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If your a studio and decide to sell a base game and add mixrotransactions in them
Fuck you, fuck you for several reasons

I’m not gonna spend dozens of fucking dollars on a probably unfinished title just so I can find out minutes later that shitloads of garbage in it aren’t available for me to use that I can own fucking sleazebags, I don’t care if it’s “just cosmetics” or “minor perks”, first no one gives a shit about cosmetics if they’re not earned through being good at a game, that’s why I keep seeing faggots with sky forged weapons in Brawlhalla, or armour components in halo, or fucking you get the point and having these items that boost progression in games is one half assed way of saying the games a repetitive un fun nightmare you literally have to pay money for not to win but to progress.

And that’s just the start
I have one massive fucking hate boner for all forms of RNG in gaming because that’s shits fucking cancerous to put up with and when I see lootboxes that shits enough to get me to uninstall faggot along with making me smile whenever game studios get their games banned for that fucking bullshit. Games shouldn’t restrict what you can get from outright buying them much less prevent you from owning the shit in it especially behind a fucking slot machine, are these dumbass studios fucking delusional, they really do think that people are gonna blow their life savings on their dogwater releases? Fuckin hell man I didn’t even mention shit like paid packs, battlepasses, seasonal passes, ingame currencies whatever that make micro transactions in games even more confusing and predatory


at his point what are we gonna do, we keep ranting but they don't give a shit, they do what ever they want and keep getting away with it…


>they keep getting away with it
They really do. There’s too many retards


Who even buys this shit


The way immortals microtransaction system is setup is made to be inherently confusing so there’s no way to know how much money your actually spending

Here’s a breakdown from what I’ve seen from community posts

There’s 3 main currencies TO START, if you search hard enough you’ll find that there’s actually 21 currencies hidden throughout the entire game that all lead you towards the I think their called “eternal orbs” page
On top of that because you can’t pay for anything in game directly you’ll have to buy these orbs to get anywhere as at around level 35 you’ll hit an actual paywall where progression grinds to a near halt and how far you can progress each day is time gated. Not only that but you also have things like a battle pass system, a seasonal pass system, lootboxes fucking everywhere, bundles, a buy reward screen showing up after you complete an elder rift(no you can’t disable it), a daily reward screen placed directly on the eternal orb page, your seeing the problem here? The games monetization system is inherently so confusing to the point where there’s reports of players spending dozens to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of real world cash on this dogshit game because there’s no real way to figure out how much your spending unless your placing each purchase you make on a fucking counter.

Immortals just one example imagine how many other modern titles, not even mobile games but games you play on PC must cost that you’ll have no awareness of


>you shouldn't do X because your game might be unfinished
Fuck off. These two things have nothing to do with one another.

>all forms of RNG in gaming bad because it is

Name 5 games without RNG that you've played in the last 6 months.

>my long ass rant

Took you like 2 minutes to write down and is full with non-sequitur circular bullshit and doesn't even begin to explain your actual trouble. We're not developers. Your little rant is garbage, not even proof-read. Not even worth a D-.


File: 1655655816455.png (898.01 KB, 1302x596, ClipboardImage.png)

>he spends tens of thousands for a 5 star gemmy
Later virgins



>3000 orbs have been deposited


It’s still kind of crazy knowing how bad the RNG is even with paying
You might aswell play for 16 years considering the cost


Second note

You know what angers me about this image. Not only is would this process take 10 times longer without the boosters but you’d also have to pay that much FOR EVERY FUCKING CHARACTER you make ingame. Holy 2 grand that’s the cost of entire PC setup on top of the cost to buy every diablo game ever made before immortal


Name those 5 games. I'm waiting.


fucken hell that’s hard because not many games have absolutely no RNG attached to them beyond the older titles and even there that’s rare. The closest things I can honestly give you is dwarf fortress and terraria

Dwarf fortress because it’s mostly a simulation where your actions have a predetermined outcome with almost no or if your modding absolutely no RNG
And terraria as at least most the time you can expect that you’ll only ever get a specific item at a specific location from a specific thing


Oh and also smash bros melee
Second note

Either way it’s still annoying as shit to put up with. It’s inherently degrading on gameplay regardless of how easy it is to ignore, as someone I can’t remember on YouTube once said “just because you made the shit less easy to notice doesn’t mean it’s not there”


Ha I posted it because $125 on first try is pretty good luck. I think the average is like $2.5k?
It's too bad most MMOs fucking suck because I think you could actually make a good game out of the constituent parts that define one, but I wouldn't even say WoW is a good game (never played it lol). MMOs set in instances don't count either, if I can't have hundreds of people on screen shitting the game up into indecipherable visual noise then it's not an MMO.


Diablo immortal isn’t even an mmo
It has no cross server, crossplay or even offline support. The PVP is instance because of course it fucking is along with the rest of the actual multiplayer content. Fucken hell it actually reminds me of what mash said in this video
Diablo immortal is a single player game you can’t play online that’s filled to the brim with recycled assets from previous diablo titles whose P2W bs is somehow so inefficient that it makes more sense to play f2p only because realistically your not gonna progress that much farther with your wallet as ironic as that is with a P2W title ahahahahahahaha


Terraria? The game with a fishing minigame? The game with RANDOM LOOT? The game with CRITS?

Terraria literally has lootboxes.


Are microtransactions on free games seen as more acceptable?


That really depends on context but most of the time it’s a no. PC gamers especially hold f2p games to the same standards of monetization as ordinary paid games meaning shit like P2W gets derailed immediately or if the game simply has too many microtransactions in them. This is how you end up with situations where Destiny, tf2, Warframe, and csgo somehow have better monetization policies than the average new call of duty game or the dumpster fire that is the fifa series.

In some cases being f2p can make gamers even angrier over monetization because if you initially weren’t gonna spend a cent it’s likely your not gonna want to spend anything in game

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