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I have never bought a game on any online platform and I have pirated games for 20+ years. I hope to be among equals.


Assuming you are over 27 then I am an equal upon scaling in those regards. Furthermore, I myself have cracked a game for public benefit and assisted the development of multiple free games.

I hope it will continue to be a pleasure to be acquainted.


I need a monocle wearing black gf


File: 1650513932031-0.jpg (541.52 KB, 1818x2048, e3983wkrbyy71.jpg)

>not buying from indie devs directly to support them while denying money to distributor porkies

that feel when no dapper bespectacled WoC gf


File: 1650515366417-0.png (300.04 KB, 1309x461, based sseth.png)

File: 1650515366417-1.png (42.54 KB, 292x266, question.png)

Indie devs?


Well I'm playing open source games so I don't know if I count as one of the cool kids, but like on a spiritual level I feel like I'm pirating them.


File: 1650524303721.png (246.73 KB, 480x508, ClipboardImage.png)

Absolutely based
The only time I have paid any money for any digital media in all my years of existence was when I got L4D2 for less than a dollar to play with friends, and it was from one of those bootleg stolen Steam key sites


I feel embarrassed that it took me so damn long to actually start pirating stuff. But alas, i feel like a god doing so.


i buy shit on steam because they handle the linux integration, updates, and mods for games. spending money is worth not having to deal with that for me


Usually multiplayer is non-existent on pirated version of games so in that case I would purchase it.


>he doesn't know about creamapis,steamwork fix and steamemus like goldberg
the only problem is your friends being jackasses because they paid for it and don't want to add emu files in their folders,but for steamwork fixes,it's on your end so you can still join them.


>>16663 (nta)
>>he doesn't know about creamapis,steamwork fix and steamemus like goldberg
Please tell me more, i beg you.


piracy is one of the best things to ever happen to humanity


based, been pirating all my life. once i get a pc powerful enough to emulate the soywitch i will not pay for anything and i will be happy


ok,so got a game but not the DLCs somehow to play in multiplayer and don't want to bother downloading everything back ? just add the dlc files,and make a creamapi with the automatic program/grab one on a thread (doesn't work for server side only dlc,but it's kinda rare outside of full live service games you can't even crack).
a steamwork fix is something that use your steam account to connect in multiplayer via the steamservers,it's quite easy to find,it's given on repack sites frequently.
Goldberg emu or Smartsteamemu are things you put in the legit folder of the game to do LAN multiplayer (that you can then use something like hamachi or make your own server to play online) it also doesn't work on every game,but the above work on those normally.
Use Cs.rin.ru if you want to basically find everything I'm talking about here,in their respective game threads.


>>16674 (me)
when I say "got a game" at the start,I mean having bought it but not the DLCs,just to be sure.


File: 1650654101945.jpg (74.44 KB, 1107x840, free samples.jpg)

Can we stop calling it that, nobody is talking about hijacking ships, or even stealing in general. The reasons why people do not accept monopolies that steal the freedom of making copies, are numerous:

So called copyright has induced the propagation of DRM which is in violation of personal property. Even by capitalist logic if you buy something it's yours and nobody else gets to interfere with how you use your stuff, and drm clearly interferes with that.

Then there is the conflict with free market logic, copyright is not a type of property, it's a production monopoly.
If you buy a license to copyrighted information like games, you are not buying a capitalist commodity, you are paying a private tax, toll or tribute like in feudal times. To prove my point, Capitalist commodity prices in a free market are set by the cost of reproduction. Reproduction costs of information is next to nothing. So there are no pirates stealing anything there are just people paying actual market exchange value. In many cases you can't resell a software license which makes it even clearer that it is not a commodity.

What made capitalism progressive according to Marx was that it had a scarcity reducing function. And for video games in the age of fully digital distribution, scarcity can be defined as: the games that people want but not yet exist.
Capital is the network of game devs and the technical back-end they need.
The commodity is what ever makes people pay in advance to have the games created that they want.

The "business model" is not that hard, Games could be released in chapters. The first one is free of charge and very short, as demo that you can deliver on the technical end and as a teaser on the creative end. People have to pre-order the next chapter for it to get made. No drm crap needed and it would work with a free libre software license too. The most valuable thing would be a brand with a trust-record that shows a history of delivering on promises. The people that sell cheese seem to be able to do free sample cubes to sell cheese, so it can't be that hard.

I wonder what went wrong, why did capitalists regress backwards. Why does it feel like the opposition to the copyright trolls is radical when it really shouldn't be. Why is open source and creative commons not the default right now ?
If you read what Marx wrote about capitalism 200 years ago, it should have delivered on this. So why does it look like we need to move on to a socialist economy to get it ?


File: 1650665244780.png (189.31 KB, 600x580, ClipboardImage.png)

>Can we stop calling it that
No. I will continue to larp as Jack Sparrow whenever I torrent a movie and there is nothing you can do about it.


File: 1650692862485.png (3.55 MB, 2048x1774, looting.png)

A commodity is whatever the capitalist class says it is, and uses the bourgeois state's monopoly on force to enforce it. Theft is anything that undermines this, and piracy is theft and it's based, simple as.


I used to pirate all of my games but I'm too lazy to modify my consoles and too poor to buy a new computer, so I just play old games and emulate shit


modding consoles is like a game in itself. when i've modded my 3ds a few years ago i had fun playing with magnets and shit. it's a shame the switch v2 doesn't have any way to hack it beyond the chip shit


>A commodity is whatever the capitalist class says it is
Only if you are a bourgeois economist, whose purpose is to make up excuses for the ruling class.
Marxists do try to be scientific about economics. If a thing doesn't behave like a commodity, then it isn't one. Changing the name of a thing doesn't change what it is.
>and uses the bourgeois state's monopoly on force to enforce.
Commodity production is when the state artificially limits supply to drive prices above market exchange value ?
I know monopoly capitalism is a stage of capitalism, but monopolies aren't engaged in commodity production, they just extract monopoly-rent from the rest of the economy. That's all this is.


Last game I bought was in 2013. I do miss being able to play certain multiplayer games with friends but for that I need friends first so it's not like I'm missing out but it's also not like I pirate just because it's free. I pirate because I get a better experience than what a paypig would. I would purchase multiplayer games in a heartbeat if I had no other option (and friends).


What's the best way to pirate steam games? steamunlocked?


steamunlocked is fine, but they use a premiumshit uploader where you have to pay to get a good download speed. i don't think i need to explain why this is unacceptable for modern games


I pirate for older games and systems but I buy if the game is really cheap (under $5 or if I really like the game's quality)

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