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So I started playing Banjo Kazooie earlier this week and I'm absolutely baffled at how beloved this game is. I understand this game is made for kids but even rare themselves made kids games with more of a challenge (I absolutely love the DKC games). I'm at the haunted house level now so I think I probably only have a couple worlds left but here are my problems with the game so far.
>While the game controls fine and actually provides a couple unique movement options which can be fun, there is a massive lack of actual platforming challenges, and there is yet to be one that is actually hard.
>while some of the non-platforming challenges can be interesting, a good chunk of them just feel like filler like that croc one in the swamp (which you do 3 times for some reason) or doing the sled race a 2nd time
>Saving, dying, or leaving a level requires you to refind all the pieces which is just tedious
>The attempts at humour are embarrassing, minus Kazooie's banter which is alright. I get it was made with kids in mind but jesus christ these butt jokes and stuff are cringeworthy.
>Too much swimming and swimming is a pain, especially with the finnicky camera
>The reason moving between levels exists is only to make it so one can move from level to level if they can't find everything. The problem with this is it's too easy to find everything, making this pointless, despite a half decent hub world
>One of the worst soundtracks I've ever heard, especially coming off of DKC. Every other song sounds like pop goes the weasel
There are somethings I like about this game (the colour, the theming, the hub world), but I am baffled at the love this game gets. Am I missing something? Happy for any other platformer recs too since I haven't got much out of this game


Have you played many collectathons before? They're objectively bad game design to play as an adult but if you grew up in a certain time that's overridden by nostalgia.


Yeah I liked the spyro games as a kid, enjoyed most of mario oddesy (although it's very flawed), and recently played Battle for Bikini Bottom and enjoyed that too.


Thoughts on Super Mario 64, OP?


Love it, a few weak worlds but as a whole it's still an amazing platformer. I'm actually more of a fan of sunshine despite it's obvious flaws. Went into Banjo experiencing a similar quality experience to 64 and was let down


So you're fine with the collecting in SM64 but not in Banjo?


Mostly yeah, let me explain. In 64 each star with exception to a few weaker ones and the 100 coin stars are fun platforming challenges which take advantage of both the controls and the environment. I'm coming close to the end of banjo and the amount of jigsaws which are just "do this shitty task 3 times" or spell banjo Kazooie in the time limit is insulting. I just finished rusty bucket bay and this is the first time the game felt like it gave me some interesting platforming, and even then there were still multiple jigsaws which felt like filler (put in the ship code, swim up into the whole and press the button to save the dolphin, move the crane). Again, 64 isn't perfect, but even 64's worst missions and 100 coin levels allow you to use Mario's movement in interesting ways. Banjo on the other hand decides its time for you to swim some more. At least it doesn't boot you out after every jigsaw.


More or less what I'm getting at is the platforming both feels more meaningful, and there's also significantly less to collect. Stars feel more akin levels instead of collectibles. All you need to collect in 64 is the red coins (which are usually fun) and 100 coin (which can be fine but are sometimes the worst levels. Banjo on the other hand has you collect meaningless health power ups, separates health from coins, have uninspired music notes which never lead to interesting platforming, and an overabundance of jigsaws leading to boring levels (plus jingos although that's really just the red coins)


The term collectathon really is made for Banjo Kazooie and DK4. If SM64 counts a collectathon, we might as well call the original Doom that.
And all 100 coin stuff is only for completionists, none of these missions are necessary if one wants to beat the final boss and see the credits roll.


Yeah absolutely about 100 coins but I do like finishing everything off when reasonable. It's hard to know where to stop judging a game.



someone posted a youtuber essay, time to escape the thread


>calls the game fun without elaborating on it
>says you can do all sorts of crazy stuff when most of the time that means another minigame that would usually be a fisher price toy
>mario 64 having a more interesting movement system has made it age not as well
I agree with him that yeah it's elegantly taught but it never does anything interesting with it. Just a bunch of lame minigames, uninteresting platforming, and that you shouldn't post shitty youtuber essay's on an image board


This game was from a time where just having a wacky little video game world to run around in was novel and exciting. It's like if you go back and watch the old movies that played back when the technology was new and being like "wow it's just some footage of horses or trains and there's no story or anything."


OP here again, finished the game and still feel about the same. Actually really loved click clock woods and wish every level was on the quality of click clock with a really cool gimmick and fun platforming. Final sequence was terrible.

Not really though, at this point mario 64, tomb raider, and crash 1-3 had already all come out. Spyro was a couple months away. Yes, it was a time in which we were still heavily experimenting with the medium, but many of it's problems were non-existent in these other games. It's novel to still watch old movies and see people testing things with what we can do with film, and it's the same thing with games. However, most of what Banjo does was already done and done better. The novel element of running around a little world was done better in mario 64 by a mile. The devs created something interesting to a degree, but falls flat even compared to the other games at the time. Again, want to reiterate it's not the worst game in the world, but I haven't been this disappointed by a game in a long time.


Try Banjo-Tooie.
It's been like 20 years since I've played it but I remember liking it a lot more than Kazooie. IIRC there is deeper platforming, more level interconnection and better abilities.
I do agree however, thatcompared with SM64 and Sunshine the platforming is weak.


Glad to hear that's the case, probably won't give it a go for awhile but I'll keep that in mind

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