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Name a game with mechanically better combat I’ll fucking wait


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>takes of vesperia
Weeb garbage with the same fucking bullshit of spamming vfx over intiricant combat that kh3 did
No sense of importance for keeping distance and games to fucking easy for there to be a reason to use multiple builds
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fucking worst out of all of them considering how fucking inconsistent the combat in the game is, it’s even worse than kh3s constant experimentation with over glorified mob grinding abilities.

Yeah OP none of these games come close to the level of movement options, depth, consistency and difficulty kh2 has


I would also put star ocean, but you can easily get through the game mashing side kick, but the depth is there if you look for it


<weeb bullshit
<but not kh
K bro. Tales of have a great combat system, better than the stories and characters by far. vid rel.
The point is to be stylish and cool, enemies are just a prop to juggle while you link combos together.
is hit or miss, but has great combos if you know what you're doing.

That being said, all of your criticisms can be retorted with "git gud". I think kh2 is a great game, and unless you "gut gud" at it, you're just going to be mashing x and triangle and get stuck on the data org.
Also, you're OP, the ip count didn't go up


Yeah fag
Because I responded to your examples and they lack depth and purpose to even bother using their combat

Video game combat can’t just be stylish for the sake of style there needs to be a function for why these mechanics are used otherwise you can’t have shit like guild wars 2 mounts all having their uses for their movements than like the tasteless cosmetic mounts wow has that only exist for fashion and fashion only


As for that tales video

This is what a generic “hard” boss is like in kh2 notice the amount of timing blocking and healing going on rather than just mashing buttons together and hoping for a cool looking combo


The purpose of dmc combat is, simply: expression. You can use any number of of your tools to do effectively kill an enemy, it's about picking which tools and linking them together.
Its just a difference in style. KH2 boss fights feels more like a puzzle then a fight. DMC feels like a fighting game in practice mode. Both are valid, but I feel that kh is too samey. I unironically like the ability to switch keyblades in 3 because it alleviates some of the sameyness.


>hoping for a cool combo
it's less about that. Considering tales of is a bamco title, it makes sense that some traditional fighting game mechanics got involved.
You can link a hits, cancel them into other abilities, reset them with a hard knockdown, it's very similar imo.


>nooooo you can’t just make the boss fights require more than a fucking brain cell to kill you’re supposed to just let me mash buttons and see cool animations on screen you can’t make the enemies and bosses have a reasonable level of difficulty that gets me to use the games combat to its best extent to win noooo

And then old gamers have to question why new games treat ther audiences like fucking children


lmao didn't read, I already said I like kh2 and its a great game however


Nah you read that and couldn’t cope with the fact that your objectively garbage at video games

Kh2 compared to other games made prior to it is painfully easy and only requires you give enough of a shit to be willing to get your ass handed and learn how to fight a literal bot

If pvp was in kingdom hearts your situation would be 10 times worse


I dunno about nier my dude. Its still a good game and is a better rpg than kingdom hearts.


still didn't read
if you want someone to engage with your thread don't be such a /v/tarded teen


>kh series
>nier series
>rpg games

Holy fucking shit how young are you. There action platformer games with minor rpg elements in their progression systems. RPG games are games like dwarf fortress, fallout 1 and 2, stalker, baldurs gate etc


Holy shit why do you retards all speak in the same insufferable way


No wonder the side boards are dead.


I think the ability to switch different weapon sets and characters gives you a lot of depth. Most people just go through the game with the least friction possible, which is generally mashing the light button or doing the glitch with dash heavy attacks. It is a flaw, I admit, but not one that you can say every arpg avoids either.
The story is still better than the combat imo.


OP here

No both the entirety of kingdom hearts and nier have god awful overconvilted stories with way to much symbolism. And yes I’ll admit that every other kh game beyond maybe birth by sleep along with nier games beyond the new one as a collective have terrible combat overall


the original nier was bad
darkengard was awful, but I believe that to be on purpose.
I preferred the kh1 story to any of the other khs, because of how simple it was and how they tied the Disney villains into the story. now it's just a cabal of shadowy figures from a hand-held spinoff making new kinds of enemies show up in every world.


The combat to me feels like a mechanically unrefined bayonetta with less enemy variety. I don't think the story is bad either, just a bit cliché and poorly presented. The symbolism isn't really a problem until the NPCs explain away every metaphor you come across.

The game's strongest suit is it's RPG aspects. The "open world" is designed like an RPG overworld with narrow branching paths and widely different biomes. Character building is the coolest shit I've seen in a game in a long time.


File: 1653454677072.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.31 KB, 320x320, q3.jpg)


File: 1653469516171-0.png (109.89 KB, 300x168, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1653469516171-1.png (96.15 KB, 284x177, ClipboardImage.png)

>kingdom hearts
>good combat


away with you vile peasent


I dunno about those others but yeah Nier's combat is god fucking awful


Literally Any Fighting Game
KH didn't even get proper framerates until daddy Epic came in.
Game didn't start having proper camera support until daddy Epic came in. Why we've got to argue though?
Pokemon also has better combat, but what are we asking ourselves again? Tell me why KH has good combat first. Convince me you know your ass from your head first.


Monster Hunter, no contest. It‘s a entire series build around combat.




