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So what are your predictions as to how it will turn out?
If I had to bet, it will be like Witcher 3 on launch: competant, polished and very flawed, with a story that won't be too special. However, once again, because the rest of the industry is dogshit by comparison it will once again become the most underraterino best gamerino evar in the eyes of consoomers, despite it being only above average in a less shitty world.
Tbh part of me wants to see it bomb as an overproduced mess so the "gamers" would realize all companies are shit.
Also there is zero chance the end result will be worth the unpaid crunch hours of the actual programmers.


>this movie trailer tier buttrock


should we as leftist be even in support of cdpr with all their crunch stories?


Should we as leftist support any fucking business? Of course not, pirate everything including free games on gog


File: 1608527744471.jpg (25.87 KB, 660x371, _101806261_epasoros.jpg)

Cyberpunk is probably the most egregious example of spectacle media I've seen so far; it's supposed to show a neoliberal dystopia where people have basically given up on trying to stand up to corporations and they are free to fuck up the planet completely, and yet the only thing gamerz can focus on and is advertised by CDPR is the cool shiny guns and cool neon lights. I doubt that they'll even show anything that is too bad inside the game or something that gets gamers to question their own reality like Deus Ex did.


Ehh… While I do not believe it won't be that damning of neoliberalism as cyberpunk shit should, I think its just marketing being retarded as always. This is the same industry that advertised Dragon Age: Origins by playing deathmetal over the battle cutscene. Thus I'd still say its worth being hopefull about the plot at least a tad.


It's not just CDPR. This is what the whole industry is like. There's just some companies like them or Rockstar who are dumb enough to use the typical sweatshop schedules for advertising.


I guess its true to the source material.
>Style over substance.
>Attitude is everything.
>Always take it to the Edge.

Apparently "Cyberpunk™" as a RPG has always been an aesthetic spectacle. I suppose its my fault for being excited about the first cyberpunk video game ever wow! without realizing that. It seems the only 3 factions are Corp, Street Kid, and Nomad and they are all oriented around individualism and buying cool toys.

The creator https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Pondsmith seems like he kind of sucks and to me tabletop RPGs like this are about overcharging for artbooks, abusing intellectual property, and marketing to create repeat customers. Cyberpunk to these people is only the same level Steampunk or Mecha Anime, its just a gimmick to sell merchandise.

The worst part is that this will be so many peoples first introduction to cyberpunk that it will reimagine the genre in the public consciousnesses, the same way Anarchy or Punk is seen as chaos and being mad at your parents.


File: 1608527746013-0.png (510.71 KB, 847x1075, 1.png)

File: 1608527746013-1.png (556.03 KB, 821x1071, 2.png)

File: 1608527746013-2.png (576.05 KB, 837x1072, 3.png)


>Hardly anyone complains anymore about Corporate Lifetime Contracts or the abolition of unions. It's the price of living in a stable, safe society, right?
So, the Cyberpunk world is basically neo-feudalist now?


it looks like a shitty GTA reskin and to be honest I am completely disillusioned with that type of shit after how GTA V was delivered. even if it's a good game I doubt it will do big numbers.


I think at this point it is guarnteed to do big numbers knowing how much hype it created, the question is weather it will flop post release like that do it yourself toy from the movie Beaver.
On a sidenote the gameplay seems alright. Its not 3rd person shit like GTA at least, and with all the ebin cyberpunk tech it could have a pretty cool combat system. However a big issue for me is that all the trailers focus hard on combat, which might be an issue for an RPG thats set in a more modern setting where it would make a lot of sence for a "pacifist" playstyle to exist. I feel that as a story experiance, the game won't be any good, and just replicate the Witcher 3 model where there are no really complex choices appart from stuff like "which one of these 2 dudes do you support?".


Yes cyberpunk always seems to me like anti-capitalist without being socialist.


In spite of people complaining about 2077 showing a genre being stripped from its ideology, I think even classic cyberpunk often hardly qualifies as leftist.
The construction of the setting in Blade Runner seems to reflect some anti-capitalist attitudes but those rarely come to forefront during the story itself.
AKIRA is certainly open to conservative if not fascistic interpretations, portraying a world of degenerated social mores and corrupt elites that is opposed on the one hand by a ruthless military strongman and on the other by a "resistance" of ambiguous politics that turns out to be led by one of the corrupt elites.
The Matrix and Ghost in the Shell have little to do with capitalism as far as I can tell.
I haven't read Neuromancer.
Sure there's RoboCop and Deus Ex, but the point is that anti-capitalism isn't as inherent to the genre as everyone says.


Having an already set character with only 3 backstory is already a big no for me. Pissed me off that I can’t even name the character (V?!? Seriously?!?). Fuck I miss the days of Arcanum or even Jagged Alliance where I can make my character’s backstory.


Well, in theory a story with a preset character isn't that bad, and can turn out really strong (like Disco Elysium, or the guy from new Deus Ex games for a more AAA example). However I doubt they will bother to make the character in Cyberpunk to be an integral part, and thus it might end up being just a bland empty spot that might get a unique dialogue option once in a while with differing background.
Also, if you want a recent game that allows picking a backstory I'd recommend Tyranny, probably one of the best games last decade imo.


>Support a corporation.
>A pooland corporation famous for fucking over their employees.
Fuck off mate.


>famous for fucking over their employees
Evidently not, since I have no idea what you're talking about.


I probably won't get it if the scene for modding is garbage.


CDPR is famous for crunching the shit out of their coders. They’re basically Ubishit before it got big.


>make cyberpunk game where lots of the setting revolves around custom body mods
>modding the game itself is not majorly supported
>make cyberpunk game about hypercapitalism exploiting the shit out of people
>abuse your employees with insane crunch to make it

The irony is getting dangerously thick.


File: 1608527771631.gif (1.13 MB, 726x400, gamer soy 881.gif)

>>modding the game itself is not majorly supported
&ltok, we'll add mod support


People said this about Skyrim because it was full of bugs and had tons of content that was cut because it wasn't completed.


If the add mod support it will turn I to a porn game in a day.


Tencent has already on their way to make an animu porn parody of it. Certainly with the level of character creation of Black Desert.
An rpg with limited mod support is automatically trash. What do you mean I can’t make my own deeper quest lines and have to buy shitty DLCs?


That's more an issue with Bethesda games that ship unfinished every time without fail.


It's already going to be a porn game. They said you are going to be able to customize your genitals and there will be sex scenes.


Virtual porn is the most ethical form of porn


File: 1608527944325.png (672.53 KB, 1200x675, edgerunners.png)

New anime is coming out for Cyberpunk 2077, details in >>>/hobby/13469


>Gurren Lagann
>Kill la Kill
Sounds like it's going to be complete trash.


Ok shit-taste


File: 1608527946463.jpg (7.62 KB, 149x200, no u.jpg)


File: 1608527946669.jpg (82.32 KB, 392x963, ultimate weapon.jpg)


Can someone explain why the fuck there is so much hype about this game? It's just a shooter rpg that will likely have an above-average story in a meh setting. So… its like the new DeusEx. Not to mention that, at least according to marketing, it will not have things that truly make a good rpg like, idk, pacifist options that aren't just ebin smg pew pew or a fully personalized main character. The only explanation I can see is that it was made by witcherino devs.


>things that truly make a good rpg like, idk, pacifist options
Meaningful options are nice, but choose your words carefully. You seem to be arguing for [b]good role-playing[/b], but not necessarily a good role-play [b]game[/b].


See >>>/hobby/13469
They cover the topic rather in depth, as does the rest of the cyberpunk/dystopia thread.
>not a good role-play game


It's going to be an awesome game since CDPR can only make good single player games (never trust them with multiplayer though) but I'll wait to buy the GOTY edition.


So is anyone still interested in the game or what?


Yeah. I don't have much else to do besides wait for the inevitable collapse of current society due to a bunch of fuck shit.

So why not.


So how is the game? Does it live up to the hype or is it another Fallout 76?


File: 1608528072294.jpg (80.62 KB, 960x540, bolshevik-ff6d6640.jpg)



those guys really pranked us, fucking polacks got us again


Reminds me of the Robocop advertisements


>so strong it glows
This almost feels like a glownigger joke, but I doubt they're actually that clever


In polish law workers are only allowed to overwork somewhere in the 100-200 hour ranger and they get payed extra for ever hour. You only want this game to fail because left-wingers have a deep rooted hate for it. This is only being proven more and more by your willingness to lie. Stay mad commie.


Are you sure you're replying to the right post?
>left-wingers have a deep rooted hate
&ltliberals are left-wing
have you read this thread.. or the cyberpunk thread?


File: 1608528120877.png (1.54 KB, 213x78, Hours in a week.png)

>In polish law workers are only allowed to overwork somewhere in the 100-200 hour ranger
Poland: home of the 200 hour work week
gommies == destroyed.


I feel like this was meant to be ironic


It's coming out in November bruh what are you even doing
and yeah it's going to be good



William Gibson was right.

Can't even remember why I ever had hope for this trite.


What's the problem? The graphics are great, the animation is great and the ad is immersive.


It is Grand Theft Auto, but with a cyberpunk paint over and some tweaked graphics. It's trite.

>The graphics are great, the animation is great and the ad is immersive.

Christ dude, really? How old are you, 17?


>Tencent has already on their way to make an animu porn parody of it. Certainly with the level of character creation of Black Desert.


>what are you 17
No, but you sound like one.
>It's Grand Theft Auto
Yes, and? What's the problem with it referencing a good game?
Also you do realize that it's not an ad for the entire game, just the vehicles in the games, what is it supposed to demo exactly?

I mean they didn't spend so much of the budget on genitals in the game for nothing right? LOL






File: 1608528199997.jpg (22.38 KB, 640x480, cdpr.jpg)


This an edit or real? Funny regardless


File: 1608528274560.mp4 (4.47 MB, 876x720, Cyberpunk.mp4)


Really annoying but real accurate


excellent meme


Are there any signs that this game will retain the satirical roots of cyberpunk or is it fully embracing the bastardization of the genre by offering a cookie-cutter cool neon world for redditors to engage in dumb escapist fantasies?


While they're obviously going to make it as marketable and cool as possible they're certainly keeping to the original source material from what I know


I dunno, those pages just seem like a collection of tropes.
To be fair, I suppose that's what you want out of a tabletop RPG, to be very general so as to let the GM supply the actual interesting specifics. But I don't quite trust CDPR to fill that role.


It's going to be a massive pile of shit, they're insulating themselves from the bad reviews by the immense volume of preorders they're getting. Hell, they've even won awards without the game coming out.
This is some late capitalism at work right here.
Personally, I'm disappointed that all the good developers are turning to shit over the last decade.


>should leftists support corporations
no, we should support smaller studios who are local and friendly to the working class


What do you expect? It’s the profit motive at work. Eventually every corporate entity will turn into a profit driven wage slave shop. That’s the whole point of the system.


If the leaks are anything to go by, it's going to be pretty standard FPS RPG that won't innovate anywhere. The shooting seems standard for a FPS and the netrunner hacking is similar to Watchdogs. The enemy AI seems terrible, there's quite a bit of animation jank, and it's pretty obvious CDPR has no experience with vehicles. It'll also need bug fixes in its first few months.
It's overrated and overhyped in the sense that people think this game will transform the industry/genre when it won't, at all, but for people who like the genre it seems like will be perfectly satisfactory. People keep comparing to GTA when it's more like Fallout.



