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This is gonna be the third time where they’ve literally released the same modern warfare people have already played and cod fans are gonna blow over a 100 on it.
The game isn’t finished and they’re already charging people dozens of dollars for it with even more micro transactions and restricted content than in the original which is a sequel to a franchise with probably 40 games at this point. And they’ll get away with it to because if immortal has taught us anything is that the gaming community is filled to the brim with idiots that’ll buy fucking anything with glee for a company managed by rapists ahahahahahahahahahahaha




Hold up I’m gonna calculate the real cost of the average call of duty game by adding all the prices for content locked behind paywalls like skins dlc and maps


So for black ops 3 for every zombies map and specialist outfit you can’t get by playing the game the player can expect to spend up to $403 on black ops 3 alone(the specialist cost was found by converting cod points to cash and multiplying that ratio by the amount the player has to spend in cod points for those skins you can’t earn through skill like with the camos)


To continue we have black ops 1 which costs 112 dollars as the DLC costs more than the base game


Next with black ops 2 coming in with $244 again due to dlc and for some reason making flags to represent your country something you have to pay for


Black ops 4 comes in with $1880.83 just for the skins and another $50 for the maps and dlc purchased with the black ops pass and buying the zombies map for $8

Totalling in at $1938.83

Because of how monetized the game is I cannot take credit for the analysis but this redditor did plug in the numbers


This one was just painful to record due to the sheer amount of microtransactions which took over an hour to measure but black ops Cold War comes in at

God fucking god


File: 1655749803716.png (4.67 MB, 1280x1870, ClipboardImage.png)

>people have already played
timmies who got a ps5 or xsx for their 13th bday absolutely do not, are you complaining about pixar movies too?
Yes. That's what open beta and early access entail. Are you intelligent?
>muh money
Not an argument. You can play an old cod for free online on ps3 or you can play it day1 with the xbox goy pass. Nobody gives an absolute hoot.
>the gaming 'community'…
…for COD is 13 year olds. They're not idiotic, they're kids.

There's nothing wrong with attaching yourself for 2-3 games in a franchise and then as you grow old, acquire taste, and move on with your life. Why do you even care? You decided you didn't want to pay money so now you are going to miss out. That's all that's happening here, you're coping with the fact that you won't play a game that you have little desire to be playing to begin with. Go take a nice drive in your car now before it rises in price even further.


This series is old man. Also 3.8 grand on a shitty sequel for fucking skin packs is stupidly overpriced

Modern warfare one thankfully no micro transactions so it’s at $30


Mw2 comes in again with more dlc that costs more than the base game creating a $56 price tag


Mw3 comes in with more DLC creating the same price as black ops of $112


>the series is old man
The series isn't sentient.
>also whining about money
So first, it's the 40 bucks you take an issue with. And now it's optional skin packs in a first person shooter? You buy or ear one through playing the game, then you might buy another one you end up preferring. I don't know why you have to be this disingenuous about the game. No 13 year old kid will complain they can't buy 3.8k worth of packs. The number is meaningless and frankly, sounds like there's too little choice, which would be my complaint instead. Only 3.8k worth of pickings?

Okay? You go buy that instead then. That's not an argument.


I’m not I’m measuring the price of every cod game if you accounted for the restricted content in DLCs and microtransactions right now I’m at an average of per game $758.40


Mw19 is another Cold War case and because there is no way in hell I’m plugging the numbers for all the skins in this dumbass list
I’m rounding it off to $4000 + the base game cost and the battlepasses creating a grand total of $4320


Okay now that I have the prices of every game(with only the exception of vanguard) the total average iiiiissssss pic rel


COD is a milennial shooter. Fortnite is where is at


File: 1655756051241.png (627.58 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

My argument was that the 3.8k wasn't worth the complaining. What makes you think 900 dollars suddenly is? That's even less. I truly don't understand why you can't comprehend and respond to the words in my post. I've provided sufficient argumentation and you just keep on assuming that by ignoring it that I'll suddenly agree with your incoherent ramblings that don't have any reason behind them. Respond to the actual arguments in my post, or give me actual reasons why these things are the way you proclaim them to be. If you don't want to pay for a game, don't fucking do it. Are you going to complain that new phones get released every month, too? Are you going to complain that timmie gets an iphone 4 rather than an iphone 11 because you already have an iphone 3? and this will be the fourth time they release an iphone? Go play with your old iphone, I bet it still makes calls.