Is this a shitpost? That looks janky and like a first person attempt at recreating for honours combat


>why does kh2 have the best combat
Because it’s genuinely one of the only games with a perfect balance of movement options, weapon variety, difficulty that gets you to use all of its systems and consistency with its combat overall to earn that title.


I always found the MH combat system really awkward.


>perfect balance


the pre world,post iceborne,or rise system ?


Kingdom hearts is a game with a shitload of combat options and system that pretty much allows you to play in any way you want within the game, because said system also has a level of difficulty not found in most modern games you’ll also find that your encouraged to actually use these options to their best rather than in most action games where you’ll never be faced with any opponent that can’t be beaten with endless button mashing.
Examples of bosses in kh2 that require thinking and creative approaches to kill are
Lingering will
And many more including ordinary waves of heartless with their own AI components and stats


>creative processes
I see. Dodge. Spam your regular punch-punch-kick combo. Lenient blocking that gives you a hot 2 seconds of dead-air. And triangle it up when the triangle icon closes in to AWESOME.

How much grinding impacts any of this I should also not fail to mention. Just use a healing salve, spell, or level-up. It's an rpg after-all. Furthermore the area is a boring circle. The AOE attack static. The 2nd aoe attack seems a bit more of a threat.

Also being able to restore the DEATH spell counter? Is that a FF unicum? What an anticlimax. His weird death scythe in the ground move doesn't even aim at you. Do the black holes not suck you in?

What's so great about this combat? What are the multitude of ways you can tackle this particular bossfight?

The fights in Kh2 are really nothing special my man. To tout it as the best combat when it's not even in the arpg genre.
Random ass shovelware like video related have comparable bossfights to the ones you tout but I'd argue they're better, more varied, and more cinematic. Lets not start on the actual good games out there. Why pretend Kh2 is good? Why pretend any of KH before Re:MIND on PC is worth anyone's salt? I've played one-man projects with better bossfights. I implore you to expand your horizon.


Leveling up really doesn't do much in KH2, the most accepted way to play (by gatekeeping keyboard warriors) is on the hardest difficulty at level 1.
Marluxia is a really bad example tbh, the only fight I felt like I had freedom to change up combos was on the secret boss.


>leveling isn’t really helpful
Dude you don’t have to use any specific build in the game. Want max stats go for it, want to play level one go for it, wanna do magic only guess what you can go for it. It’s actually a lot like dark souls where the games combat system slows you to use any build so long as you actually have the skill to use it properly as mentioned prior here


>best arpg
>leveling up doesn't do anything
You can't really have it both ways.
Fine. Megaman 3 has better combat than Kingdom Hearts. Try to argue me wrong. KH is a mess and removing 99% of the game doesn't make up for its lackluster bossfights that really are nothing special whatsoever. KH has no skill-shots, clunky menuing that arguably limits it in complexity. Having a cooldown bar 1-9 would give much more levy to making a mechanically complex game in which variety lends itself.

I'll believe you on the secret boss. It reminds me of home run contest. It's just a sandbag, you can tell me you're pressing any other button than a single one. To me it looks automated. You just spam a single attack, every time. (If I worded that properly) You don't even aim. In MM3 I at least have to aim.


> no skill-slots
Why would you want more redundant information clogging up space on the UI if you already know the keys and combos to preform skills in kh2 in the first place?
> clunky menuing that arguably limits it in complexity
Eh fair
> Having a cooldown bar
Again redundant UI information. Everything you need to know about kh2s skills is literally posted in their descriptions and showing that information on screen at all times only makes you vulnerable to randos taking advantage of your limited vision
> To me it looks automated. You just spam a single attack, every time.
No no he isn’t, and repeatedly uses different move sets to maximize damage on terra whenever it’s possible do to the bosses recovery frames and when he can’t he focuses on parrying and dodging not just mashing buttons like an idiot and dying seconds
> In MM3 I at least have to aim.
What do you think the lock button is there for retard?


the data org in kh2 is the bread and butter of the game to me. It's a boss rush of harder versions of previous bosses, plus some new ones. Some of them are just gimmick fights tbf, and you do need to be very tight with your gameplay with little wiggle room for creativity. The fights are still cool imo.


the rocket flares..
maybe I just have nostalgia goggles


The probable cause for that may be the fact that Monster Hunter doesn’t restrict the full range of your camera and character movement with some lock on mechanism. You actually have to direct the camera and the position of your character inside the frame yourself. This is of course awkward at first.


More ignorance. It's only redundant as in it is not utilized by the game as in it isn't there. I never said he was doing a single attack. I said he was doing a single attack, every single time. Mm3 doesn't have a lock button. You actually have to aim in that game. Not sure how that makes me retarded. mm3 is simply not only a better game, it also has better combat.


> a first person attempt at recreating for honours combat

lmao for honour has nowhere near the depth of mordhau. mordhau is more closely related to chivalry which came out before for honour


chivalry had no depth whatsoever tho,it ended up a mess of exploits, I didn't forget about everybody spinning to ignore each other guards (ironically,same as for honor for the first year and a half of it's life) I'm also pretty on the fence about mordhau's depth,but I didn't play later than the backwalk shield meta.
the boss rush is litterally the only good part of the third game too

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