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File: 1654111782235.png (68.33 KB, 1378x1378, JRPG.png)


>wake up in small village
>it burns down
>go on adventure to kill god


>make rpgmaker game
>use default assets
>implement botched atb


>call it an open world game
>map is the size of a small town


File: 1654120886964.png (194.22 KB, 653x566, ClipboardImage.png)

>walk around in empty hallway
>annoying music starts playing
>am transported to another map to have a "battle" where I just spam the same three commands for half a minute
>numbers go up!


File: 1654123152781.png (892.77 KB, 1202x678, ClipboardImage.png)

>the longer you play the easier it gets
>fuck actual level design, lets just put keys and holes at the end of long sections
>shooting at the wall until it breaks is a staple
>enemies have braindead AI and are just filler

I love the first town in jrpgs though. Getting comfy. Most of the time the best dialogue lines are there, too. Also you forgot
>every house has single beds
It's like Japan is afraid to have adults sleep together in their jrpgs. I'm talking about the npcs.


File: 1654138720665.png (10.63 KB, 640x480, wisewords.png)


It's a subgenre


It's an incoherent classification without any consistent differences between "WRPGs" invented for trolling.


all classifications are arbitrary, we know


File: 1654139931015.jpg (22.45 KB, 480x320, shroom-noscale.jpg)

That's like, deep maaaaan


/v/-tier thread


And yet some are meaningful and useful for engaging video game discourse.


the discourse of an entirely green thread


I don't see the typical shit flinging with people taking sides like what is characteristic of /v/ though
It can turn into that if someone wants to turn this into. A wrpg vs jrpg thread, but as it is its just pointing out tropes in video games.
Lighten up bro, this is the /games/ board. I'm not sure what you want differently.


the real intros are when you wake up in a village,nothing is happening,and you just pick a knife and go on a psycho rampage in the forest.


>wake up in prison
>go on adventure to escape prison
Wish more RPGs had a cool premise like this.


why can't i still get into them then?
why is pokemon the only one i can still stomach

is it because they're in a modern setting and most jrpgs take place in some monarchist shithole


You ever play earthbound?


Because Pokemon is a good game faggot.


name 59 reasons pokemon is good, dweeb

no but i will
mother is the only other non rom hack jrpg i can think of that takes place in a modern setting

i'll try it, there's also that bomberman/megaman game but i can't remember what it is called


Here's a couple more jrpgs I really like that has a more modern/futuristic aesthetic

Phantasy Star 4 is a nice gem from the Genesis. Sega consoles didn't have a big jrpg presence, so it's nice that one of the few on it are really good.
It has cyborgs, a decent story, and a cool feature called Macro. Usually in an rpg, your team attacks in accordance to their speed stat, but with macro you can set up your move order. This allows you to buff a party member before a big attack even if they're a speedy boi, or lets you insta heal a member. It's a cool system that lets you set up a bunch of macro sets for any situation you may be in. It's not too hard, but it does have that classic jrpg difficulty that requires some grinding. It's not a lot of grinding for the rpgs of the time.
The music is hit or miss, but it does utilize the Genesis sound chip to its full extent.
I wouldn't recommend playing the other games because they're boring, slow (literally, it feels like your wading through a swamp), and have tons of grinding.

Star Ocean 2 was the last game released on the SNES, and as such, makes full use of the console. It's not turn based, it's more of an arpg. You can switch between your party members to combo abilities or just avoid using characters you don't like.
It has an extensive crafting system, which was new for jrpgs when it came out.
It's basically a star Star Trek fanfic where your character ends up on a primitive planet, and you have to try to avoid intervening and introducing technology to civilizations, but you end up doing it anyway (in true Trek fashion).
I haven't played the first one, but I did play the third one and liked it a lot. It's a watered down version of 2 with a God awful twist ending, but I like the aesthetics of the ships and other areas. Don't play 4 (the MC is literally named Edge Maverick) or 5 (big titty goth girl > enjoyable gameplay) because they're retarded.

SMT is the most popular of these games, and it's usually regarded as the hardcore jrpg series. They're all pretty good, but I would play Nocturne if you want to start with one. It recently got an hd port, so it's also the most accessible right now.
It's essentially Pokemon for people who like gnosticism. Music is great, you get multiple routes for endings, but requires grinding. You either need to level up for a boss or go and collect the right Pokemon to counter it.
Never make your main character use magic, you have your Pokemon for that.


oops, I goofed.Star Ocean 2 wasn't the snes game, that was the first one. SO2 was ps1.


File: 1654252637230.png (1.54 MB, 852x1000, Nerevarine.png)

>wakes up on a ship
>goes on an adventure to a kill a god and then some more


File: 1654253169865-0.png (60.05 KB, 1024x896, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1654253169865-1.png (298.63 KB, 580x416, ClipboardImage.png)

>mother is the only other non rom hack jrpg i can think of that takes place in a modern setting


Pokemon, in essence, is a jrpg with 150 different party members to choose from. I've not found any games even 2 decades later that attempt the same scale.

What else can I say? It's heavily adjustable to your own sense of fun. To me it's infinitely replayable. And I say this as someone that has never beaten the original gen 1 games (cause they're dated garbage), or touch the vanilla games without speedup (cause I can). It's just one of those games you pick up for an hour or 2, watch a nice movie on the side, do some working out, and get wiped out at the 3rd gym and start all over again next half-moon. Why play anything else if it's just going to be inferior? Pokemon isn't going away. It's not like I can reliably beat some of its harder mods, not that I need to, just playing a challenging game and facing the same boss with a different strategy is alls I need. All other "JRPGS" have inferior combat. And If you get bored by getting your shit kicked in by the AI you can just play some Showdown mods with a couple of buddies, like Digimon vs Pokemon

Hell, that doesn't even touch on the battle facilities within the game. The reason people shit or like Pokemon is for all the wrong reasons. Reasons I didn't list. People are weird man, they like to steamroll the game with a single mon, or grind for dicerolls until they get a poke with a different color. Pokemon is simply the best jrpg because it's the most expansive. FF13 is good, too.


