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>mass exodus of fallout 76 players
Somewhere down the line the devs will release one bad update that fundamentally breaks everyone of the already buggy components of all our 76 causing major community backlash and mass reports from reviewers leaving the game barren in its already diminishing server count
<star field
The release of 2023s star field will set forward the true start of bethesdas collapse as gamers will experience an unfinished, highly buggy and poorly optimized new release assumed after many viewed its gameplay trailer that by the time it’s properly finished its development assuming bethesdas developers spend the necessary time on it most of the player base on day one will have long since left
>blizzard entertainment
The release of dragon flight and diablo 4 will prove to be the last confident releases the company will ever have as due to the lack of time both games have to properly finish development on top of the cluster of professional developers that have left the studio will leave both games content barren, buggy, badly monetized, badly optimized, poorly accessible, and generally mediocre at their strongest points to cause even more community backlash, and player exodus after diablo immortal
Modern warfare 2 will have a launch as disastrous as vanguards, the game will be infested with the same bugs and exploits seen in modern warfare 2 2019, gamers will leave early due to SBMM and ranked focused gameplay overtaking simpler casual queues making matches unnaturally sweaty discouraging experimental and varied play whom only whales will find enjoyment in while the game will undergoe the same process as mw19 and war zone with being over monetized

Oh and also the rape thing, loot box bans and other scandals emerging more frequently with the company
>EA and Ubisoft
most likely just shitty tweets causing backlash and that’s about it for them, they’re not active for anyone to give a shit about whatever they’re doing
Just like with starfield, mw2, dragon flight and diablo 4 the new sonic game is gonna set back segas primary franchise back by several years as the game is clearly unfinished just by watching the trailers, the emphasis on open world over linear gameplay ensures developers don’t have the time to polish the title, the game runs terribly on a general basis and based on demos and trailer footage has consistent lag spikes, and given that it’s releasing this year all confirm a bad unpolished, unfinished, unoptimized release that’ll cause several comparison videos to 2000s games, general slander of the beloved character once more.

Yeah I’m a cynical cunt but I’ve been watching this industry long enough to always be disappointing right


File: 1656811009362.png (1.73 MB, 1572x1316, boycott modern warfare.png)

'pr disasters' don't really matter because at least a decent portion of gamers will still continue to buy and eat whatever shit is fed to them. it's not like bethesda went out of business after the shitshows of fallout 4 and 76 or EA with battlefront/field


It’s not about the size of the disasters but how frequently they occur compared to good releases

It’s been over a decade since we’ve seen a Bethesda r sonic title that hasn’t been complete dogshit and most of the fan base that cared about those franchises have long since left along with the developers, couple tat with the fact that sonic teams devs have abondoned the studio along with 40% of bethesdas employees still gone means in the best case scenario you can expect a mediocre game that fulfills mid 2010s standards of gaming with a graphical filter on top, these disasters are just gonna accelerate the oncoming collapse to bankruptcy


Hey I liked Sonic Forces…


In some respects I it wasn’t the worst just not what people hoped for hence it’s collapsed pretty quickly. Either way there’s not much to hope for this or next year beyond watching YouTubers compare the new releases to 2000s era games for kicks

You can tell a major release is gonna be shit if the trailers do the following
>refuse to show gameplay
>don’t provide sources to a playable demo version of the game
>constantly mention the games features(this means the developer hasn’t finished developing these components or isn’t confident in how they function) instead of just showing them to you for you to see in the background
And if their not showcasing trailers you’ll know based off the release date vs how large the marketers say the games gonna be
The quality of the in game animations and physics, this is a dead giveaway as natural motion hasn’t evolved past gta 4 since the entire industry doesn’t give a shit about anything related to graphics if it’s not the textures or geometry count, ie style over substance you get the gist

Just watch any trailer for a game released in the 2010s that turned out either mediocre on release or straight up dog shit and you’ll see everything I mentioned come to light


And one more important fact about trailers

Reveal trailers only tell you a studio has
Production on a game not that it’s midway through development and especially that’s its even close to complete and that they’re just polishing things. This means that if ES6 trailer dropped in 2018 and is releasing in 2023 the already preoccupied developers working on ESO, star field now only have had 5 years to develop an elder scrolls game that doesn’t share any of the same problems we saw in oblivion, morrowind and Skyrim with things like dog shit physics, animations, combat control and progression that’s almost exclusively stat based, to put this into perspective mass effect andromeda, anthem and cyberpunk were all developed under similar conditions and still turned out like complete shit


When you write things out like this suddenly images like this make me more scared than excited
Imagine the blowback this might cause fucking 9 million km by itself will cause precision issues with any computer but adding a full game on top of that…


modern warfare 2 might be good judging from the first modern warfare


can you even read? it clearly says 'the first game' and 'arena'.


Op here you have terrible reading comprehension it says first but that makes me concerned about the fact that they haven’t released any information about the game despite the fact that its coming out next year as well


Wait oh no I found out something worse, after five years they don’t even have a base game finished out. They’re not even adding content or fixes to the creation engine they’ve only barely started, this game is gonna be another management disaster like cyberpunk and anthem where the studio tried making something ambitious but didn’t have a clue where to start and likewise the games design takes longer than anything added to it and you end up with an unfinished game that took nearly a decade to make


They haven't start because starfield isn't done dumbass. You really have terrible reading comprehension, even for a child. I hate bethesda almost as the next guy but you're a fucking tard.


And when’s star field gonna be done either man not just when it releases but becomes a bug free product that lives to the standards the trailers presented? 14 fucking years of consistent disappointment since the day fallout 3 released and gamers were blatantly lied to about the depth of the story and the number of possible endings followed up with even more lies, more broken and bugged games, more prebaked trailers. Do you seriously believe anyone at Bethesdas main studio is working on a title individually and not half assing every major release all at the same time? Even after we just saw what happened with f76s development, the mass exodus seen from the Microsoft buyout, the consecutive PR disasters from the day fallout 76 dropped to the months following it? What’s supposed to magically change anything for the better this time?


people will love starfield even if it's halfassed crap just like they love f4 and even 76, that's the reallity of this industry


holy shit!



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