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The human eye has an average horizontal FOV of 135 and a vertical FOV of 180
Also any person standing at a height of 2m should be able to see an object 5km in front of them assuming nothings blocking their vision

Games cannot actually render these kinds of visuals for two reasons. The biggest contributing factor behind performance issues in games is literally how many objects are rendered on screen at a time, FOV forces the amount of shit a game has to render exponentially with each degree of change. Despite this I still have tested in games with a lot of accessibility like Minecraft and have modified the games files to see how close to this kind of vision, it’s a little hard to get used to but god I do hope some time in the future more games can get optimized and be able to render this

That’s all bye


Oh and here’s another example between the FOV used in games(90) and view distance(short answer it’s around 100-300) and the FOV and view distance of an actual person


Games can't render detail like real life? WOW. So that's why touching grass in real life is so much better.


you also forget that you are watching a (probably not a massive 4k) screen,that also limits your field of view in the first place,so it's kinda pointless to have it be realistic in the first place as it won't be realistic unless you're very close to the screen or it's a very big one. (in VR you can do it tho)


This. OP is assuming that the screen itself encompassed the FOV of the human which is the limiting factor.


You can also just scale the window size to the monitors proportions


Sorry I should’ve clarified
They can, it doesn’t run as well but is doable especially on older games, for example here’s far cry 3 and doom eternal(I have to upload them separately as lefty lol won’t allow me to upload a bundle of files past 100mb)


the FOV is trash unless I can have 355 degree vision for perfect tactical tryharding


unless you have a curved (actually important) massive screen,it doesn't change anything.



Dude I ran a web program I coded on a shitty desktop from the early 2010s to create this image
It doesn’t matter man


File: 1656692352938.mp4 (16.81 MB, 1920x810, Rdr2.mp4)

Last video
This is about the most realistic example I could provide


95 is good enough. The screen is like a window which you see through. That limits FOV. 95 makes sense.


The FOV is always going to try to approximate the FOV of your screen because higher or lower looks weird to the average person.

Game engines can theoretically render objects at any distance depending on how you measure it, but you have a tradeoff between scale and accuracy that can cause z-fighting issues at long range. There are workarounds for this, by having different models at ranges where there are rendering issues, but there isn't any kind of hard technical limit here. It's more that adapting a part of the game world to look right from any other point in the game world is time consuming and requires a lot of optimization work to really get right. It's easier with something like minecraft because everything is already procedural, but there are still lots of issues. Having an AI do some kind of render pass might go a long way to reducing the amount of data required by omitting certain things from the render field when they aren't visible (say if they are behind a mountain or a lot of trees).

There are probably also some creative solutions to these problems that have yet to be properly developed, like some kind of terrain-based cheat that renders a whole chunk of forest as a single object (even a flat texture) instead of rendering individual trees, at least aside from the parts at the edge/treeline. One of the issues with AAA development is an over-saturation of detail, and using a method like this could not only save massively on rendering but also make the actual important landmarks stand out better, which is usually better design. Methods like this would also reduce this unbelievable shittiness of how lots of things look today (take the extremely sparse "forests" in OP's Skyrim screenshots for example) because things like simulated object density are tied to rendering individual objects in the scene. If you only need to render the closest several dozen trees for instance, you can populate the background with as much as you want on a simple model basis. This kind of approach is also a realistic direction to scale production, along similar lines to the development of "limited animation" methods in cartoons that allowed production of more with less effort. The difference here being that the end result isn't necessarily lower quality and may even be higher quality.


If you wanna destroy the “zoom” effect caused by scaling up your fov just code a shader that changes the cameras rendering system from flat to a curved lense so the image comes out as perfectly straight as if you just zoomed out on a perfectly flat image

As for the shit about optimizationdont expect it. The gaming community wants graphics not the ability to run their games smoothly hence things LODs, draw distance performance, entity culling hasn’t evolved since the 90s


>Games can render detail like real life
You don't truly believe this do you?
Didn't watch. I've seen real life. This is not it.






The only advantage playing at lower fovs offer in games is making targets appear larger than they’re when upclose thats fucking it. When your view distance and fov is cranked up the unfairness caused by your visibility difference is obvious and suddenly someone playing a game like mw19 can get shot halfway across the map without even knowing they were being shot at at all

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