Ngl, that's really all I was wanting. I play games more for the atmosphere anyway (reason why I think the best far cry is either 2 or 5) so if I get to chill out in a cyberpunk city in a free roam game like I've wanted to do since I read Neuromancer when I was a teenager I will dig it


Not sure why so many of you are talking about "should we support this" I dunno should you support the fucking Whataburger? If you keep talking this way about products it seems like you've fallen for the rightwing "but you have phone" meme and think you have to buy shit made ethically, spoiler: you can't lol, so just enjoy the product and hope for a future where it's made differently.

More importantly, what faction do we pick to larp as Cyber-Lenin? Moxes seem way to be just radlibs (leader is petit-bouj anyway) doesn't seem like the poles would give us a based faction anyway.


So I did a quick tour of the internet to see what's being said:
-As expected with the marketing campaign the game is hyped at skyrim and no man's sky levels on reddit
-I did a quick stop at this forsaken place called /v/ and something like 95% of the posts about this game contain the word "tranny"
-Stupidpol also seems obsessed by the transgender question in video games, Marx would be proud…
-The game is acclaimed by the press despite seemingly having numerous bugs.
-Thus capital G gamers are currently taking part in an harassment campaign against reviewers who graded the game with less than 10/10
-The leaks are not looking good, I'll post them so you can judge by yourself


I'm honestly expecting a shitshow and a lot of cope, I'll still pirate it and I hope to enjoy it tho.

Bonus: Here's a quirky article


Well, it’s pretty much will be Skyrim at launch. Hugely praised at release, but later on a practical joke. Let’s just hope that the modding will keep this alive. However I doubt it because the engine is nowhere as moddable as Bethesda’s hunk of junk.


Some one should compile this into a video with same music as the gameplay trailer. This is hilariously worse than even fallout 4.


All that crunch time for bugs up the ass. There's no way a day one patch can fix all of this. Look's like I'm waiting for it to go on sale.



lol btw I noticed the most peculiar thing: the best way to trigger cyberpunk hypoids is apparently to tell them you cancelled your pre-order. They throw fits of rage, I don't really get if they're afraid a commodity they invested so much emotion in will not do well on the market or if they're angry for people jumping off the hype wagon but it's dumbfounding people can be like that.

Also there are dildos everywhere in the game?!??


It probably won't, anon. It could be extremely bland and mediocre and people will still praise it. Not even because of some cognitive dissonance effect, but because extremely bland and mediocre is sort of standard for the industry these days. No one minds.


I have spent the last few days watching streams and im excited. It seems to piss off both /pol/ and the SJWs now and so it must be good.



wtf is that music? How can people listen to anything like this?


Weebs go crazy for little girl voices singing "pon pon" over electronic beats.


it is 'pon pon shit' by namakopuri

i like it as it complements the neon dystopia vibe of cyberpunk arguably even better than some of the games visuals


I need a torrent for this quickly


File: 1608528320392.jpg (131.21 KB, 1024x768, 1607455132199.jpg)

>upsets trannies with a soda advertisement
>upsets /pol/ with a transgender flag bumpersticker you can not remove
>upsets burgers with critique of private healthcare
>a universe with the USSR still exists

We have won tovarisches is our game now!


No way.


If this is real, then that's epic.


I'm gonna buy it.


Very real. The USSR is confirmed to still exist in the Cyberpunk universe.


>buying a product because it pays lip-service to your beliefs


>porky now thinks its worth trying to appeal to communists for profit
in the distance i hear the far off hymns, the banners cresting the horizon


Holy based. At least the USSR is still canon like the tabletop game.
>not pirating
>buying from worker crunchers
Bruh, where do you think we are?




So who's actually going to play the game tomorrow?


>a universe with the USSR still exists
What the fuck based?


And cdpr is a polish company too which means that there's bound to be libs, anti-commies, and reactionaries in the party.


reviewers were saying that the game really forgoes it's political implications unlike deus ex. they really went all in with the "no politics in our games" shit they tweeted a while back.


Awesome, I love seeing chuds melt. Trans rights are human rights!


Return to reddit and stay there.


Calm down. I haven't used Reddit in a year. But I am just getting started into socialism.


>Stupidpol also seems obsessed by the transgender question in video games, Marx would be proud…
Yup, and it's because a trans woman is talking mainly about one particular aspect of the game

Would be based if CDPR didn't force Crunch on the workers developing the game

Although I am curious as to whether there are any rightoids seething about that lmao


Borgerland still exists, but it's largely factionalized. Night City is semi-autonomous.


Ah so basically the "Soviet Union was Oil based just like Russia today" meme


Then FYI
>Trans rights are human rights!
Is a most cringe liberal take. Unless the people expressing this are wanting to demand special privileges there is no point demanding "human rights" when legally speaking they have them. And as for actually having them, there is no point in dogging on about that either - 90% of the "cid-heteronormative" population that makes up the majority of people ALSO do not have human rights. I would even say that most trans people (who can only truly exist in the West where they can get their meds and surgery and lib-validation) are far better off than literally any ordinary person in Africa, India or any other exploited Third-World country.


>not natural gas or nuclear
Extremely cringe. Why are Americans so braindead about anything outside of their burger country?


File: 1608528322624-0.jpg (266.45 KB, 786x1024, Book_cover_deepspace.jpg)

File: 1608528322624-1.jpg (103.21 KB, 728x728, M1KWOvTg.jpg)

File: 1608528322624-2.jpg (211.62 KB, 776x1088, 0wvaycxd7k531.jpg)

Something like that.

Also, space, which is basically elysium (sorta)


>CDPR didn't force Crunch on the workers developing the game
&ltTFW they spent so much time developing genitals


File: 1608528322892-1.jpg (264.04 KB, 768x1024, Book_cover_eurosource.jpg)

File: 1608528322892-2.png (458.1 KB, 971x634, French_Couple_2020.png)

File: 1608528322892-3.png (90.38 KB, 340x425, Paris_2020.png)

The ussr had a pretty good oil industry in the 80s when this was made. And then the price of oil went down.

Also, europe, or the European economic community (including japan and the uk) are basically the top superpower/superpowers in this universe, to the point where even the corporations don't mess with it's citizens or government.
It is also like elysium (sorta), as you have to be rich or have a high reputation in order to even be allowed in.


>Lenin's rule was as iron-fisted and paranoid as could be. Some of his many accomplishments were the socializing of all business, the murdering of all tsarists he could get hold of, as well as many critics of his regime. To better control the various minorities within his realm, he instituted a series of resettling programs. His plan was to move Russians into the minorities' territories to split up the homogeneous population. Other minorities didn't fare as well. Hundreds of thousands of royalists, farmers and intellectuals died in his concentration camps.
>Beyond the massive reforms of the 1990s, New Russia was still weakened by its antiquated technology. In 2045, it the country couldn't fully feed its hungry population.
More bullshit anti-communist drivel. The “Soviet Union” here is only in name and it’s still just Gorbachev Russia with oligarchs.


>not supporting lgbt rights
why is this board full of dengoids and /pol/tards?


>ignoring what the poster actually said
why is this board full of liberals and chapoids?


Oh, and ireland got turned into a nature/historical/relaxation theme park and resort.


Human rights is a meme. You don’t have to be /pol/ to reject such a concept in favor of abolishing capitalism. In which is also the abolition of identities as a cure for alienation. You can be anything you want because in the end does it really matter what body you inhabit when your economic reality remains the same? Everyone should be gender fluid and separating trans people when sex change operation is now easier than ever is just stupid. See Thailand where some people change their sex multiple times based on their mood and preferences.


File: 1608528323615.jpg (17.92 KB, 356x512, unnamed.jpg)




is it true they're giving people seizures with this game now?


Apparently there are seizure inducing scenes with no warning or option to turn them off.


>CDPR possibly killing gamers
Dare I say, based?


>believing in gender as a spectrum and gender fluidity is /pol/
So this is the true power of liberal love for labels and identity.


yep and it gets better, gamers are now killing each other by posting seizure inducing videos on twitter

also can the stupidpoler fuck off back to his containment subreddit


>Trans rights are human rights! Is a most cringe liberal take
>Human rights is a meme.

Fascists like you deserve time. You are utterly sick in your ways.


Kill yourself, lib.


A bunch of streamers are playing Cyberpunk rn. Including my favorite radlib Hasan:



My start for Cyberpunk:
Step 1. Pirate it
Step 2. Never actually install it and just use it to farm seeder score


pirating is bad at least buy the game to support the devs


>pirating is bad
>support the devs
where do you think you are?


Is it true that at long last CD Projekt/GOG finally sold out on their holy crusade against DRM and put content in this game that you can only get off GOG Galaxy?


I've found some early concept art for Johnny Silverhand.


File: 1608528327201.webm (2.6 MB, 640x360, Gay_sex.webm)


Cyberpunk 2077 Can Run On Linux With Steam Play's Proton 5.13-4




Cut the lib shit.

Wait, is this game lib shit?


Why is CD Projekt so allergic to Linux?


>gender fluid is fascist
Keep digging yourself that hole. You’re doing great. But seriously, since when that anyone aside from liberals still care about a enlightenment era concept made predominantly to protect private ownership rights first and foremost?


What do you mean, launchday support. While it isn't native, Proton is incredible. Valve probably collaborated with CD Projekt to get Proton support.


That was underwhelming.


It's [b]not[/b] fucking Linux support and you should stop pretending like it is.


Linux community sperg out, wiith there bad native port of the witcher, and the spam in gog forum.


Watched like an hour of gameplay on youtube, so far looks pretty okay. The combat looks janky as fuck, though.


Janky in what way?


The movements look stiff and robotic, not as fluid as I'd like them to be.


Well perhaps if they would stop delaying game releases and patches by several days for the Linux versions of multi-OS games there would be less need for Linux users to write angry posts about it on their forums.


>No sound


The Ricardo Milos memes have definitely gone too far!


t. s e e t h i n g nvidia card owner


Never owned nvidia when I had the choice. Settling for fucking Wine support (in the form of Valve's cancerous influence no less) is even more pathetic than tolerating those shitty fucking Mono "ports" of .NET vomit that are always optimized like garbage. Pick your standards back up off the ground.


In the end it’s still Slav jank. A slav jack with gigantic budget, but a Slav jank nonetheless.



Nobody gets the reference?


here we fucking go


the resemblance is breathtaking


Installing (obviously pirated copy) right now. In all honesty I have zero hype, but kinda feel forced to play it just to get an opinion.


And I just want to see how it runs on my machine.


what are your specs? I wonder if I should bother pirating it with a i5 3470 and my ol reliable 270X. I mean the game seems broken so my experience shouldn't be too different from what the console players are experiencing


Ryzen 5 1600 and a RX570 factory oc'ed to 8gb. I bought it a year ago, but of course such a cheapo setup doesn't have much longevity.


you're gonna be fine, whereas me… I love my card but she only has 2gb of vram so the textures in newer games don't load properly most of the time, but I don't like throwing working stuff away so I'll probably keep her till she breaks


I've watched multiple streamers play it, you got a ~4-5 hour intro but damn the game is immersive. Also lots of anti-capitalists themes, lots of sex scenes, lots of options and play styles, it's pretty overwhelming at the start.


Do people really need a warning for this? If you got epilepsy and some awareness you would probably automatically assume that playing a cyberpunk themed game could be very risky.


