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Fallout 76 is a weird game for me. Bethesda wasn’t lying when they said the map was 4 times larger than skyrims but there’s a problem with having such a large map in an open world multiplayer shooter.

There’s like no one to actually see in this game, most servers can only handle a max size of 24 players however the map is 38 thousand square kilometres making the population density around 6.24*10^-4 people/km^2 or around the same population density required for a player to have to spend over 15 minutes at a bare minimum to find someone else playing.

And the games low server sizes is just the surface of really bad multiplayer design

Fallout 76 doesn’t have things like cross platform play or cross compatibility up to 7th generation systems meaning not only can you not play this game on things like a ps3 but you can’t play it on a macOS, Linux system, other custom PCs, nintendo switches, ps3, Xbox 360, this dumbass list goes on which is fucking over the games potential users even more which is strange considering they released Skyrim on so many systems with ease. PVP doesn’t exist at all, there’s no reason to bother disabling pacifist mode(yes you have to consent to kill in this game for some reason idk what the devs were thinking), there’s no reward as all that happens is the guy you killed loses a few caps and that’s it you can’t steal their items like in rust making pvp pointless beyond minor trolling. There’s no offline mode meaning if your connection is down you literally can’t invest any time in this despite that being what the devs would want you to do, the games hilariously easy which dismisses the point of even bothering to add in multiplayer all together, there’s no add on support either like what most multiplayer shooters have along with older Bethesda titles.

I just don’t get it, why did they make a multiplayer game when there’s no support for multiplayer in it???


b.but country roads take me home…


Idk man

You can’t even say something like Bethesda just can’t make multiplayer games because they can and they have repeatedly. They made quake ffs the fucking holy grail of multiplayer shooters, god this game was a weird release


File: 1654787767017.gif (2.21 MB, 640x478, fallout.gif)

>literally can play the game single player solo
>no offline mode
>Bethesda can just make it offline no problem
>keeps in online with no offline option for years
This game is a demonic abomination. No wait. Actually all Bethesda Fallouts are abominations in their own right.


Yeah they made quake but majority of those original developers probably moved on.


>Actually all Fallouts are abominations in their own right.
Fixed for clarity. Fallout is shit.


>They made quake ffs
Uhhhh what, id made Quake.
If you mean the remaster, they were only the publisher.


Based fellow antisocial MMO hater??



watch what techreviewusa heard about an employee working at Ubisoft. It’s not that they aren’t aware of these design problems and bugs, they had to make the fucking game after all it’s that they don’t have the time to because staff has to be working on other projects


If you think that’s shits bad don’t forget the max inventory space is 1.5k pounds, that major enemies like deathclaws and mutant hounds spawn as individuals and not in groups and many more balance designs that make the player so overpowered to the point where shitloads of ingame assets legitimately shouldn’t exist at all

Don’t have a fucking clue with making high level mobs that don’t require high amounts of skill to kill

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