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>theyre really fucking slow
Before BR games were a thing they were mostly fast paced mini games, like minecraft hunger games. Modern BR shooters typically will have the player jump from a flying object and land wherever they want there junk

This is a terrible approach as this means players aren’t pressured to quickly get what they need, this also means it’s likely players can simple avoid coming into contact with their opponents making most BR matches overglorified searches for finding opponents. BRs should instead design matches so that players in a lobby all spawn right next to each other at the center of the map where most of the best loot in game is ensuring players get their shit fast before the long part of the match starts
Another problem with maintaining pacing in BRs is how fucking long it takes for the map to apply pressure to where the player is. 2-5 fucking minutes at the start of a round just to close the map by a smidtch even once is too fucking long even if the lobby is big, at minimum 40 seconds should be the default for all circle enclosements to ensure players aren’t just lying around and actually use their time better while playing. When these features aren’t included it doesn’t make the game reward aggressive and skilled play but rather camping and waiting out the agonizingly long minutes until the match ends
>RNG is awful in literally any pvp game
It’s kind of obnoxious how it’s 2022 and competitive games still have RNG mechanics in games, in BRs it’s even dumber to have RNG on item drops and where they spawn as it essentially means there’s no reason to move towards a specific location as you’ll either always or never get what you want, this also means players are less likely to compete over items causing again long as periods of doing nothing all round. As for shit like spread patterns while hip firing/ADS, damage output, special drop locations you get the point it’s the same reasons established above

I hate battle royales not just for being a fucking snooze fest that require zero skill to play but also for how less fucking boring and slow they could be if someone considered building them better, fucking apex and warzone only got recognized for not being slow as shit and even then in any round you’ll still find these long ass stretches where nothing ever fucking happens. Also remove all the bots in these games holy it’s even shittier knowing your kills don’t even matter when your dealing with them


fortnite is not slow, you are pressured to quickly drop down and get loot within your first 30 seconds of gameplay
>the circle is too slow
That's like saying Dota 2 is too slow because it takes 10 minutes to get a tower.
>it's not fun
Play with friends, in squads, on servers where there's actual competition. Not the tf2 equivalent of playing with 10 year old valve servers then complain it's not fun.
Learn to adapt. If players can get winstreaks in the double digits even on solo this is not a valid excuse. RNG will always be there since it's a battle royale staple. I'm not saying RNG is preferable, or that the genre can't work without it, but who cares? Melee has RNG, people adapted, Dota has RNG, people adapted. But yes, you're being dropped into a random big-ass map with random loot, that's the premise.

>camping is not tense and exciting, it's boring I have to wait!

Disagree wholeheartedly.

So yea. Not so sure what you consider slow about them. Truly the game can be over in a second. And everything grows boring until it no longer is. In a world dominated by jrpgs and chore simulators, I wouldn't particularly call the BR genre boring as a whole.


comp fps is a joke bro, just download hacks even csgo pros hack.


this. if professional athletes low key use PEDs what makes u think esportists wont use hacks?


<yeah sure bro like 99% of all BR games only require you hide at the edge of the map for several minutes and kill the last dude when your forced to but that doesn’t mean the genres fucked because exactly one game managed to barely avoid this
>That's like saying Dota 2 is too slow because it takes 10 minutes to get a tower.
Are you high your gonna be dealing with other players trying to end your life far earlier before you even manage to reach one, in BR titles because the maps are often huge and the time for the circles to close is so long you might aswell go AFK repeatedly mid game because players looking for fun will be busy killing each other halfway across the map while the players bent on actually winning are just gonna camp, hide and avoid other players as much as possible until the final few dozen seconds of each match where there’s enough pressure to give a shit about trying
You literally just admitted it’s pointless to add in and has zero benefits, no players shouldn’t adapt to bad game design, argument ignored
>>camping is not tense and exciting, it's boring I have to wait!
>Disagree wholeheartedly.
Yeah for what reason, you fucking like standing around idly doing nothing in games?
<if professional melee players can cheat practically everyone should main ice climbers and wobble as much as possible, no there’s no reason to assume how that would affect the game and the community


>I have never played Competitive Fortnite in my life
I can tell. You think it's viable to just camp the edge. Or that somehow doing so is boring when it's a high-stakes tense fight for survival. I can guarantee you that you won't make it. Besides, Fortnite, among others, is score-based. Kills are important. That's like Complaining about tf2's casual servers. How if you just get 3 pocket medics the game becomes unbalanced.