File: 1654257553997.png (2.97 MB, 1919x1079, ClipboardImage.png)

>Pokemon, in essence, is a jrpg with 150 different party members to choose from. I've not found any games even 2 decades later that attempt the same scale.
Megami Tensei series which predates pokemon:
Also most strategy RPGS like Fire Emblem and etc.


Sounds like you didn't bother to read my post and just replied with your gay ass uyghur shit
MT has like 6 types. And 20 demons with reskins. I don't want to play this game. I said nothing comes close to even gen 1's scale, let alone on how much it has expanded over these past 2 decades. Nothing comes close, nothing ever will be. A literal girl in a dress. I implore you to provide me some real numbers so I don't have to exaggerate next time cause people like you would take me too literal. MT is inferior to pokemon. In more ways than you'd think. Pokemon is simply a deeper game. You can't really refute this. Why play something more shallow than Pokemon when Pokemon is as challenging as it needs to be? Exactly. No point. Don't @me.


>Sounds like you didn't bother to read my post and just replied with your gay ass uyghur shit
Jesus christ. Take a chill pill. The pokemon are doing strange things to you.

Also pokemon is gay.


>no game even attempts the same scale as gen 1 pokemon
<megami tensei came first
You got caught on a lie. Sad that you can't owe up to your inability to read.


>You got caught on a lie
Where is the lie? It did come first. Pokemon is a ripoff of Megami Tensei.



File: 1654259371274.png (1.8 MB, 2300x1293, ClipboardImage.png)

Here me out: What if we took this and made it an hours long game?


File: 1654260102229.jpg (358.46 KB, 960x540, starcraft ii.jpg)


File: 1654260206919.png (29.7 KB, 388x200, Endwar Combat Chain.png)

As an RTS player I feel targeted

Fuggg you beat me while I was cropping this :^DDD


MT is inferior in scope, scale, it does not even remotely compare. And since no data has been provided to prove the contrary, I can only stand by the claim that the liar in question has not read the post.

An hour long for each game? Rolling a dice once in a hour? That sounds boring. What purpose does the stretching of time serve?


low, high, and overhead is NOT rock paper scissors I swear


megami tensei threw away my meds and fucked my mom. praise game freak


>All females are big tittied weebobait
>the game basically plays itself


File: 1654295452338.jpg (837.15 KB, 1920x1941, EERPG vs WRPG.jpg)

>almost all women are almost flat as a plank and have a severe case of the manjaw, unrealistic even by Anglo standards
>the gameplay mechanics are basically going from point A to point B with little resistance except for skill gate bosses
European RPGs win over Western and Japanese ones in both regards, no contest.


File: 1654322193252.jpg (58.19 KB, 550x774, ninja-gaiden.jpg)

>wake up in small village
>it burns down
>go on adventure to kill god
is okay if your character is a ninja.


orientalism. slavx are human too chinlet


Yeah the "ebin slav squat" joke is dumb, and the budget part is not even true considering that CDPR had rather good funding even before they start receiving grants from the Polish government after the beginning of the development of The Witcher II or so. I just reposted this pic because I thought it is a nice illustration of how shit Bioware's art direction has become in comparison to other studios like Pirahna Bytes and CD Project Red.


I think the wider issue is that no one im the west has a clue how to animate 3D humans, because they are stuck in some sort of ideology bubble that demands maximum realism and minimal styalization, hence resulting in everyone looking like a not-quite-right abomination, both men and women. Meanwhile games with lower graphocs, or games with devs that see the boundry of possibility and cut off before reaching it end up looking way better. Like seriously, look at something like Dishonored and compare it to the modern big boy games. Graphical fidelity is worse, but it ends up looking better over all due to its style.


i don't think there's a euro-burger divide, the horizon games are made by dutch devs and have characters just as stiff and robotic as any bethesda game. but while those games treat dialogue as a means of going from A to B, bioware's big thing has always been their characters so you're forced to interact with their shiny, silicone-skinned monstrosities for hours. i wouldn't even be upset if they went for a more stylized look and delivered lines through text boxes, because they clearly can't do animation right and EA will never give them the funds to figure it out

also i'm convinced bethesda instructs voice actors to deliver lines as flat as possible so there isn't too big a disconnect between voice and animation


>>18455 (me)
i dunno why i used horizon as an example, i was thinking of a different game so ignore that first part


japanese game designers are obsessed with skinner box'ing every last thing
not necessarily bad of course, but it can get a bit much


1. this shit does not matter
2. triss's jaw is just as big as the chicks in bottom pic, you're just retarded. apparently the jaw doesn't bother you if the hair is covering it or if you can't see the cheekbones.


File: 1654384295084.jpg (188.12 KB, 1280x720, DAO party members.jpg)

I perfectly see the cheekbones and the still look a lot less uncanny than how DA:I characters turned out. The funniest thing about Bioware's characters is that they used to be pretty good in the first game, while DA:I has decided to emulate Skyrim's art direction and gave them overdone "realistic" textures that together with the rather shitty animations sent them straight into the uncanny valley.


File: 1654680790558.png (2 MB, 1500x1000, falcon.png)



Man, Demeter really does look like shit in comparison


Ok, but Pokemon has 150 /FUCKABLE/ party members.

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