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Oh where to start with this ancient fucking trainwreck

For one, don’t bother using the passive attack button, there’s no real “combat” in this game it’s just spam skills and watch vfx play until loot drops(don’t worry about mana as that doesn’t matter either). Passive attacks might aswell do nonexistent damage, enemies can’t block or parry your attacks, movement feels clunky as hell along with platforming sections being badly designed, for some reason the developers never bothered to implement an update where environments transition into each other meaning every time you go from one level to the next one you have to put up with a loading screen EVERY FUCKING TIME you switch to a new zone and that’s just the beginning.
Despite the fact that this dumbass title is decades old and has a shitload of regions to explore all of it feels content barren which is strange considering they add in new quests everyday meaning at any time they could’ve just recycled that content and make it better for new players to get into.
NPCs are the most lifeless and boring as shit sprites you’ll ever see in any game that straight up don’t have simple shit like non quest based dialogue options, the map is shown to you in full display meaning there’s zero sense of exploration at all to be found in this game at all nor are there secrets to be unlocked through playing, the animations on enemies is lazy and the design of them is even worse as all of them are limited to doing exactly one attack and there’s an above 90% chance that it’s not one that can fire projectiles to keep the player moving and fights more than overglorified loot piñata parties.
The UI is simultaneously the most overcluttered and useless component of the game because it’s so easy and repetitive you don’t need to see nearly all the shit on screen
The games aesthetics go either from being a fantasy setting where magic and old forms of governance dominate to some sci fi anime shit that feels like a cartoonish version of wh40k, not just in the set design but also the design of classes, like cmon I shouldn’t see a cyborg and a kinetic highschool student beating the shit out of a wizard with the powers of a god yet that’s just a common occurrence in this dumbass game
The difficulty as mentioned prior is nonexistent as the devs don’t wanna risk driving players away with actually hard shit because the games overall mechanics are so poorly fleshed out any type of difficulty in it would be less of a matter of not having enough skill but more of a matter about the game itself being tedious. This is on top of the fact that every class feels the fucking same compounding this tedious effect

I’m surprised this game is still alive and has thousands of players playing it each day holy

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