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So let me get this straight right? Rockstar made two widely known and loved games known as gta 4 and gta 5 in the years it took to make those games on top of online modes and DLC no one

NO ONE thought of making the majority of buildings the player can’t explore explorable? It’s not even something they’d have to put effort in a single douche made a mod that opens up those buildings…


What would be the purpose? It's a waste of time to model every building interior compared to what you could spend time doing. Though, I do admit that the buildings in GTA IV that you could go into were cool. But the fact there was only a few of them was what made it special.


How does that improve the game exactly?


They already do that and then prevent the player from entering them. Your thinking they don’t already make interiors for every building and decide which to artificially block off as development time passes. Using interior mods in gta games is like watching bioshock infinite developer gameplay vs the actual releas, it really makes you realize how skimmed out the releases game is compared to what it could’ve been


Makes the game feel a lot less empty even if it’s a minor detail, you have no idea how disappointing it is to be a teenager playing older versions of these games and wanting to see if I could break into some random junkies apartment just to find out that the entir building was some faked cube with a shitty texture pack applied while a real modelled version of that same building exists and was taken away from me


>gta 4

Garbage game


It was peak gta online though


You know? That feeling you get when you wanna explore a building in a city game only to find out the entire buildings fake with a texture pack on the outside so it looks like there’s something in there
Or how you see destroyed or abondoned vehicles and you wanna see if you can ride them only to find out it’s just another asset you can’t do jack shit with
Or that feeling that comes when trying to go underwater to find something like a way to a sewage station or some deep sea level again to find nothing but terrain
Or going underground only to fall through the world instead of seeing an underground level
Or just trying to interact with NPCs only to find out your limited to just talking with them or a few seconds or getting quests and not doing anything like trading, hiring, getting services etc

I’m obviously nitpicking but this shit really adds up when you see this shit in full effect all at once


developers are creatively bankrupt


Play Sekiro


it's not a 'minor detail' to model the inside of every single building in the game


It’s still detail either way and it even if by a smidtch helps make things feel a lot less empty


GTA 4 was a 'Good' (ehh *waves hand*) satire on the post 2007/8 united states (Literally coming out mid 2008 iirc), A retrospective on the GFC, The war on terror and Bush. and basically babies / liberals first satire.

GTA in retrospect came out in 2013, Mid-Obama second term in the wake of what was promised to be the 'Next progressive era' winning a popular and legislative majority and (theoretically) having the ability to undo all of Bush's errors (Hope and Change) - But then demonstrably failing in that aspect with every challenge they faced and being gutted by a legislative defeat a few years in.

The difference in 'aesthetic' between 4 and 5 is interesting to me.
4 makes the world look disgusting and ugly, with literally everything being a shade of grey, moss green, beige, black and other deep colours.
5 meanwhile, even when the satire is focused on rural hicks or gangbangers, they crank the brightness and contrast up to 100 and use as many bright colours as seemingly possible.


4 looked like that because Liberty City was a shithole like in GTA 3.
5 looked like that because it's socal.


Lol was literally about to say that. If anything they made it look smoggier than reality because of draw distances.


reddit is that way


It's good you know the way home


It sometimes feels like open world games haven't evolved one bit in the last 15-20 years.


The lack of verticality or even basic input within level design is a major component of this issue, it’s very rare to see an open world game have non linear level design or even design at all because half the time the game designers just copy paste a shit load of terrain and random assets everywhere and call it a day, compound that with nonexistent verticality within level design, no deep sea levels, no real biomes etc all make these games feel even more static small and boring

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