How do the themes and writing compare to first deus ex?


I didn't like throwing away my 9600gt, but sometimes you have to


I haven't played the game myself and the streamers I watched all pretty much sucked at stealth and exploring, don't read random text files they find, don't pick the dialog options I would choose, etc.
But you receive a random text message explicitly trashing capitalism from some collective around 3 hours into the intro, you're basically living in ancapistan with huge corporations cyberpunk style. I wouldn't be suprised if those text messages will eventually lead you to some side missions with some comrades. But honestly I don't know, the game seems huge and I'm really eager to play it and delve into the lore.


Some redditors claim the game runs fine on low with a 750ti so I'll give it a go. It's cool to revisit games when they are properly finished with better gear years after anyway.


K, finished the instal. Don't have time to fully test it now, but I checked out the character creation. You know, I thought the penis shit was a joke, but nope, its here, along with pube options. Obviously I checked out female character creation as well and yeah, we got vaginas im vidya, finally!
So I guess CP2077 takes the second place after Dragon Age Origins for a serious game that has both male and female genitals present.

On a serious note, who the hell asked for this? Not that I am complaining, I don't really care, but like, that was probably quite a bit of effort spent there. Its like the fucking horse balls thing from Red Dead, no one really needed it, nothing would be really lost without it, but hey, its there and the resources for it could have been spent better.

Also what is the alleged "transfobia" stuff? The character designer seems very compatible for any sort of alphabet soup special snowflake design, so whats the fuss about?


File: 1608528331275.webm (2.6 MB, 640x360, Gay_sex.webm)

If this doesn't convince you to play the game, I don't know what will.


Tbh that makes me not want to play it. I usually avoid sex shit in RPG outside very specific characters, and the idea of having my character be forced to fuck some other guy I don't want to care about to advance the story is very unappealing.


This text about the soviet union from the cyberpunk fandom wiki is the most cursed and retarded shit you will ever read

>The communists decided to change all that during the October Revolution of 1917, which was fought between the tsarist army and two rivaling revolutionary forces. The Menshewiks propagated a more western approach and, though they were superior in numbers, were subsequently put down by the Bolshewiks. The latter were lead by one Lenin, who took his name from a tsarist work concentration camp near the Lena river.

>Lenin's rule was as iron-fisted and paranoid as could be. Some of his many accomplishments were the socializing of all business, the murdering of all tsarists he could get hold of, as well as many critics of his regime. To better control the various minorities within his realm, he instituted a series of resettling programs. His plan was to move Russians into the minorities' territories to split up the homogeneous population. Other minorities didn't fare as well. Hundreds of thousands of royalists, farmers and intellectuals died in his concentration camps.

>His methods were used to lesser (or greater) extent by all of his successors up to Gorbachev. All of the old men had gone paranoid by the time they reached their positions. The years of political infighting, backstabbing and intrigues took its toll on them. Not that this differs much from western leaders. When Gorbachev assumed power, the economic break- down of the Soviet Union was already more than apparent He knew that things would have to be changed if the USSR was to survive. One of his bolder steps was to reinstitute private ownership. Thus he set the base for economic growth.


Honestly I've read worse. This is just probably a watered down version of what the poles learn in school.


Poles, not even once.
So in this universe the USSR survives due to Gorbachev? Because… lol


Cyberpunk 2077 features full nudity, which game director Adam Badowski said encapsulates the theme of transhumanism—"the body is no longer sacrum [sacred]; it's profanum [profane]".


It's not forced, it's optional.


You have to remember that this was written in the late 80's, there wasn't really too much of a way to verify all of the lies about the USSR for most people and the soviet block was collapsing before everyone's eyes. Of course it's going to be hysterical.


Hope they dove fully into it and let you use in-universe technology to fuck in new and interesting ways.


But does the game let you see your customized dick when you gay sex?


I didn't expect less.
I'm proud.


Don't know, these guys all have streamers mode enabled which might hide some of the nudity.


Gorvy had the balls to put down Yeltsin and the libs.
Which mean he would have been early gorby, anyway, alt history is the worst kind of onanism.
Yeah, check the USSR lore in-game, maybe they have changed something, who knows.


>Gorvy had the balls to put down Yeltsin and the libs
&ltthe main collaborator and traitor doing this

>move Russians into the minorities' territories to split up the homogeneous population. Other minorities didn't fare as well. Hundreds of thousands of royalists, farmers and intellectuals died in his concentration camps.
Bahahaha it's the "evul russkies outbreeding me" meme
Gonna be honest, gross.

Piss off liberal and go back to reddit cunt.

They had a good oil industry, but their economy was no oil based as modern Russia's is.




The USSR lore was written literally as the wheels were coming off, it aint much of a surprise that's how it ended up


>Also what is the alleged "transfobia" stuff?

/v/ was hyped about this game and 4chan users being 4chan users decided to get their goo all over any association with the game

Like most vidya Im just gonna avoid almost all online discussion of it until the next stupid culture war moves on


>Keep digging yourself that hole
Bro, quit your projections and bullshitting. Your the fucker who's been saying human rights is a fucking meme.

Fuck you


File: 1608528332655.png (11.55 KB, 907x200, zwtj.png)

> Also lots of anti-capitalists themes
Isn't the only anti-capitalist portrayed as a deranged terrorist? Everything I've read shows that the game is about getting yours and fuck everyone else.
>style over substance


I thought /v/ thought the game was sjw propaganda


A point can be made that they are: https://youtu.be/AhRBsJYWR8Q
other anon


File: 1608528333051.jpg (90.91 KB, 500x500, 3abpzw.jpg)

I have seen some videos, and I feel like it plays like Fallout 4.
Tbh I'm not interested in the cyberpunk future since we're already living it, but without the cool cybernetics, it's just shit, and the same shit history all of these games have, but it has keanu chungus 100 on it.
I don't care, tbh.



I think the game is pretty much so obviously Left leaning that it seems like people are looking for it to be hidden. I mean, in the first two hour of wandering around town I've found:

-A cop having a conversation with his partner that it is not their job to protect civilians against rampaging cyborgs.

-A Gig where corrupt cops have hired a Fixer to kill one of the few honest cops in the city. If you check her folder, her captain has folded because he can't go against the system by accusing fellow cops of corruption.

-The police murdering gang members
indiscriminately and getting hailed as heroes for it.

-The fact that all of the gangs in Night City pay the police tribute and you can rob them.

-The cops will gun you down if you approach them too closely.

-T-Bone says that cyberpsychos aren't necessarily evil and there's treatment for them but the cops portray them as horrifying murderers that need to be put down.

That's not even touching into the massive homelessness problem, the fact real food is almost impossible to get, and the environmental hellhole of the Badlands plus the fact "Real Water" costs 30 dollars. There's a sign outside my apartment talking about how your tap water is probably toxic so don't drink it—BUY WATER INSTEAD.


>Everything I've read shows that the game is about getting yours and fuck everyone else.

Played for an hour or two and I kinda get this vibe as well. MC feels like an idiot akin to the "cool future" meme, seeing fucked up shit, coming from a fucked up background but still keeping this retarded Avengers tier quipy spunky atitude about becoming a bigshot.

Now, from what I saw from the trailers, I think the MC gets absolutely fucked at some point. And, if I had trust in the devs (which I don't really do due to the "we be apolitical" shit), I'd guess that this event would change that attitude, or at least open up character paths other than "grr I revange" / "welp Imma grind back to the top".

Also, the setting it self deffinetly seems anti-capitalist, or at the very least anti-corporate, which in all honesty is the same struggle. However I also kinda fear that the wider point of the setting isn't even about corporations being bad, and that its just a staple they took because its the trope of the setting, but that instead it will just be one big loveletter about how cool and epic transhumanism is. And in that case, bravo CDPR, you just recreated a shittier version of Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Oh and the combat feels dogshit. Just why the fuck did they add RPG combat system to a setting with guns? I remember that Sseth quote about FO4 being "like Witcher… with guns, or Skyrim… with gameplay" and in all honesty this fits even more perfectly for CP. When you pick Hard and it takes like 5-8 direct double-barrel shotty rounds to the head to kill a grunt, its really not a good look. I think even Bioshock Infinate, which was panned for being bulletsponge on high difficulties, wasn't this bad. And to tie back in to the new Deus Exes, how come those can have good RPG-like combat systems in cyberpunk esque setting, but CP can't?

Saw just before hitting reply. Yea, setting absolutely feels anti-capitalist, but as I say in this post, I feel as if that is all just capitalist realism about which you won't be able to do fuck all, and neither will your MC cares about it.

To add a few notes of anti-cap shit I found:
>Bilboard comercial for "Real Clean Speed"
>Log talking about 2020's terrorism and explaining that it was because the capitalist dream of freedom and of choice became a clear lie
>Corporate rent-a-cops playing kingpins over dying hinterland desert towns


They do, but they also see the rightwing shit that comes with cyberpunk futures and like it, so they're hypocrites essentially


I don't really think this presents as anticapitalist to the average person. A lot of people will just think that the cops are good and people are bad because they are scum and deserve it. The anticapitalist messages seem cartoony and trivialized.

Jackie says somewhere in the beginning to V that you have to watch out for yourself and somewhere I read that the creator literally said "its not about saving the world its about saving yourself'. This is actually pretty key to cyberpunk, where the MC is often a criminal and the arc is about them "making it" through willpower and being really cool despite their situation. Its like some chosen one mary sue great man of history shit. Corporations are bad because really smart dudes are in charge of them and they are mean and so a really smart dude comes along with a personal vendetta and takes them down but changes nothing about the global economic structure.

Intensely disappointing that theres no option to start a communist revolution, but I realized a few days ago that the whole cyberpunk genre was dead on arrival and never intended to or even tried to deal with economic problems. Its always been hyped up individualist idealism on steroids. Self insert hero fantasy garbo.

Looking at it without expecting a meaningful plot, it does seem fun, and self aware in a 80s cartoon kind of way, but Silverhands being an idealist tool is kind of grating and bothers me.



Yeah the lead writer did an interview for some German game website and he said that the whole setting of the game is "where the End Of History really is the end" or something to that effect. Essentially Capital has won, and at this point all you can do is bear witness and try and carve out whatever nice life ye can (which makes sense considering cyberpunk came out of the writings of disaffected 60's radicals who saw the wave break like John Brunner or William Gibson)



For some reason it was an early CDPR stated goal for the game that it would be “uncompromisingly adult oriented” or something. I think they actually didn’t intend for this to be an edgy 90s kind of DOOM thing, though I could be wrong. It seemed like early on they wanted the Cyberpunk setting to actually be somewhat faithful to the subject matter and have serious social commentary integrated into the game. I was under the impression this was coming from a “we want to make a masterpiece” place. But the genitals feel very superficial, so I’m not sure what the thought process ultimately was behind them. I feel like this was supposed to be a bit of a trans humanist cyborg thing, but it seems like a lot of shit had to be dialed back. They were clearly a bit overwhelmed with their targets, and I can see why. The city is massive and very detailed, it must have taken them ages to put it together. The fall back to being a mission based action adventure like GTA or Ubisoft stuff seems to suggest that they decided they had to abandon whatever vision they had of a really dynamic RPG setting so that they could focus on crafting a couple of linear storylines and the entire setting itself.


