort of rubberized meat puppet instead of a mount.
And, for me at least, it commits the worst RPG sin of all. It NEVER lets you feel a sense of power or progression, it's fucking face to the grindstone all the way through, you never feel that sense of progress or power growth that you feel in dark souls, it just keeps grinding you down until you can't stand it anymore and I don't see how anybody can enjoy it unless they're a completely unhinged psychopath.

Dark souls is frustrating, but fun because it lets you feel powerful once you've trained up and gotten the gear you want, and every boss defeated feels like an obstacle truly overcome. Even monster hunter, which is a notoriously grindy series of games, offers a more substantial and consistent sense of progression.
Elden ring is just grinding to suffer and suffering to grind, there is never a satisfying sense of progression, it's just the Warframe experience if it were dark souls. This has been the most disappointing (and frustratingly overhyped) game I've played in a good while.


I feel the complete opposite


>balance between weapons
yes,3/4 of them are unusable,there is 2 daggers that are actually good for exemple.
>entire archetypes feel basically unusable
this is not true however,or you have to tell me which one
>the slower strength based weapons feel really terrible
jump attack,it's litterally the best move you have because of the posture damage too,no reason to not just constantly jump slam with your block of steel (inb4 "but I don't want to play like that !")
>pick a blatantly broken bleed build
t.has a shit build
If you don't kill bosses in less than 5 minutes,your build is garbage,I'm sorry,this game punishes you heavily for not prioritizing damage over everything else,this probably explain a lot of your problems.
>it's fucking face to the grindstone all the way through
Actually true,but I was playing mage,so there wasn't that wiggle room when I ended up with 80 int. (I wasn't using the azur comet/free TP until like malenia tho,so it's probably on me too)
>Even monster hunter
wrong time to talk about that when rise exist and has pretty much the same problem you're talking about,the progression is litterally just learning the timings for your free counter move or better,your 3 counter moves if you're playing LS.
>grinding to suffer
the best progression I made was running into the wild to pick shit up while dying in the process,did you unironically try to kill every ennemy or something ?
My problem with the size of the open world is mostly about having to take a two kilometers detour to go down 20 meters.


every good arpg has tight boss fights, elden ring needs more melanias


Guys I just can't get the hang of anything other than just hitting shit like a retard.

My brothers in Christ, why does my Elden Ring build suck so much
for the last 40 hours I've just been whacking stuff with the magma scalesword over and over and over
no magic, no nothing
I just can't be assed with switching between my incantation thingie and two handing
Am I too dumb for magic?
I don't even use arts of war
I'm level 100 and never applied one

I tried switching to an INT build at like level 60 but I just found it trash and way worse than the damage I was doing originally
But maybe I just didn't give it a chance


At +8, the sword starts to have equal scaling with both strength and faith, so it is a pretty good sword for faith builds. It's also important to note that it does fire damage, which depending on the area, may be a bad option. Liurnia has puddles that reduces fire damage by 10%, and when it rains that's another 10%. Obviously you don't want to use fire damage in the volcano area also.

Faith has always been strong in the souls series, but whacking things with a big stick is generally the go-to strategy for noobs. Right now I'm doing an int/strength build, where I hardly cast any spells and just use the dark moon greatsword, so continuing on your path may be a viable option still. A great incantation that can carry you throughout the game is the Flame of Frenzy, which can be found early on in Mistwood. There's some great buffs too that you can use before walking into a boss room along with your physic, so you don't have to be fumbling with the controls trying to two hand.
But if you want to just bonk people, try jumping R2s. They do lots of poise damage, so whatever enemy you hit will be more likely to double over open to a critical hit.


Why did the albinaurics develop into humanlike creatures by generation 3?
Is Renalla an albinauric?


she isn't one because she can use her legs.


I have never seen her stand up, therefore she is a synth.
But that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY


she's litterally standing upright in the second phase ?


That's in the magic dream dimension inside of the egg though


>>16473 (me)
Actually I'm wrong, it was an illusion conjured by Ranni to protect her mother


Just beat Rennala. I'm really enjoying it, more so than Dark Souls II. The caves and dungeons are a bit boring but I'm just skipping those and going to the cool castles and ruins. Margit is definitely the hardest boss so far though.
I don't really play AAA games, the only ones I have enjoyed since like Skyrim are Dark Souls and Death Stranding, the rest I just have no desire to play and they are too expensive. But for me at least Elden Ring is my game of the year.


Anyone have trouble launching the game? It loads Easy Anti-Cheat then immediately suspends the process for me.


Stop cheating then maybe??

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