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Not only was it discovered that the new and terrible diablo game didn’t cost 100k but 110k but now it’s getting review bombed, shit talked by everyone in the pc gaming community, all on top of getting banned in the Netherlands and Belgium and it’s looking like blizzard is about to be out on trial again like EA did for lootboxes.

Dear god I hope this shit implodes more because this could cause a cascading effect that destroys microtransactions in games permanently


There’s no point to watching this fiasco

One of the most black pilling realizations about games like immortal is that regardless of how many gamers complain about it retards will still blow thousands individually on it, that’s how studios like EA sports have managed to survive and grow for so long. It doesn’t matter how many new papers get published on how much it actually fucking costs, it doesn’t matter how many calculations get made that at a bare minimum that it takes ten years to max out in game, it doesn’t matter if the entirety of blizzard studios gets dragged in the mud for years man, because at the end of the day the studio made the dogshit game everyone was expecting to be dogshit on release, retards spent actual fucking money on it instead of spending it on games made by devs that deserve it, and executives at blizzard are gonna get even more yachts and bonus’s whatever all while we wait for the next massive disappointment

fucking sucks man


The video game industry is a smoldering ruin in the wake of the huge corporations taking over.
It was always bad but it's become the poster child for the kind of insane shit porky will get up to if you let them.


The last times we ever saw a company genuinely get its asshanded for the insane bs we see in the industry daily was first when Konami got fucking outed completely due to the blatant casino shitshow that were there releases in the early 2010s and EA after the inane lootboxes implemented in swbf2 where they got boycotted, and forced to defend lootboxes on court in front of millions fucking over their stalk and actually encouraging them in future titles to dial back on the microtransactions and then we got the gem that was baldurs gate 3. That’s it

Everything else from annual releases, battlepasses, lootboxes,, RNG systems etc it’s all here and they’ll never leave


Fuck anyone forcing the "South Park sucks" meme straight from /pol/'s 'acceptable taste' checklist. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been getting more and more based with the decades and that's fucking rare for American shows. 4chan doesn't like South Park (anymore) because they didn't fall for either the MAGA bullshit or the pro-interventionist foreign policy of the burger right-wing.


File: 1654617670026.png (292.76 KB, 720x540, ClipboardImage.png)

You WILL pull the lever again and again desperately craving the dopamine reward.
You WILL invite your friends to join you for extra reward.
You WILL orient your life around pulling the lever.
The lever is love.
The lever is life.
The lever is your purpose.


God damb the last time I remember hearing about the cheese experiment was by Jim sterling years ago when he was discusssing how the industry classifies players that spend money on games as either explorers, competitors, boosters and “whales”


>Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been getting more and more based with the decades
reminder that they put unvarnished marxist theory in the episode about amazon strikes


>cartoon agrees with me so cartoon good
you should really reexamine your life and all of your values


They're literally zionist lolberts


[citation needed]


Hey guys
Do any of you think diablo 4 is gonna be different. Lien do you really believe blizzard is gonna learn their lesson from the years of humiliation and watching their new cancer become the third lowest rated game of all time ensure that 4 won’t turn out the fucking same?


>t. imageboard user


If they did they would’ve done so from the start. It’s here to stay
No what matters is your real world actions not what platform you post on. Believe me there’s a lot more normal people you’d find on these kinds of sites than you’d think


This just in! Blizzard Activision found that itself is innocent!
This is just beyond parody at this point.



It doesn’t matter anymore diablo 4 has zero hyper surrounding it after the dumpster fire that was immoral that’s officially classified as the worst game in existence


arent te=hey rightoid libertarians tho? they called micheal moore a socialist weasel and had a jihadi blow him up in one of their movies

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