>disaffected 60's radicals who saw the wave break like John Brunner or William Gibson

I am a Jacques Camatte enjoyer myself


>Moreover, it’s currently unknown whether Arasaka is inherently more “evil” than, for example, Militech, an American military manufacturing company in Cyberpunk 2077. But one way to depict Arasaka in a bad light is by racializing and exoticizing corporate threats, by framing injustice in nationalist terms as opposed to class-based ones, like “good honest American companies versus devious Asian ones” rather than “international capitalists versus international workers”.


uhh wired is based?


A lot of small time gaming journalists like this are radlibs teetering on the edge of class consciousness.


Another thing. It seems like the trivialization of radicalism is really strong. Johnny silverhands says he "died for his ideals" not even ideology, just ideals, but what are his ideals? V says when johnny is in his head hes angry and hates everyone, he nukes a corpo building and then gets captured, where an arisaka tech tells him her husband died in the building. Why is this asshole nuking random civilians? because hes angry? It doesn't even make sense and has no material basis in reality, its literally just terrorism happens because people are selfish, bad, stupid and angrily lash out. People are meming about terrorists being freedom fighters, but they aren't portrayed that way, they are just as unhinged psychos that got bored or jealous of other people success. Bad guys are evil because they like to be mean, crime happens because criminals like doing crimes. Anticapitalism is portrayed as an aesthetic style that comes off as reckless and immature, like a liberal that thinks anarchy is when everything is chaotic, and anarchists just want to bomb things to cause chaos because they are antisocial nihilists. Non-marxist critique of anarchism is fucking retarded and damages communism by extension. Extreme levels of capitalist realism.


Who's that streamer? kek

That's neat, but it was a pretty boring sex scene. Now I gotta find out if there's any fuckable character I actually like.
This kind of stuff used to be banned in most videogames, didn't it. Dunno if that's a good or bad thing.


name one (1) open world game that’s good (that’s not Minecraft)


San Andreas, of course
>(that’s not Minecraft)
Effin zoomers


The Exile series


File: 1608528336023.jpg (33.59 KB, 680x408, d0b.jpg)

>Upsets trannies
That's a given. Literally everything upsets trannies, they're the most thin skinned people in the universe. I'm still at a loss in general for how someone can get offended by other people finding them attractive.


Mafia 2


File: 1608528336400-0.png (305.5 KB, 546x1645, 1.png)

File: 1608528336400-1.png (189.33 KB, 548x857, 2.png)

File: 1608528336400-2.png (159.1 KB, 548x513, 3.png)

I think this game represents the overload of aaa formula of handcrafted open worlds, cutscenes and setpieces, heavy narrative with shallow writing that pretends to be not shallow, that collapses under its own weight. It's telling that in 8 years of crunching they delivered something that is for all intents and purposes a rather mediocre experience. The only cool thing about it are the real time dialogues/polylogues with free movement, everything else mediocre. Cyberpunk 2077 does not deliver, and it really couldn't have. Too big, too bloated, too ambitious and then too scaled down from that ambition.


Dwarf fortress.


Most hilarious thing of all is that they confused Lenin with Stalin.
Good job. You have figured out why the entire cyberpunk genre is shit. All aesthetic, no substance. Critical of capitalism but without any material basis. The peak of commodification of resistance.


It is. It’s just another way to protect private property. Gender as a barrier shouldn’t exist. Trans people getting mad because they got misgendered is like /pol/lacks getting mad because they got called homosexual.


File: 1608528337056.jpg (223.68 KB, 1575x540, pride.jpg)

Share your funniest bugs please.
I'll start:
>When using the mirror, my character loses their arms (as in they are just gone in the mirror image) and gets stripped naked, then, after a few seconds, the arms and clothes pop back on
>Get softlocked while using the scan function to hack a camera. Game seems to assume I'm in the scan mode, so everything is slowed down to a crawl and I can't use shit.
>When in the first mission in the butcher shop, when I pick up the target from the bath, she starts flipping jaggedly in my arms, meanwhile my character legs are stuck in the animation for sitting by the bathtub pose so I just float around with a glitching naked body in hands
>The section where you drive back home fails to render the shit it wants to show you in time, so I get stuck for 2 minutes at the cross section where the Corpocops are supposed to blow up some criminals. Its empty, and then they just randomly pop in and explode
>Same happens at the bridge checkpoint. Jack starts talking to an officer, but she isn't there. Then the whole police blockade just pops in
>When driving past the blockade, the car just plows through a wrongly placed police tank
>Finally, the hell ride finishes with the car phasing through the car lot gate that failed to open
>When in the car with the fat black guy, he randomly stops moving his lips during dialogue, then starts back up again.
>Walking around the street and enter a building by phasing through its doors. They later pop in fully and I can enter exit properly
>Probably an issue on my end, but most passers by in more crowded environments look like melted Ken dolls since their textures aren't there.
Honestly? It's a beautiful trainwreck. Sad for the actual devs that where slaving away for this gilded turd though.


damn it these review make it seem like complete garbage compared to what I was hyped for, just bought it on gog, will try it out for a while but I think I will be refunding it. but honestly if all the things I'm hearing is true than it seems like the outer world was an even better game than this.


So, while we shit on the game, I do kinda want to give CDPR credit for creating a setting that is so fucking repulsive. I know people who found Witcher to be an awful setting that genuinely made them depressed, I know people who had the same with Disco Elysium or Pathologic. But I personally never got touched as much as by this piece of shit of a world. At least in all those other settings there is hope, or at the very least some sort of humanity still left in between the shit. But Cloud City is just so fucking awful compared to anything else. I literally don't see anything good in it, fucking nothing. Nothing worth fighting for, nothing worth saving, no fucking future. Just crass, loud shit, unappealing in any fucking way. The only thing in the least not totally awful are the redneck nomads who at least live outside the fucked system. Don't know if I'll bother finishing the game, but shit… I just hope there is some sort of "nuke everything", or, may I dream, a vid related ending.


>The hacking system
My god is it shit. How come EYE, a glorified total conversion mod for Half Life 2 made 12 years ago still better than this? Come to think of it, this game’s combat is totally lackluster to that game, where the guns actually have a punch and are not just modern guns with futuristic skins.


File: 1608528337526.png (1.15 MB, 768x1175, transmet4.png)

>But Cloud City is just so fucking awful compared to anything else. I literally don't see anything good in it, fucking nothing. Nothing worth fighting for, nothing worth saving, no fucking future. Just crass, loud shit, unappealing in any fucking way.

This reminds me of Transmetropolitan. Spider Jerusalem is like you but then he finds inspiration again when he gonzo reports live a riot.
Good comic btw, at some point he even gives the US president explosive diarrhea with a bowel disruptor gun


Had no expectations of this game and didn't buy into the hype, but I have been aware that it's been in development for nearly a decade. I've only played the very first bit so far.

I don't condemn it for "just" being a competent RPG, but there are some definite cracks that are beginning to show right away.

Namely, the whole "origins" thing. Don't do origins if you aren't willing to commit to them. I'm already beginning to feel that the game is going to assume you have the "Streetkid" background except for specific HAVE I MENTIONED I'M A NOMAD TODAY or HAVE I MENTIONED I'M CORPORATE TODAY moments. I picked nomad because I incorrectly assumed that the game would have you asking a bunch of dumb questions that a person who grew up in Night City should already know. Instead, V seems to be intimately familiar with Night City. I know if the montage thing, Jackie introduced me to his friends, but that's doesn't explain why I'm apparently old friends with the local back alley cybernetics doctor. And one of the very first quests the game gives you says that it's a tradition in Night City that when a kid comes of age, their father gifts them a gun, but since my dad was shitty he didn't do that so someone else is going to give me my gift gun. Except my father isn't shitty, he's dead. A part of the Nomad background heavily implies that the reason why you left your Nomad clan and are headed to Night City is because you're broken up over the death of your family. And here I am, first set of quests in, shitting on my dead dad for not participating in a Night City tradition despite the fact that he was supposed to have been *a Nomad*. I know it's not the biggest thing, but in 8 years you'd think they could have at least given your origin a couple of custom texts for the first quests.

Also, not a fan of the fact that they introduce the city in a montage. I'm guessing that's what they use to get you on the same track as the other origins, but why even have Nomad as an origin if you're going to do this little to acknowledge it? Just make Streetkid the standard opening if that's what you're going with.

But in general, the game should really let you get to know Jackie a bit more, especially since I'm getting strong "this guy is going to get murdered to make me angry" vibes from him.

Hasn't ruined the game or anything for me. Just a bit odd that things like this would be missing in a game that's been in development for nearly a decade.

Doesn't bother me that V is basically his own character that you get a few options with like Geralt, though, like I said before, I wish there was a Nomad V that was less familiar with Night City and more familiar with vehicles, scavenging and smuggling.



Yeah I'm kinda suprised somebody made a more grimdark cyberpunk setting for a game than OG Deus Ex but here we are. The thing I really dig tho is like the writing still has characters you like and enjoy being around, so it extra sells how fucking shit Night City as a place to live is

Also I'm playing on PS4 and haven't encountered many bugs so far. Honestly first weekend New Vegas level so far wich fucking sucks but they way people online been talking I didn't expect for this to be this "smooth"


good luck getting it to run


Just turn down cascading shadows and it runs more or less sufferably.


for all the shit bethesda gets, it is quite impressive how no other company has been able to copy what makes elder scrolls/fallout great. i guess it's similar to WoW, you have hundreds of MMO's that try to copy it but for some reason WoW just feels different.


idk about elder scrolls but bethesda has nothing to do with anything great about fallout, the greatest part of fallout is either done by BIS or Obsidian.


seriously tho, they've been working on this game for a decade and they've been crunching their workers horribly and yet we somehow get this, something has to be wrong at the studio.


I think this has more to do with the fact that with technological advancements games have become helluva complex to make, compared to something like gta vice city which is simple as a brick.


Transmetropolitan is good, I agree.


morrowind is still a shining gem, especially with openMW


Really? Because the gameplay is painfully current gen.
More railroading than even Witcher 3, but now with a whiny asshole as an MC with none of the likability of Geralt. Most of the background paths hardly ever mattered. The campaign somehow is still painfully short with no motivation whatsoever. Even the most bareboned of CRPG like Arcanum have it beat soundly.
Completely garbage. Somehow NV with fist weapons is still better. Might be because of the dumbass AI and glitchy hit detection.
More bullet sponging than the Division. Guns feel like toys with no impact. See the bear gun or any weapons from EYE to see how cyberpunk gunplay should be done.
Basically just magic but with the enemy getting unlimited range. Really finicky and annoying.


what is EYE? do you mean eye of the storm? I’ve been looking and have no idea what yiu guys are talking about


RDR 2 also had outdated gameplay, but there's much more going beneath the hood. I'm not talking about gameplay, just technology, game engine, rendering, pathing, physics, procedural animations, this kind of thing. And trying to make all of this work together in a cohesive fashion. YOu have to admit it's harder with current standarts than ten years ago.



>Dissing Arcanum
Why? I thought it was a great CRPG


I really don't care much for the gameplay, the thing that really turns me of is the story and characters


File: 1608528340000.mp4 (6.23 MB, 1280x720, qapx4g.mp4)

Welp I guess cars won't be used for the speedrun


Kek, it's already been what, a day since it's been released?



