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(Please use this topic to discuss various topics that don't require their own thread)

we need to talk about the letterboxd-ification of steam reviews


So many movement mechanics either got nerfed or patched completely makjng trying to maintain and increase your net velocity in the game a fucking pain in the ass or straight up impossible
So many of the old legends aren’t fun either, pathfinder is fucking useless at this point not only because of the cooldown on his grappling hook but also because you can’t keep the momentum on after each swing without using exploits, wraith is well.. not in a good place, most of the newer legends feel the same as the old ones and are either completely fucking broken or completely useless
There’s minimal accessibility to the point where it’s possible to get banned for using a custom crosshair along with the fact that you have to manually rewrite the games configuration files to get the settings you want like changing your fov to what pc gamers use like 120

You get the gist it wasn’t perfect but man something went wrong with the meta of this game


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Ever wonder why big car companies pay 2% tax while the guys on the assembly line pay forty?


National champions anon you gotta give tax breaks to companies so they grow. Under capitalism workers are ants and the company is the hive. Ironically it what the anti communists accuse communism of being


Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen is a puzzle video game developed by Compile for the MSX2, Famicom, and FM Towns. It was published by Tokuma Shoten in 1991.

In the game, the player assembles water pipe segments for a pipeline from Moscow to Tokyo in order to strengthen Japan–Soviet Union relations.

With permission of the Soviet embassy, the game and its promotional materials feature the name and likeness of Mikhail Gorbachev, who was President of the Soviet Union at the time of the game's development and release. The cover art of the game featuring Gorbachev was created by Takamasa Shimaura.

Two months after Tokuma Shoten released Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen in Japan, Sega published Ganbare Gorby! (がんばれゴルビー!) for the Game Gear handheld game console. Both games were released in Japan several months before the dissolution of the Soviet Union


I have so many questions.


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It's hard to imagine any of the mainline Resident Evil characters could be pro-capitalist after all the trouble corporations caused them.


Leon (the main face of franchise) surely is


We need to talk about twitter-ification of imageboard OPs


What a waste of good trips. Also, this is not your personal blog, fuck you OP.


what part of his personal life is op blogging about


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>We need to talk about twitter-ification of imageboard OPs
Yeah need to talk about the ram-ifications.


It is a bit annoying when meme reviews are voted to the top of the list, but overall, I find the Steam reviews system mostly reliable. If they say a game is mixed, it's probably not that good.


The very formulation of the sentance: "We need to talk about X", where X is something 99% never heard or thought about, and where the only response is *shrug*.


steam reviews were always like this


His basic bitch pet peeves that do not warrant their own threads. I mean, there is a Steam thread already, why not whine in there instead of cluttering the catalogue and killing more worthy threads, OP?


thats not what blogging means, lurk for a year before posting next time


>killing more worthy threads

Like what


>cluttering the catalogue and killing more worthy threads
Oh no a thread nobody has bumped in a year died.


To be honest, I kind of agree, just because a thread is old doesn't mean it's not worthwhile. Someone might easily start playing Suzerain or something and want to post in the thread for it.

OP should restrain himself to a single bitching thread.


metaposting shits up the board too you know


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>using Steam in the first place


What’s the meaning in the title?
Exactly what it says, in fighting games dodging out is becoming a pain in the ass to achieve these days, it feels like every game is centered around combos and frame traps but rarely does a game encourage shit like dodging, parrying or reading your opponents behaviour to know how to respond and it’s getting noticeable when you see bullshit like Luigi’s or Akumas 0-death true combo, recovery frame cancelling, Brawlhalla is Brawlhalla, people literally being forced against walls in mortal kombat and not allowed to get up.

It’s fucking bullshit and makes every fighting game become an anime fighter where your forced to watch yourself get beaten down over and over and never given a chance to fight back


Then archive the thread if you love it so much


no you don't understand making a new thread everytime something i don't like happens is saving the board and takes a lot of effort you should actually be thanking me


Can't believe people are making threads about video games on a video games imageboard.


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-first thing you see in the middle east misson is oil
-us forces come in and cause everything to get worse
{by causing a nuke to get set off}
-your main character dies alongside everyone else in the us force
-the villians are sympathetic nationlistis that oppose the usa because either the usa 1 destroyed the villians home nations economy or two is imperialzing that home nation


Second one has a CIA operative taking part in a massacre in Russian soil, and i swear, if i remember correctly, the game shits and pisses all over itself claiming that US involvement wasn't real and that they were framed


meanwhile the american general causes a grand conspirancy killing off his opponenets while having his own private pmc


For a game series approved by the Pentagon, it's honestly pilled as fuck


yeah its honestly suprising too tbh


Most games when assigning hotkeys allow the exclusive usage of assigning one item per key for the sake of convenience however in these games that’s proven to be less than ideal as often the player will have to use many different items weapons and not all at the exact same time and constantly having to sort through inventory is tedious

I propose a better hotkey system that allows players to swap through multiple items using the same key similar to how in diablo 2 and 3 you can swap between multiple potions using the same keys but taken to a greater level, a key system that allows the usage of up to 3 items per key. This ensures that the former limitation of typically 10 items per key is changed to at least 30 preventing the need to constantly switch between items and ensuring the pace of gameplay doesn’t feel like it’s grinding to a halt for tedious management

This also means players are incentivized to explore and collect things of all sorts as now they can quickly use these items when they’re low on supplies of another asset they value

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