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CS:GO bros, it's over
>ESL has stated that it has currently identified two entities who will be banned from being represented: Virtus.pro and Gambit. The former side falls under the ownership of Sogaz Insurance Group, who are among the companies targeted by various anti-Russia sanctions, while the latter is owned by Russia's mobile telecoms network MTS.

>The tournament organizer has stressed that it recognizes that the players representing said organizations are not complicit in the conflict and that they will be "welcome to compete under a neutral name, without representing their country, organization, or their teams' sponsors on their clothing or otherwise."

>Virtus.pro, Gambit, and the players have yet to comment on the move from ESL. VP's matches in Group B are set to kick off on March 16, while Gambit are part of Group C, starting on March 23.

>In a statement, the VP organization claimed their players received an offer to denounce the organization's tag and made a strong stance as they refused to comply with the demands, stating that they "do not support any war there is or ever was."

>BLAST Premier will not invite any Russia-based teams to play in its events "for the foreseeable future" amid the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the tournament organizer has announced.

>Among the most notable teams affected whose organizations are based in Russia are Gambit, Virtus.pro, forZe, and Spirit. These teams would have had to qualify or be directly invited to play in the BLAST circuit, as they are not partnered with the tournament organizer.

>The company has also announced that the CIS qualifier for the BLAST Spring Showdown, WePlay CIS Masters Spring, has been cancelled. Virtus.pro, Entropiq, K23, and forZe were set to participate in the qualifier, among with four other teams who had yet to be revealed.


>The Virtus.pro roster will participate in the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 15 under the name 'Outsiders' following ESL's decision to ban organizations with ties to the Russian government, Dexerto has confirmed and HLTV.org can corroborate.

>Virtus.pro had been among the two organizations identified by the tournament organizer as being linked to the Kremlin. The Russia-based side's ultimate ownership leads to Sogaz, a state-run insurance company that is being targeted with sanctions by the European Union.

>The ban was met with discontent from VP as it criticized ESL's decision, claiming that the organization is not connected to the Russian government and calling the move a "prime example of cancel culture."

>The Russian side nonetheless decided not to forbid their players from playing in the tournament under ESL's requirements — competing with a neutral name, as well as a promise not to represent the organization and its sponsors on the team's clothing.

>Gambit, who has also been identified by ESL as being connected to the Russian government, has yet to comment on the situation and confirm whether the players will participate in the league or not.



Everyone should be banned from e-"sports"


Disgusting… But not as disgusting as CS:GO.


S1mple is so brave….


File: 1646937810267.png (1.32 MB, 1040x542, ClipboardImage.png)

I thought Virtus.pro was Polish,


Since 2019, the roster moved to a mixture of Russian, Latvian, and Khazak players


This shit is so stupid. Just let the Russians play.


How will Putin recover


It's literally over


why the fuck are all westoid companies so soy holy shit
they don't need to virtue signal at every opportunity, nobody cares about cs:go


lmao, it's sport, it should be above politics, not every citizen endorses every action of their leaders.

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