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Hourly reminder that disco elysium staff who talked thanked Marx in award events whored themselves to AMAZON


it's just a game. imagine defending it like it's a serious political work.


I mean if they make it into a TV series, and manage to slip some based Marxist messages in there, isn't that a good thing?


If Amazon's treatment of lotr is anything to go by, no.


Idk how the production of these things work, but Disco Elysium is not very high profile property, so hopefully the corporate vampires will keep their hands from meddling with actual making of the show.


imagine thinking "serious political works" are immune to this lmao


That isn't even out yet, besides what 'message' can be conveyed from LoTR other than 'pastoralism good'


how is that mutually exclusive to my point, exactly?


Does this mean if I buy the $250 edition of Disco Elysium, I’m supporting communism?


LOTR deals with a lot of things and "pastoralism good" is like the most reductionist, brainlet take among them.


How does this affect the original game, /v/tard?


Everything can be commoditzed, even Marx and the communist manifesto itself.


Yes… and getting upset over the commodification of video games is cringe while doing the same over the Communist Manifesto may be justified just a little bit perhaps.


The creators of DE get a big fat check while we still get to enjoy the untouched game, what's the problem


Where is Maupin when we need him most?


Why is that girl bleeding? Did Sam Hyde clock her in the face?
And yeah, being petty boug will do that to you.


i want pseuds out


I want PMCs out


stop using words you do not understand


Stop being a middle class urbanoid.


go back to LARPing in the woods


It's hilarious the amount of retards that misuse """petty""" bourgeois" in here.


Go back to /v/.


what's "/v/"?


The OH NO NO NO meme didn't originate from /v/ dumbass it's so old that even facebook boomers probably understand the reference



who cares man, amazon gonna make out their shitty shows 1 way or the other. it's impossible for an anticapitalist tv show to exist at all because of the nature of the medium. they sold something totally imaginary (tv rights) to fund their lives and maybe make another cool video game


Then what are the theme then?


the whole post reeks of /v/ though


hanging out with Alexander Dugin and/or LaRouchite cultist weirdos, I presume


Some unidentifiable boogeyman that helps that poster feel better about themselves at night.


>unidentifiable boogeyman
As unidentifiable as /pol/, i.e. not.


anarchism inspired by the mid-19th century Arts and Crafts movement
the dehumanizing nature of industrial production
how war destroys people and the environment both physically and spiritually
anti-racism and racial reconciliation
the inherent beauty of the natural world
heroism and how it's a quality that anyone can possess rather than being the province of the "chosen one" or bloodlines or nonsense like that
the significance of death and dying

To name a few.

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