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Hundreds of the 1001 confirmed bugs are STILL in the game to this day and might aswell never will be fixed but before I rant on about the bugs I’m gonna first complain about how mediocre the game started off as and still fucking is

The UI is a mess and clutters your screen with shit you only need to have a few functioning brain cells to understand. As for the rest of lifeless essays shit quests it goes without saying you might aswell have the game playing itself because it holds your hand on all of the still minimal amounts of content

There’s no fucking atmosphere at all making the game not scary in the fucking slightest. Seriously name one just one instance where you’ve seen anybody play fallout and say they ever felt scared, or sad about what goes on in the game and not at the game for how much of a fuckup it is

The AI is laughably retarded from the scorched to the raiders to the ghouls, they all behave like pathfinding zombies. Not even the zombies you’d find in games like left 4 dead 2 that do interesting shit like attacking each other or sneaking up on you. Just fucking lazy as shit pathfinding AI that walk in a line to kill you. Stalker is an over decade old fucking game and manages to portray how real bandits in video games would respond to fire fights with AI flanking you, changing positions, hiding, alerting others etc and the mutants get their fair share of love to with dogs running away when they’re too wounded or monsters hanging up on you in groups rather than attack you as individuals along with dispersing when injured to fuck up your aim. Fallout 76 has NONE OF THAT AND ITS RELEASED OVER A DECADE AFTER STALKER

The scorched beast is a literal not even bothering to at least reskin copy paste off the dragon model in Skyrim
that has all the same fucking bugs.

The models for all the rest of the enemies in this mediocre excuse of a game all look like aliens. You know how zombies in left 4 dead wore clothes based off their locations and had visible human features, no one not the scorched to the ghouls to the ai even have a design that looks even remotely human and there’s not even variations to those models.
The mutants don’t even look like mutated creatures they’re based off of st least in stalker a boar mutant looks like boar but with larger teeth and other junk in fallout a mutated cockroach looks like my grandma is see in a nightmare after smoking five lines of cocaine.

Ammo and caps are far far too easy to come by and drops on enemies that shouldn’t even have ammo in the first place *cough cough* mutants *cough cough*
The game is still P2W and p2p on top of that while the graphics look like something out of a 2000s game yet the game can’t be run on a 2000s computer partly because optimization in this shitshow is nonexistent and partly because the server is too busy crashing your PC randomly because no one on bethesdas server team actually has the time to fix the servers.

The animation is lifeless, rigid, unvaried and makes the world feel as dead as the office it was made in, NPCs and raiders don’t even get sleep cycles or shit to do when the player isn’t around providing zero incentive to explore or learn more about your enemies

All of the above mentioned have made fallout a once post apocalyptic horror RPG into a fucking action adventure looter shooter game with 90s era animation, ai and 2000s era graphics made for toddlers

<and now onto the bugs

Oh my god it’s exhausting knowing at BARE MINIMUM 60% of the bugs in this game are still present to this day. The most common bugs you’ll encounter are collision failures causing AI and physics to completely break down regularly meaning you can have shit like exploding weapons and duplicating heads popping up, and the second most common bug is due to a rendering glitch that occurs because Bethesda developers thought it was a smart idea to render the world based off the camera angle and not off the camera position meaning every fucking time you turn around you’ll see the entire world of fallout from the physics to the shadows to the models all having to be reloaded in over and over and over again which causes even more hundreds of stupid bugs. These two common bugs are what produce the most amount of bugs in game as for the rest those bugs aren’t even gonna be mentioned because they’re glitches from past Bethesda games. You know how earlier I mentioned that the scorched beast model is recycled from Skyrim? Guess what for a shit load of other content in game that recycling is present and the fact that the game has been out for years and none of the bugs actually got fixed in those recycled assets should tell you about how little of a shit that studio gives about making actual RPGs beyond ESO. I’m tired of writing this, bethesdas next launches for elder scrolls 6 and that’s space thing are gonna be disasters and that’s proven just by looking at their history considering they’ve always been lazy and incompetent just compare the outer worlds to literally any Bethesda release and you’ll see what I mean. I’m going back to playing stalker


Good post, but dunking on 76 is kinda shooting fish in a barrel.


