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Because the game treats the adult player base like adults

That’s it. That’s the only fucking reason considering so many games hold your hand on so much the game might aswell play itself and when it doesn’t the player actually has a fucking choice which is fucking rare to see in RPGs these days. Bye I’m done


Is treating like an adult making missions unable to be followed and making you go to the wiki constantly? Mid game and bad combat. Sekiro better. Bye.


How the hell do you have zero navigational skills the maps only a few square km big. Your telling me your to retarded to read the description or understand what the NPCs are explaining where to go to?


Anonyou have to understand that most gamers do have navigational skills in real life but most games don’t treat gamers like adults they treat them like kids that need to be handheld constantly

Zoomers have grown up on an entire generation of RPGs with autonavigation and questfinders, and pvp games that show you the location of opponents at all times. You can’t expect gamers to suddenly adapt to having to learn how to play by themselves and get good at a game through understanding it’s mechanics over paying through or grinding through every problem they have anymore man


File: 1655910511245.png (8.23 KB, 256x256, 1495993003295.png)

All souls-like games are hot garbage. "Die to the enemy until you learn the specific attack pattern" is the definition of artificial difficulty. People only like these games after they have developed stockholm syndrome after trudging through and learning the combat inside out because they gave into peer pressure and meme that they were a casual who needed to git gud, when they were just memorizing movesets instead of mastering mechanics.


File: 1655910980104.jpg (1.31 MB, 1200x1031, 74943034_p0_master1200.jpg)

That is why Sekiro is the best. If you master the mechanics in general, you can kill entirely new bosses on the first try.


Sounds like you like “lingering will” types of enemies in game

The reason why I mention the boss from kh2 is that he fits your description perfectly. His attacks are random but mechanically speaking there pretty straight forwards if you understand shit like parrying, frame canceling and frame reading.


The series peaked after shadow tower abyss.


All souls-like fights are like solving a puzzle and developing the skill to execute your solution, that's what makes them both enjoyable and infuriating. Stockholm syndrome and frustration is part of the enjoyment. I'd wager those who suffer rage fits in these games don't realize that and approach it the wrong way.


It's wider than just video games. The ideal in the 1st world is everything being seamless and streamlined, you're never lost and data is projected into your eyeballs in real time through augmented reality. I'm not against smart tech, but that's the form it takes in a capitalist consumer society.

Video games in particular are more directly influenced by the system under which they are produced because they're interactive, meaning the relation between the game and the player can more fully reproduce social relations. And if they seem a step ahead and some now talk about "gamification" of society, that's because video games are only reflecting the still imperfectly realized ideals of the system.


Nah, let dark demon elden borne souls die, it had its place in time. What a relief that the next From games are gonna be Armored Core and Sekiro 2.

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