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I’m bringing this up because diablo 3 had a lot of it. There’s no demons exploding and bleeding out violently how tf am I supposed to be excited for this toddler shit without seeing peoples ripped off? Not to mention how the ragdolls don’t even exist, it’s all pre made animations(which is still cool) but then l4d2 also had that and rag dolls and people exploding so wtf

Why can’t I live out my fantasies of mass executing demons and other monsters alike in the most violent way possible???? Also wheres the casual nudity?


There are gore and nudity mods for most popular games. Maybe they'll make one for this one as well, you'll just have to wait a little longer. There is a total conversion mod for diablo1 or diablo2 (can't remember the details) that let you play it as a bird's-eye-view shooter with the weapons from quake arena and unreal tournament, that one was very bloody as well.


File: 1656078319615.png (1.94 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

This is my issue with most modern games. Do you need a Diablo 4 when you can just replay the 2nd?


But there’s no gore and casual nudity in that one either

Gore in diablo games only became a thing in 3 and then they dropped it. I also disliked how they made the mobs despawn so quickly meaning you can’t take the time to notice how many things you’ve killed like in stalker. Really kills the atmostphere


>But there’s no gore and casual nudity in that one either

There was tons of gore in 2. Andariel was a giant naked chicken with pierced boobs.


Oh shit I’m thinking about the remastered version

Yeah that one doesn’t have any gore


Then why are you complaining about 4 when its never been a staple? I guess it's just a rating thing then. It's more profitable for your p2w lootbox franchise to be available to teens.


>why are you complaining about four if gore was never a staple aspect of the games
What’s the point in making a franchise better just to downgrade the next game after? Why not just keep what makes the game good?


I dunno?


Blizzard fans are simply children that cannot handle big boy aspects of games like gore blood and nudity and dark colour pallets
They must be pampered with cartoonish character models and bright and colourful levels


I mean, you can take the moral highground. But what's so specifically adult about the GAMEPLAY of the diablo games? Or are we both mature enough to handle the complexities of gore and nudity yet don't hold the game to some equal complex gameplay mechanics? I played Diablo 1 as a wee lad. And the games aren't high-brow. Diablo 4 isn't meant as a successor. It doesn't grow alongside its audience. It's a game, at the very end of things, meant for children. It's meant to be a quick novelty, how does the game not bore you? I feel like you focus on the wrong things here. The game is not as mature as you're given it credit.


If you wanna hardcore dungeon crawler past d2 sadly that simply doesn’t exist

Because gamers have a lot more options and are prone to leaving games they won’t immediately win in developers can’t expect to add a reasonable level of difficulty in their games beyond appealing to whales anymore. That’s why pvp games now have mini maps that show you enemy locations at all times, that’s why RPGs now have mini maps and questfinders all the time, that’s why so much of world of Warcraft and most MMO games have streamlined quests and events you can never be allowed to replay. Developers only make games people will pay for and if the gaming community decides it wants everything to be casual and streamlined that’s just what’s gonna happen


I refuse to believe that it simply does not exist. In my particular genre niches, I can safely say that hardcore games do exist and still get made. So why can't you?


>difficulty is when you need to farm word runes for 20 hours doing the same boss


It's a lazy cash grab so the lack of gore is probably so that one build is compliant with regulation in every country in the world, that's my guess anyway.


Isn't that simply the nature of these type of games? They're inherently casual in that fashion. I don't think there's a simple solution.


Can you name a hardcore dungeon crawler past d2?


<in my particular genre niches
>why can't you give an answer to the question you're asking?
Because I'm asking you dunce.


I can’t sorry man there just aren’t any dungeon crawlers like the ones your looking for out there past the old titles

Even if diablo 4 turns out to be an overmonetized grind fest that takes 0 skill to play blizzards gonna make bank either way and gamers will seethe and buy their shit while every other developer except for grinding gear pumping out dungeon crawlers will pull the same fucking shit. Hate the community for devolving to a point where these games can flourish not the devs for trying to make unique titles that gain zero recognition while the cash grabs grab cash


File: 1656095128779.jpg (11.69 KB, 400x240, Phantasy Star Online.jpg)

Define hardcore dungeon crawler. Because certainly I can name a game that took everything Diablo did and did it massively better.


Gore is overrated anyway


I'm assuming they have plans to release in CHYNA so they need to get through their censors. Having spooky demons and skeletons is already pushing it, no gore allowed.
And there's an interested in not making it "Mature" so they can have children hooked onto their gambling machine/game.


Have you looked hard enough?

>people get me hyped about pso
>play it thinken I[ve missed out on some masterpiece
>it's unironic generic anime garbage


I don't think anyone would claim PSO is flawless. Better than the hot garbage known as Diablo though? There's a pretty easy argument to make.


File: 1656125668584.jpg (1.01 MB, 1591x2232, ShadowsOfAmn.jpg)

Does this count?


Sorta yes in a lot of ways

Mechanically yes they’re really similar but baldurs gate is generally more “role playing” focused than diablo. Still a great franchise but comparing the two feels just a wee bit unnatural due to how they play but still yes it could be considered a successor


Yeah, Baldur's Gate wore its beard long.


The map is more barren than my fridge on a Friday night and your concerned with the game not being edgy enough? This game is looking like it’s not even gonna have any content in it even with procedural generation


If you look in the gameplay trailer actually there is quite a lot of blood and dismemberment, especially with the Barbarian. It is just that they have toned it down in comparison and made it disappear after a short while to prevent lag.


No not really
It’s all rag dolls, they didn’t even add in blood decals. And those rag dolls aren’t even good there like the highly flingable and constantly twitching ones you see in games like fallout 76, destiny or warframe


They probably left it out of the showcase then, but the previous updates clearly show gore effects.


>they didn’t even have something as basic as a functioning rag doll and gore system in place and decided three years ago was the best time to showcase immortal

My Christ if this game hasn’t been in development since season 12 of diablo 3 it’s gonna be another anthem, they already fucked up with immortal not just in pissing off the community but making money off it as their cash cow china flat out banned them while their own monetization system is too predatory for even whales to spend money on. Diablo 4 based on blizzards past behaviour and the state of the studio on a a general basis means at best is gonna come out mediocre

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