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Looks like my complaints about f76 and the elder scrolls franchise actually got addressed within this game

The gunplay actually feels and looks good to play with something I haven’t seen in a Bethesda title, ever… the game is clearly single player, the physics are actually working properly, the engine finally got updated and the concept is some hybrid of no man’s sky and star citizen something I would love to play considering I love games involving a shitload of exploration and crafting mechanics. Good job Bethesda and congrats to the devs


Hmm, this reminds me of Star Citizen except it's not multiplayer.


Preordering is for dopes, it might have made some sense when physical copies might not be available for a big release, but for digital downloads it's incoherent. Anyone can make a good looking trailer.


Let's hope it's not one of those games that are in perpetual beta


Bethesdas more prone to launching rings to early than taking forerver to release a game like rockstar and valve

Either way based off gameplay footage this is a clear improvement mechanically. My main hope is that they bring back fallout 2s inventory system to actually balance the game overall and not make the player stupidly overpowered



This guy fell for Todd's sweet little lies.


the game is shit, it looks like shit, the gunplay looks like shit, the phsics look like shits and for a announcment trailer it underperformance indicating that it's not finished at all and they want to release it this year. that the devs are crunching to hell is a given. a 1000 planets is just another classic todd line along the "16 times the detail". to many bad signs, I would definitely not pre order it.


Listen man
I’ve played alot and I mean a lot of bad games. I’m not expecting this to be the Bethesda equivalent of rdr2 but I can see based off the gameplay when compared to other titles that this is generally above average of what I was expecting which is why I wanna play with it considering it’s been a while since I’ve seen a game with a new overall design and mechanics I’ve genuinely enjoyed since homefront released way back when


It's gonna be success beacuse if they do it right, it will be the first modern well-rounded proper space game. Elite dangerous, No Mans Sky, Star Citizen and some more fall short for many reasons.


The problem is getting that sense of scale right?

One because computers don’t handle physics that well as they require a lot of significant digits something you can’t do with normal floating point numbers most graphics systems like direct x vulkan and OpenGL work with

And there’s that aspect of adding in content on such a scale. Fucking no man’s sky as improved from its original release as it is still took years of development to get a fraction of the way there


>muh 1000 planets
So that means that most planets are a reskin of others? when will you learn that all this hype shit means nothing? most trailers are just straight up lies, look at the Halo Infinite trailer for another Xbone lie, the trailer looks like something 10x better than the final game.


>so does that mean most planets are reskins
If these images of ingame models of death law variants in fallout 76 are anything to tel about how much effort Bethesda puts into things like the visuals of their game expect recycling. What’s funnier about when I first saw these images is realizing that one of the deathclaws wasn’t even reskinned some dipshit at the art team just changed the standing animation for the death claw and didn’t do anything else


it's not worth pre ordering, how about you just play some good games? since apparently you just play a lot of shit.
>when will you learn that all this hype shit means nothing?
that's the quiestion, we had cyberpunk, f4 and 76 both by bethesda and this crappy demonstration is a clear sign that they aren't improving, you'd think would learn to see through this shit at some point but apparently not. starfield is going to be mediocre at best.


Sorry forgot to post em can’t do that directly as leftypol software is retarded so here’s the links to deathclaw designs on the wiki


unless theyre offering merchandising that its guaranteed to get resold at a markup price or whatever then theres never a good reason for preordering


How can you tell what something feels like without having had your hands on it? Go ahead and pre-order. Doesn't matter.


Dude just wait a year after release and buy the goty edition you just know bethesda is gonna put out with all dlc bundled.

Or, you know, wait five years and pick up the Anniversary Edition, with SUPER ULTRA RAY TRACING along with all year 1-5 bonus LIVE creation club content. Or wait ten years, and pick up the Ultimate Edition with all creation club content except now you can change the color of your space helmet's visor.

I of course will be waiting twenty years for the Legendary Edition of Starsneed which doesn't even need to be downloaded onto my pc, but instead be injected directly into my brain. That edition will have integrated biotissue support meaning even when I'm sleeping I can play starsneed with all the hentai waifu mods released by Tencent after they bought out Bethesda back in 2035.


Jokes aside I no longer am interested in buying games after release as 76 has taught me that every AAA studio beyond bungle is lazy as shit and can’t pull off a no man’s sky because the devs don’t put in effort within the game

No man’s sky ended up good because the devs cared about it and didn’t have the time to make the game they wanted pre release but made what was asked of them when they had the spare time to. Same with destiny

Fallout 76, anthem, andromeda, lost ark, halo infinite, this list keeps going on all got fucking abondoned and they’re as mediocre as they started off as. I don’t know anything about cyberpunk considering that game is currently in its beta stage of development thanks to the latest patches but realistically if CDPR doesn’t abondone it the game will take 6 years worth of consistent patches and updates at a bare minimum to reach trailer standards of gameplay


Bruh it feels worse than F4.
I'm also really worried that instead of good procedural generation like daggerfall, instead they would reuse the tried and true Skyrim boring ass cave with bad guys and loot again.


>good procedural generation like daggerfall


Why not pirate it?


Don't preorder games. Also I was surprised at how unpolished the trailer was, but overall it looks very much like a Bethesda game: a highly moddable rpg-ish sandbox with below average combat. Unless they've made huge investments and breakthroughs in procedural generation I don't think the thousand planets will be very interesting. They're good at making memorable encounters and dungeons but the radiant/procedural stuff was never their best.


>Every studio besides Bungie is lazy as shit
Dude fucking Bungie are the ones still milking the same game like 8 years later, fuck Bungie anyway, the retards there have nothing in common with the people that created Halo, same with Rare.


I just heard this game will apparently have 1000 procedurally generated planets? This sounds like absolute shit lmao. No Mans Sky 2.0.