File: 1653351845153.jpg (293.1 KB, 906x1200, 1586735881427.jpg)

fo76 post fixes is better than fo4 tho thats not saying much


You can say the same about this shit for games like destiny 2(yeah I said it the game is still garbage and has no atmosphere or immersiveness or even reason to give a shit about the story), world of Warcraft in its current state, diablo 3, every single Bethesda game in existence except for new Vegas, etc. its getting exhausting seeing new games released by major studios or startup studios and knowing exactly what to expect



Anyways here’s my solutions for the abysmal state of fallout 76

For starters make the physics run off public servers and not off players PCs that causes so many stupid bugs and also rework the rendering system so shit is rendered based off the camera position and not angle to prevent random reloads

Fix the color pallet and enemy models so that the game is even somewhat scarier due to the increased darkness and realism of the environment so your not completely disconnected from what’s happening to you

Add the following abilities to all non human enemies. Make smaller mutants like the scorched travel in groups and gang up on you, make said smaller mutants also disperse whenever attacked as a group and search for the source of the gun shot ensuring player aim can’t really completely off spray and prey, let mutant mobs also encircle players to further encourage players think before engaging in combat with the mobs. For larger mobs because they’re slower so what left 4 dead did and make them capable of throwing shit at you and calling for larger mobs to gang up on you so you can’t rely completely off maintaining distance from them.

The last major change I want is a minimization of the UI the only thing a player will realistically need is a map and that’s about it. Needing hit markers, crosshairs, healthbars, nametags on every fucking mob player and item ingame, along with that annoying fucking cash sound that plays after each kill is annoying as shit and treats the game as if it’s a fucking loot machine praising you for doing the most menial shit and takes you out of the fallout experience I was used to in the original 2 games.



FO4 with mods still beats FO76 big time though.


>For starters make the physics run off public servers and not off players PCs
Servers cost money.


I’m gonna assume this is sarcasm and we haven’t reached the point where standards have sunk so low for Bethesda that they’re literally too lazy to know how to run a multiplayer game


Implying it's laziness and not cost savings


>playing bethesda fallout
the fault is yours


File: 1653494616567.jpg (53.48 KB, 400x582, govorkov-nyet-1954.jpg)

You cannot dunk on 76 enough, it deserves every ounce of ridicule it gets and then some. This thing currently has a positive steam rating.

Why is that such an issue? Because it fucking worked that's why. Remember all the bumbling at release, the literal fraud lawsuits, the unacceptable bugs and state of the game? That's all validated as an acceptable state for a game to release at now. So no, it's not OK, it's not an alright game, it's not better with patches, it's not a live service piece of shit. It is a fucking cash grab that after 2 years is at a barely tolerable level and there are people that fucking praise Bethesda for that.

And no it's not a fucking engine problem. The funny thing about the Creation Engine is two-fold. One: Engines are not monolithic entities that cannot be changed with individual pieces. The physics, sky rendering, cloud formation, landscape, AI, etc are all different pieces of software and more than half are industry standard licensed software like the Havoc Physics Engine. Two: The Creation Engine is actually alright as an MMO engine, since it was actually built off of an MMO engine from the 90s, which funnily enough Elder Scrolls Online runs on. Yep, ESO runs on the granddaddy of the Creation Engine and runs a fuck ton better than 76. I mean ffs remember on release when you could use your own .config file to crash other people's games cause they're all tied to the same instance with no anti-cheat? Amazing. Even on top of that, the Creation Engine would work fine if coded right. Remember that stuff like Red Dead 2 runs on a fucking Ping Pong game engine from 2006.

And what all of this means is that they're gonna do the exact same shit for Starfield, or TES6, and someone else is going to look at it and think it's alright too *cough* EA *cough*. Lowering of standards is a slippery fucking slope. And I'm also not going to say "well it's your opinion to enjoy it so that's alright" cause it's not. If that's your opinion you're not only wrong and a dumbass, you're acting as affirmation as a customer that is satisfied with the quality of the product. You are the reason they managed to rebrand paid mods as the Creation Club.

