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>the maps were larger
This might be shocking to some of you but RPGs used to have maps a lot larger than they’re today, part of it was the lack of limitations imposed with using sprites rather than actual polygons to build worlds and account for physics led to minimal problems with precision and collision errors but most of it was, well it’s easier to paint something than it is to model build rig or apply physics to it, coincidentally this meant quests were also large and had cryptic as shit descriptions at times making the amount of time you played these games really fucking long but you’d put up with it because you likely didn’t have that much shit to do if you were playing games back then when barely anyone had computers beyond the ones they’d use at work



Couldn't you do tile-based maps in 3d?


I don't think they painted things like character sprites, they were modelled and animated in 3D then exported as sprite sets


File: 1656601992404.gif (136.72 KB, 672x960, Valorim.gif)

A fun comparison is the gigantic world of Exile III versus the embarrassingly tiny area of Fallout. Both games released in the same year, one a top-down RPG, the other and isometric RPG. The former has easily around 50 dungeons and towns, the latter has a small handful of towns and 4 dungeons. The former was made by basically one independent developer in his garage while the latter was made by a well-funded studio that blew all its budget on worthless voice acting.


I don't care about size. Diablo is randomly generated. The size in such cases does not qualify.


it's not a technical limitations, its the natural evolution of all commodities under a capitalist society. The commodity evolve to maximize the profit, at first games were made only by passionate people striking gold by creating a new entertainment making shit they liked themselves, and then it got into the stock market and porky, corporate ceo and marketing department started making the calls, and quality, originality and more generally "soul" were ripped out to bring in more profit


The 2d nature of these games also made them a lot simpler
Because you don’t have to program shit like AI, collision boxes, animations, or eel anything the developer can just focus on adding shit to the game without care about how it works with minimal issues and it runs smoothly. I think that’s part of why these games got so massive like fuck fallout 2 and 1 is almost entirely turn based and has a simplistic as shit progression and combat system yet is still considered hardcore by modern day standards due to its size and interactivity


I never played any of these games, so I don't know what i'm talking about, but looking at the screenshots the isometric graphics look nicer somehow in these types of games. Maybe the lower technical complexity made it easier to get a very cohesive look, like everything in that world looks like it's from that world.


>isometric graphics look nicer somehow in these types of games.
It’s actually the lack of complexity that makes the aesthetic unique. The art team isn’t expected to crank out dozens of assets per level like you see in modern AAA titles which meant most of these games had the aesthetic similar to modern indie titles of unique looking maps with minimal detail in them creating visuals that feel specifically unique to that game. This is also why as the graphics for games like fallout 4 increased a visible downgrade in the games overall aesthetic was seen, another example is comparing diablo 2 to diablo 3 or world of warcrafts art design to a game like black deserts


File: 1656608819078-0.png (5.91 MB, 2000x1499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1656608819078-1.png (4.78 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

The sprites also all have the same standardised palette of a limited number of colours, at the time due to technical limitations, which helps make it look cohesive and easier on the eyes. I don't know if cohesive is the right word but here's a side by side of D2 and D3 where you can easily see the aesthetic difference.
The sharpening effect that you can get from some of the colours being approximated also gives it a unique low fidelity look that most people don't bother with nowadays because they always want more fidelity and HD assets, along with the lack of technical limitations forcing them to take the decision.


File: 1656609030061.png (1.15 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>accidentally posted the D2 remaster
Real retard hours


>hardcore due to its size
Is this a joke post? The game has absolute fuckall contentwise, it's an embarrassingly tiny RPG. Scroll up to >>19655 where it's compared to an actual hardcore RPG.


You never played Diablo 2? Did you grow up in a cave?


Yes you are on to something , using distinct color pallets probably acts like some kind of theming, that is still necessary for artistic reasons, even if the technical limitations no longer dictate it.

>You never played Diablo 2?
No, but there is openDiablo 2 which is an opensource implementation.
Is it worth it to jump through all the hoops to get that working?
It doesn't come with open game assets so you have to buy a proprietary copy of Diablo2 and then rip out the game assets to make it work. And you have to use a windows only program to download it, which means hours of fun configuring wine.


Slightly related, the other day I stumbled across something called Project Diablo 2 (very original name) which is a modded D2 that has a very active online community. Has anyone tried it? You need your own original copy for that too apparently but I don't see why you couldn't just pirate+keygen yourself a copy. They supposedly delete illegitimate accounts but I'm not sure how they would detect a bullshit key given the game is a billion years old and it's an unofficial mod.


File: 1656791672450.png (260.18 KB, 750x645, soy waaaaah.png)

>delete illegitimate accounts
>noooo stop heckin pirating the wholesome corporation NEEDS you to buy the 20 yo abandonware NOOOW


Big Piracy are depriving ebay guys of their rightful $5


I mean it's for legal reasons, I doubt they have a choice but to say that


Makes sense, if too many got it it’s likely the launcher would get shut down for IP infringement since blizzards development team don’t care about their games until someone isn’t blowing thousands on them🙄


Old school runescape on low detail graphics looks better than modern high detail runescape 3 for this reason.


Also, oder games were noticeably less cluttered, with things like high-poly vegetation, post-processing and such not being available and most details had to be cleverly placed by hand. Nowadays shit like shrubs, rocks and rubble are placed almost wantonly by devs through scripts due to much higher processing power being available on most end-user computers, so it is much easier for them to end up with cluttered and messy-looking environments.


File: 1660092161393.png (1.37 MB, 800x797, ClipboardImage.png)

I feel like you nede to be a boomer to appreciate it though. as someone that only played fallout 2 after Fo4, while I like the old graphics, the game is just too clunky. I havent played point and click adventure games since Pajama Sam and other Fisher Price games


Normally I would be supportive of these types of games but fallout 2 fucking killed any enjoyment I had for boomer RPGs, the reason
RNG bs attached to fucking everything
The games feel like slot machines the moment you enter in any form of combat or interaction required for in game progression. Got so annoying I uninstalled the fucking game less than an hour in after dying twice to RNG and then getting one tapped by the tutorial boss

So fucking annoying


*older games were noticeably less cluttered
Fuck I hate phoneposting.


CRPG's trying to imitate TTRPG's was a dark age



what CRPG exists that doesn't try to imitate a TTRPG? isn't that basically all the genre is


Oblivion and especially Skyrim got rid of stuff like classes and RNG dice-rolling to focus on more experiential playing, and newer CRPG's are influenced by them


Oblivion had classes tho. Baurus asks what your skills are before leaving the dungeon into the sewers, and you could either choose a pre-made class like Acrobat or Witch-hunter, or create your own. The difference between Morrowind's and Oblivion's class system is that in the latter there is no distinction between major and minor skills, but you could pick only half the skills you could in Morrowind.

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