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Ayooo where my nintendie fans at? Anyone bought 3 Copes I erm I mean 3 Hopes?


this is a good meme format


Is the story of Three Houses good or anime?


>play a generic srpg out of 100 just because nintendo publishes it
>play a generic warriors game running at sub 30fps just because nintendo lends the immaculate FE franchise for it
>talk about these games when there's nothing to talk about

why not form your own opinion?


name all 100 currently running SRPG franchises besides fire emblem


>they need to be franchises
>they need to be running


to show that you even have any idea what an SRPG is or what the modern state of the genre is instead of just sperging out on altboards about people liking what you don't like


I understand why you might think they need to be running in order for that. But them needing to be franchises I don't see. As for modern FE. It's still a mere six stats, and slice of life romance. Nintendo's FE is not a particularly innovative SRPG. But again, this is not a thread about the genre, this is a thread about FE, and not about anything from the game in particular, but about buying massively produced pieces of plastic to showcase once brand loyalty. Again if you were truly enthusiastic about good games, you wouldn't limit yourself to one a month and released by Nintendo.


>Nintendo's FE is not a particularly innovative SRPG
yeah, the series is in a pretty sad state, and the ren'ai simulation shit is even sadder. it's still basically the biggest production in the genre as a modern high-profile console exclusive. as such it has the QoL features of one. that's where it stands out. you can get a game with a relatively large-scale production released THIS YEAR that fails to meet the same QoL standard - triangle strategy lacks enemy phase skipping and even a goddamn overhead battle map (i know this is more difficult due to elevation being a factor but topographic maps exist damn)
now a modern release like disgaea 6 has QoL features in its battles that can compete with those of FE but disgaea 6 was a fucking shitshow
>buying massively produced pieces of plastic to showcase once brand loyalty
switch emulation is fairly advanced, and the switch itself is obnoxiously easy to hack (at least certain models of it)
yeah i know the OP uses the wording "bought" but you are truly autistic if you believe he meant you have to show a fucking receipt from your local gamestop to post in the thread
>you wouldn't limit yourself to one a month and released by Nintendo
rent free, i happen to have just been emulating some WSC games


>enemy phase skipping
turn skipping* to be clear


>Anyone bought 3 Copes
Straight from the OP you goldfish.
>it's still the biggest production
The fuck does that mean? What are you quantifying here?
Clearly you are limiting yourself to Nintendo's one game a month here. Otherwise you'd take an interest in the genre for genre's sake.


>Straight from the OP you goldfish.
refer to: >>19296, specifically the sentence starting with the words yeah i know the OP uses the wording "bought"
>The fuck does that mean? What are you quantifying here?
what do you think it means?
>consolewar bullshit
can you be normal for five minutes? my interest in the genre is what compels me to play new releases even if they end up being mediocre; i can only replay shining force II so many times.


OP here: when I said "bought" I didn't mean to imply that was the only way. Obviously emulation is a must if you're not a nintendie consoomer (which I'm not I literally do not own a single console or nintendo product).


mario odyssey is good tho


>ask question
>get no answer
Many such cases.
>lol 3 copies bought
You've literally brought nothing else to the table. Nothing to discuss.


>lol 3 copies bought
What did shitposter-kun mean by this?


I still don't see any discussion on either FE or the genre in question. I'm waiting.


here's your discussion bro >>19289


I prefer Advance Wars Days of Ruin tbh.


File: 1656082587269.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Ah but I agree with that chap. Then again, I'm not particularly into FE or SRPGS so I was hoping someone would prove him wrong.

Why so?


so you came into a thread about something you don't like to complain about something you don't know that much about?
>I was hoping someone would prove him wrong
you were proven to be autistic so i think we accomplished a lot in this thread



so, do you weigh 300 lbs in real life or do your posts just make you look fat?


i sure did
played it for like 4 hours and stopped


What's wrong with you?


lmao, guess i was right on the money


Not at all, hence my asking. Since it can't be any logical conclusion given the info at hand, there must be something wrong with you.


thankfully i however can logically conclude that you are 1. autistic and 2. shaped like a walrus


For insults to insult, they need to be based in reality. Sorry.


oof there he goes again with the fat-sounding posts
sorry guys i have to feed him (You)s or he might waddle outside and try to eat a dog


Fat makes a sound. Got it.


don't worry bud, i'm still here for you
as insufferable as you are it'd be terrible if a leftist ended up in the news for taking bites out of a golden retriever


You keep repeating the same jokes. Is there an idea behind it?


take that thought and reflect seriously on your posts in the first half of the thread
also deigning to acknowledge you as a leftist was new material, give me a break


Take what thought?


any thought at all! i know it's hard for you anon but you can do it if you try, i believe in you


Any specific thought or can't you even keep your directions straight?


you want to run that by me again in english?


Pray tell me how it's not proper English. Oh man of no punctuation.


It's a lot more fun.
Modern military setting where all your units are faceless and the lack of personality cults when your leaders can die at any moment > Fire Emblem's pseudo-fantasy (((slither controlled))) and dragon femdom'd world.


not taking the bait anymore
the advance wars series also doesn't really have RPG elements, right? it's more or less pure turn-based tactics, as opposed to traditional SRPGs where unscrupulous players can (depending on the game) either farm an advantage or just dump exp into certain units to cheese the game. i mean, i'm sure cheese exists in advance wars too, i'm just not familiar with it since i haven't played anything from the series since the gba days
what do you think about the wayforward remakes coming out, you have any hope they'll be halfway decent? are you a fan of the games being remade?


>Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
A man of exceptional taste right here. I genuinely don't get how some folks (mainly 4chinlet) claim it killed the series when:
>complains of series-staleness already occured in the last game
>lack of humour, even though it has simply moved to the War Room segments as to not disrubt the story
>when the series continued on as Bataillon Wars anyway

Not really, you'd really have to stretch the definition of RPG elements for it to count. And in regards to cheese, yeah, a few COs in the past were pretty busted, but Days of Ruin kinda fixed that by making the majority powers requiring your CO to actually be on the field (making him a big costly target). And Infantry/Mech spam, can't forget that.


Days of Ruin was as close as any of these games ever came to perfect 50/50 balance and the soundtrack was also a banger.
Outside of CO powers (Isabella/the girl with amnesia was a fucking DEMON in multiplayer and Caulder was obviously overpowered) the unit to unit interactions were amazingly well thought out. Well the ground units at least. At sea battleships were stupidly busted from what I remember.
I heard the competitive community even later came up with a balance patch to fix out the last interactions.
Yeah there's no RPG elements, only hero units that can be destroyed (and then replaced), as well as veteran bonuses given to units that survive and kill other units.


File: 1656269565523.png (260.25 KB, 460x215, ClipboardImage.png)

What did AW do that pic related can't? This is really my issue. These games aren't anything special. They lack innovation to really justify being a franchise. I can just replay FFT with mods endlessly can't I?


Not being an SRPG, for starters.



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