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Short answer
They made a pvp multiplayer game but forgot about making sure the pvp and multiplayer aspect of it worked

Long answer
It’s the short one but with explanations.
>One at the start this game was inherently supposed to be hardcore
the day the developers decided to allow a consent to pvp feature they already started losing players as now the game fundamentally lost a part of its identity. You just can’t expect to make a game with universal appeal either you stick with the hardcore players that will stick with the game even if they’re small in population or the casuals that don’t wanna get jumped every few minutes
<Two the game needs to account for exploits
this happens in every yes every hardcore pvp game. Players will always search for cheap tricks and bugs they can exploit to gain a competitive advantage and developers HAVE to look out for things like animation canceling, collision box issues, client security etc before implementing pvp which has to be under constant regulation. New world didn’t have any of that and unsurprisingly shit tons of crashes, hacks, cheats and scams flooded the game to the point where the economy in it completely collapsed due to duping and pking
<three the game was not only unfinished but for a multiplayer game it was missing shitloads of multiplayer components
No cross play, no cross compatibility, no ports to console or switch, no account linking, your getting the point there’s not many ways to interact with other players in the game like you can in rust. As for that unfinished part just like with the exploits bugs were rampant and at times made the game completely unplayable likely due to being poorly playtested(or it was and the devs simply ignored the bugs to keep up with quotas which is the more likely reason)

All of this combined created an unfinished mmo with no identity, no sense of massively multiplayer components and a very small online community.
So what’s the lesson in this? Don’t build games around casuals, finish games before release


Is it dead? Please tell me it's dead. Tell me that Jeff Bezos lost a lot of money.


The majority of their feedback in alpha was bemoaning the hardcore pvp, apparently the game was frequently in a state of rioting because of the lack of restrictions on it lol. I think it's obvious there needs to be a balance to it. Albion is doing very well with hardcore pvp limited to a large portion of the game that includes all the most rewarding areas, and everyone kills each other constantly there. Although Albion is one of the exceptions to the rule and most MMOs are carebear central.


>sold a f2p game at 40 a pop


It has 14k players a day so technically no but yeah it’s dead from an analytical standpoint when you consider it’s growth

Pretty much this, the devs really should’ve just stuck with the hardcore players about PVP with having minor safe zones for getting quests and trading like with your standard pvp server in RuneScape, trying to appeal to both a hardcore and casual audience is how you get world of Warcrafted into irrelevance


I find it kind of shocking knowing this couldn’t kill world of Warcraft

After all we’ve been through with that shit title from the monetization, the boosters, the cosmetics and mounts overtaking the actual games sense of progression, the instanced content, the loot system being dumbed down to a loot piñata party, the horrendous RNG, the games inability to appeal to both a casual and hardcore audience, the lack of content, the amount of cut and resold content, the recycled assets, the stolen ideas from guild wars, the online modes also being instances and requiring no sense of teamwork, the fact that world of warcrafts player count has been overtaken by RuneScape and ff14 repeatedly

And not a fucking ick of all of that shit manages to kill wow not even this game whom had hundreds of thousands of tired gamers looking for a hardcore game they could sink time into that treated them like adults over the infestation of casual games shitting up the mmo scene. Fucking crazy to think about


Isn't WoW basically propped up by addiction? I haven't played it but it seems dated as fuck.


It is dated in alot of aspects but nearly all MMOs haven’t evolved to actually kill the fucking thing which is why it’s still alive and if diablo 4 somehow manage to piss people off blizzards gonna stay on top for even longer

I think I can trace a few things gamers as a general community want out of MMOs
<technical features
Crossplay, cross compatibility, cross server and private server support is generally a way for these games to massively boost their populations. It worked for RuneScape and Albion and if that’s an indicator it’s gonna work for anything else
<that sense of exploration
I think this is why games like diablo 2 did so well. Even if diablo 2 isn’t an mmo most mmos and just open world games that do well in general have good exploration mechanics that allow the player to do more than just grind enemies at location a to location z once they’re max level, shit like underground levels, paths to zones, a minimap that only expands to new regions you explore, region specific shit etc all encourage players to play dynamically considering so many MMOs even osrs feel fucking static for far to long considering the sizes of the maps in these games. ESO handled exploration however fucking perfectly
<respectable levels of difficulty
This is a universal problem not just with MMOs but new games with general that’s driven so many players from these games. They’re too easy, theirs no endgame, there’s no skill required beyond button mashing, there’s not much pvp in them if any, there’s no risk to dying, there’s no reward for playing aggressively or taking risks in higher level zones, etc I can keep going on

Like fuck the original wow was never a hardcore game in the true sense but hell if it released to day people would be complaining nonstop about how fucking long it takes to level 60 due to their not being shortcuts with boosters

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