I think CDPR is exposing that they have a workflow issue or something. There is a deep issue in the game. Like, I actually enjoy it tbh. I think the setting is cool, and sure it is just a typical action adventure open world thing, but it is pretty and there is a lot of flavor text attached to quests and some of the text dump items to give you some more details about the setting. But it is clear this game is jank in a way I assumed CDPR would avoid because of their rising profile since Witcher 3. Someone on 4chan pointed out that they don’t think the cars have real AI. I don’t think they do either, they have predetermined paths and if anything fucks with the paths, they seem to just stop in the road. Like, GTA cars have clear AI. This game in general has very weak AI. The pedestrians are retarded. The combat is serviceable, but it is your basic AI taking cover and shooting. It seems like it isn’t totally rare for an AI to just stop responding while crouching behind cover.



RDR 2 is a simple game in the sense that it is basically just go here shoot that punch this guy etc., but I don’t think it does it in the jank way that Cyberpunk does it right now. Rockstar clearly spend time on polishing their games. Sure, GTA games are staples of bug compilations, but I don’t think most people feel like it is a lack of polish, it is just because bugs are essentially unavoidable in games of this size. GTA bugs are treated as almost a treat, but Cyberpunk’s bugs feels like they transcend even just the bugs themselves. The games normal systems feel like bugs. When you see a street of cowering pedestrians in the same crouched pose just endlessly doing the same animation in synchronization, it feels like something went wrong. But of course I don’t think anything went wrong, I think the AI is just kind of garbage.

But on the flip side, the AI in RDR2 feels about as good as it could be. It feels responsive and dynamic. It is still a dull machine, it still repeats a set of animations or audio or it rag dolls in a controlled way or whatever, but it keeps up the theme park illusion of being in the American west. Cyberpunk’s city is clearly beautiful with a lot of labor out into it, but the way it responds to the player’s presence just feels kind of slapped together.


File: 1608528340734.jpg (32.05 KB, 480x270, 1607667599204.jpg)

not to be all 'i told you so' but they really really shot themselves in the dick during development. It was obvious this would be the outcome the second they said it would be released for console. It should have been PC only. This was the biggest compromise and clearly fucked them hard. Setting aside the fact that its a parody of anticapitalism, the actual game play is fun, but all the interactive open world ray tracing procedural npc shit was absolutely never going to work on a console. They managed to piss off console owners and PC in the process by making neither one what they advertised.

It does remind me quite a lot of STALKER on release so I'm hoping we get some kind of 'Lost Alpha' style mod that brings in flying cars and persistent NPC AI in 10 years.


Is this an actual skill available in the game or a bug? Because if it's the former it's honestly kinda cool tbh, even if it looks a little janky.


That deffinetly looks like a bug. Pretty sure this exact same thing was present in Dishonored 2. I'd guess something janky happens when some 3D models interact with very small ledges.


Yeah, rewatching it what actually happens is the guy uses a slighty sloped wall to pick up far more speed than he realistically should, so I think it's just a bad acceleration algorithm.


>It should have been PC only
Based. At least make it PC-only at first and release ports later.


Would be kinda nice if the disappointment killed "open world" as a cheap clutch for big-budget games tbh. Of course it'd just be replaced by the next cheap clutch, but maybe for a little while we'd see something actually interesting while everyone tries to figure it out.
Depth is always better than width. I'd love to see what could result if a game took this kind of approach and budget but confined to a VERY small area.



I think they ended up choosing the worst scenario there. Cyberpunk is basically a PS4 and Xbox One game, even though it runs like garbage on those consoles. The PS5 and Xbox X don’t have a native version yet, all the console players are using backwards compatibility to play. So CDPR released a new game for the old consoles and the PC, which seems to indicate they weren’t done optimizing for the new consoles yet because they were focusing on getting it working for the old ones (which failed clearly). It’s almost the worst case scenario. PC doesn’t seem like it was prioritized, it seems like they prioritized the old consoles but then with the generation shift and the new Nvidia cards looming they tried to bulk up the game’s tech so it wasn’t falling behind. So the game feels like a mixed bag. The city looks great and I think RT lighting does add to the whole aesthetic, but seems like a lot of other shit was just left to suffer.


File: 1608528341438.mp4 (5.24 MB, 1280x720, lel.mp4)




Saw some people claim the game was ableist on resetera because of this vid. I cringe every time some incel retard complains about SJWs but man there sure are weird people out there.


By god Jack, imagine if all the CP77 manhours and budget was put into a game that intentionally limited itself to the graphics of Pillars of Eternity.

But really though, why the fuck did this cult of ebin graphixs and big open empty worlds came to be? For the longest time non-MMO RPG's were collections of labyrinths connected with a string and it was great. Obviously cool graphics are nice, but its a sisyphian task to do it in a modern-sized open world. And it would seem that the return to the old, more linear, but at the same time kinda more free formula of dungeoncrawl design, would simply create a far better gameplay experiance. Like lets look at Dragon Age 3. The game was panned for its use of lazy and pointless open world system. However we look at the games two main DLC's which both were a return to formula dungeon-esque, and we see just how well this old model can really shine in modern times. Oh and lets not forget that Disco Elysium, probably the best RPG(B) to date, managed to use only like what? 5 buildings, one background image of a factory and a few shacks without feeling the very least crammed?


>Disco Elysium, probably the best RPG(B) to date
Sure if your only standard of quality for an RPG is how good the writing is.


honestly it seems like astroturf to make people look unhinged. same with all the trans baiting. its extremely good fuel to make people hate "the left"


Hence I put the (B) for book there. Also I really don't think that gameplay should have priority in RPG's. In DE's case adding anything would probably fuck up the game. Better be bare instead of draging along a shitty boring gameplay chore, like let's say Pyre did (sorry for the folks who like combat in Pyre btw, and also to some extent at least it make sense lore wise for it to be there, problem is that it sucks).
Just in general its hard to balance story with gameplay. Probably the only really successful way to do it is by full integration of the two, say like the Sunless games or Cultist Sim. Sure, its not too bad when the games are set in a kore action-friendly setting, like the Witcher, but if you want to do anything in a more civilized setting your options suddenly become very limited. Pretty sure all non-military themed games set in more modern times either fall into the categories of bureaucracy simulators (Papers Please) or secret service / heist shit.


Who gives a shit. Its the internet. Middleclass take-oids fighting middleclass take-oids won't have any fucking real impact on the future of leftism, or the future of absolutely anything outside of sanity of the take-oids themselves.


So I just played it for a few more hours, did that maelstrom quest from the E3 demo and walked around exploring. I really, really dig the world design, Deus Ex-ish gameplay, and writing so I'm still for it. Though it does seem a tad empty, but eh I'm playing on my old PS4 that is to be expected


>why the fuck did this cult of ebin graphixs and big open empty worlds came to be?
GTA being one of the most profitable entertainment products of all time, and technological advancement making it easier to just quickly churn out open worlds. So same as any trend, really.
But I do feel like with Cyberpunk specifically there's a make-believe aspect of "I want to live in a cool cyberpunk world!". It's interesting to contrast with games like Disco Elysium which are very much about exploring (not necessarily literal spatial exploring but, say, exploring different options in a conversation) to find new and interesting things, whereas Cyberpunk seems almost unique in how thoroughly familiar it wants to be, at least as far as I can tell. It's much more about emulating a particular experience than working as a conventional game (something which stimulates you by challenging your skills) or, dare I say, a work of art (something which you admire for its design, beauty, cleverness, etc).
All of which is to say: Cyberpunk approaches the open world genre as the closest thing we currently have to an escapist ideal of video games, which is apparently its main appeal, although it seems to fumble that by not being particularly interactive and breaking down in verisimilitude very quickly.
I never got the impression that any of the hype about Cyberpunk was around exploring to find cool details, or interacting with interesting story elements, or even just having satisfying combat and other conventional gameplay. It always seemed about how well it could create the illusion of a cyberpunk world for you to immerse yourself in and act like a part of.


>Also I really don't think that gameplay should have priority in RPG's.
Maybe it's been a while since you've really played a good, but really anon? Come on. Go play Super Mario RPG or something and say that again, sheesh.


File: 1608528343730.png (2.35 MB, 1100x1791, Super Metroid villains.png)

>Just in general its hard to balance story with gameplay. Probably the only really successful way to do it is by full integration of the two
The trick is to stop treating your game like a book and prioritize showing over telling.


>Escapism into cyberpunk world
This isn't a criticism or insult or anything, but do people really want to escape and experiance Cyberpunk world? I outlined my thoughts here about the setting >>6723 but I'll repeat myself, CP77 is unironically the single most grim and horrifying setting I've seen. Why would you ever want this to be your escapist fantasy? This is literal hell that makes the present day look utopic. Do people pay so little attention to the enviroment proper, and just go "haha, chrome car go brrr"?


Or just do whatever so long as it achieves the effect you want. The idea that it's an automatic negative for Disco Elysium to be text is nuts. People say movies shouldn't ever have narration, either, yet some of the most acclaimed movies of all time have it.




To be clear, I was talking about reactions from before the game was actually released, where it definitely sold itself as more "cool" than "hopelessly bleak".


But games aren't movies nor books. We can evaluate Disco Elysium as interactive fiction and it's arguably superb. But, we can also evaluate it as a game, and as a game it has some rather large failings, some of which stem directly from text heaviness. You can't have it both ways. War and Peace is an amazing novel but it's a shit game. There's nothing wrong with saying that that.


Game is a broader category than book. Its a silly argument. Pen and paper roleplay is undoubtedly a game but the gameplay in a strict sense is just throwing dice. Its still better than most digital games that come out with more complex gameplay


>Pen and paper roleplay is undoubtedly a game
That is undoubtedly debatable. While people disagree on the definition of games all the time, I think a particularly consistent definition that separates games (basketball) from other activities (simply throwing an inflated rubber ball around) is that a game is a test of skill for the purpose of entertainment. Tabletop role-playing scenarios have a big problem testing skill because the DM can change the rules at their whim at any moment. In this environment it is impossible for the participants to hone their skills because the skills being tested at any moment are subject to flux. Tabletop role-playing is undoubtably exciting and surprising and can be good fun with friends, but whether it actually functions as a game is open for debate.


well instead of a fucking spastic argument about games in totality instead lets talk about video games. a visual novel is as much a video game as DOOM Eternal and that is because video games are interactive mediums to explore and understand within the mechanics allotted to the player. Sometimes that is through dialog, sometimes through exploration, sometimes shooty-shooty bang-bang. Understanding how your actions changes your place in the virtual world is how you learn how to "play" games - sometimes its learning how to master movement to get places, sometimes its learning about the world's scarcities and what exchanges are worth making, sometimes its learning what weapon enemies are weak to, or sometimes its learning where your anime waifu goes to after school hours.


>a test of skill for the purpose of entertainment
that's either a sport or a competition. A rap battle is a test of skill for entertainment, but not a game.


>video games are interactive mediums to explore and understand within the mechanics allotted to the player
You could just as easily use this to describe any number of computer hobbies from web design to video encoding. Those all feature bounded mechanics which can be explored and understood. If this hinges on the definition of a "player", you have to be careful you don't construct a tautology.


A rap battle has a rather murky test of skill open to subjective interpretation by the audience (if they formally evaluate the winner at all), but I'd say when clear rules and consistent means of declaring the winner are presented, then yes in those instances I might actually describe it as a game.


Note that 'competitive gaming' or 'esports' is a subgenre of gaming. Bearing witness to the fact that not all games involve competition(skill checks). Also hence the phrase 'its just a game bro' games are not inherently goal based.