Your confusing 343 with bungie dude.


I mean doesn't Bungie make Destiny? You can hardly excuse them from being exploitative fucks with the microtransaction shit either


They made expansions for destiny 2 and actually fixed the problems that people asked them to fix that’s why I don’t care if they milk destiny 2, having one game with a shitload of content and updates put into it is better for me than having a gorrillian halos that all suck made by a studio that thinks vfx matters more than level design(this isn’t taken out of context watch crowbcats video on 343s incompetence they really did state that)


>They made expansions for destiny 2 and actually fixed the problems that people asked them to fix
343 did the same for the MCC.


The halos bungie made are way better than the shit 343i does now. Even reach was better.

For me halo ended in Halo 3 and everything else after that are just fun dreams cortana creates to keep the chief entertained while sleeping in the cryochamber.


>For me halo ended in Halo 3

Same, it was fucking donezo, the war was over and everything ended satisfactorily, there was no need for more plot. They should have just made a new Halo in a different setting with different characters if they wanted a sequel so bad.


So, loading screen between space and surface. Bummer but not an important issue.


File: 1655313750290.png (20 KB, 2016x2016, ClipboardImage.png)

>They should have just made a new Halo in a different setting with different characters if they wanted a sequel so bad.
*Blocks your path.*


>preordering starfield
a weakling that only wears tshirts and cargo shorts

>preordering scorn

the new soviet man that dresses like they live in star trek


>a weakling that only wears tshirts and cargo shorts
not that I do that but what's wrong with it? it looks cool
I guess looks better than starfield but still boring


I hope scorn is not the same color throughout the whole game.


why the fuck is everyone so excited about scorn? they've never seen anyone shamelessly rip off hr geiger before?


Halo infinite is basically a reboot, the gameplay is fine, the story is absolute dogshit, they even had to reskin the covenant and cortana and give them a new name because "reasons"


Still leagues better than infinite caves. At least give me a loot maze damn it!


don't forget your fedora and katana


it's something different with the potential to be something unique rather than another generic space shooter


I would say Scorn is pretty much what the Prey sequel should have been this whole time, as much as I liked the totally not System Shock reboot somewhat.


Really looks like every other Bethesda game. It‘s incredible how stubborn they are to stick to their formula. I might give it a shot, but there have been numerous space exploration games so far.


“The star field analysis” both parts one and part two

The game is completely unpolished and no way are bethesdas devs gonna manage to fix every stupid bug in game and add in every minor detail in only a few months


File: 1655430666739.jpg (23.18 KB, 339x339, 1644857826515.jpg)

Here's my take after finally watching the gameplay footage and listening to Todd da God speak. Its probably going to be fun. It just reeks of "but here's what we didn't tell you" vibe.
Like, you can create your own ship, BUT its all similar templates and they all look the same anyway.
You have different factions BUT they are just cookie cutter good guys and le bad guys and le thieves guild a la Skyrim with random mission generation to boot.
You can fight space bandits/aliens/robots on planets BUT the outposts are all built off the same layout and give you the same leveled loot so its gonna get boring really quick BUT wait we added random scripted reinforcements and NO you cannot negotiate with them they will always attack you first.
There are a 1000 planets you can visit, BUT they are literally divided into open areas and dungeons like a generic looter shooter a la Fallout 76.
You can have your very own settlement er I mean outpost BUT they are not on a planet but actually just an small map you can visit on "certain" planets.

I'll probably pick up the goty edition on sale a year or two from now if America ain't glassed by aliens at that point, but I'll never pick it up if they implement some "live service crap".


Well the Prey 2 that was canceled was going for a bounty hunter in space kind of deal. Which the only new game with the same vibe is High on Life, that justin roiland project.


cargo's don't turn you into a fat weeb


a black graphical tshirt and cargo shorts*


>You have different factions BUT they are just cookie cutter good guys and le bad guys and le thieves guild a la Skyrim with random mission generation to boot.
This is what I think. There are so many compelling sci-fi settings and possibilities out there, but this just feels like a reskin of Bethesda Fallout's factions: "the good guys" and the "bad guys." I mean, Crimson Fleet? Come the fuck on. The aesthetic feels a bit uninspired too, I don't know what feels distinctively "Starfield" in any of the footage. It looks like concept art I could've gotten from artstation.


>The aesthetic feels a bit uninspired too
this is another massive issue for me, how could anyone look at that announcement video and be sold on the product? it looks like shit


>Crimson Fleet
Wait, weren't these the bad guys in Borderlands?


File: 1655665303476.jpg (707.85 KB, 1920x1080, WANDERERS_terrarium_01.jpg)

They described it as "NASA-punk". Starfield takes place in our actual future, no fantasy. They wanted to make some grounded designs, but it looks too much like Star Citizen's shit designs. They could have made the ships with solar sails. Or if they had balls and a better engine, they could have done an open world game set in an O'Neil Cylinder or something.


>using creation an engine notorious for handling physics poorly for a space game

This games gonna be a mess


File: 1655671132634.png (226 KB, 400x263, 1606598078141.png)

So Wolfenstein TNO in space?
>I don't know what feels distinctively "Starfield" in any of the footage.
This. EVERY other game like this has something unique in their aesthetic. Outer Worlds (space western/1930s retro future design), NMS (cartoonish futuristic aliens), X4 (hard sci fi), Elex (each faction has a unique look). Starfield looks drab as fuck, with barely any uniqueness. I mean you would think the devs would understand that part of the reason Skyrim did so well is because Skyrim had a unique aesthetic (nords, dragons, snowy mountains) it wasn't just a generic fantasy land.


>Our actual future
Not exactly. From the snippets we've already seen, Earth got hit by a comet and got destroyed, forcing humanity to move out.

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