>has zero benefits

That's not true. I listed the benefits: The beginning is exciting because you drop at a random place and do not know where the best loot is at. If you already knew were it was, it wouldn't be exciting anymore. You'd do the same thing each time. BRs are all about dropping on a random spot on the map. That's a staple.

>standing around idly

Again, simply. not. a. thing. I can tell you've never played Fortnite even remotely seriously, even once in a squad if you think it's slow or boring. Again. You haven't argued that compared to chore simulators or jrpgs there's nothing slow about them. This reeks of dishonesty.

I'm all for wobbling. Maybe ban it in the first 2 rounds, but all for allowing wobbling in the top64. Not RNG though. If you can't deal with wobbling in the top64 in a bo5 you don't deserve to be anywhere close to that rank.


>if I just keep bringing up Fortnite surely he’ll believe battle royals games aren’t boring and badly designed even if he can post an actual video of what Fortnite is like right now


I agree that the BR game mode is fucking cancer
It is maximization of neuro-behaviorial exploits of the humans brain to keep you engaged with its looting aspect, it is inherently random and uncompetitive, it encourages playing like a bitch by design, it panders to the casual because the fight are inherently so random and unbalanced even the shittiest player can have good moments, and it play on the cooperative aspect to keep people engaged with each other
it is however perfect to keep a big mass of casuals engaged, and especially cheap on the infra. Its also synergize very well with game as a service bullshit and cosmetic microtransactions.
not surprising it became one of the big fad
still enjoy apex combat/movement system for example, but its all ruined by the gamemode and shit servers


Just play titanfall
It’s everything apex has but more fleshed out with game modes that actually work with its mechanics

For a game like Apex to work properly you’d need to reduce the size of the map, make sure every player spawns right next to each other at the center where all the loot is and remove the RNG bs on things like circle enclosements, damage, spread you get the point, like minecraft hunger games.


Naraka blade point is the worst beacuse it is slow as fuck, for example.


>netease games


you're forgetting about dayz


>what fortnite is like now
>literally posts clickbait from 2 years ago
I didn't watch the vid. But ofc you can win if your squad carries you or if you pay the opponent money to kill themselves. Monkey typewriter shit does only confirm you don't actually play the game, and don't have any friends.


Days isn’t even a battle royale game it’s survival based and meant to be played slowly considering it was based off a milsim called arma so it gets a pass


>Before BR games
So… before Doom? Because I don't understand how the hell "battle royale" is supposed to describe anything different than a classic free-for-all deathmatch.


don't be so pedantic, the differences are obvious


File: 1655489107693.jpg (73.24 KB, 750x828, 1642008689570.jpg)

>BR games are and always have been a joke
I always felt BR games as a perfect representation of the burger capitalist mindset.
<You against everyone else with no room for cooperation they are just enemies who must be destroyed
<a false promise of skill but everything is random
<the rug gets pulled out from under you even if you are doing good
<the lie of "just get better at the game" but in reality everyone who is "good" actually cheats
<getting good turns what should be a fun experience into a mental strain that lingers in your mind even when you are not playing
<it breeds an environment of fear and distrust; anyone could be hiding behind that rock ready to gun you down
I could go on and on. BR games are trash, I unironically believe these games are bad for one's mental health.I stopped playing PUBG after I came to the realization that each match lasts around a half hour and after several games I just felt upset as in I had no fun. Like in any other multiplayer game (CS, Mordhau, Chiv 2) even if I did poorly or the team didn't win, there was some fun to be had. Not in a BR game. From the moment you drop to the moment you get killed (or in the rare chance win) its nothing but dread and upset because you got killed in some unforeseeable ambush or shot in the back. Its shit and its just gambling with guns


Yeah and whose to blame for that?

