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File: 1653050770693.png (945.28 KB, 1164x1242, ClipboardImage.png)


They're giving away Borderlands 3 at the Epic Games Store

I don't know even know why they are doing this
There's no special festival this summer


Already nabbed it. Maybe I will play it with someone else in coop when I will get myself some free time and and some upgrades for my rig.
By the way, have they got rid of the Denuvo bullshit already?


why do you post the downy?


There are a lot of torrent trackers giving away games for free too.


Not all of them have working multiplayer though, even with Steam emulators and private servers, and playing Borderlands solo only is not as fun as coop.


File: 1653623859177.png (58.41 KB, 194x259, ClipboardImage.png)

i am shocked
i also now own The Complete Bioshock Remastered, which is now the second free game

I hope it has all the DLC from 3 games

true, but also this >>17783

They're making that "Fall Guys" game free in June
I never got to play because it was multiplayer

More billionaires should be like Tim Sweeney, spending money to buy me free shit


>More billionaires should be like Tim Sweeney, spending money to buy me free shit

Epic is truly desperate, I literally never use their launcher other than to get the free games (I don't even play them usually anyway).


>implying you pay for games ever


i just hope the games don't disappear
i haven't played any of them other than * **


The games are tied to your account and considered to be bought for a 100% discount, so unless Epic takes down their store service for some unfathomable reason they are pretty much permanent.


thanks, IWW


They need some gift crads, physical and digital, to atract children who buy games without their parents knowing.


>I don't know even know why they are doing this
to encourage people to get their proprietary game storefront probably


bl3 should have been an mmo. bl2 already had multiplayer and mmo loot drops, bl3 just made it more boring.


their isn't as much as their used to be a just a few years ago, half of my library is just games that I picked up back in 2016 or so. and still never got to play through all of them,


File: 1654182225506.png (183.27 KB, 616x353, ClipboardImage.png)

Nazi killing sim just became free

Get your practice in


gog has give away of some weird warhammer pack, mostly some wallpapers and discounts for some other warhammer games but there's also an old strategy games you'll get for free.



File: 1654590160819.png (2.21 MB, 1125x2316, ClipboardImage.png)

This is the clue for the next free game

Any guesses??
I feel it's going to be Sleeping Dogs

Some say Death Stranding or Uncharted because Sony invested 1 billion into EGS


gog at it again, there apparently want to give away 4 games this week, check out what they've got every day, I allready missed one.


edit, you can get sanitarium from, scroll down on gog's main store page.


you can now get Venetica gold edition on gog, just scroll down on the main page of gog never heard of this game before but it's free.
will last for a few hours from now, 3 more free games coming for this week.


Reminder that the next Fumito Ueda game will be an Epic exclusive.


are you gog shills or something? you can get any games for free 😳


It's damn near unplayable in split-screen because of how slow it is.


who is that


File: 1655036714217.png (2.65 MB, 1528x917, team ico.png)

Game designer of these. Not everyone's cup of tea but very influential games.


I'm sharing free game deals, isn't that the point of the thread?
and there is another side scroller on gog, with half naked animated chicks as main characters, you can grab the game for free today only


gog out here again with some fallout like rpg "beautifull desolation"
go get it


I don't see that free?


NVM I see it


Free on Epic right now.


I know this isn't free per se, but I have a massive amount of steam keys, if anyone wants one I will accept reasonable offers, like 1tf2 key for a reasonably priced game or 1tf2 for a couple shitty ones, or IDK, just whatever you have for trade.



I will give you 0 dollars for it after I make a burner account, so that I can resell to idiots that pay money for products


harsh but fair


>Scroll through entire list
>Nothing interesting
damn how is that even possible?


Well these are all the games I didn't want to play lol, that's why I'm trading them. Or I have them already and they're doubles. I have so fucking many 'generic fantasy RPG' type game keys it's unreal


But on the bright side a guy offered me like 140 TF2 keys for a bunch of the crap on there, on top of the 57 we traded for yesterday


File: 1656318157964.png (1.84 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

fall guys is free now on EGS
should we organize an leftypol tournament?

idk if that is possible in the game, i've never played it


why the hell not, sounds fun


Can we make a group or something?


I don't know how EGS works

It's really weird as platform you can add friends, not sure about groups

They have some roadmap on Trello and it does not mention that feature

I'm installing Fall Guys rn, Will check if it's possible


File: 1657449274057.png (1.07 MB, 626x1167, losspound.png)

Holy shit, EGS is giving Killing Floor 2 away for free today.


Wonder Boy! that dope game with pretty artstyle is free now


File: 1657949471213.png (611.54 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

so i don't think it's possible to make a group
but you can add people and start a match i think

we need a signup sheet if w'ere doing a fall guys tourney


File: 1659156504792.png (251.86 KB, 480x270, ClipboardImage.png)


what level of capitalist alienation is this?


The powerwash game is better.

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