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File: 1652228016201.png (536.32 KB, 640x515, duke if he real.png)



It looks terrific and George Broussard really scrapped years of work because he saw a seesaw puzzle in Half Life 2 and started hyperventilating.


Why would you upload it to a site with such a shit player tho



is downloading and using your desktop's own player too difficult


File: 1652243374050.mp4 (70.19 MB, 1280x720, Slick Willy.mp4)



fuck dude im actually playing the leak and it looks like over half of it was done already, this fucking blows


>It looks terrific and George Broussard really scrapped years of work because he saw a seesaw puzzle in Half Life 2 and started hyperventilating.

lol. proofs?


I just saw on Twitter that Broussard is farding and shidding over one of the other people from 3D realms saying the project had poor direction and killed the company, which is an obviously true statement judging by the fact it never came out, and is calling the guy a 'narcissist'.


Sounds like massive projection because thanks to him DNF went through three engine changes, suffered from feature creep and after seeing DooM 3 felt the need to revamp the lighting in DNF completely for some fucking reason.


What a moron, it's Duke Nukem, not 2001: A Space Odyssey.


File: 1652260087180.png (634.83 KB, 1296x759, 1652162594811.png)

I've lived long enough to finally play the 2001 DNF build.


>pointless vehicle segment
Looks like the cancer was already creeping in.


It looks like it would be pretty fun if there was enemies


Yeah, and if there was an ability to shoot while driving. Motorcycle combat is pretty rare in FPS games.



imagine the whole era of custom levels and mods we missed out on


This would be a year into the PS2 and before GTA3 launched so it would be the trend at the time.


Insane that a certain person thought this wasn't good enough for its time and that's why it never got to see the light.


capitalism/hierarchy is a fuck


i mean it's a fairly standard quake-like shooter
no reason to not finish it though


would you have said the same 20 years ago though


This build is from September 2001 meaning not even Halo and the development team was tiny for the time so they could undercut the bigger studios if they just got it out the door in 2002.


Halo was popular only because of a massive marketing campaign by Microsoft.


Lol no. It was the best multiplayer shooter on Xbox. Also having vehicles and fps in multiplayer was uncommon for the time. Still uncommon today in fact. Only really the Battlefield series.


File: 1652412220672.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.12 KB, 946x797, thank you master.jpg)

>It was the best multiplayer shooter on Xbox.


/v/ermin moment


Did you even play the original Combat Evolved or are you basing your opinion only on the shitty Anniversary that Halo fan thinks is ass and a crime against gaming?




File: 1652467773609.jpg (76.06 KB, 640x908, timesplitters2xbox.jpg)

Why yes, I played the first Halo game when it came out and my friends and I thought it was such a joke that we went right back to playing Perfect Dark after we searched for a way to disable autoaim in the options and realized there wasn't one.

Anon, you seem neither intelligent or well traveled when you make the insinuation that people who bash Halo are young, what you look like is someone who is incredibly ignorant about the genre. Halo was a mediocre turd on release and it most assuredly was not the best multiplayer FPS on the Xbox either. The shit-eating insinuation is quite appropriate.


So you didn't beat it on legendary and you didn't learn how to reliability pwn noobs with the pistol. You saw there was aim assist and assumed Halo had no challenge.


File: 1652488417901.mp4 (5.51 MB, 640x360, smDf6X0b_qd0EoFj.mp4)

The more footage I see from DNF the sadder I get that it never saw a proper release.


That's pretty cool, I can't say I've encountered an FPS with glass breaking like that before.


I feel like Broussard must have been legit retarded, this isn't really my kind of game but still, what a shame.


It's actually exactly how glass breaks even in modern day


What will modders turn this into? Some ideas:
1. more destructible stuff
2. super-fast slide possible on fresh puddles of blood
3. bikes you can equip anywhere like a weapon & automatically explode after 5 seconds


Your example (like most games with glass breaking) has whole panels shattering when enough damage is done to them. Duke Nukem Forever has site-localized destruction to the glass.


It's the same technology. The glass will break where you shoot it into pre-determined chunks. Meaning, you shoot the same spot it will break the same way every time. I assume there are multiple breakpoints that you can hit, and it would be easy for modern gamers to spot. The only difference between then and now is the # of breakpoints and variance in chunk shapes.
Don't get me wrong, it's cutting edge technology for the time.


Quite possibly! I remember thinking exactly that when trying to play it. I think I kept at it for about one or two hours, then writing it off as an uninspired borefest and never again playing any Halo game.
Did I miss anything?


Halo was a progenitor. I forgot it actually came out before Battlefield. So maybe it really is the first MP shooter that had large maps and vehicle/on foot combat. Also thinking back, they're really the first multiplayer shooter I can remember that used an auto-heal mechanic, which became the standard for most games.


I'm thinking only Tribes that I remember and tribes didn't hit console until later.


Even if it was the first (and I doubt it), Halo's vehicle combat was too simplistic and became uninteresting after 10 minutes of play. Battlefield 1942 came out the next year and completely blew it away.

And auto-heal is one of the most cancerous mechanics ever unleashed on the FPS genre.


You don't have auto regenerating health in Halo, you have auto regenerating shields which once they are depleted you lose non-regenerating health. You can go down in three critical shots in Halo.


That's a completely arbitrary distinction, shields constitute half of your health.


In practice no since high damage weapons do more damage then your shields and head shots are a instant kill as soon as you take health damage from it. So you can kill anyone instantly with a head shot with a high damage weapon.


So you believe any game where you can die fairly quickly doesn't have real health regen? You just have your own personal definition that nobody else follows.


You seem to think shields and health are the same when Halo's game code will instantly kill you once you take any actual health damage to your head regardless how much health you have.


>It's not real regen if you can die


You are missing the meta. It is not the Call of Duty meta. Once you lose shields, till you shields regenerate, you are losing health that you can't practical get back in multiplayer till you respawn due to lack of med packs in multiplayer maps, plus any spill over damage when your ran out of shields to absorb the hit already took a chunk of health. This means even if you get your shields fully back you have less health to absorb hits one your shields are depleted again.



that would be perfect, if the kick actually hit duke lol


A lot of ex 3D realms has gone on record to talk about the development of the game. The basic gist of it was that Broussard basically bankrupted the company out of his own vanity. Dude can't stop changing the game engine and forcing the devs to start from scratch every time, draining the company's resources to nill. It started out as an idtech game, then unreal engine game, then half life 2 came out and by that point the company had ran out of money. What you see in Forever that Randy released was literally the stitched together copse of the last build 3D Realms made.


The thing is what we see in the leaked build was still impressive for the time, from the late 2001 build they just needed to actually flesh everything out and there are modders planning to do just that.

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