Yeah I’m gonna fucking complain

It’s not about not buying shit games but not wanting to see shit games dominate the fucking front page of steam everyday and see aspects of them worm into every potentially good release

Guess how fucking long it took before every fucking new release had battlepasses after Fortnite’s release? Or wait shit it was like a fucking week on top of day one DLCs, lootboxes, paid cosmetics, boosters etc. I’m fucking exhausted of constantly being disappointed by every new ambitious title being ruined by shit monetization and developers knowing they don’t have to give a flying fuck about releasing finished titles just as much as the next asshole. Want an argument how about you state the last time you can remember buying a fully finished game with none of its content or aspects restricted from you


You're not talking to me. You're not responding to me. Are you autistic?


You spent several hours to come up with a two sentence reply
I answered your fucking question as to why I give a shit about why AAA studios push out cancer and force it into the medium that is gaming what’re you still want an argument over?


Nope, it only took me a minute to figure the post you made did not respond to any of the contents within my post. I'm not trying to make fun of you. I believe you are genuinely autistic. You're just arguing in bad faith now, as if I had anything to gain by making a 'comeback', there's nothing to come back from I'm not behind.


You literally tried defending the belief that somehow having shitloads of content taken out of a fucking cod game and sold at $3.8 grand was somehow “not enough” you fucking moron right here
On top of continually excusing the studios awful monetization policy under the belief the cod fandom is comprised of teenagers and not young men in their early 20s to 30s at this fucking point considering how old the fucking franchise is

Wanna be a snarky little fucking faggot for activision go blow your life savings on immoral then hick


Side note I find it disgusting how you think activision preying on teenagers inability to comprehend how much money is needed to gain full access to these titles is somehow less scummy than preying on full grown adults


Side not [sic]. If you respond to any of the actual contents found within my post you'd reply to the right post. You can do this by quoting me so I at least can presume you to have read and understood my post. You didn't if you don't understand the analgoy [sic]. Your calculations don't include the time it takes to unlock content and calculate that in with the price accordingly, thus I can't really value that part of your argument.


>if your respond to my argument
>if you respond to the right content in my arguments
How about you respond to getting your balls crushed by a steam roller fucking faggot because you haven’t provided a single piece of evidence or even idea that supports any of your arguments beyond “wah wah stop pointing out how scummy these companies are”. $968 to gain access to content you literally cannot get through playing is far more than enough money any sane person should spend on these titles, and studios as large as activision shouldn’t be treating their fan base like this as that’s predatory especially when Sony studios and respawn can push our actual finished fucking games and can get people to play them without infesting them with these horrendous monetization schemes

There was never an analogy in your arguments nor did you ever point out the idea of needing to account for jack shit. You made that up midway through this dumbass debate when you realized I responded to you and had to point out how fucking obnoxious you actually sound


You can't even copy paste something into green correctly. I've said neither of those things. Proof-read your own posts and properly quote. The fact that you can't even do that means you didn't understand my post.


>noo my opinions aren’t worthless because uh I uh umm uh


You can't even copy paste something into green correctly. I've said neither of those things. Proof-read your own posts and properly quote. The fact that you can't even do that means you didn't understand my post.


>having to copy paste your own posts after seeing screenshots of your own horse shit
At this point your just getting lazy with your arguments completely


It's not about requirement, it's about ability to do so properly, when at all. The fact that you can't do it properly means you don't understand my post and are severely retarded to boot.


>walks in coming in without a single shred of evidence to back ideas
>proceeds to waste hours to reply to a single post
>then when confronted abondons his own arguments in favour of copy pasting the same post and whining about ideas he didn’t even stand his own guard to defend not being taken seriously or understood

Your really questioning why your arguments are seen as invalid?


Second note

I replies. To every one of your dumbass replies just fine. You instead threw a hissy fit and tried coming under the excuse that I didn’t understand the content even after quoting your own dumbass texts, then when that didn’t work you resorted to name calling and whining about “requirements” and “abilities”. Your entire line of defence for all of your ideas has no sense of structure or consistency at all no wonder you think no one understands you you don’t even have a fucking clue as to what you can say to defend activision ms god awful monetization policy


I don't know why you refuse to respond to the contents found within my post and refuse to quote me in earnest. But that just means you're not responding to me.

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