Lick Bethesda's boot harder Bethesdafags.


A lot of this can be applied to the rest of the AAA space. Gaming community started getting flooded with idiots with the attention span of fucking cocain induced babies and because confidence men are retarded and wanted more money out of the gaming space they started pivoting games towards those rats even though those same games had global appeal. Just listen to what Steve said about this phenomena



These are the same idiots that allowed micro-transactions, these are the same idiots that allowed day one DLC, these are the same idiots that allowed pre-order bonuses, these are the same idiots that allowed DRMs, these are the same idiots that allowed DLCs to become the game you paid $60 for.

Scum of the earth. If I ever see one more person say the likes of Cyberpunk, Anthem, Mass Effect Andromeda, Fallout 76, GTA Trilogy, etc are "OK" or that they enjoyed it I will gut them where they stand.

I know it's a deeper trend but I have since called this the "12 yo majority" since I used to chalk it up to the 12 yos that bought CoD, but has since become more accurate for the players with the attention span of a 12 yo and also generally the people who thought the 12 yo army was legit funny. And yes I am belittling fellow human beings, but if you're going to shill for a fucking corpo than you get treated like a corpo shill, simple as.


for both Cyberpunk and Mass effect,I know first hand how shit both of those are,and no,I can even confidently say the updates changed absolutely nothing (mass effect animation problems still haunts the game to this day even after multiple graphical patches,and everything is barebones),its insane how little gameplay there is in a game that was pretenting to be a deep RPG in every trailer,and then nothing is actually in the game,CDProject unironically deserved a class action lawsuit on their asses as well.. (even the story of Cyberpunk that everybody deepthroat is shit,Jonnhy is a massive faggot that litterally nevers changes,he just become self-aware of how much of a twat he was but stay the same)
I don't think anybody is gonna say Anthem was ok or good tho,they litterally betrayed the few retards that were still playing it.


What can you say?

The beta or open version you can play in a game will always represent most of what the final products gonna turn out as. Reveal trailers will always only ever tell you that a game has started its production not that anything has even been built, and when your working with an industry that has failed to fix a problem as simple as calculating collisions properly for over 2 decades you can expect this type of mediocrity present in massive releases. Making large games takes time like at a bare minimum half a decades worth of time to produce, making a game like cyberpunk live up to every RPG expectation that was marketed is gonna require more than nine years to produce considering at least 7 of them were spent doing nothing while 2 was where most development took place after its reveal. Even gta V after it’s initial release was worse than GTA 4 in a lot of aspects and took years before it not only caught up but surpassed it


Same guy

Side note:
Now that your mentioning cyberpunk if I’ve learned anything about anthems development I can safely say that most of cyberpunks development team likely didn’t even know what the game was supposed to be about before it started getting a lot of hype surrounding it, this would explain why the base game wasn’t even finished after being in development for over nine years, why their Twitter changed from rpg to action adventure and finally why they kept talking about every feature in game at conventions juxtaposed to RDR2 whom just said it was a game about cowboys but a shitload of features in it were discovered rather than mentioned. It’s that kind of thing and when your throwing in large expectations with now an acknowledged shitload of wasted time suddenly a recipe for disaster was brewing pretty much immediately


I've long accepted FO4 what it is and now I can at least have fun with it as a fuck around town builder (thnx SS2)

Critically I just don't see Beth as RPG devs anymore and it helps a lot


Rpg games aren’t like action games or online shooters they’re inherently harder to make right

Think of it this way
All games have a blend between simulation and entertainment components that make them up. Sandbox games and RPGs are inherently closer towards the simulator side which creates a lot of options for gameplay and those options can’t just be faked with shitty graphics and endless fetch quests in RPGs you need way more than that.

Large maps, several types of locations, dynamic and varied AI, many and I repeat many types of weapons and items available to you etc. it’s a cluster fuck to build an RPG right which is why most modern RPGs just opt for spamming vfx on the screen to substitute for actually deep combat call their games open world despite having maps the sizes of small towns and call it a day after that and since then as you can expect RPGs have not only gotten visibly smaller over the years but worse overall.

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