File: 1608528345495.png (6.03 KB, 288x384, are you great.png)

You're conflating competition with skill tests. Plenty of singleplayer games exist that I'm sure you wouldn't deny test the player's skill.


Cyberpunk is a retro-futurist fantasy. On one hand, it genuinely looks bleak while at the same time channeling a self-destructive libido.


Yes, plenty of games can be a test of skill either against others or by yourself. But not all of them because games extend beyond tests of skills.
>You could just as easily use this to describe any number of computer hobbies from web design to video encoding.
what do we mean when we say "i gamed the system"? whats the definition of game in that expression? or "stop playing language games"? give me a synonym if thats not the true word in that sentence.


Worst part about this is that my recommended tab will be filled with TheQuartering tier clickbait videos for weeks on end.


>what do we mean when we say "i gamed the system"? whats the definition of game in that expression? or "stop playing language games"?
They certainly imply skill don't they? In fact here's an interesting case study: in the early 20th century in the United States there were all sorts of major regulatory battles over pinball. Authorities considered them to be gambling and wanted them tightly regulated. Pinball manufacturers got around this by inventing the flippers and insisting that their machines were now games instead of pure gambling.


At this point I'm just waiting for the Crowbcat video, it's going to be glorious.


How long till all the uncensored sex scenes are posted on porn sites? Are there characters with glasses in this game ?

That's some cool-ass music


I can't shake just how much of a gta clone this shit looks like. Seriously, this is the best they could do?. I haven't seen a single innovative gameplay element yet. What a waste of people's time, both laborer and consoomer.


Don’t get me wrong. I love that game to death, a true diamond in the ruff. But the game lacked a lot of polish and I always feel that Troika intended to do much more with it but they lacked the time and resources to do so. Many maps just lacked npcs and make the extremely strong story and world underwhelming. For instance, the two only cities of the high and dark elves are somehow only as big as the first human town you encountered. Which just makes no sense because previously, throughout the game they’ve been orchestrating a huge continent wide conspiracy and sending thousands of assassins after you and your crew.


Honestly fuck that neckbeard whiny fag. Nothing but shitty clickbait and consoomer soyfacing over “da epic redpill polish game”.
I’m honestly more hype for that than anything for next year. Another good thing is that this fiasco finally exposes Yong to be just another entitled gaymer that only have a pretense of anti corporation to hide his own biased. His recent videos is just full coping just like his defense of worker crunch in CDPR.
Honestly it seems that only Jim Sterling have any integrity anymore, but that’s mostly because the guy has friends that actually experienced crunch regularly.


I wanna see penis. Post plz.


This game is super fucking shallow. They had the opportunity here to flesh out a real cyberpunk world and it ends up feeling like a backdrop to the scripted main quest line. It seems like they just didn't have enough time or resources to make it past the scripted stuff. But how do you do that with 8 years of development? Even Outer Worlds was better than this shit.


> CP77 is unironically the single most grim and horrifying setting I've seen
It's cynical as fuck. I would prefer some kind of balance between the beautiful and the grotesque, like slices of heaven in the dystopian nightmare would be great for an rpg. If anything, it's good for people to understand that this future is out there if we allow it to.


> like slices of heaven in the dystopian nightmare would be great

There is some if you know where to look. Like you can pay back that first ripperdoc for your eye implants that he gives to you on credit later and he seems pretty touched that you didnt rip him off


>How long till all the uncensored sex scenes are posted on porn sites?
This lmao


Already up on pornhub (probably will get taken down soon through DMCA)

checked… and that's sort of the point - an apocalyptic free-for-all fantasy that many people don't realize (or care) would be a hell-hole IRL.


Is there a communist ending? I hope there is.


File: 1608528351325-1.jpg (104.14 KB, 1200x1091, bordiga.jpg)

Cyberpunk leftcom confirmed?


File: 1608528351529.jpg (1.07 MB, 3000x3000, matt.jpg)


Cyborg Matt Christman just sending his cushvlogs directly into your wetware, choomba


Shut the fuck up idealist radlib.


Cushbomb isn't an idealist radlib. Chapo Trap House isn't nearly as liberal as their fanbase would lead you to believe, it's just taking parliamentarianism as a legitimate route for change where they slip into lib territory, and Matt will just straight up deny that the parliamentarianism will work and all we're doing is exposing the rot beneath it.


I wanted to torrent it, but it's too fucking big. I hate that games are so oversized these days. I wish devs released a version with compressed textures and sounds rather than this bloated fucking monstrosity.
All I play these days are games that are like 10 years old or more because I can't stand how much fucking unnecessary harddrive space all this shit takes up.


I think that's communist lutheranism


A lot of people were worried that a big privately owned gaming corporation wouldn't be able to do justice to the inherently anti-capitalist message of the Cyberpunk genre, well look who's laughing now! We have:

-Labor overworked and exploited, made to work under intense pressure and hours to most efficiently pump out the game as soon as possible because the executives wrote a check the dev team couldn't cash by dropping the announcement way too early

-Duplicitious marketing teams outright lying about a product with impunity, effectively fooling consumers into buying a product they wouldn't get with misleading advertising

-Similarly, the advertising aimed to create sort of a cult of personality around the game largely relying on the team's good reputation from the Witcher- this is a subtle point that a lot of you might not meet me on, but the purpose of the advertising wasn't to sell the game, but to capture the audience and appeal to one of the most degrading facets of late stage capitalism- Consumer Culture has almost taken over the identity of the modern individual, meaning we make an identity out of the media we consume, it becomes who we are instead of what we enjoy and subsumes our social relationships with the world around us- anyone who's ever been on Tinder knows this, it's really quite sad seeing people who can't think of anything to say about themselves except that they like The Office and one particular song.

-A product explicitly betraying it's own philosophy of 'it'll be ready when it's ready' because the corporate team no doubt wanted to squeeze it in 1. Before Christmas, and 2. Before the PS4 and XB1's life cycle was outmoded by the next gen of consoles. They knew it wasn't ready, but shipped it anyway because muh line.

It's quite funny that in this debacle, the game has made an amazing point about how thoroughly Capitalism corrupts, commodifies, and destroys art, and how the interests of the corporate bourgeoisie are inherently antithetical to the interests and creative vision of those who create it. However the fact is that Capitalism necessitates cooperation between those two in the creation of art, and like everything that's sold on a market, the interests of capital always win because they by definition have the money and the power to decide. And their financial interests come first, the integrity of the art is a distant second if even that.

Most poignantly of course this game paints this picture on the real life canvas of the gaming industry, but this process applies to all popular culture including movies, tv, and even sports. Everything original and creative will be captured, sanded down until nothing authentic remains, and spit back out as the corpos see fit. And it doesn't stop there, Capitalism in ALL ventures is fundamentally defined by a neverending, mindlessly destructive pursuit of acceleration and growth- this is a non-negotiable part of Capitalism, because that's literally what capital means, money that begets more money. Capital will always prefer to crunch their employees, shovel out the product before it's ideal release date, cut away all the rough edges that make something unique to appeal to the lowest common denominator, market their product as dazzlingly as possible, and treat both the worker and the consumer as numbers in an equation or cattle on the feed instead of people with interests as a class.

What is the message of Cyberpunk in this moment? Art is just another theater of the class war. Someone should make a game about that.


I saw this exact post on leddit? Was that you?


>You can stick shopenhauer up your pretty little butthole


I literally only play old games or indies and still have a huge hoard that haven’t even been played. Unoptimized trash like cyberpunk is a hardpass. Waiting for glitch compilation however, is worth it.


File: 1608528353911.png (16.93 KB, 864x161, HES BACK.png)

Speaking of which.


You know it is in the future because they prefix everything with 'neo'.


I honestly can't tell if they meant it to be a joke.
Neocapitalism? Neobourgeois? Fucking kek.


I'm kinda disappointed that there are no orthodox marxists only these neo/new-age/marxists. The new left was a mistake.




Me review
One of the best i have seen in rpgs, although some parts reminded me of other videogames to the point i will have to lower my score
Ok not too great but not bad


Really? I don't know much of the game but some of the reviews I've seen say that the Roleplay parts were shit as well . in terms of low amount of variety in choices, making for little repeatability


>The new left was a mistake.
The new left was not a mistake. It was a calculated move by Porky to muddy the waters and accommodate young People of College urges for societal solutions in a safe way.


Also TES has been lauded like 15 years for having in-game books that tell you about the lore.


>Also TES has been lauded like 15 years for having in-game books that tell you about the lore.
By whom? You're making the Call-of-Duty-has-a-92-on-Metacritic argument anon.


Fuck PC “gaming”


Matt Christman would clearly be a Marxist even if he hasn’t already explicitly said that he is.


Everything is neo in cyberpunk. In the Matrix, the fucking protagonist himself is Neo. Do you even schway?


all my friends who love rpg’s have been playing and streaming the game in our personal dicksword loving it. like 90% of the criticisms I’ve seen from elsewhere have either been nitpicking shit that is absolutely frivolous and will be fixed next patched, or just outright don’t make any fucking sense. I keep seeing people say the game and world is “empty” and I’l like… nigga what? Are you playing the same fucking game?
Yeah, it’s buggy and the UI has issues, but if you pull your head out of your ass there’s a fucking lot here, and most of it is really fucking good and cool.


I’ve also seen people complaining about the combat not feeling good, but watching my friends play it is visceral and thuggy as shit and they all love it. Like dude, it’s an RPG first and foremost, if you’re expecting to hop in as a level one scrub and 1-deag everybody with your first gun then you should find a different game. It’s the same shit as people who whine about missing their attacks in morrowind, fix your fucking gear and stats and stop whining you degenerate troglodyte.


well i whould say its better than other AAA rpgs , its not the best but a game with an actuall not shit story with character creation and choices is rare


when you find the gameplay you like all use the epic keeany reves pistol ,the compat is great , at the start it looks kind of weird since the movments are realistic but the enemies need like 6 shots to die


fuck you, console casualization did much bad to gaming


not really, it makes sense that the proportion stay similar. Go investigate if theyre bots is you find that odd


>its buggy
>I want gta sandbox
>i get killed when I stay stupid shit
>I want to drive car like gta
>melee combat is not brainless mashing so its impossible
>stealth take best elements of stealth genre
>gunplay ok
>why is there rpg stats in a rpg
>im too stupid to follow a story
>melee combat is stupid ez

so basically, witcher 3 in a cyberpunk city with ok shoot and stealth
idgaf about bugs cause i will wait 3 month to play this
seem like the game I was expecting


>lets invalidate an entire genre with tons of fuckign great work with a single example I didnt like
fucking retard


Who knew the CDPR shill dept dug this deep.


>waaah you can't like or tear apart the shit review of the target of my hate boner of the month
come back with actual argumentation whenever you want faggot.
Also, how fucking stupid do you have to be to believe in shills on fucking leftypol.


You're as good as one, being unpaid is even worse, how pathetic.
Let's pick just one thesis of your misrepresentations of original arguments, as picking them all is too much work for such a baby like you.
>i get killed when I stay stupid shit
The original argument does not complain about being "killed when I say stupid shit". See. the game was advertised as an RPG. A good example of which in recent years is Fallout New Vegas, where you are presented with branching dialogue with multiple choices leading to multiple ways to finish a quest, be it main or side. We see none of this here. The game only presents a single option for advancing the story thorugh dialogue, there are no choices to be made, when you are presented with some choice, there is only one right option, how is this good? It's lazy and uncreative. None of the events leading out to the ending matter at all because you literally pick the ending of your chosing after the final boss. Background of the character doesn't matter, the things he's done don't matter, the role playing part is non-existent. Such was the complaint that many users have, especially those that came genuinely expecting an RPG. Verstehen?
The rest of the greentext is just as much of a disingenuous handwaving as this. And you, apparently, didn't even play the game.