The only shooters that genuinely require skill these days are movement shooters and look where they went after titanfall 2? The closest thing we have is apex but that gets held back by being a BR game.


><the lie of "just get better at the game" but in reality everyone who is "good" actually cheats
That's every shooter tho.

Movement shooters lessen the power of aimbots but they still would give an advantage.


>download and install a skinner box that sells you cosmetic items
>complain about "RNG"


Remember when games had you work for a specific achievement to receive skins like in halo?


Halo had skins?

"Armor colors
In-game Appearance Name Unlock Requirements
N/A Black Unlocked by default
N/A Red Unlocked by default
N/A Blue Unlocked by default
N/A Gray Unlocked by default
N/A Yellow Unlocked by default
N/A Green Unlocked by default
N/A Pink Unlocked by default
N/A Purple Unlocked by defaul"

Your lying


i still play quake, even if they fucked the last iteration with game as service bs and their piece of crap engine
same with BFV, the gameplay is great, but the game as service cancer killed the community (and the unchecked cheaters…). All this because they wanted to make a BR mode in bf (fuckng why)
Fucking capitalism is ruining my games.


Maybe he means the armour parts in Halo 3 (?)



The slowness (I assume) is from the maps being large and not having a real flow. It’s still really boring though

And the rng makes sorta sense. You can only play with one map, so to slow down peoples ability to master they randomize loot. You can learn to adapt to it, but otherwise eh.

I recommend the dirtybomb gamemode in black ops cold war, it’s the best execution of the battle royale since you can fly into the action and have creat a class. Sadly it’s really hard to get a match since they fucked up and removed your ability to search it independently. (Also the player count is probably dead so whatever).


Any sane adult stopped playing after 1. Your underage is showing


Bro I'm nearly 30 you uppity faggot


The bigger limitation is movement mechanics in these games more than just the population density due to the map sizes

So many BR games have the same problem with ordinary multiplayer shooters in it where there’s very little variety for how the player can move, this means most players are regulated to getting around by car while most firefights are limited to camping, crouching and on rare occasions actually firing while pressing the squat key over and over again to make yourself harder to hit


Imagine thinking Titanfall 2 requires more skill than BR games lmao.
You can be half asleep and racking up player kills in Titanfall but you will never win a match in BR.
Average Apex Legends K/D is below 1. Below ONE. Average Titanfall K/D is what like 3? 4?


>Average k/d is 3-4

How the fuck does that work anon


Yeah, shits sad as fuck - CSGO
>friend lends knife to friend
>scammer pretends to be friend asking for knife back
>bye bye knife

>guy at work says gambled inventory worth thousands


Titanfall kill times are virtually unchanged from COD kill times. If you squeeze out a couple bullets the enemy is already dead. This is why I laugh at everyone who talks about how great wallrunning is because all the major wallrunning paths the devs put in are for the rest of the server to farm kills on because they're dead from a camper before they've even completed 10% of the wallrun to the next spot.


>any sane adult


DOTA 2 literally is too slow tho, HOTS improved on the formula alot


Is it too slow or do matches take too long?


It’s a moba game do you think matches are short?


File: 1655958942980.png (3.21 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

When I play doter with friends time literally flies. I'm asking you a question.
>it's genre do you think matches are short
Time is relative. I watch 5 hour long chess matches that mostly end in a draw.


If the rng mechanics of pubg were removed and the dimensions of each map were halfed people would play pubg far more often
That’s what I fucking think, sanhok proved the community wanted small maps with shitloads of peaks and corners because that makes rounds quick and intense like they should be


if you wanted 'quick and intense' you wouldn't play a battle royale in the first place


Minecraft hunger games and skywars literally prove battle royales don’t have to be slow at all


>he plays minecraft for the pvp


As opposed to?


Bro literally the most fun I’ve had in battle totaled was war zone because it was fast paced and encouraged players to play aggressively rather than hide in the same place like in PUBG or abuse movement mechanics to run away from every fight like in apex before all the actually fun movement mechanics like bhopping, pathfinders grappling hook etc all got fucking nerfed

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