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A general permanent thread for the ICUP and /pol/eague meme tournaments.
Previous thread: >>10211
Note that during a cup, a thread will be made on /leftypol/, then merged into here after the end.

>ICUP: Infinity Cup, a competition between a wide range of small imageboards.

info - https://anon.cafe/icup/
vids - https://archive.org/details/@icuparchive
>/pol/eague: A 4chan Cup invitational league for /pol/ generals.
info - https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//pol/eague
vids - https://implying.fun

Aesthetics files: https://git.leftypol.org/comrade/divegrass_aesthetics/


File: 1654575522111.png (804.75 KB, 1000x1093, ClipboardImage.png)

The last cup was a bunch of fun and we did pretty well, despite a critical failure from central management in the knockouts. Instead of just waiting another year-or-more for the next /pol/eague, we've also entered the Infinity Cup, which will run in the next couple of months once a capable streamer is found.

An interesting note about that cup is that we were involved in the first two, back in 2015-2016 on 8chan.
The team represented the USSC (/leftypol/, /ref/ and GETchan) so I would like to hear our thoughts on keeping the Infinity Cup team as representative of all these imageboards, inviting /GET/ and /ref/ to help construct the team.


Extra thread for kits: >>>/draw/2554


ICUP 7 is still being worked on, and progress is still steady, but we need your help. If you have a good PC enough to run PES 2017 and to stream it, or if you are willing to commentate, please contact us at anon.cafe/icup/. Currently we have three potential streamers, but the more the merrier.

Your team seems to be missing tactics. You can choose either the tactics from back when you were on the Infinity Cup, adapt the ones you used for the /pol/eague or create new ones.
There’s also the thing about the kits. Once again, you can use the older ones, adapt the ones from /pol/eague to work with PES17 or continue creating new ones in that thread.

Finally, if you are capable of doing 3D modelling, creating OC, working on the wiki or just helping in any way possible feel free to reach out as well.


Hi, I've downloaded PES17 and am in the process of running tactics and porting over some of the player models and kits. We're running /pol/eague stuff, unless someone suggests changes, I've already asked the eris guy about what format we need stuff in and so we should have it handled.
I can't stream or commentate this year, although we might have someone who can come in for our games. We'll see.


For after the ICUP 7 tournament in August, I've put our name down for the Fakkin Boolsheet Underground, a series of matches with strange modifiers (such as random stats, random game patches, set player roles, etc.)
If one of these tournaments looks more interesting, we can switch to it.

Also, I'll try and make a /leftypol/ thread to drive interest, now that cups are within a month.


ballgame bump


File: 1660298847291.png (214.23 KB, 1230x1144, ClipboardImage.png)

The ICUP draw stream is going to happen TODAY
18:00 UTC at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup


File: 1661095859005.png (54.97 KB, 500x562, ClipboardImage.png)

The ICUP stream is happening today 17:30 UTC at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup


can someone record our match so I can watch it later?


We need more people in the chat it is full of /pol/yps


I'm there lol


File: 1661120540840.png (284.28 KB, 553x451, MaupGimp.png)


We got eliminated, 2-0 for comfy/late.


Damn, we did so good in the last tourney too. Oh well. We still have runners up match right?


You're not eliminated yet, there are two more matches before knockouts.


>engaging trolls
you get what you deserve


File: 1661694782684.png (27.12 KB, 513x579, Schedule.png)

The ICUP stream is happening TODAY
17:30 UTC at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup


1-1 tie against /islam/.


File: 1662299204206.png (21.13 KB, 268x606, Schedule.png)

The ICUP stream is happening TODAY
17:00 UTC at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup


File: 1662326136070.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.84 KB, 1123x1200, EjHDXS0XsAMEtLC.jpg)

/leftypol/ 1 - 1 /cuckquean/


wtf bros where are our big dubs


File: 1662941539430.png (512.13 KB, 1920x1080, Infinity Cup 7.png)

Infinity Cup 7 is now complete! Congratulations to /eris/ who joins the ranks of champions as they defeated /japan/ 3-1 in the Final! Stay tuned in the following weeks for the award winners.
Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you in the next one!

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