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File: 1656529467463.pdf (320.14 KB, 197x255, Rogue_Manual_DOS_EN.pdf)


I had often wondered where the term "Roguelike" that folks use to describe dungeon crawlers came from. Yesterday, I found out. It turns out that Rogue was that ASCII game that I played as a little kid on my Tandy 1000. So, forty years later, I finally finished the thing. It's still kind of fun, and every bit as frustrating as I remember it. God, the first time that I found the Amulet of Yendor and realized that then I would have to climb all the way back up again to finish the game had little me banging his head on the desk.

There is a downloadable copy here https://www.myabandonware.com/game/rogue-4n . If you try it, know that the food mechanic will be the bane of your existence. The most difficult aspect of the game is unquestionably getting down to level 26 and back without dying of hunger. You can't go too fast, or you will not have done enough grinding to survive a single hit from the monsters at the lower levels, but you can't go too slowly either or risk losing when your food runs out. Rattlesnakes, Wraiths, Vampires, and Aquators are the worst, because they can lower your stats permanently. Savescum, because there is no surviving without doing so.

Paleo-retro gaming threat, I guess?


>You can't go too fast, or you will not have done enough grinding to survive a single hit from the monsters at the lower levels
You mean monsters don't scale with the player's level? In nethack they do, so grinding is not as important as getting equipment and protection. You have to reach a certain level somewhere in the game, though I never got that far.


>monsters scaling down with player level

God I fucking hate that kind of difficulty man. Progression in games can’t just be about numbers but mastering movement and item mechanics as well

Like fuck you could have a crazy amount of dps in terraria but if you don’t understand class builds, slime mount fast falling, the importance of potions, campfires, heart lamps, heart statues and arenas every event and boss is gonna be a pain in the ass especially at master mode. Or games like Celeste where there’s no stat but all skill attached to your progression


File: 1656543245796.jpg (89.8 KB, 500x1364, Armor.jpg)

No, they don't and that's a life-saver when you are racing back to the surface and don't have enough food to keep from fainting every few steps. Equipment in Rogue is really random, which makes you have to change how you play every time. Say, if you find a Ring of Slow Digestion you can afford to be a bit more thurough in your explorations, and if you also have a Wand of Slow Monster you can kite anything short of the dragon to death. The dragon has a fireball attack that means just backing up in a straight line will not work. It's a wicked combination. The Ring of Stealth is one of the best items in the game when you need to conserve food, because it allows you to bypass most monsters. Weapons and armor, though, are not very important. The mace and mail that you start with will see you through most stuff, and even an unenchanted two-handed sword carves through anything with enough strength.


>God I fucking hate that kind of difficulty man.
Right? What is even the point of levels when the enemies scale to them?


First roguelike I ever played back in the day, the kino OST stuck with me



It is so strange to see a game that runs in multiple windows. That reminds me, I need to set up a Virtual Box.

That game was from 1994, right? Damn good year for soundtracks, that. NHL '94 had a theme song that still plays in hockey arenas today. The new CD consoles made high-quality music soundtracks possible, and Soundgarden convinced their record label to provide a whole album worth of music for the then-next gen game Road Rash.The result was probably the best soundtrack in video game history up until Crazy Taxi got released in 2000.


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Why have I never looked these up before? You rule.

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