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Mid game.


it's good


it's good


it's good


mid review.


Not sure if good or just so padded with content I think it is


so it's good


Sneed game.


Okay? Are you going to finish it?


Gonna play the new one?


Looks good and not a lazy rehash.


If the early game is as bad as the first one, then no.


It's good, but not as great as it is hyped as. Most areas are really samey in multiple ways.
>slight difference in texture and color pallet
>very little contrast
>not much difference between different rooms of the same area, not much memorable to orient by
>repetitive level design across the whole world, only a few "challenge" rooms offer more than a set of atomic rectangular platforms and straight corridors
>barely any area-specific level elements (such as pink bouncy mushrooms)

Although this sameness works really well for deepnest area, but it also works only on the initial visit. Regular enemies across the world are also mostly just slight variations of a few archetypes, either in terms of size or reskin.

The game is usually praised for how big the world is. But it's actually very small in terms of variety. By the end I was starving for something different than the initial area you start in.

And it seems like Silksong will be the same, except they'll compensate for it with more movement and combat mechanics.


It's so obvious that you haven't even played the game


I completed it twice. It's just that I played other games too, some of which did those things better.

IMO they should have combined and semi-blended some areas into one to make them more varied, add more interesting level elements and make more interesting rooms with them that makes backtracking more fun. The whole world should be smaller and more concentrated. Instead they mostly went for quantity. The only good aspect about the boring level design is that many rooms can just be super-dashed through, but I wouldn't feel the need to do that if they were more than just empty corridors. There were exceptions of course.

It's a shame because HK grants the player much more movement freedom, it's very fast and floaty at the same time, the mechanics are excellent. But the level design in most rooms doesn't make much use of this. At least late game areas should be more complex and dangerous. Blasphemous for instance gets away with combining enemies with platforming across insta-death spikes, collapsible floors, moving platforms, etc., while the movement in that game is much more restricted and heavy. In HK you get some of that in Queen's Gardens and Crystal Peak but even most of those rooms feel really uninspired like they just copy-pasted a few platforms on a grid.

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