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The game that was supposed to take in billions of long term cash has been obliterated by china due to violations of blizzards PR team meaning immoral is banned in the Netherlands Belgium and the cash cow blizzard was counting on china. Lace that in with the newly discovered even more p2w with mechanic of awakened gems in the game has now got most of whoever still played this game free to play only as the game has outpriced the people it was trying to milk.
The effects on blizzard are noticeable and here’s some examples
>they’re now relying on trying to get their developers to market their games not just immoral rather than the marketers
>blizzard despite all the micro transactions has been recorded to be pulling less revenue than it first started off especially with major games like WoW having visibly less profit production due to all the players who subscribed having left ages ago
>more and more staff not just the developers anymore are leaving on either a daily or weekly basis damaging revenue output even more along with screwing over the quality of anything they put out, game or advertisement
>due to sheer corruption bobby kotic has been in place of activision once more right after the entire gaming community bore witness to their scandals over misconduct and a lesser known horror known as “the stolen breast milk incident”
The studio on a general basis is collapsing and as time passes I doubt anybody at either blizzards fan base or the studio directly is planning on sticking around out of fear of being stuck with another “Konami”


>half a fucking mil
There’s no way that was intentional on blizzards end because that kind of predation sounds like a bug that only blizzards current day incompetent as shit staff would pull off. It’s more likely that someone at the game designer sector wasn’t informed about the way the microtransactional model was tied to progression and likewise the game indirectly built to have that shit included to the point where they made the most not p2w but pay to progress game in existence as a byproduct of blizzards god awful management because only AAA studios could pull off something so fucking retarded which is why no one else in the mobile gaming scene did before them


I mean the 500k figure is the estimated cost to get 10/10 gear in every category, so in a way it's a little misleading, the devs probably only were interested in how much it costs to get a top level gem in one category. But it's still their fault so whatever.


That’s assumed RNG is also on your side

Fucking hell man. This games a perfect example of why RNG systems are outdated and need to die in games, the only reason why diablo immortal hasn’t been flat out shut down for loot boxes is because you can’t actually pay directly for them, I wouldn’t even be surprised if the awakened gem thing isn’t the only hidden monetization mechanic and only a few days later the community finds something new. Either way immortal doesn’t have a future, they outpriced the whales that they were relying on to buy shit from their game and china flat out banned them meaning a massive fucking portion of revenue isn’t available for them


More AI blogposting. Clickbait and half-truths masqueraded as news. Keep it to your single fucking thread. Stop making a new one for every goddamn schizoid thought you put out.


Keep posting threads OP.


Yep, keep it up OP.

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