File: 1608528356474.jpg (50.04 KB, 967x308, 1607953435068.jpg)

>it’s an RPG first and foremost
here's your rpg bro


>Watch other people play
Well there’s your problem right there.


>Option 1: no
>Option 2: nope
>Option 3: nada
Holy mother of kek.


I like how you didn't even play the game yet just assume that every criticism raised is bad faith whining. Definitely doesn't sound like you're desperate


File: 1608528356966.jpg (42.55 KB, 800x474, Fallout 4 dialogue.jpg)

Fallout 4 tier lmao


Best part of the story is when V destroys a lib samurai using facts and logic ,those overworked developers were really pissed


Tbh I don't see the problem with the character not being able to say yes, as much as it nags me why the fuck that was even an option. Like, V apready does other stuff, like feep sad about Jackie, without our input, so why not let the character themselves say no, or is the flavour of the tone so important?


File: 1608528357441.jpg (63.04 KB, 788x800, unnamed.jpg)


total fucking cherrypicking.
We literally knew this would be the case going in to some degree, what is even wrong with having a somewhat predetermined main questline? Besides, there seems to be a hell of a lot more choice in it than any other similar rpg I’ve seen in recent years.


lmao what the actual fuck? this reads like an essay I’d type up from scratch knowing it’s due in 45 minutes. even someone historically illiterate couldn't find this convincing


File: 1608528357766.webm (2 MB, 1280x720, 1607989201942.webm)

Here you can see a shining example of the average cyberpunk enjoyer


Because you haven't played the game lel. You should feel it for yourself.


To be fair the rule book was written in the 90s. It’s a time when red scare propaganda was all you know of the Soviet Union and public education was just a shell for brainwashing. Back then they actually believed in the end of history narrative.
>huh duh cdpr can make real dialogue
&ltoption 1 yes
&ltoption 2 yes but with attitude
&ltoption 3 sarcastic yes
&ltoption 4 no (you get immediately killed)
Very rpg! Such choices!
>imagine being a corporate consumerist shill on a communist lincolnlog forum
Kill yourself.


File: 1608528358095.jpg (38.3 KB, 462x204, back to the 4chan.jpg)

>no audio
What is this 4cucks?


>A good example of which in recent years is Fallout New Vegas, where you are presented with branching dialogue with multiple choices leading to multiple ways to finish a quest, be it main or side. We see none of this here.
you do see it in side missions at least. pretty sure dollhouse side story ends differently depending on what dialogue choices you pick. i'm not far enough in the main story to argue more on this point tho.


fuck you elon


I don't need to, I've watched 4 different friends stream it at this point and it looks completely fine, there isn't even any bullet sponginess, that's just retards who don't know how RPG's work and don't realize they need to fix their fucking stats and gear.

Stop politicizing the game so much you asshat. Yeah, the game has some issues with UI and bugginess, but so much of this whining is just total knee jerk reaction from people who played the game for an hour, got mad that they couldn't oneshot everything at level one, and ragequit to bitch and moan.
Also, there's nothing wrong with an RPG having a more guided story, not every fucking RPG needs to have a million branching paths that ultimately mean very little, that's just westerner special snowflakeism.


That guy is either diabetic, or has the bladder the size of his head.
>I can't wait for the communo-eco-cyber-revolution… led by Swedenborg!
2077 neo-Berniebros and neo-AOC hyper-simps on suicide watch.


>Stop politicizing the game so much you asshat.
This game sucks because its politics are shallow which makes the story completely garbage.


File: 1608528359058.jpg (12.81 KB, 288x450, 1607657549796.jpg)

>Stop politicizing my cyberpunk kino


The game not pandering to whatever your specific ideology is doesn't make it a bad gamer, stop being autistic contrarians just for the sake of being edgy.


Everything is political you asshat. You can’t escape from ideology.


That doesn't mean you have to shit yourself and entirely dismiss something because it doesn't pander to you dipshit


File: 1608528359438.jpg (232.85 KB, 2048x1536, 1608018890861.jpg)

I mean even the developers are complaining, I guess the meta commentary makes the game a little cooler


>stop politicizing a cyberpunk game


Media is meant to entertain first and foremost, and if yous are gonna only stick to stuff that you agree with ye aint gonna enjoy most

personally, I dig the writing in the game. Is it like, some marxist theory? No it aint, but I dig it anyway.


>pandering to whatever your specific ideology
I said the politics are shallow, which they are. They could have made a believable story where characters are driven by reality, and disagree with me, and that would be fine, but instead they let an angsty 12 year old write the plot. You can even have a magic or fantasy elements that aren't real and the characters will still be good if they relate to real peoples needs and desires. Instead we got Ready Player One.


apparently leftists disavowing it on twitter for being copaganda has them supporting it now and calling all the critics trānnies. it’s hilarious, /v/ is now the polar opposite of what it was in TORtanic.


The game itself is empty as hell dude. Most of the world is lifeless with no attempt at an AI whatsoever, even the cars only go on the same path over and over like the Truman Show. The world failed to even keep up a facsimile of a living one, the physics is all over the place. And the gameplay is shallow compared to most RPGs with the level design made with only aesthetic in mind. Which is clear the moment you try anything other than shooting guns and melees, it just not fit for a social or stealth at all.
The characters are juvenile and the writing just shows the clear weaknesses of the devs when doing anything other than the clear cut adaptation like Witcher as in multiple points the story and role playing went in completely opposite directions. The story somehow managed to be even more barebones than Deux Ex Human Revolution which is a goddam shame.
You enjoying it doesn’t stop it from a shallow RPG with even more shallow political message.
Literal trash site. Their opinion is the least that ever matter.


File: 1608528360680.jpg (176.38 KB, 1920x1080, 20201215103203_1.jpg)

>Guess even pneumatic arms can't lift morale in a toxic workplace
fucking bodied
how many references to shit workplace conditions will we find in this game?


I don't care about politics in games unless there's an explicit political message and the devs are trying to push a certain ideology at a deeper level than surface. In that case, there are two options: if the politics are based, then good; if the politics are shit, fuck that game. But most games don't try to be political, or their politics are so shallow that it doesn't affect the quality of the game or my enjoyment at all.


which one is this game


Not only this, but I really wish this board could talk about more varied games instead of looking for the most political things they can find in games. We have a politics board already.


Is it a cry for help lol? Reminds me of that Vietnam prisoner dude blinking SOS.




File: 1608528361566.png (88.2 KB, 861x914, china_groyper.png)

>Driving a car
>Radio news start
>Report on Europe
>20% of the continent is uninhabitable
>Eastern Europe is a chemical dump
>Western EU states cockblock any attempts at pollution regulation
>State free market sanctity as justification
>In other news, let's look at Asia
>China bans non-self-driving cars
>Only government aproved routes now available
>Bikes are promoted, but will have GPS trackers
>tfw devs wanted to make le unblessed chungus moment, but it just makes China look like the last bastion of humanity in this hell-on-earth of a setting that isn't cucked to porkies and maintains strong state control


it takes like 3 headshots and they get staggered everytime making it pretty easy to finish them off, but I think this might be because of the skills I picked I definitely upgraded the headshot damage. besides that I'm actually enjoying the mellee combat way more, the mellee weapons do way more damage than the guns, in the early game you even do way more damage with the fists than the guns I had, when you're fast enough and dodge properly it makes it pretty fun.


Shotguns, rifles, and revolvers should all oneshot once you start doing crafting. If you neglect your crafting skill you're going to have a hard time


I'm really going for pistol and katana run (more katana than pistol) but I aside from upgrading some Items I didn't have to craft anything at all. do crafted weapons really do that much damage?


So they are following the Fallout 4 school.


>the only true rpg is the one that has a button to kill yourself and musterbait if they dont they arent rpg


It's pretty good if you play it like it's Cyberwitcher since so many of the systems feel like they're pulled straight from W3
that said, main plot is all over the place and feels like parts got cut, Johnny is flat out annoying to deal with and kills Act 2,
Act 1 feels the best by far even with limited where you can go in the city, they really should have done a rags to riches to ruin focus with the backdrop being Arasaka and Miltech getting ready for the 5th Corporate War

didn't run into a ton of bugs tbh


based, best games of all time tbh



i liked the story but johnny reminded me of the joker from the last archam game who i hated so he does lower the quality a little


yeah, one of my friends is critting for nearly 200k with a fully ima ed sniper, and another is just utterly pasting people with a shotgun.


*fully min maxed


even the USSR is cucked to porkies in the cyberpunk timeline anon. china, like ussr (which still exists somehow), has "state" megacorps that are effectively independent from the state and do whatever. they pretend to live in harmony with each other but the corps are firmly in control when push comes to shove.


how linear is this game? do you think we will be able to eventually mod the game engine to the point of our custom police AI (with functioning chase/bounty system instead of random spawn) and new quests? I read this is CDPR's own engine so it might take a while for people to figure out how to work with it but think there are some salvageable assets in there right?

or should we just import shits back to GTA


based SovOil is going to achieve full communism in 2107


it depends on how you define linear, like the game's story is fairly linear and the story missions are fairly linear, but the side missions have a ton of different approaches you can take and they often tie into one another.


Sony delisted the game on PSN, likely over CDPR telling people to get a refund from them and exposing how shitty their non-existent refund policy is.


yup and Sony went nuclear, wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft follows suit and delists it from Xbox as well
inb4 microsoft buys cdpr


File: 1608528369515-0.png (341.81 KB, 597x550, oh no no no.png)

File: 1608528369515-1.mp4 (1.48 MB, 480x360, ohno.mp4)

Sony removes Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation Store and offers refunds to customers


The trump presidency of game releases


File: 1608528369950.gif (122.18 KB, 676x431, 1608282820116.gif)

>It doesn't have to be on the playstore
The /v/ shazam meme is vindicated


I had no expectations, and I'm very pleasantly surprised by what I am seeing so far. It's fun, there are tons of things to explore, and it looks amazing.


the writing is honestly pretty good as well. I tried playing shadowrun returns a few days ago and the dialogue in that made me cringe out my asshole
Some people just have fucked expectations


Of course, can't blame marketing for selling the game on lies. It's an okay mediocre zoomershooter instead of an amazing game of the century they made it out to be, it's all right. Just play it bro it's just fun bro, the city is just pretty bro.


The only people who thought that must have never touched a single other cdpr game in their life. The witcher series is pure distilled polish slav jank.


It’s a Slav jank so it should’ve been sold at a cheaper price. It’s fun when you either pirate it or buy it for 20 bucks of a bargain bin.


It's slav jank but with none of the unique features or mechanics that make slav jank worth playing. It's a mediocre imitation of western aaa titles like gta, with all the hype but none of the polish.


Man this makes we wanted to see a remake of You Are Empty again. The concept art was great, even if it’s a bit on the anti-Stalinist side.
>with all the hype but none of the polish.
What do you mean? The game is fully Poolish.


