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>Terraria worlds are generally more dense with shit
Sure minecraft worlds are *technically infinite* until you hit the precision limits(a bug that can be fixed using big floating point types to fix problems with chunk loading and physics past a million blocks from spawn) but terraria worlds although limited in size have a shitload of stuff in them compared to minecraft worlds, terraria has living wood trees, undergound biomes, entire regions dedicated to structures like the dungeon, multiple enemies per biome with individual traits and functions, functions for NPCs beyond just the items you can buy from them, a mode of gameplay that offers a whole new roster of mechanics to the regions you’ve already played in. Minecraft worlds don’t have that, it’s just voxel terrain and once in a blue moon a structure you have to spend obnoxious amounts of time searching for, even the caves and cliffs update still gets drastically under minded by the scale and diversity present of terrarias cave system as far back as 2017, ffs minecraft doesn’t even have events, fucking f76 has that shit, yeah that god awful game has something that basic. This all ironically makes minecraft worlds feel smaller than terraria worlds even if they’re physically larger in the literal sense.
>terraria mods outperform Minecraft’s
This isn’t up for debate, just look at massive content mods like calamity and thorium vs shit like RLcraft that completely break the game. The most impressive minecraft mods are literal technical fixes the base game should’ve had from the day mojang as a company formed like LODs in distant horizons, entity culling, y axis terrain gen from cubic chunks, optimizations from sodium and optifine the list of shit that should’ve been here at the start just keeps going.

There’s my arguments


Haven't played either game but the mere fact that Mincecraft is 3D makes it more appealing to me.


Install sodium, chunk pre generator, optifine, the rest of jellysquids mods, distant horizons and cull leaves then because minecraft is so poorly optimized than even with modern day you can expect constant lag spikes and loading issues


Sorry this
Was a recommendation for you


You don't know what fun is until you and 3 other friends are stuck in a loop of dieing, staying alive until someone else comes to take your place, and reviving during the moon lord fight


Go FOSS and take the Minetest pill. You can add new blocks and items with just a few lines of simple Lua code and after enough digging around the other mods' code get inspired to make something that can blow MC mods out of water.


Sorry, forgot the link to the modding tutorial, here it is:


Minecraft is a half-assed unfinished game OP, so no argument there. The really sad thing is that Minetest could be a proper fucking game where Minecraft failed, yet it's so locked into the Minecraft paradigm that it handicaps itself into providing the same completely aimless, goal-less wander-and-build system as a base and suffers because of it.

I have played a shitton of Terraria but ironically I have played very little of its mods and don't have a lot of interest in them. I'm still trying to master the base game and a lot of times I find mods just break whatever balance/game design something already had.

I'm still in the middle of trying to beat Master mode on a one-character-one-world Hardcore challenge. I feel like a lot of the additions since v1.4 have made this sort of challenge massively more time-consuming than it used to be for various reasons. This is in spite of the very welcome addition of pylon works to navigate the world faster. Granted I'm attempting this on a higher difficulty that didn't exist in the past, but it takes hours longer just to get to the Wall of Flesh now than it used to take when I completed a few of these challenges on Expert back on v1.3.5. Not very conducive to repeat tries.


terreria has better mechanics but the design aspect of minecraft is inherently superior due to its 3D nature


That’s why I only play on master mode

It really gets you to use all the games mechanics and max out your items. Couple that with the fact that terrarias progression is item based and not stat based makes genuinely one of the greatest progression systems ever made despite the horrendous RNG at times


call me when someone builds a functional Pokemon red/blue in terraria

also wasn't there supposed to be a terraria 2

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