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>fallout comes on screen
>is it a remake?
>a new fallout game?
>heck maybe it's, new vegas 2?
<the pitt a 76 update
<I die

I was excited for it mostly just to see avowed and what inxile's been doing, but non of that was there sadly


Really that’s what your upset about Bethesda?

Not the fact that every fallout game has terrible gunplay and melee combat?
Not the fact that assets have been recycled and on rare occasions reskinned in each release?
Not the fact that it’s been over 12 years since fallout 3 and creation hasn’t received any updates that fix its terrible methods of calculating collisions, or the fact that every Bethesda fallout game hasn’t received any patches that fully removed bugs in all that time?
Not the fact that there’s no atmosphere within the entirety of fallout 4 because the art team stopped giving a shit about concepts like design?
Not the fact that 40% of bethesdas staff flat out quit the studio after the Microsoft buyout ensuring the company has no one with enough experience or training to meet PC gamer standards of what’s to be released?
Not the fact that every fallout game has the graphics of a 2010s game yet runs like complete shit on most PCs due to the pisspoor optimizations?
Not the fact that in their new title star field they had to edit out massive parts of the showcase so you couldn’t see the bugs in the game yet you can still see several all over the fucking video?
Not the fact that every new fallout game has made the player be able to carry so many times, have so many levels, have so many different weapons all accompanied by underpowered enemies to the point where every game requires essentially no thinking to play or get good at?
Not the fact that the AI of every fallout game hasn’t improved past simple pathfinding scripts and on rare occasions the ability to take cover?
Not the fact that despite the massive amounts of crunch and time spent recycling assets in previous fallout and sometimes elder scrolls games rarely has there been any new assets created to the point where vertiberds still don’t have pilots driving them in 76?
Not the fact that Todd straight up lied about the number of endings in fallout 3? The content available in fallout 4 and the true scale of content and shit to do in 76?

If your complaining about not getting a new fallout game and can’t see the years of incompetence by Bethesda with the title your either playing ignorant or your retarded


File: 1655253602386.jpg (83.35 KB, 371x335, todd dubs.jpg)

The Pitt probably was the best Fallout-related thing Bethesda ever made, up there with Point Lookout. Doubt a sequel DLC for it would save FO76 though, simply because the game is shit on a conceptual level.


My primary request for f76 would be to buff mobs and nerf shit like the inventory space and leveling

It really makes you play as if most items in the game are completely useless to use because the game is so pathetically easy you might aswell kill a death claw with a fucking shotgun


File: 1655265857771.jpg (9.11 KB, 377x351, DigitsAppreciated.jpg)


Fallout 5 comes after Skyrim 2, they confirmed it.


>Really that’s what your upset about Bethesda?

I don't like bethesda at all, but I don't want to type a whole page everytime I talk about them. but let me do that once.

I hate bethesda the best thing that I've got from them is one fallout 3 is more or less as good as fallout 1 tho the main quest really had me bored as shit. in fact they never do anything worth while with main quest. other than that they also work with arcane studio and they've made some really good games so but redfall looks like a cheap l4d clone, far away from the immersive sims that I expect from them.


There is a theory that Fallout 3 was originally intended to be a reboot of the franchise until Bethesda decided to scrap the idea for some unfathomable reason, which would explain the various lore and design inconsistences like the Enclave being still out there and kicking, the presence of the GECK as a major plot point, the completely different power armor and creature designs as well as the whole "Capital Wasteland is still a barren irradiated shithole despite two centuries passing since the first game" deal.


File: 1655432187798.jpg (124.51 KB, 968x700, media_FVVWAe1acAA9PQU.jpg)

Forget Bethesda and Todd. There's a new fallout in town baby.
<adam Lacko
<Olympus 2077 and Fallout Sonora slav devs
<Fucking Mark Morgan
Now they only need to hire Ron Perlman for the voice over and we'll get the true dream tean going.


Is this a Doom Fallout TC? Looks dope.


it's just concept art


Yeah sadly, but a first-person classic Fallout game with vintage pre-rendered graphics would be awesome.

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