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It’s difficulty is actually balanced

Yeah I know this is weird to say but this is actually extremely hard to pull off in game design. Sekiros difficulty is balanced in the sense that to actually “get good” at the game you don’t spend your time memorizing attack patterns link in souls games or grinding endlessly for good loot like in most RPGs instead you get good by understanding the games mechanics like in fighting games considering enemy and boss attack patterns are random and respond to player behaviour not off some prescripted series of attacks making the game sometimes feel like playing against actual people. Like what happens in stalker making sure the games hard enough that you have to get better but not filled with tedious bs that only exists to make things artificially more difficult than they have to be

Because of this this means that overcoming adversities in the game is a matter of genuinely learning how to play through actually playing rather than through memorization and likewise the second playthrough is significantly easier than the first because you already know how to problem solve and respond quickly to threats rather than rely on shit like mob spawn locations or RNG to progress


Hot Take : Sekiro is a rythm game without a music to follow.
(also you purposefully ignore the arts that can and will demolish certain bosses because From actually like giving you a straightforward way and the try shit until you find a cheese way)


No no that’s the souls series your thinking of because they do have consistent attack patterns tied to music

I’m gonna bring up Brawlhalla real quick

On the fighting games training mode there are these bots you can play against that emulate actual players, rather than having some sort of predetermined attacks their movements are in response to what the player is doing at any given time meaning if a player attacks, the bot dodges, if the player uses a heavy attack the bot counters it with a light attacks and you get it. This is how the AI in sekiro is coded aswell meaning every fight is a matter of responding quickly and aggressively enough to your opponent and understanding how to use the combat mechanics to your advantage.


And no
Unless you have a boss like genshiro cornered and keep spamming light attacks don’t expect to cheese through bosses as they can cancel their stun frames


light light,firecracker,light light,firecracker,light light firecracker. (there is also the helmsplitter or something that do big posture damage and can perma stun certains bosses)
except if you never attack (can't really do it against the ones that keep going back and forth out of your range like the butterfly lady to be fair),and only do parries/goomba stomp/whatever the dodge forward is named,it becomes mostly about keeping on rythm with the ennemy attacks,and it's much easier than trying to actually be on the offensive (just like fighting games with too much/easy defensive options)


File: 1656180089070.png (41.37 KB, 156x192, chad wolf.png)

Chad Sekiro enjoyer. Best action game ever made. It represents the pinnacle of design by elimination like Fumito Ueda did with Ico. Fuck leveling, fuck multiple weapons, fuck multiple armors and shit, just go and fight. FromSoft magnum opus till date.
>Sekiro is a rythm game

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