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The game is shockingly badly optimized. I’m not even gonna mention destiny as it’s its own cancer to the point where it’s possible to not even get past the menu screen without blowing hundreds on a new gpu and watching multiple tutorials on how to bypass apex’s weird bugs with optimization

Apex as a game has a weird bug in it where if your playing on a pc like me you can expect the server to use the CPU to render and load in everything rather than things like memory or your card(this isn’t a new bug but a consistent one that’s been reappearing in each update for years now you can inspect task manager on apex and see the difference in flu usage yourself) meaning it’s likely you’ll inevitably have to manually change the games files for it to become playable

Second the game has consistent crashing and lag problems attributed to two reasons
The overwhelming majority of online games have terrible support for people with internet speeds below 30megabytes/s
The overwhelming majority of online games run on shit servers that weren’t built or programmed to handle a specific game. This gets especially terrible in shooters like apex where your constantly moving while the server is constantly handling shit like physics and where a bullet and a player are supposed to be and when your combining a terrible program that makes the clients performance terrible expect what everyone got with f76, where the servers instability indirectly breed bugs like
>seeing your team mates t posing while running
>seeing enemies randomly teleporting along with rag dolls not spawning where they should be or clipping through geometry
>hearing the sound of specific attacks and actions before the animation or even input on them play
>crashing randomly mid game or being sent back to the lobby for whatever reason
>somehow experiencing major drops in frame rate during loading screens
And these are just the bugs I could find after playing for only an hour whom most was spent trying to see if I could even get the game to run consistently and that’s not even the worst part about this games piss poor optimization but also for the fact that it’s an online game it has little support for online play

There’s no offline support for training mode which is fucking idiotic to think about. And no unlike in smash bros you can’t inspect your legends collision and hit box for shit like what weapons your using nor is there an ingame aim lab to practice in.
There’s no cross server support, no server menu for the games you play, cross progression meaning every time you log into a different system you have to restart every
Voice chat sounds horrible even if your mic isn’t dogwater
The UI is a mess of redudant information like a cross air whom is misleading for guns like shotguns, or the compass
As mentioned prior the game runs like shit on a general basis without a graphics card(and sometimes even with one) meaning even if your have a CPU worth thousands and enough ram to satisfy my mothers clit your likely gonna encounter constant lag spikes regardless at the lowest possible graphical and system settings due to the CPU bug

So fucking annoying


I can tell that if you use in-game voice chat any time, you're a lost cause since it implies you don't have friends. This isn't an excuse per se, but why don't you just get some friends? All these complaints are only because you're playing with other friendless retards. Likely some mexican obese 10 year old.


Did you even read the post the amount of technical issues the game has extends far beyond voice chat. Besides I normally only play normal sports like soccer with them not fucking apex


just quit and fine a another game competitive multiplayer game are a plague <3


Remember how I mentioned destiny 2, shockingly enough bad optimization isn’t limited to apex but nearly all multiplayer shooters have the same fucking problem I think it was mentioned in more detail here
about how modern games on a general basis legitimately are impossible to run these days without a video card worth at a bare minimum 400 and what ends up happening is the entire industry on a general basis fails to have any significant changes because literally nothing new is being innovated

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