>Witcher series is slavjank
>Witcher 1
Deffinetly slav jank - weird combat, based of a novel obscure outside of Poland, dogshit graphics, janky difficulty.
>Witcher 2
Slav jank, but the kind of whose devs got too much money and decided to experiment and do some weird shit, like the broken combat, useless skills and systems, branching paths that fuck with their own internal logic and a general sense of everything being off.
>Witcher 3
No longer slav jank. Just a successful copy of the best parts of westoid SPRPG's. Still caries some of the old wibes though

And finally CP77 completes the Verwandlung and is just another slightly burnt AAA game. You could stamp literally any other bigboy developer logo on it and you wouldn't know something is changed.


>Thanks for paying kurwa

I wish the poles were entirely fucking exterminated by the nazis


Any good articles or discussions on the politics behind the main questline?


>with all the hype but none of the polish.
But CDPR is Polish.


>No longer slav jank. Just a successful copy of the best parts of westoid SPRPG's. Still caries some of the old wibes though
It wasn’t as slav jank, but it was still initially a buggy mess of a game, this cyberpunk release is pretty typical for them.


File: 1608528372147.png (241.39 KB, 480x480, 1463675744051.png)

Okay so, I finally got round to playing it, I'm not impressed to be honest. If we disregard the terrible technical issues, it's a 7/10 I guess. The people saying it has a good story must be smoking crack, it's the most hackneyed and generic shit I could imagine. As for the gameplay, yes it has a severe problem with bulletsponges and doesn't flow well as a shooter. As others have said the hacking interface really sucks too.

It is definitely anti capitalist but it falls into all the typical issues and hypocrisies of 'commodified resistance'. Oh, and yes, I agree with the other posters that the world feels very shallow and empty. There is pretty stuff to look at but not much depth.


>it has a severe problem with bulletsponges
It doesn't if you actually invest in upgrading and crafting your weapons


and play on easy or normal at most.


all my friends played on hard exclusively and none of them had issues with bullet sponginess except really early on, which imo is totally fine. People are just running around with a bunch of shitty scavenged, unupgraded gear and wondering why it’s “bullet spongy”
Plus I think a lot of people have really shit builds and are not properly specializing.


File: 1608528372845.png (40.57 KB, 370x67, booknerds.png)

here's a golden one


also, petition to turn one of these into a banner


>hacking interface really sucks too.
Hacking using line of sight is stupid as hell. It’s basically turn hacking into debuffing magic.
The fact that the enemy can’t counter hack you when you’re hacking them also makes no sense.


>all these ppl crying about bullet sponge just cant into rpg
not surprised

>The people saying it has a good story must be smoking crack
my pals playing it said the story was better in the middle/end, and that sidequests are pretty good.


I finished it a couple of days ago. I found the sidequests to be more engaging than the main story and I think I got the bad ending because it was just depressing and not in a genre-conforming, thought-provoking way.

Have they announced/hinted at where they're going with DLC or are they too busy with bugs?


Could you with least spoilers possible tell what determines the ending? Is it again like W3 where it depends on random dialogue choices, or is it based on actually important decisions?


you haven't encountered any netrunners yet?


>the story was better in the middle/end, and that sidequests are pretty good.
pretty much, especially mid game has some cool missions.


>Have they announced/hinted at where they're going with DLC or are they too busy with bugs?
with the ammounts of issues and the corona case they're probably going to be fixing bugs for maybe even two years.


I'm kind of worried to play it since it crashes so much.


it doesn't crash (atleast on my low to mid tier pc), just some bugs that could be annoying and performance isn't the best but I did get arround it with overclocking


There is a bug (i've heard) that when it plays on windows 7 it doesn't have a fullscreen option, so i have to play at 4k on lowest settings. It's crashed a bit for me.


You're right, after playing more, the bullet sponging is not as bad once you get past Act 1, but I don't see how you think that's fine. It really makes for some unpleasant gameplay. When you have to put hundreds of rounds into someone, that is not good gunplay. I also fought a cyberpsycho that was marked as 'moderate' difficulty and I was there shooting them for like ten minutes to take them down, using the awful dodging mechanics the whole time.

It's only crashed a few times which is a pleasant surprise, and loading is pretty fast, it's the slowdowns/lag that is the real issue.

Nowhere near the end yet but so far as I've played, most decisions don't mean much but there are some times where you do have the opportunity to either be nice or be a big asshole. I would hope that being good to your friends and people in general would give you good boy points towards a better ending but we'll see.

Also, from what I can tell, there is going to be a pro Arasaka ending, a destroy Arasaka ending, and an ending which is neither where you just fuck off on your own.


yes those choices actually matter a great deal, I made the mistake in thinking it was more linear (at least in regard to ending paths) than it is!


This post aged poorly


You were absolutely right


Bro WTF, Johnny Silverhand was in Fallout New Vegas


You know what, speaking about the Outer Worlds, holy shit I would really rather hope games start using the hub world design again.


Is Crowbcat a good youtuber to watch?


He's pretty funny but I sometimes doubt the validity of his videos, if you intentionally fuck up the game/your PC then you can turn any game into a glitchy mess, that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. I find it hard to imagine that crowbcat has never fell into the temptation of using corruptors/intentionally overloading his rig/etc to get better footage of glitches.


>intentionally overload his computer
Reminds me one of his video from way back attacking HouseholdHacker for having a game lagging technique tutorial. But no, most of the games he covered are already simplistic messes and the bugs are just the cherry on top. Most of the comparison videos only care about how much of the gameplay is simplified.


So I finished the game and tbh the ending was pretty mediocre, almost all endings are made to be bitter sweet with like a sad yet more grown up version and a happy yet pointless question, the guy who hoped that the game was more about becoming a legend itt really got his wish, it's weird cause you really don't change anything in the end, the only political ending is one but the choices remain the same pretty much, it's more about V as a character and way less about night city, it's funny cause the game did try to make you think you can defeat mega corporations but you don't, wtvr happens you just live your life but your choices only affect the few freinds you have


File: 1610778600986.png (267.9 KB, 418x699, 1610763457037.png)

Polish gaming studio CD Projekt SA jumped after reassuring investors that a patch for its bug-ridden Cyberpunk 2077 would hit the market this month.

In a video and blog post late on Wednesday, the publisher said it would release a new update toward the end of January and then a second patch “in the weeks after.” It promised to delay future content for Cyberpunk 2077 as it focuses on fixing bugs.

CD Projekt advanced as much as 11% on Thursday, the most since March, and closed 6% higher as short positions in the stock narrowed. Still, the company has lost almost 40% of its value since December’s peak and Markit data shows that shorts had surged to a record 10% of outstanding shares this month.

“Shorting CD Projekt finally turned more difficult as borrowing the stock became costly, and short covering was expected to provide the first signal for the shares to rebound after the slump,” Pawel Sugalski, a fund manager at Rockbridge TFI SA, said by email.

He sees investors starting to buy the stock again on hopes that Cyberpunk will return to Sony’s PlayStation store soon after release of its next patch.


They were bracing against the expose from Schreier. Some choice picks:
>One CDPR developer told their manager that they didn't want to work overtime, as their CEO had said would be OK. Fine, their manager said, but one of their other coworkers would just have to work extra hours to make up for them. Several other developers shared similar stories.
<get to crunching wagie, or else your best friend gets double the work!
>they literally make the police system days before going gold
>the 2018 demo was fake as shit
>muh BioWare magic
>pollacks being racists


>>pollacks being racists
I don't remember reading that in the article, which part?


so is the game itself any good? sorry dont feel like reading thru the whole thread. keep in mind either way i wont be buying it until its on sale for like $20 bucks and assuming they iron out the bugs and broken shit, but does it seem like with a couple years and hopefully free "DLC" finishing/implementing needed features its at least a platform for them to possibly build a good game on?


The general consensus seems to be that it's enjoyable, but severely underdelivers on its promises and in many ways falls short of even existing open world games.
Meaning yeah, buying it when it's much cheaper and hopefully mostly fixed sounds like the best option.


the game’s either made for you or it’s not. I know people that love the game. I personally never liked RPGs like Elder Scrolls or GTA that much in the first place, so I know it’s not worth my time. Nor do I care about “imerssion” or this cyberpunk shit that’s trendy with nerds right now. If that all appeals to you then you might enjoy it.


I recently played Deus Ex and had a good time. It's free. I'm thinking of getting the next ones. Why waste my time with proven mediocre expensive games.


File: 1611437264271.gif (755.73 KB, 241x182, 379.gif)

>RPGs like Elder Scrolls or GTA


>buy it
no lol pirate it. anything else is stupid.


GTA is a better RPG than this shit and more immersive too.


Neither game is an RPG. A game can not be part in or part out RPG. At best it can have RPG mechanics.


>A game can not be part in or part out RPG.

So to you only turn based crap that hasn't progressed since the early 90s can be an RPG?


An RPG is anything with stats and equipment and level-ups.


false. an rpg is a game that uses dnd (rpg) rules.
having a health bar (aka a stat) does not constitute an rpg. nor does leveling up or using weapons and armor lol


You're confusing tabletop role-playing with video games. We're talking about video games in here.


League of Legends is an RPG then retard


By the way guys I forgot to add that my favorite animes are Cory in the House and Shrek XDDDDDDDDD



You've heard of the DOOM clone, but have you heard about the Wizardry clone?
>The game was one of the first Dungeons & Dragons-style role-playing games to be written for computer play, and the first such game to offer color graphics.[3] It was also the first true party-based role-playing video game.[1]
>t. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wizardry:_Proving_Grounds_of_the_Mad_Overlord


>if labour law or the contract says there's no mandatory overtime then there isn't any

spotted guy who has never had a job before


Devs who left CDPR said otherwise. Fuck r*ddit, what a shitty cesspool of corporate suck ups.


Made for BBC (Big Black Creepypasta)


You are beyond retarded if you believe this.


Considering he used the "Friends from everywhere" meme, he probably doesn't believe this.


Wasn't addressing the Anon, hun.


>1 year later and Cyberpunk 2077 is nigh forgotten
Kek, so much for the hype


>1 year later
Shit, already?


By Allah this game sucks


Watch Dogs Legion is a better Cyberpunk game than CP77 change my mind


Better AI and gameplay loop by far.


Just goes to show why you should never be hyped for anything, you should assume all new games coming out will be bad and treat it as a pleasant surprise if they aren't


File: 1633109609716.png (68.37 KB, 821x557, ClipboardImage.png)

Reminder that the game was a great success


Yeah, and this is why capitalism is a terrible system at rewarding art. Garbage capeshit for the masses makes literal billions while good films make next to nothing.
Same with games.


Because it got pre-ordered in the millions before it came out similar to the Star Wars sequels?


It's only 'a success' because its fundamental motivation is immediate profit. It achieved its goal.
If it's motivation was to make a good game or encourage future profit, I don't believe it would, in its current form, be successful.


>Fuck American CUlture
You do realize it's a Polish game, yeah?


I do, but who do you think brought DEMOCRACIC VALUES to POLAND
and before you say the answer, it's clearly america


I don't think Pooland has ever been particularly democratic to begin with; weren't they still a military junta when they fought against the Bolsheviks? Then they got rekt by Nazis and Soviets and then forcibly turned into socialism after WW2 and then the Cucktholic church and CIA convinced them to switch to liberalism and now they are a libshit democracy for the first time ever?????


Why do you call it pooland like a nazi instead of Poland?


Since when was pooland a """nazi""" term wtf
your brain has been rotted from being online too much touch grass

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