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File: 1654459501755.jpeg (124.8 KB, 752x1063, DWvqFRvX4AECKuE.jpeg)


Is she trans/futa/something else?
Whenever I try to discuss this everywhere else there's always chinlets malding and the discussion goes nowhere.


is this jojo?


I’m amazed that there are retards on this planet that’ll look at this design and jack off to it without realizing how fucking ridiculous it looks in any setting


She's whatever the fuck the hentai artist wants to make
It's being kept ambiguous on purpose by Capcom (and even then,it was mostly a case of male pronoun in the japanese manual and female pronouns in the english one,or the other way around, that sparked this debate in the first place)


Doesn't matter. Cum. I allow you.


>oh no! the big titted lady is dressed in a silly costume, better pull up my pants.
t. no one ever


t. me, actually


Every Street Fighter woman is futa when the situation calls for it.


So like that pink yoshi thing, Birdo?

Is this a recurring phenomenon where the same effeminate character is considered male in the East and female in the West? Kind of like the cute cover picture in the East and badass/angry version in the West?


Stop touching your dick and think about what she would look like if she was real. You’d be fucking confused


She looks like she's from a biker gang or an 80s music video. Unusual attire? Sure but not bonerkiller tier.


idk I think I seent irl cosplqy that was hot


I hate pink haired bitches
Everything about that outward appearance screams crazy lady. That and full body tattoos


>I don't want to have sex with mentally ill women


I've had enough of that. Last one was a literal stalker that tried to get all my friends against me.


I love pink haired women
They must taste like fruits if they look like berries


Literally her first concept art has the kana for newhalf (slang for a post-op trans woman) written on it. It seems Capcom later rescinded this choice but remained present in the public consciousness thanks to inconsistent localization and in-joking between the company.
They should go all out and fully confirm trans Poison as canon in SF6 if they want to please the woke/zoomer audience, which already seems to be the case considering all the rap, MMA and e-sports influence the game seems to have.


File: 1654832050038.png (1.17 MB, 1449x811, Chunners.png)

>Is she trans/futa/something else?
She ain't as hot as Chunners, that's for sure.


Sorry but that’s Cammy



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