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It’s actually not bad. Yes despite how many fans of Bethesda have complained about its inadequacies it’s actually a legitimately good engine, but like with the frost bite engine it’s only good at a specific task. MMO games with minimal amounts of physics(see ESO), which makes sense. Creation was built off another MMO engine called Gamebryo made in 1997 which was used to develop games like rockstars bully, Atlantica online, civilization 4, and wizard101.

>the bad

Because creation is technically an MMO engine and one based off a particularly old one that stopped becoming used by industry titans after 2013 as you’d expect it comes with a lot of limitations. Physics wise it simply just not great when compared to engines like source, cryEngine, frostbite, and ID tech, all engines that can get away with their advanced physics particularly because those games are typically used for developing single player games. Because of this these internal flaws live on in single player games using creation most notably in the elder scrolls franchise and Bethesdas fallout games where collision miscalculations, random crashes, and stupid AI are a regular occurrence that stick out enough to affect gameplay. Despite this beyond minor rendering issues the major problems with creation isn’t too bad what needs to be fixed is literally just how the engine differs between a server based and offline game along with bethesdas software team adding in new features for better physics to get up to at the very least 2016 standards of physics for the engine.’

>the ugly

Dear Christ where do I even begin. Remember how earlier I specified that creation is based off a 90s era engine called gamebryo, yeah unsurprisingly it also has the compatibility of the 90s for most developers to work with, ingame models frequently only ever work for specific engines of 3ds max or maya, animations just randomly not loading, entire mesh data for objects in the game engine being deleted, old bugs from the 90s never being fixed, lack of features for Multithreading, or cross compatibility support the list goes on about how hard this engine is to work with. Apparently pretty recently there’s been a major delay within star field because of how difficult creation was to work with as most of the software team working on it never fixed the physics or server problems and instead opted for graphics due to marketability and likewise the same problems from before in past release are still present for the engine, unsurprisingly this is the same reason why gameplay isn’t being shown as it’s likely a buggy mess (see second pic)


>physics are tied to frame rate
>no dude it's actually not that bad for real


i like that they're basically still hacking gamebryo instead of following industry gimmicks about what an engine should have


Not really

If creation 2 doesn’t address problems with physics, server scripting, and compatibility issues the engine at a certain point is gonna get abondoned for something else like ID tech for their single player titles because it’s gonna cost to much to work with compared to retraining staff for an engine easier to work with


It's absolutely insane that bethesda didn't already take the opportunity to switch when they hit a lot of growth over the success of Oblivion and Fallout. They must have plenty of people who are already trained with other platforms, but instead of migrating to something not shit, they put their new developers on their old and busted engine.


the gambryo codebase was meant to be portable though
it works on PC, it works on xbox, and it works on playstation
no need to replace it completely

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