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>I've played it myself
>video link is not actual gameplay
Okay and?


this isn't my video. I can send more screenshots if you want though. You can easily find the leak if you google it


Post link or fuck off


link may or may not contain something magnetic
password is leftypol mascot



Is this the same one the papiez poster dropped?




I don't wanna go through all the bugs and shit, is it actually any good?


It will crash a lot and of course its not finished (naval invasions don't work), but if you also download the community patch it'll work (btw here's the link for the game https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/963406337050558544/964089353431310387/vick3.torrent )


*If you download the community patch it'll crash less


>>16540 (me)
The link at the end is where I got it from but the other links posted here might work aswell.


I can't be fucked to play it, what I meant is, does it look like the final game will be good?


I haven't checked the downloads posted yet but there's a patch by some guy called Jenkins Caligula that's zipped with a lot of newer uploads that should fix some issues.
https://dis cord.gg/59HDd8Jm
It's in this fbi.gov but I don't use it so I haven't bothered getting it myself


I can't say yet. I don't like the UI and the AI is retarded is all I can say


really depends how far out from release it is. if they were planning on a fall release date or something like that they would theoretically have time to fix up the AI and a lot of issues with systems that are very good ideas but currently dont seem to function properly

if they were planning on a late spring/summer release its unlikely theyd have things balanced in time

so far the accusations that its dumbed down or made into a mobile game or something seem to be completely baseless. doesnt mean the game will be good, but there is plenty of complexity, and the modders digging thru the leaked code are saying the devs were telling the truth when they said this is the most moddable pdx game yet by far, and with the code leaked im sure there will be plenty of great mods fixing up whatevers left undone shortly after release

my biggest complaint based on what ive seen of the leak is the UI aesthetic. just looks so glossy and cartoonish and the political map is hideous. i think the terrain actually looks very nice tho, and fortunately this will all be one of the easiest things for modders to fix


I don't really like the look of the zoomed out map either. Good job both this and the UI will be modded to death and are probably already being modded.


I don't really mind the UI personally, the thing that worries me is the war system, where there's no units and your generals can ONLY be given the orders 'attack' and 'defend' and withdraw, which removes them from combat so it's not even a combat strategy


how to install the patch into this? tech illiterate here


Replace the file that is called binaries I think.


cool thank you


Well? Has anyone played it? How shit is the combat?


It's literally two buttons attack and defend, that's it


darkest hour chads van't keep winning like this D:


The war system will probably undergo a few stages of evolution as the game ages and develops further. Every single system in a Paradox game can be guaranteed to get a DLC fleshing it out further. Not saying I like it as a business model, but it does give them more breathing room to try something new and innovative. I'm gonna give them a lot of leeway with the war system. It needed an overhaul badly.


File: 1650320679452.jpg (512.41 KB, 1920x1080, 20220403194626_1.jpg)

It didn't need an overhaul, unless you think every Paradox game ever needs one. It just needed some QOL tweaks
I'm not holding my breath on DLCs finishing the game after several years of CK3 being hot garbage.
>try something new and innovative
So far they've gutted a major feature of the game and replaced it with two buttons, maybe they can pivot this into something interesting but I don't see it yet.
Im not even that bothered by it and will get the game regardless since the rest of the game was the best part but that doesn't justify this "innovation", which I can only assume was purely to make the game more console-friendly


is the leaked game still being patched anywhere? would appreciate any links or directions if possible


>vic 2 warfare
>major "feature"
It fucking sucks and makes the game unenjoyable.




>is the leaked game still being patched anywhere?

Yes anon, random people are just going to spend their time finishing this shitty pre-alpha build of Vicky 3 for you instead of just waiting for the damn game to come out


use yandex for victoria 3 beta zip or something like that. You get a full version if you just recognize what the download button is.
There a good vk post, the first 2 links dont wor but yandex drive does. Good luck!


they actually do, thats the fun stuff


If I get a copyright letter you retards owe me


After mulling over the stuff that's in the beta, i gotta say i'm dissapointed in the political system of the game.
Having classes be tied to their specific produtive roles is obviously based, but them ditching Ideologies completely makes it shit. As much as i would have liked that, not all industrial workers see themselves as proletarian, and every liberal isn't anti-slavery (although that depends on the country).
A better political system would have subideologies representing each social strate (Industrial Workers would be succdem or communist, Academia would wildly vary across the spectrum and the Church would mostly tend to be reactionary or conservative) and the predominant subfaction would change through events and player meddling. Each of the ideologies would have specific traits for their social strata, since a socialist peasant will have different outlook from a socialist academic.


Gameplay trailer came out a few weeks ago. Hopefully this thing drops soon


Probably will be out in November


Embedding error.
official release date dropped yesterday, game comes out on October 25th


Why does no one point out the fact that the main reason for changing the war system is PROBABLY to improve game performance.


Is Vic3 more expensive than other PDX games or something? Lots of complaining about the prices happening on the various forums rn, not that I blame them but Im just wondering whats changed.


I think the game is gonna suck tbh. Weeks ago I watched someone play a few series of the leaked game with the most up to date community patch in several different countries on youtube before he got banned and it just didn't look that interesting, I pretty much lost interest after seeing them.
Every nation is basically the same except the numbers are different, which I know being a video game you could be pedantic and say the same is true for Vic2, but Vic2 definitely had a "feel" to every country. Like in Vic2 you could play as Serbia and get taken for a wild ride, in Vic3 you play as Serbia and lose if you try and do anything because you lose any war with a neighbor because it's automated and they just squash you.
It's overly micromanagey with literally everything in the economy needing to be held by the hand and rivals Vic2's awful stack management, although I think this is one thing that will hopefully be drastically improved before release. What makes this more annoying is the whole discussion is full of retards who like the war changes because stack management was a nightmare, as if you couldn't just fucking change that instead.
Another change is that the new interest groups are unengaging, you just make a government out of the people who support the stuff you want to pass and then do it. There's no real struggle with anyone or anything, and if there is then it's a foregone conclusion of who will win that struggle. The player is empowered in places it's annoying like the economy, or in putting together a government where it's boring, and disempowered in things like war where the performance decides if you actually get to advance the game.
Also the map colors and shading look shit, and the war graphics look atrocious

It's most likely because they're woefully incompetent at programming AI, which would also explain the lack of capitalists. Although I suppose it ties into performance.


is communism in vic3 better than it was in vic2?




Amazing realism


Kek. This, and the complaints about gommunism being OP, lead me to believe we might have an /ourguy/ or two in Paradox.

Is the game still as poorly optimized as it was in the beta?


>I made a fascist the head of the police, how is it they can arrest their political enemies


Did paradox try to btfo chvds by making communism and multiculturalism OP?


Communism is OP because the bourgs and landowners don't instantly counterrev and the republic and monarchist foreign governments don't try and regime change you

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