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>Check leftypol games
>No Command and Conquer thread
>Fine, I'll do it myself

Post Command and Conquer comrades, whether it be Tiberium, Red Alert or Generals.


Let's start with the unbelievably based ending to Yuri's Revenge.
>Traitor Yuri eaten by dinosaur
>Capitalism dead
>Colonizing space begins
>Get to bang your hot intel officer


And the secondarily based ending to Generals: Zero Hour.
>Europe ruined by reactionary, anti-imperialist terrorist force
>USA cucked so hard they run away.
>China basically rules the world now.





Unfortunately, Soviet Union is not based in gameplay
>4 countries to Allies 5
>Russia, overpriced tesla tank
>Cuba, overpriced suicide unit
>Libya, extremely overpriced suicide unit
>Iraq, only good anti-ground unit
Also, as much as it pains me to admit, 2+ decades later and what was westwood thinking putting the likes of Cuba, Iraq and Libya up against UK, France, Germany and Korea?


File: 1658375053789.jpg (17.13 KB, 480x360, thrax.jpg)

Came here to say this thread is based and I'll always remember the time when I was a teenager, skipped class, and used my lunch money to buy C&C Generals DE at the local Office Depot.


File: 1658392510944.png (173.45 KB, 331x327, Dr. Thrax.png)

These were the times.
That's Juhziz on your image tho.


File: 1658458247770-0.jpg (139.59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Mental Omega was such a let down storyline wise. The decision to make intertwining campagn Blizzard style was stupid. that and the addition of weeb elements. Almost perfect my ass.
Kinda prophetic. because the GLA are just ISIS but actually cool and based. Fucking love Dr Thrax, such an over the top cartoonish villain.


Also this based remix by radiotarok:


Much cooler than the original.


At a generally mostly-based level, there is the RA3 Soviet ending.
>Your name is actually Commander
>Destroy reactionary empire and kill emperor
>Destroy bougie democracy and topple false idol of liberty
>Become premier of world
Unfortunately, the entire campaign is forgettable there are no moments like destroying the pentagon or the eiffel tower or taking control of new york.


File: 1658608991823-0.jpg (464.09 KB, 2560x1920, 140.jpg)

File: 1658608991823-1.jpg (37.38 KB, 640x480, 77.jpg)

File: 1658608991823-2.jpg (32.29 KB, 720x480, 47.jpg)

Tiberian Sun's GDI had some really good mech designs. My favorites got to be the Titan and Juggernaut, a literal walking tank and a goddamn gun battery on legs respectively, and of course the Mammoth Mark II, which is a much less retarded AT-AT knockoff that can both pulverize the shit out of ground targets with its dual railguns or shoot enemy aircraft out of the sky with the heat-seeking Mammoth Tusk AA missiles.


you'll love the tiberium essence mod then, it adds the oldschool units and infantry death effects to tiberium wars. they look incredibly good.


almost all of the soviet ending are based in one way or another, except maybe the RA1 one where Stalin gets killed by Nod.


the way that game mocks amerimutts is hysterical, in the allied campaign the amerishart president dislikes your alliance so much that he spergs out and decides to target Moscov with his laer that comes out of mount rushmore. you kill his ass and after the allied ending a new president is elected who unironically justifies his actions and unironically says that "sure he wanted to kill innocent people but it was for the greater good". of course the soviet campaign is the most based but allied campaign is pretty funny as well.


Slipgate Ironworks is currently making a new RTS not unlike C&C3. Might turn out pretty fun going by the previews and the in-engine cutscenes are pretty nice.


i need to play this game again


my fav lefty game is red faction: guerrilla, because i like explosions and guns, and a rly short attention span
'also" is animal crossing ancap?


File: 1668690516302-1.jpg (164.68 KB, 1600x900, ostrichhammer.jpg)

File: 1668690516302-2.jpg (175.51 KB, 800x1124, red faction box art.jpg)

>is animal crossing ancap?
Nah, but Tom Nook is a filthy landl*rd scum nonetheless.
>my fav lefty game is red faction: guerrilla
RF:G is great indeed, as is the very first Red Faction game where you blow holes in walls and make tunnels with the rocket launcher. The plot also focused on a miner revolt, but it was more of a compact, Half-Life-style experience where you would go from level to level rather than drive around the overworld. The second game was very rushed and thus ended up being mediocre though, with levels having little to no destructible environments and the flow of the storyline being very hard to follow.


Would u still recommend the first red faction, or is it too jank for modern standards? I like half life 1, so I'm comfortable with that level of jank


Different anon, but i would. It certainly have ist flaws, but GeoMod mechanic remains unique. Protip: as soon as you get the satchel charges, duplicate them by throwing and picking up without detonation. This way your landscaping/tunneling capabilities will be limited only by your patience.


>>24603 thanks for the protip! should i buy or pirate?


might as well pirate, the original devs wont get any money if you buy it



The allies was completely broken in RA2. Literally an army of cheese.


the first red faction was super fun. I played the multiplayer so fucking much.
RA2 was one of the games I played the most when I was a kid. Does it stand the test of time? Is there a recent sequel worth playing today?/


>2+ decades later and what was westwood thinking putting the likes of Cuba, Iraq and Libya up against UK, France, Germany and Korea?
It just shows how far the world has regressed.


Yeah, RA2 is still quite fun to play . There is a Red Alert 3, but it is jank unless you play it with a mod like Rejuvenation or Entropy.
A lot of country units in RA2 are gimmicky shit, but Allies somehow got mostly useful ones while Soviets got mostly jank, with them being highly situational at best (shooting over walls) or downright useless (low HP, medium-damage infantry unit that will like get rekt before reaching its target).


Also a heads up that there are Nod and GDI flags now available on the board.


File: 1669995023790.jpg (51.21 KB, 600x790, peace through power.jpg)

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